Ground Up SXSW Interview

by thedean on March 29, 2015


Got the chance to meet with Ground Up’s Azar and Molotov out at SXSW and get an inside look at what their plans are for 2015. Always a pleasure meeting up with this crew, check it out and share the video if you’re feeling it.

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SXSW 2015 Recap

by thedean on March 26, 2015


As you probably know, we had the whole crew in town last week to film and connect with artists at SXSW 2015. The week boiled down to 11 interviews, 20 or so concerts, and over 100 hours of video footage. As Austin begins to recover from the drunken music-induced wreckage, we’ve had to overcome a week long sleep deprived hangover to do some in-house video editing and get this content to you in a timely manner. But before we drop these interviews, I figured it’d be a good idea to recap and give y’all a better idea of what the festival looked like from our perspective. Check it out, share it with your friends or via twitter if you’re feeling it. First interview drops tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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The Sixth Man – Que (Mixtape)

by Blake Barringer on March 26, 2015


Download The Sixth Man - Que (Mixtape)

We heard from Que last year, and we got some major celebration music but in 2015 his sound is much darker with the release of The Sixth Man. The basketball reference Que makes here is him saying he’s not in the game but he comes off the bench to be a shooter when necessary. Naturally, this savage project is essentially ten tracks all about being strapped but Que does a good job here of not over doing it. This is where we get tracks where everybody can rock to like “Type I Am”, “Emotions”, & “Type Of Party”. Que has perfected the balance between his own style and the ATL trap scene that he was raised in and this project is definitely a testament to that. If your into that trap shit then you’ll really appreciate the tunes as Que murders beats by OZ, 30roc, Flippa, Mike Free, Cassius Jay and more. Also you get one feature from Young Dolph that’s super hard. Hit that play button, cop the free download, and let Que tell you what it’s like to be the “sixth man”.

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Download Love Me Like You Do - Luke Christopher & Ellie Goulding

It’s not news that Luke Chris is a talented musician, but laying his cards down next to notorious British vocalist Ellie Goulding is a brave move no matter how you look at it. He keeps his interpretation loose enough to pull off this notable feat; he reproduced the track entirely by himself, and slathers the song with his own idiosyncratic style. The chorus is a sensual anthem that rivals the native single, but the highlight of the track is definitely Luke’s two emotion-heavy verses. His care-free sound is addicting, and after a short hiatus it’s good to see Luke dropping new material consistently again. Keep yourself in the loop and follow Luke Christopher on twitter and soundcloud.

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SXSW I Love Texas – Chevy Woods (Mixtape)

by Blake Barringer on March 25, 2015


Download SXSW I Love Texas - Chevy Woods

During all the hype and commotion of SXSW Taylor Gang’s very own Chevy Woods felt inspired to release a five track EP, an ode to the great state of Texas if you will. Each track name bears the name of a great and historic place in Texas: Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin, & San Antonio. Whether it’s way out in Texas somewhere in Houston or touching down in Dallas, Chevy’s just happy to be holdin’ it down in Texas. All of these ambient instrumentals were engineered by TGOD’s very own Ricky P, whom makes use of a lot of really interesting samples to add to the already wavy vibes. If you’re from here then you need to pour up to this in honor of Texas, and if you’re not have drink to it anyways. Hit that play button, cop that new-new courtesy of TGOD, and follow Chevy on soundcloud to keep up with all the moves he’s making.

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6 God – Drake (Chris Rishard Remix)

by thedean on March 24, 2015


Download 6 God - Drake (Chris Rishard Remix)

The original track by Drake shouldn’t need an introduction, but incase you’ve been living under a rock in 2015, go peep Drizzy’s latest project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Chris Rishard hasn’t popped up on our radar since last summer, but hopefully this moderately timely release is a sign that he’s back in the game. Chris is by far one of the most underrated producers we’ve put on the site so far, and this remix is a testament to just how talented his really is. Ambient tones contrast against the rigid percussion, and although the changes are much less dramatic compared to some of his prior reworkings, I feel like the down-tempo eerie sound is much more fitting for Drake’s vocals. The somewhat subtle edits emanate the OVO sound; where many producers are too cavalier with their Drizzy remixes, Chris seems to hit this track in all the right places. Cop the free DL and keep up with Chris on twitter and soundcloud.

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Dirty Laundry – Blackbear (TWRK Remix)

by thedean on March 22, 2015


Download Dirty Laundry - Blackbear (TWRK Remix)

If you’re one of our many fans who like Blackbear, than chances are you heard Dirty Laundry off his debut album Deadroses. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to post any of his material lately because it hasn’t been free, until now. Thanks to the illustrious electronic artist TWRK, we’re finally able to share one of the album’s most sought after tracks. The upbeat pace, dominating percussion, intense drops, and dance-provoking break downs spice up the original track with unrivaled ingenuity. If there’s one thing you can count on from TWRK, it’s to create ass-shaking anthems, and this is no exception. Hopefully this will hold you over until Blackbear starts releasing more free music, but if you want to find more twerk-worthy tracks you should definitely hop on over to TWRK’s soundcloud. Enjoy.

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DRMSQNCR – Stonewall Klaxon (EP)

by thedean on March 20, 2015


Download DRMSQNCR - Stonewall Klaxon (EP)

We saw this one coming (literally, we watched him upload the project to his soundcloud today), and I couldn’t be more excited to show y’all Stonewall Klaxon’s debut EP. We shared the title track with y’all last month, which set our expectations for this project pretty high. As I’ve said before, it’s rare that we find an artist who not only releases consistently great content, but who actually improves with every release. David is an atypical musician with an unparalleled style and an exponentially growing following; the basic qualities we look for in artists who are about to pop off. DRMSQNCR, which is “Dream Sequencer” without the vowels, is his first official project as Stonewall Klaxon, and a testament to how far he’s come over the last 7 months. Euphoric drops and dramatic build ups, slow-tempo break downs, intricate distorted vocal sampling, and just genuinely chill wavy vibes are what you can expect to hear on this short 4-track project. I promise, Stonewall Klaxon is a name to remember, and this tape is one that should be in your music library before everyone else catches on. Cop the free download, follow David on soundcloud and twitter, and don’t be afraid to reach out and show some love if you like what you hear.

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The Famm – Marty Grimes & G-Eazy

by thedean on March 20, 2015


Download The Famm - Marty Grimes & G-Eazy

It’s almost unheard of to have 5 producers on one track, but Marty & G-Eazy’s Bang Bang set the bar high enough for this single to require a fleet of talented beat-aficionados. Syksense, KDE, Oz, DJ Fu, & Ducko Mcfli all collabed on this one to make a surprisingly coherent and lucid instrumental, which makes this first single off Marty’s forthcoming project “Nobody Said It Was Easy” a notable milestone in his career. From his project Through The Smoke until now, Marty has been building his portfolio and learning first hand from his best friend G-Eazy what it’s like to tour internationally and seize the lime light. He has a perspective that not many artists can understand; which I think attributes to his unique style and distinct insightful lyricism. The Famm is all about holding on to their roots. Marty and G have been rapping together since highschool, and despite the chaotic path to success, they’ve managed to rise to the top together. As the youngest of 6 children and being born a son to a teenage mother, it’s second nature for Marty to put family first and give back as much as he can to support those connected to him. Cop the free download, show Marty some love on twitter, and stay tuned for his much anticipated sophomore project.

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All In Gold – The Kennedys & SAKU

by Blake Barringer on March 18, 2015


Download All In Gold - The Kennedys & SAKU

Trix and Millz are back with the third installment in their Roman Numerals series hosted by Bootleg Kev, spitting bars effortlessly about where they are as artists and their attitude toward an industry that continues to overlook them. The beat is all over the place and is incredibly hyphy in it’s design, allowing The Kennedys to use it’s bouncy vibe to their advantage. When the hook rolls through the craziness quells as the beat is brought to a screeching halt where SAKU takes over. Personally, I think this is the strongest release off their promotional series yet but I’ll let you decide if you think it lives up to the previous track “What’s It To Ya”. Hit that play button, cop the free download, and make sure to watch for news on a potential full length project from the dynamic duo.

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