Summertime NY – Don Scott

by Blake Barringer on July 25, 2014


Summertime NY - Don Scott

Don Scott is back again with a fresh jam perfect for the summertime vibe across our great nation, and decides to bring a little funk with him. Although the beat itself is uplifting and uptempo, Don remains cool over the instrumental keeping composure and delivering real verses that have meaning like expected. This eccentric beat was produced by Don Scott but not without the help of London Jack and NC17, and the beat finds itself centering over a sample from Micheal Jackson’s song “Pretty Young Thang”. Overall this is a great track to jam over the few remaining weeks of summer, providing the perfect vibe to lay out by the water and sip with your close friends. Listen to the track and see what you’re thinking about the newest release from the Don.

+4 -0

Lucy – Skizzy Mars

by Preston Pennington on July 25, 2014


Download Lucy - Skizzy Mars

Like most of Skizzy’s songs “Lucy” is about a girl. Even with this common tendency I knew I was going to love this song, and I was not disappointed. Most similar to this song is a past favorite of mine Tara. However, there is one main difference; Tara seems to tell him what to do while Skizzy ignores her and does what he wants “Tara told me not to drink so I’m passing out, and Tara told me not to smoke so I’m getting high.” While Lucy seems to encourage him to do things he is not into “She said hurt people.” Another interesting feature of this song is the distorted quote “The whole concept of success to me is a little bit warped” whereas most people categorize success as possessions or monetary value, Skizzy seems to think its mastering a skill you are passionate about. Even though this song is a remix by Olivver, I think it fits Skizzy Mars’ style perfectly with his love/struggle between girls and his constant strive for success. Depending on your mood, this is a song you can relax to with the deep bass guitar and Olivver’s smooth vocals. On the other hand, this is a song you can play at a party and have everyone dance to. Skizzy’s upbeat lyrics and the fast paced snare drum in the back ground set the perfect vibe for any mood. If you like the track download it for free and join the hype by Following Skizzy Mars on twitter.

+3 -0

Down 4 U – Blackbear

by thedean on July 24, 2014


Download Down 4 U - Blackbear

I love putting new artists on the site, especially when they sound as incredible as this. From the ambient rework of Great Good Fine Okay‘s hit single, down to the  soft vibrations in his light R&B vocals, everything falls into place to produce a mellow yet divine single. I’ll leave it at that and leave you to discover him for yourself, check out his soundcloud if you’re feeling his vibe.

+2 -0

This View From Here – OnCue

by thedean on July 23, 2014


Download This View From Here - OnCue

The best from OnCue yet… His new project Angry Young Man drops September 3rd, but he’s been building up the hype for at least 3 months at least. Hopefully it can live up to the material he’s been dropping, because all these great free releases have definitely raised everyone’s expectations for AYM. Anyways, this single is dope, the production is incredible (courtesy of Maki, Nicky Finest & Just Blaze), and of course OnCue spits some angry verses and an incredibly catchy hook. Enjoy and follow.

+2 -0

Sunny Days – Luke Christopher

by thedean on July 23, 2014


Download Sunny Days - Luke Chistopher

Definitely not what I was expecting to hear when I hit play; the jazzy piano and splashy drum beat (all produced by Luke himself) paint an oddly peaceful scene, especially when you hear the hook glide across the luminous instrumental. I know a lot of y’all are probably on your summer grind right now, working hard or stressing hard, but hopefully this can serve as a relaxing reminder that the sun’s still shining outside. Luke Christopher always surprises me, and I have to commend him for every aspect of this track, but most of all his introspective and relatable lyricism. Cop the free download and follow him on twitter if you haven’t already.

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Don’t Stand a Chance – The Gromble

by thedean on July 23, 2014


Download Don't Stand a Chance - The Gromble

I always have people telling me we should post new Indie tracks, but none of them seem to realize how rare it is to find a great Indie group that releases free music. Well the other day I stumbled across The Gromble and their first single Slam, and wasn’t completely sure whether or not y’all would like their eccentric style. When I sat down this morning this song negated any doubts in my mind; what started as me sipping my coffee and nodding to a placid intro turned into me spilling my coffee and maybe doing a little bit of air guitar.. Despite the up-beat vibes and heavenly strings, the lyrics actually tell a melancholy story about growing out of a relationship and letting go of something that was once surreal. If you want to show some support you can always buy their track off iTunes, but otherwise just throw them a follow on twitter.

+9 -0

Tropical House Mix Vol. 5 – Thomas Jack

by thedean on July 22, 2014


Download Tropical House Mix Vol. 5 - Thomas Jack

These are just too mellow not to post, I’ve come to love just about everything Thomas Jack drops, but his Tropical House Mixes are by far his best work. If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, or just anywhere with white beaches and blue water, that’s where this song should take you. Whether you’re driving to work this morning, smoking and thinking about which direction your life is headed, or sitting on a beach drinking a pina colada, Thomas will have you feeling sanguine for the next 2 hours. Enjoy the free download and follow Thomas Jack on twitter.



+4 -1

King of the Fall – The Weeknd

by Sylvia Parol on July 20, 2014


Download King of the Fall - The Weeknd

The Weeknd is back with a new single in support of his tour with Jhene Aiko and Schoolboy Q. It’s depressing and sexy as ever, that perfect combination that Abel manages to work out all too well. You’ll hear the familiar lines about the same girls with different faces but hear Abel’s pained falsetto laid down across some way ambient, chilled-out production. Although there’s not much variety in the melody, the delicate snaps and synthy breakdowns will have you melting into a puddle by the time you’re done. Let’s just say this is one to smash to for sure. Add this to your Bedtime Jams playlist and thank me later.

+2 -1

Loneliness – Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on July 19, 2014


Download Loneliness - Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

If your brain is fried and all you want to do today is recuperate from Friday night festivities, a new remix from Mr. Lekka is the way to go. I might not be able to handle drops or fat bass, but I can vibe out to these upbeat Tech House rhythms. I could probably put this 7 minute track on repeat and not realize where it started or ended. Although sometimes that repetition may be what pains me about house music, it’s perfect for days like today where all I need is a simple beat to hold onto.  Mr. Lekka is a DJ, Producer, and Remixer straight out of Montenegro. Check out his Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

+4 -2

Venice Venture – Big Wild

by Sylvia Parol on July 14, 2014


Download Venice Venture - Big Wild

Venice Venture is a groovy California-inspired jam that sounds like you should be able to find it on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. It’s syrupy slow in the best way with a touch of electronic that still allows for the delivery of a timeless sound. It’s perfect for a day when you just gotta take it easy. Evan Adamson’s video of surfer/skater Kameron Brown complements the laid-back trippy mood perfectly with his editing and mirroring effects. If you’re in the Bay area and want a chance to catch Big Wild live, stop by The Monarch this Tuesday night at 9pm.

+2 -0