Lay Here – Witt Lowry

by thedean on August 26, 2014


Download Lay Here - Witt Lowry

Ever since I first heard Witt Lowry I’ve been on the fence about him; he has a very distinct and unusual voice, and I haven’t been able to decide whether or not I love it or hate it. Lay Here is what pushed me over the edge and finally share him with y’all. The Tido Vegas produced instrumental samples an unnamed female artist, who really compliments Witt perfectly. He voices a lot of emotion behind the mic, which was kind of off putting when I first listened to him, but on tracks like this it just brings out the pain in his lyrics. Whether you’re laying in bed thinking about someone, or driving around thinking of someone laying in their bed, this track will be on the same wave length. Check out the rest of his material on his soundcloud if you like what you hear, and don’t forget that follow on twitter.


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Download Night's Long - Emilio Paredes, Steezefield, & Mayo

More good music from the InviteOnly crew, this time with a new artist taking the spotlight; Emilio Paredes. The relaxed anthem-style beat from Steezefield is great, this track had a recipe for success even before the talented lyricists jumped in. That being said, all the rappers on this track deliver thoughtful verses; contemplating lost lovers, reflecting on recent success while still keeping their special someone in the back of their mind. The production, the irresistible hook, and the shear talent of these three artists all play into making a perfect end-of-summer melody. Enjoy the free download and follow Emilio, Steeze, and Mayo on twitter.

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Spend It All – Euroz & Niykee Heaton

by thedean on August 26, 2014


Download Spend It All - Euroz & Niykee Heaton

I’ve been waiting to post a Niykee Heaton track ever since I heard her on We Own It with Mike Posner, but most of her stuff has been a little bit too.. how do I put it softly, feminine? I’m all about female vocalists, but it’s not easy finding their place on the site. Thankfully, today she dropped a remix of Euroz “Spend It All”. From the Strip Club to the bedroom, Euroz flows about his money-driven night and wrecks bar after bar. Niykee Heaton comes in on the hook and commandeers the second verse, stretching her seductive vocals across the hard slaps and club synth, effortlessly blending her style with the original track. She’s can sing, she can produce, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Follow Niykee on twitter and expect to hear more from her soon, her debut EP Bad Intentions drops September 9th.

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Try Me – Blackbear (Dej Loaf Cover)

by thedean on August 26, 2014


Download Try Me - Blackbear (Dej Loaf Cover)

This was the last thing I expected to see from Blackbear, but here’s his cover of Dej Loaf’s Try Me, a thug female rapper from Michigan. He threw the poorly produced beat out and grabbed his acoustic guitar instead; reciting the explicit lyrics in his divine voice and bringing some light/beauty to a naturally dark area of music. Dej Loaf might not have been my first choice, but who knows, next week he might be covering some Chief Keef. For now, enjoy the mixed Indie vibes and follow him on twitter.

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So Much Love – OnCue

by thedean on August 22, 2014


Download So Much Love - OnCue

With OnCue’s album AYM dropping on September 3rd, it’s about damn time we got the first single off the album. The production by Hudson Mohawke & Just Blaze was a bit unsettling at first, but as soon as Cue starts flowing over it you can tell why he picked it for his much anticipated project. It’s an up-beat end of the summer pop-esque anthem, which isn’t my favorite style for him, but I’m sure for some of you this will be right down your alley. Cop the free download and support OnCue OnTwitter.

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Oh Hello Mix – DJ Cass

by Sylvia Parol on August 21, 2014


Download Oh Hello Mix - DJ Cass

When I glanced at the track list for DJ Cass’s Oh Hello Mix and saw artists like Sweater Beats, Cyril Hahn, and 20syl, I knew I had to prepare myself for 24 minutes of downtempo musical  bliss. This bite sized mix is quite elegantly crafted; the transitions are natural and seamless, creating a feel-good ambiance that I am yet to get enough of. The song selection is synth and bass-heavy and each one complements the next all too perfectly. And although you may not recognize a lot of the songs, I guarantee you will lose your shit when you hear the Hold On We’re Going Home cover by Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS. Cassidy Harbak hails from Lloydminster, Canada and along with being a mix-master pro, he’s also a portrait artist. Check out DJ Cass on Soundcloud and listen to more of his solid mixes.

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Damn It – Che Merk

by Blake Barringer on August 20, 2014


Download Damn It - Che Merk

Got another track off Che Merk’s upcoming Wild Life project today, and after you hit that play button you’ll see why this might be a tape you should not live without. Following the Sonny Digital produced banger “Right Now” which appeared on the site a little over two weeks ago, David Knocks produces an equally ferocious instrumental for Che Merk to do his thing. This one comes with a more light hearted hook, changing his voice a bit for the “God Damn It!” which really gives this track a fun unique sound especially for something that slaps so damn hard. Not to mention the two killer verses with expert timing, and delivery. Hit that play button, show Che Merk some love on soundcloud, & hit that download button if you’ve gotta have it.

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5 And A Half – Latrell James & Real P

by Blake Barringer on August 20, 2014


Download 5 And A Half - Latrell James & Real P

Boston’s Latrell James is back at it again, and this was definitely a submission I was excited to see in my inbox tonight. James recruits fellow Boston artist Real P for the assist as they convey their perception of a beautiful women proudly contrasting themselves against the mainstream hip hop messages.

“She wore 5 and a half in boys, ass off the hook. I’m in love with her mind, you’re in love with her looks. You hope she a freak, I hope that she cook. You callin’ her weird, she’s misunderstood..”

Truly a breathe of fresh air. This well engineered, pulsating, and ambient beat is courtesy of Marco Marcel whom provided the perfect vibe for a song of this nature. Hit that play button, cop that download, and make sure to keep up with these three on twitter.

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Ain’t Ratchet Enough (Music Video) – Rawcus

by Blake Barringer on August 20, 2014


Download Ain't Ratchet Enough - Rawcus

So we’ve been meaning to share this comedic gem with you sooner, but with everything going on I’ve foolishly let this sit in my inbox for a little longer than I probably should have (sorry Rawcus, I really didn’t mean it). But the point is we’re here now, young in the moment and you’ll probably either be dying from laughter, gazing in shock, or reaching for your phone to hit up all the ratchets you know. Either way nobody knows ratchet quite like Rawcus does, and he explains for three verses he explains why your girl “Ain’t Ratchet Enough”. With constant hilarious punch lines, over a dope west coast style instrumental, and Rawcus’ “Whaaaaaat?” ad lib going off in the distance this song is so gut-wrenchingly awesome. Hit that play button, watch the video, and make sure to cop the free download which Rawcus so graciously gave to us.

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Murder – aywy

by Sylvia Parol on August 18, 2014


Download Murder - aywy

Australian producer aywy, otherwise known as Abstract Youth, delivers on this filthy Snoop-sampled track. This percussion-laden beat has enough bass to satisfy trap-heads while still remaining upbeat enough to dance to. You still get your cuts, buildups, and drops but in a combination unique to other songs of this genre. The only gripe I have is the length of the track; two minutes and thirty seconds is not enough to get my fix, so I guess I’ll just have to play it on repeat. Check out aywy’s Soundcloud for more bass-filled lovin.

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