IDFC – Blackbear

by thedean on October 28, 2014


Download IDFC - Blackbear

Blackbear has some more ecstasy for your ears this morning, IDFC is dripping with somber R&B perfection. Although the title is an acronym for “I Don’t Fucking Care”, the lyrics suggest he actually cares more than he wants people to think. His girl is a drunk mess, sleeping around and saying she loves him despite her actions telling him otherwise. Despite his nonchalant facade, the feelings he has for this girl are overwhelming, and as he puts it “scary”. As always, the track is self-produced, which explains why the beat molds to his voice so effortlessly; reversed guitar chords, distorted samples, and ambient instruments give the slow-burning anthem Blackbear’s unique sound. Enjoy, and throw him a follow on twitter if you like what you hear.

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Make It Work – Tyga

by thedean on October 27, 2014


Download Make It Work - Tyga

Tyga’s been putting in work relentlessly since he first stepped into the lime light via Cash Money Records in 2011; 3 albums, 2 mixtapes, and even an award winning porno that he co-produced. As he gears up to drop his 4th studio album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, T-Raw is known for flaunting his wealth on instagram, which is why the track art might look familiar, but the highlight of this track is definitely his lyrical aptitude. He connects his bars with precision, rapping about everything from his plethora of diamond-studded jewelry to his unrivaled collection of super cars. The beat is centered around a simple piano riff and a steady drum loop, nothing too special, which keeps the focus on Tyga’s vocals. Some say he and Drake have been subtly taking jabs at eachother, a feud which started with Tyga saying he “Didn’t like Drake as a person” in an interview, which was returned with Drake liking photos of Tyga’s baby mom Blacc Chyna and openly inviting her to Toronto in one of his songs… so maybe not so subtle. Anyways, both artists are making big moves this year, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep tabs on both of them. Cop the song if you like what you hear, check out his soundcloud to listen to some singles off the upcoming album, and follow him on twitter if you’ve got one.

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Tripville – Bronsiin (Music Video)

by Blake Barringer on October 27, 2014


Download Tripville - Bronsiin

Austin, Tx recording artist Bronsiin is a new name to the site, but his seasoned sound behind the microphone will make you wonder what took this artist so long to find his way in to our library. I present the first cut delivered to us by Bronsiin himself, and take my word for it when I say he would sincerely like to invite you on a journey through “Tripville”. Producer Felly infuses this blues influenced piano riff, with crisp kicks and claps, the distortion in Bronsiin’s voice, and even a distant train horn to really emphasize the drug induced nature of this track. The lyricism is just as clean, and well arranged as Bronsiin manages to showcase almost all the different quirks in his flow. The music video isn’t terribly complicated but the trippy camera effects paired with a plethora of drugs, and transitions from local parties to shots in nature make the video worth the peep. Make sure to follow Bronsiin on twitter, and look out from more new material from this artist in the future.

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6 God/How Bout Now/Heat Of The Moment – Drake

by thedean on October 26, 2014


Download 6 God - Drake

Download How Bout Now - Drake

Download Heat Of The Moment - Drake

October’s very own Drizzy Drake just turned 28, and what better way to celebrate than dropping 3 tracks for free. I was mistaken earlier this week when I said he wasn’t releasing free material; Drake feeds his fans more than any artist in the game right now, and labels should be taking notes… A million plays on each of his songs in less than a day? No PR agency can get you that kind of exposure–only free content and dedicated hungry fans, which is something you won’t see from MMG or TDE crew. 6 God is a pompous album-quality track, showcasing classic Drake’s unrivaled word play as he flexes on an in-house produced beat from Boi-1da; spitting back to back  bars about his life in “The 6″ (Toronto, Canada). How Bout Now is a little bit more slow paced, incorporating a hubristic yet justified stance on a past relationship, with some slight R&B influences. Finally, Heat Of The Moment is Drake’s insightful slow-jam, something for you to play for your girl while you’re getting intimate. All in all.. Drizzy shows versatility in his delivery, production, and lyricism. He’s claimed the throne, and I don’t think anyone in the game right now has grounds to challenge him. Cop the new new, keep the OVO sound in your ear by following his label on soundcloud and keeping up with him via twitter.

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Lost Kings – Jarren Benton & Micah Freeman

by Blake Barringer on October 24, 2014


Download Lost Kings - Jarren Benton & Micah Freeman

A new cut from Jarren Benton’s #BlackOctober series, and leave it to a Funk Volume artist to leave your jaw on the floor. Jarren spits some real shit over a creeping, soul inspired 8Track instrumental that’ll send a chill down your spine. Jarren then recruits singer Micah Freeman to tackle the hook and his haunting voice perfectly blends with the vibe 8Track was striving to create. While Benton is known to get a little colorful with his rhymes he keeps his focus here. Reminding everyone of every creed, color, and culture to be mindful of the many tragic social issues that plague our society. Hit that play button and follow Benton on Funk Volume’s soundcloud to catch another free release or two before the month is over.

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On Me – Ground Up

by thedean on October 24, 2014


On Me - Ground Up

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve shared some new Ground Up with y’all, but after the huge success of their first iTunes single Let’s Ride they’re back to dropping free material again. Bij Lincs is on the beat, as per usual; catchy flute, eerie strings, and distant drum workings make for an absolute fire instrumental for Azar and Malakai to spit over. There’s very few rap groups who have what it takes to make it to the next level, but Ground Up has been riding together for the last 12 mixtapes, and their skills have never been sharper. Crisp verses about their devotion, potential, and tribulations back their assertion to place your bet on 17′s. No matter what angle you look at this track from, it’s clear that Ground Up is gaining momentum, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect to hear more from them soon. Follow the crew on twitter, check out their soundcloud, and don’t sleep on these tenured and talented artists.

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So Much Better – Steezefield

by thedean on October 23, 2014


Download So Much Better - Steezefield

We’ve been putting Steezefield’s production work on our site for a few months now, and when I found out he’s not just a producer, but a rapper and singer too, I knew we’d be putting some of his solo work on the site eventually. Although this track doesn’t exemplify the best parts of Steezefield’s work, this punk-pop influenced single is sure to make some of our female fans happy. His voice is angelic, the lyrics are simple yet catchy, and the vibe is somewhere between summer-love-anthem and glitch-80′s-electronic-serenade. I have to say though, my least favorite part of this track, to my surprise, was the instrumental. Usually when we hear Steezefield on the beat every element is precisely placed, making for smooth transitions and complex yet coherent synth and drum workings; This single seemed more rushed, and the intense sampling and cymbals over-power his voice on the hook, which wasn’t the case in his earlier original-releases. Regardless, I still liked the track enough to share it with y’all, Steeze is a triple-threat in the music-industry, and for someone who’s been in the game less than a year, he’s definitely positioned himself for success. Alex is going to pop off this year; whether it’s as a producer, rapper, singer, or all of the above. Cop the free download if you like what you hear and keep up with him via twitter.

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Let You Know – Aziz

by thedean on October 22, 2014


Download Let You Know - Aziz

We’ve only put Aziz on the site once before, but Numb feat. Ground Up left us with a twisted first impression; despite the fact that I really enjoyed that track, I didn’t get a very good idea of who this new artists was. Any doubts I had about his rapping faded when he sent me this new release early yesterday morning, he runs laps around this 2Astronauts produced beat. With no breaks in his delivery whatsoever, Aziz molds his voice to the instrumental, setting the tempo as he spits bar after bar of clever and profound lyrics. From fast-paced flows to the vibey break down at 2:38, everything about this new release asserts Aziz’s interminable potential. Don’t sleep, throw him a follow on twitter and a like on facebook if you’re feeling it.

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How About Now – Drake (Steezefield Remix)

by thedean on October 22, 2014


Download How About Now - Drake (Steezefield Remix)

If you keep up with music on a consistent basis, you know Drake has been dropping free hits since his We Made It freestyle with Soulja Boy 9 months ago; which is why I was disappointed not to see a free download for his newest single (and potentially the first release off his forthcoming album Views From The 6) How About Now. Encompassing the OVO sound he’s molded so meticulously, Drizzy keeps the fire coming as he lyricizes his hubristic attitude, a failed relationship, and the prodding question “How ’bout now?”. With a slightly faster pace and intricate drum re-workings, Steezefield managed to maintain the notoriously ambient style while still sliding through copyright loopholes to make this track a free download for everyone. The prominent bass line complements the distorted cymbals and snare line perfectly, and although Drake’s crisp vocals retain the spotlight, the bootleg definitely showcases Steezefield’s production talent and resourcefulness once again. Be sure to follow Steezefield on twitter and check out some of his other material.

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Drowning – Banks (stwo Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on October 21, 2014


Download Drowning - Banks (stwo Remix)

Banks’s latest album Goddess has inspired countless remixes to date, so I wasn’t too surprised when I saw stwo’s own rendition of Drowning today, although I give him props for having it officially recognized by Banks herself. This remix truly embodies the brooding and melancholic nature of Goddess’s production. It’s minimal and ambient, which really allows Banks’s vocals to shine through. Cop the free download and vibe out.

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