Murder – aywy

by Sylvia Parol on August 18, 2014


Download Murder - aywy

Australian producer aywy, otherwise known as Abstract Youth, delivers on this filthy Snoop-sampled track. This percussion-laden beat has enough bass to satisfy trap-heads while still remaining upbeat enough to dance to. You still get your cuts, buildups, and drops but in a combination unique to other songs of this genre. The only gripe I have is the length of the track; two minutes and thirty seconds is not enough to get my fix, so I guess I’ll just have to play it on repeat. Check out aywy’s Soundcloud for more bass-filled lovin.

+2 -0

One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) – Autograf

by Sylvia Parol on August 15, 2014


Download One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) - Autograf

Autograf brings their Future House vibes to an old festival favorite, One by Swedish House Mafia. A good remix has a way of teasing familiar beats and melodies while providing some refreshing elements and that’s exactly what Autograf has done. Bring down the tempo a notch and rework the iconic melody with some 80s sounding samples and you’ve got a remix that sounds like a new track in and of itself.  I’m definitely keeping tabs on Autograf so I can snag the next free download from their Future Summer series. If you’re digging it, throw the track a <3 on HypeM and like Autograf’s Facebook page for more free tropical jams.

+2 -0

Aura – Stwo

by Sylvia Parol on August 15, 2014


Download Aura - Stwo

French producer Stwo has graced us with this freebie that has a way of making me feel all wavy inside. Aura will be your comedown, a late-night faded melody with just enough kick to keep you hanging on until the sun rises. This original track is filled with rattling reverbs and captivating vocal edits to zone out to. Consider it your Friday night lullaby. Stwo just announced his North American tourwith London duo Snakehips, so catch them live if you can; more dates to be announced.

+2 -0

Summer Breeze – Billy G

by thedean on August 15, 2014


Download Summer Breeze - Billy G

Billy’s back and better than ever; smooth verses, slow-tempo production, and hella good vibes. From start to finish the tangy electric guitar glides under the simple beat while Billy keeps the forward momentum, spitting about faded summer nights and lazy summer days. It’s been over a year since we’ve heard from him, but in the last 12 months he’s managed to improve far beyond where he left off. His lyricism’s improved, his delivery’s cleaner, and even the recording quality is better. Anyways, he’s dropping a tape with Rotte called “The MIXDtape” sometime soon, but for now just enjoy the free download and follow Billy G on twitter.


+12 -0

Come Over – Skizzy Mars

by thedean on August 15, 2014


Come Over - Skizzy Mars

Booty calls; we all make them, and sometime end up regretted it in the morning. Skizzy is back with his first original track in awhile, yet still playing off the neo-indie vibes he pioneered with Lucy and Used To Be The Shit. As per usual, Michael Keenan is on the beat and produced a charismatic instrumental with influence from Shura’s Touch. A great upbeat track to add to your Skizzy collection, cop the free download and hop on the fan-bus before he blows up.

+3 -0

Studio – ScHoolboyQ (Grandtheft Remix)

by thedean on August 13, 2014


Download Studio - ScHoolboyQ (Grandtheft Remix)

Oxymoron has to be one of the best rap albums of the year, and this hook is absolute gold. Grandtheft made this sick d&b heavy club remix, and despite the fact that he doesn’t sample any of the verses, the crossfading hook into a hypnotizing drop keeps you nodding from start to finish. Grandtheft is a producer/DJ/Mad Decent Rep, and actually made this track to fill a void in his DJ set, which ended up being so popular he released it for free. Give it a listen, if you haven’t heard about the Mad Decent Block Party yet you should check to see if they’re coming to your city; great line up and tickets don’t cost much.

+4 -0


Download R U Mine? - I Know The Chief (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

I Know The Chief has a very unique sound, which is what makes their cover of Arctic Monkeys such an Indie gem. It’s impossible to replicate their danceable neo-alternative sound; up-beat instruments combine to create the glorious guitar driven production. Once you get the gist of the song the metaphors start to make more sense, so give it a few listens and enjoy the love-strung trance. Check out the last free track we got from the Australian Indie group for some less somber vibes.

+2 -0

Pounds In The Air – Slash-A-Mill

by thedean on August 13, 2014


Download Pounds In The Air - Slash-A-Mill

There’s nothing like a thick hot-box sesh with a pretty girl; blowing out smoke and losing yourselves in the haze, maybe even losing some clothes along the way. The beat is laid back, a nice little guitar riff is backed by a nearly inaudible sample & fat drum beat, then coated in R&B vocals and slow verses. Slash-A-Mill is a new name to the site, but if he keeps dropping smoker anthems like this you can expect to see his name around a lot more. If you like what you hear cop the free download and follow Slash-A-Mill on twitter.

+6 -0

Tuesday – Makonnen & Drake

by thedean on August 13, 2014


Download Tuesday - Makonnen & Drake

Drake is known for putting on questionable R&B/Rap artists and turning them into stars, and Makonnen is just OVO’s latest project. As you might expect, Drake takes the spotlight and owns the track with his polished vocals and matured verses, but Makonnen offers a unique sound that you’ll either love or hate. Amidst the heavily auto-tuned verses you’ll hear fresh arrogant rhymes about working too hard and barely having time to party, yet still having time to keep the club going up and have your bitch choosin. Sonny Digital is the true artist behind the scenes of this track, his production provides an ideal sound scape for Makonnen to debut his connection with OVO. It’s a light, ambient, easy-listening R&B track featuring one of the biggest players in the industry right now; there’s no reason not to cop the free download.



+2 -0

Hit It (Original Mix) – Deorro & D!RTY AUD!O & IE-z

by Sylvia Parol on August 13, 2014

Hit It

Download Hit It (Original Mix) - Deorro & D!RTY AUD!O & IE-z

Damn, I realize it’s been a while since I posted a real festival banger up on the site, so hope you all are ready for this one. When I pressed play on this track, I wasn’t really sure what to think. Kind of housey, kind of funky overlaid with a little rap? But then as soon as I heard that filthy bridge at 0:45, grimey as ever, I knew I had to give Hit It a chance. These drops are oh-so heavy and I can already tell festival kids will be getting down to this one on the dance floors. Solid and unexpected collaboration from rapper IE-z and producers Deorro and D!RTY AUD!O.

+5 -0