ACADEMY (Interview)

by Sylvia Parol on May 29, 2015

ACADEMY interview

ACADEMY is a duo comprised of Evan Walsh and John That, two friends brought together by their love for music. These guys bring a chill hip-hop and alternative rock vibe to their music and live performances, but they also know how to tear it up on the stage. I sat down with Evan and John backstage before their show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston to discuss their musical beginnings, their creative process, and their newest project titled “The Beat Generation.”

Tigerlily – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on May 27, 2015

tigerlily stonewall klaxon album art

Free Download | Tigerlily - Stonewall Klaxon

We’ve heard a lot of material from Stonewall Klaxon, but this might actually be the most experimental track I’ve heard from him yet. After a trip to the west coast, it’s clear that the environment he was in had an effect on his music too; bigger drops, more complex arrangements, and playing around with out-of-key notes shows that he still hasn’t stopped growing and developing his sound. As always, the track consists of his unique vocal sample distortions which have becomes a necessary instrument in his work, and make his sound stand out in an ocean of aspiring electronic musicians. Stonewall Klaxon has a distinctive sound, seemingly endless inventive ideas for his music, and the motivation to consistently release new material. Give the track a listen and check out his debut EP DRMSQNCR, if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter to show some love. Enjoy.

One Too – C Dot Castro & Earlly Mac

by thedean on May 27, 2015

one too c dot castro earlly mac album art

Free Download | One Too - C Dot Castro & Earlly Mac

Castro dropped an amazing project back in January, and despite the success he’s been vibing off of from Don’t Over Think it sounds like he’s been working on some material to heat up the summer. One Too is nothing like the sound he had on his mixtape, it’s an anthem with a dirty beat and dirtier lyrics. The VMG rapper is out of his comfort zone on this one, but it sure doesn’t sound like it. Castro flexes his proficiency in rapping and lays down a few verses about girls, drugs, drinking, and stunting on the shit-talkers. Cop the free download, show Castro some love via twitter, and expect to hear more heat from him in the near future.

Until Then – Andrew Luce

by thedean on May 27, 2015

until then andrew luce album art

Free Download | Until Then - Andrew Luce

We’re not known for sharing tracks without lyrics, but if you’ve been keeping up with the site for awhile than you know how much we love Andrew Luce. He’s one of the most meticulous producers I’ve ever heard — have I mentioned that he’s only 17? —  and although his portfolio consists of primarily remixes, this track goes to prove that his original material can knock just as hard. The track starts out with some melodic keyboard, but quickly develops into an intricately layered instrumental work full of countless different sounds. Somehow he compiles all of this into a coherent track — smooth transitions and precise production work is always expected of Luce, but not many producers can make a keyboard lead transition into an oriental string-driven drop in a completely different key while retaining a lucid sound. Anyways, hope y’all enjoy the track regardless of it’s lack of quotable lyrics. Show Andrew some love on twitter and soundcloud, and pray he starts dropping new material consistently again.

Alive – Angelo Mota & SIIMBA

by thedean on May 27, 2015

alive angelo mota album art

Free Download | Alive - Angelo Mota & SIIMBA

In preparation of the release of his full length project Crystal Avenue, Angelo Mota keeps the momentum going by dropping yet another track from the tape. Unlike the downtempo serenade I Love You that he dropped last month, Alive is a dark, aggressive, and bass-heavy anthem. Angelo’s delivery has always been impressive, but his verse on this track really showcases how talented he really is; changing up his flow and articulating the hostile lyrics. Stay tuned for his project dropping June 3rd, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud & twitter if you like what you hear.

Snow in Newark – Ryan Hemsworth (Grynpyret Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on May 27, 2015


Free Download | Snow in Newark - Ryan Hemsworth (Grynpyret Remix)

It feels weird to call Grynpyret’s rendition of Ryan Hemsworth’s “Snow in Newark” a remix; this reimagined track pulls from the vocals of Dawn Golden, but essentially reinvents everything from the bpm, percussive rhythm, and emotion of the original. Grynpyret (pronounced “Green Parrot”) imbues his own chip-tune style with simplistic production to create a track that’s difficult to classify by genre. Filled with strings, bells, and what must be the sounds of a rain stick, this remix will surprise you and have you vibin’ hard to Grynpyret’s delicate rhythms. If you like his style, check out more of his fellow artists from the Soda Island Collective. Enjoy that free download.

William Bolton (Interview)

by Sylvia Parol on May 25, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, waiting to interview the night’s headliners ACADEMY. Soundcheck was enough to pique my interest about one of the openers, William Bolton. He’s a 20-year-old student at Boston College who’s musically talented and takes 100% ownership of his career. Watch to get a glimpse of his personal style and hear about how he connects with his fans on a deeper level than many artists you know. Stay up on Twitter to see where his journey takes him next.

Jackson Breit (Interview)

by Sylvia Parol on May 25, 2015


Jackson Breit is a singer/songwriter originally from Virginia who delivers straight summertime vibes all year round. We first introduced y’all to this talented artist last year, and now you have the chance to hear from him firsthand. Jackson talks performing his music live for college crowds, taking the leap to move to LA, and what we can expect from his future project, the 2% EP. Follow Jackson on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with his latest.

West Coast Dreams (Mixtape)

by thedean on May 24, 2015

west coast dreams

Free Download | West Coast Dreams (Mixtape)

We haven’t dropped an official UniversityHype sponsored mixtape in awhile, so this is long overdue. To make up for missed tracks, and to kick off the summer with a nice long free project, we compiled the 22-track long West Coast Dreams mixtape. Full of good vibes that’ll have you seeing palm trees and cold drinks, each song was hand selected by our staff writers to portray the sounds and artists we love to listen to in the summertime. Cop the free download and share it with your friends. Enjoy.

Killin’ It – CAPPA (Eau Claire Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on May 23, 2015


Free Download | Killin' It - CAPPA (Eau Claire Remix)

I’m so happy I discovered both of these talented female musicians today. CAPPA is a pop-singer from Nashville, with gentle and hypnotic vocals, and on-point style to match. Eau Claire, producer and DJ from DC, flipped her track “Killin’ It” into a future-indie-dance banger. It’s the kind of track you listen to as the day’s about to end, but you can still see the sun in the horizon. You can’t help but dance and groove to this one. CAPPA and Eau Claire’s individual styles both complement each other harmoniously. I’m hoping to see these two in the studio together sometime for a future joint release. CAPPA’s dropping her new EP on May 26th, so go pre-order that shit after you snag this free download.