Wild – Troye Sivan (Hibell Remix)

by Gabriel Ferrer on November 25, 2015

Wild - Troye Sivan (Hibell Remix)

Free Download | Wild - Troye Sivan (Hibell Remix)

“I really wanted to capture the power and emotion of his voice whilst adding a more melodically driven, upbeat emphasis to the song.”

And that is exactly what Hibell did with this newly released track, which has literally taken me aback. Without a doubt this is his best production yet; Hibell turns this song into a tropical banger full of memorable melodies while diversifying into some deep house roots. I can’t believe how mature his sound his for the amount of time that he has been producing, but I can honestly say that he is up there with the likes of Kygo and other big names in the EDM industry. With close to 1 million plays on Soundcloud, it is not a secret that the young producer’s music has been gaining more and more attention with each release. Every single time we have put up one of his songs they get nothing but positive reactions from all of our fans, and I promise this one will blow your mind just like last time. With the semester coming to a close and finals approaching faster then we’d all like, this tune will get your mind right for the upcoming spring. With some upbeat piano riffs and worldly voices in the background, this track will have you wanting to go wild with all your closest friends. Be sure to cop this free download because it is absolutely a must & most importantly be sure to show him some love on Soundcloud &  Twitter.

Wknd – Chris Buxton

by Gabriel Ferrer on November 24, 2015

Wknd - Chris Buxton
Free Download | Wknd - Chris Buxton

With his album dropping next month, I can’t even describe how excited I am for Chris’s forthcoming project after hearing this track. Chris Buxton has come a long way in the short few months its been since he dropped his Clarity EP, and his music has gotten better in every way possible. The Winthrop University emcee has been putting in some heavy work on all of his material lately, and it has not gone unnoticed. His following has started gaining momentum, and his 10 month old release Drinking About You has accrued nearly 100,000 plays on SC. After getting to know him and what he’s about personally, I can’t wait to watch him and his music progress, blow up, and take the world by storm. This track covers topics dealing with regular weekend turn-ups, groupie love, and keeping it 100. The instrumental used in this track is probably one of his better productions; a very upbeat tempo and some dope high hats will just have you vibing out. The track is just a preview of what you can expect on his Freshman album dropping on December 15th, “Stages”. Don’t be caught sleeping, be sure to show him some much deserved love on Twitter & Soundcloud but most importantly #SpreadTheHype.

Jaded – Ty Law

by Gabriel Ferrer on November 24, 2015

Jaded - Ty Law

Free Download | Jaded - Ty Law

I came across this track on the way to class today, and I’m not sure how or why but I have not been able to stop listening to it since. The Miami based rapper really spoke to me through this track because he talks about the struggles of “making it”. I know I have had my fair share of failures, and have I’ve found it very difficult to keep my head above water, but somehow I always mange to overcome those obstacles. Ty Law reminds me of King Los, when he came out with the remix of Drake’s “Fall for your Type”, where he talks about the deal he lost. I also really enjoyed the fact that he talks about how music has taken a turn in this generation in which people are bumping to music with no real content. The instrumental used in this track was absolutely blessed by the way Ty flowed over it; his passionate delivery and catchy melodies absolutely make the track. After talking for a couple with minutes with Ty Law I could tell how humble of a dude he was, and I really hope he keeps chasing his dream and putting out honest music. If you like the track then be sure to cop the free download and show him some love on Twitter & Soundcloud.

The Formula – Russ

by Preston Pennington on November 24, 2015

The Formula - Russ
Free Download | The Formula - Russ

Every week Russ seems to outdo himself with yet another incredible track. “When I roll up better act the way you fucking should” lets everyone know that Russ is making moves, not playing games. As we can see from his earlier work, Russ is confident in himself and his music – which is exactly what this song portrays. The soothing and influential lyrics start out with a message to anyone who wasn’t around for the come up “If only you could see me now you would want to press rewind.” Then he mentions girls throwing themselves at him, and wraps up this verse for anyone that doubted him with “Aint no telling when im poppin… you can feel it in the air when I step into the room.” While still keeping the same emotions Russ delivers some meaningful one liners in the second verse; “Self belief unlocked the door,” and “Confidence mixed with ambition everything will fall in place” both represent how Russ’ belief in himself has opened doors for him. While this beat seems rather simple, the most impressive part is the timing. First the synth is used in the background to create an ambient attraction to the song then the electronic drum beat kicks in and emphasizes the smooth vocals Russ lays down over everything. If this is your first time hearing Russ, or if you haven’t already check out some of his other tracks, and follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter.



Looking For You – Ben Owens

by thedean on November 23, 2015

Looking For You - Ben Owens

Free Download | Looking For You - Ben Owens

I’ve been a fan of Ben Owens from the jump, and he’s always had this sort of eerie, ambient, drug-induced sound to his music. From the first sip you take, the intoxicating sound he achieves is vague but flavorful; slowly panning synths, distant electronic percussion, and otherworldly strings pass through a series of filters to meld an otherwise simplistic beat into this dark, sexual, deep style that’s form-fitting to Ben’s vocals. Although he doesn’t produce his own material, Ben Owens definitely isn’t the kind of person to scavenge YouTube for free instrumentals. He recruits talented, seemingly undiscovered musicians like MKSB, Apollo, and  — most recently — David Mordeci. “Looking For You” is exemplary of the melancholy sound that Ben Owens has been aiming to achieve over the past few months that he’s been releasing material. The song might sound like another shallow R&B song about drugs and women, but the perspective that Ben shines on his own experience paint a vivid picture about his struggles with addiction, losing his grip on reality, and hazy dreams about a girl who used to be his salvation. This should definitely make it’s way onto your bed room playlist, and if you haven’t already you should check out Ben Owen’s older material and shoot him some kind words via Twitter or Soundcloud.

Faded – Marty Grimes

by thedean on November 22, 2015

Faded - Marty Grimes

Free Download | Faded - Marty Grimes

Faded is the second single that Marty Grimes has dropped since his last project, Nobody Said It Was Easy. Marty opens the track with a mesmerizing bass line, angelic synth, and some hypnotic bars about being high and kickin’ it in clouds of smoke, followed by some modest verses about his almost famous lifestyle. Marty has an unbelievable ability to release captivating music no matter what style of rap he’s covering; from slow jams to smoking anthems, Marty is adaptable to say the least. His vocals, production, and story telling are all well-toned assets, and this new single ‘Faded’ flexes a more complete sound than anything we’ve heard from Marty yet. Although we’ve heard a multitude of weed related tracks from Marty Grimes in the past, this hazily produced track featuring the fellow Bay Area native Caleborate is by far his best yet. Of course we have to give credit to the one and only KDE, who’s produced just about all of Marty’s material to date. If you like what you hear be sure to check out Marty’s older material and throw him a follow on his Twitter and Soundcloud for more free releases.

Together – Andrew Luce

by thedean on November 21, 2015

Together - Andrew Luce
Free Download | Together - Andrew Luce

This is the fourth project that Andrew Luce’s collective of talented producers known as Daruma have put out. Although I wasn’t feeling every track on the project, I can never get enough of Andrew’s work, and this song is definitely one of the craziest originals he’s ever made. “Together” is basically a symphony of insanely distorted vocal samples, every kind of synth you could imagine, and elaborate percussion arrangements. I’ve never heard someone pull off such a — for lack of a better word — cluster fuck of sounds and somehow turn it into a coherent track like this, but the flawless melodies and unique arrangements keep the song lucid despite the heavy experimental sound. The build ups and break downs are always different; whereas many electronic artists copy and paste sections of their material to construct their songs, Andrew always comes up with something different to keep the song progressing, no cookie cutter templates or cut corners — even in his remixes. Quality is a rare trait in electronic artists these days, and to make timeless music they need to maintain a standard for themselves that sets them apart from the hundreds of thousands of other producers. Andrew Luce keeps raising the bar higher, and it’s safe to say he’s created a style that’s irreplicable. Grab the free DL and show Andrew some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Shades of Marmalade – Jackson Breit

by thedean on November 20, 2015

Shades of Marmalade - Jackson Breit
Free Download | Shades of Marmalade - Jackson Breit

There’s a reason this project is called “Shades of Marmalade”, and I guarantee you it has nothing to due with orange preservatives. Jackson Breit — a.k.a. Baby Marmalade — truly flexes his versatility on this diverse 6-track project, and if you listen to it from start to finish you’ll hear just about every shade of Jackson Breit you could think of. From the vibey indie-pop intro to the that we heard back in October to the acoustic duet with Samantha Marq, there’s nothing but good vibes and irreproachable vocals. Of all the songs on this EP however, “Are You Down” was the most extraordinary to me; he’s never released something that sounds this mainstream before, but the song is clearly built for radio play. We all love the mellow, organic vibe that Jackson has mastered, and I think he just needed to put out some material to prove he’s not limited to one style or genre of music. That being said, I guarantee you you’ll enjoy at least half of the songs on here — everything is extremely well written, produced, and mastered. Although we didn’t see an appearance from his usual compadre Carnevyal, the instrumentals are all fairly form fitting to Jackson’s voice. Check it out, cop the free download, throw Jackson Breit a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud, and buy Shades of Marmalade on iTunes if you really want to show some support.

Review – PLC

by thedean on November 19, 2015

Review - PLC
Free Download | Review - PLC

It’s a cold, rainy day in Austin TX, so I was definitely feeling the vibe of PLC’s newest release this morning, and hopefully y’all will be too. Ever since I heard PLC’s first official single Sunday, he’s been able to continue creating captivating, refreshing, and mellow music with his own distinct jazzy flavor to it. “Review” is by far his most down-tempo song to date; hushed guitar compiles over a distant bass line as PLC sings some poetic lyrics about the perspective age gives us and how it ties into the perceived importance of music. The New York based artist just embarked on his serious music career this year, and his future is already looking brighter than most. Every release he’s dropped so far has been a valuable addition to our music library, and his debut project “Low & All” dropping on Dec 1st should be the perfect way for him to round off 2015. Don’t sleep, cop the free download and be sure to show PLC some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Slime Season 2 – Young Thug (Mixtape)

by thedean on November 16, 2015

Slime Season 2 - Young Thug (Mixtape)
Free Download |

Okay, how could anyone have seen this coming? Just two months ago Young Thug dropped his first Slime Season project, and he’s already put together an 18-track sequel. Produced by some of ATL’s finest hip-hop musicians — London On The Track, Metro Boomin, and Wheezy — this second Slime Season installment was set out to be a success from the jump. There aren’t many features, but Thugger has no problem holding down the project by himself. Catchy melodies blend with his unique delivery easily, but the verses are pretty weak, but Young Thug isn’t really known for his clever/intelligent lyricism anyways. The first track of the project “Big Racks” basically sets the tone for the rest of the tape; Atlanta production with shallow bars about spending money at the strip club, running the city, pushing weight, and keeping the grind heavy. Young Thug might not be my favorite rapper, but he has a distinct sound that makes oddly captivating hooks and choruses, so I guarantee you one of these songs will be stuck in your head after you give the full tape a listen. Follow Thug on Twitter and Soundcloud if you cop the free DL.