Long Way Down – Marty Grimes & Danny Pratt

by thedean on January 28, 2015


Download Long Way Down - Marty Grimes & Danny Pratt

Lately, Marty has been dropping back to back party anthems, but this time around he and KDE take it down a notch to showcase a side of them we haven’t heard yet. It’s been almost a year since he dropped his premiere project Through The Smoke, but despite a hectic schedule (and several international tours alongside his childhood friend G-Eazy) Marty’s been committed to giving his fans new music and developing his style further and further. He linked with Australia’s Danny Pratt to make the killer hook, but the verses touch on a topic that’s far more personal than anything we’ve heard from him in awhile. Marty reveals that tour life, or simply pursuing his dream for that matter, has taken it’s toll on his deepest relationship. The ambient beat sets an airy ambient scene; an echo-heavy drum kit, down-tempo synth, and guitar chords damp with reverb. If you’ve been in a long distance relationship it shouldn’t be hard to empathize with the somber lyrics, so I hope you enjoy the new single as much as I did. Be sure you throw Marty and KDE a follow on twitter, and stay on the look out for another single and hopefully a set-date for his sophomore project ‘Nobody Said It Was Easy’.

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Never Knew – Emilio Paredes

by thedean on January 28, 2015



Bay Area’s Emilio Paredes is back in the studio, and he’s kicking off 2015 with this fresh joint with production from none other than Steezefield. Fitting to his recognizable sound, the ambient instrumental is littered with an eerie sample, distant percussion, suitcase synth, and some muffled ambient vocals.  It took me a minute to figure it out, but the familiar sample finally clicked as a sped-up cut from Vicktor Taiwo’s Digital Kids that dropped last year. Despite the despondent tone, Emilio’s lyricism clearly vocalizes sanguine thoughts; tessellating love, perspicacity, and lucid epiphanies. Cop the free download, and be sure to check out the rest of Emilio and Steezefield‘s works from last year if you haven’t already. We got word that Places, Emilio Paredes debut project, should be dropping sometime this Spring, so be sure to keep up with him via twitter.

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Mon Amour – OBESØN

by Sylvia Parol on January 28, 2015

Mon Amour

Download Mon Amour - OBESØN

I get so pumped whenever I see a new release from Toronto-based producer OBESØN in my channels. He is yet to drop a track that I have not fallen in love with. Mon Amour is an upbeat yet silky smooth song decorated with delicate female vocals. That steady kick really gives you a beat to vibe to. OBESØN’s description of the song leaves a lot to mystery: It’s a long story. Cover artwork of a half-naked beauty might have been the inspiration. Cop the free download and decipher it for yourself.

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Yes We Faded – Keys N Krates & P Reign

by Sylvia Parol on January 28, 2015

Yes We Faded

Download Yes We Faded - Keys N Krates & P Reign

Talented Dim Mak trio Keys n Krates gave their fans a treat today: a remix of Yes We Faded from their Every Nite EP. And hell yeah, it’s on UH, so you know it’s free. While I think listeners kind of got the idea from the ominous percussion-filled instrumental version of the track, P Reign’s hard-hitting verses provide the song with another dimension of meaning. The chorus repeats “I don’t drink no more…” followed by “Fuck it, one more, one more…”. Sometimes it feels good to just get faded. You think Keys N Krates will turn into producers for more hip-hop artists? Follow the dudes on Twitter to see what direction their music heads next.

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Telegraph Ave/Sober – Daniela Andrade

by thedean on January 27, 2015


Download Telegraph Ave/Sober - Daniela Andrade

God knows you’re familiar with Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave, but if you’re like me than Daniela Andrade is a new name to your ears. This Canadian singer is known for her acoustic covers of popular songs, but when I saw that she covered this single off of Gambino’s project Because The Internet I just had to see what her rendition sounded like. After slowing the pace and layering an acoustic guitar over some reverby synth-pad chimes, her soft vocals melt into the instrumental as she strums and sings the somber ‘Bino lyrics. She seamlessly transitions between Telegraph Ave and Sober (off Childish’s latest project STNMTN/Kauai), melding the two into a completely renovated indie-acoustic gem. Take a listen, check out Daniela on twitter and soundcloud, and if you really want to show some support go check out her online store.

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Used To – Lil Wayne & Drake

by Blake Barringer on January 25, 2015


Download Used To - Lil Wayne & Drake

Lil Wayne dropped his highly anticipated mixtape Sorry For The Wait 2, but upon listening to the 17 track project we were disappointed to find to many whiny, over auto-tuned remixes to some of the industry’s hottest beats. Although we agreed that the tape wasn’t up to the site’s standards, I couldn’t help but rip this one track off the tape for you (and not just because Drake’s on it). For starters this is just about the only original beat on the tape, as well as one of the few tracks where Wayne keeps his abusive auto-tune usage to a minimum. Both artists go in for one verse with only one goal in mind: Flex. Even the sample of Riff Raff at the beginning/ending sports the popular mentality calling himself “OVO Jody” and talking about flat screens on the outside of tour buses as well as hang gliding from Versace Skyscrapers. Overall this is not the best Drake/Weezy collabo we’ve ever heard but at the very least you’ll enjoy a few punchlines, and Riff Raff will provide some comic relief. Hit the button and enjoy the free release from two of the most prominent people in the game.

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Pressure – Jaae Kash

by Blake Barringer on January 25, 2015


Download Pressure - Jaae Kash

Between the loss of his Mother and his home Jaae Kash has been just trying to keep it together this past year or so, but in a very characteristic manner Jaae Kash turns it into a defining moment (and a song). “Pressure” is a song meant to inspire those whom feel like they’re trapped in the dark corner of a bad situation, and Jaae’s triumphant voice a beacon of light meant to guide you out safely. As per usual this is a self-produced piece, making use of several layers of ascending and descending synth to give the track an atmosphere nothing short of epic. Jaae quoted 1 Corinthians 10:13 which describes the message of the song better than I ever could:

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”

Hit that play button, cop the free download from the big homie, and if you haven’t shown love on twitter or soundcloud you’ve got some catching up to do.

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Don’t Over Think – C Dot Castro (Mixtape)

by thedean on January 24, 2015


Download Don't Over Think - C Dot Castro (Mixtape)

Despite the title, this project from Ratt Pack’s C Dot Castro is so contemplative and lyrically profound that it’s impossible not to cogitate while it’s playing. Although his name might not be familiar to you yet, Castro is an artist you should start keeping tabs on. Logic, his label-mate, has been the most prominent and notable artist from the independent Ratt Pack crew, but C Dot Castro has been taking the lime light lately in preparation for this release. His perspicacious lyrics, fine-tuned delivery, and consistent in-house production makes the tape a coherent 15-track record. His versatility is phenomenal; every song is a window into Castro’s come-up, but the way he paints each picture is notably different. For such a long tape, I was surprised not to see very many features, but once you take a listen you’ll understand how intimate this project is and why he went about it the way he did. The vibe is mostly down-tempo hip-hop beats with ambient undertones, but the lyricism tells a slew of different stories. Some of my favorite tracks were Realest Song I Ever Wrote, Fuck About You, Revenge, and Let It Go ft. Brooke Aulani, but you should peep the tape for yourself and see what speaks to you. Enjoy, and be sure to throw Castro a follow on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Silly Syl Radio #2 with DJ Theo

by Sylvia Parol on January 22, 2015


Download Silly Syl Radio #2 w/ DJ Theo

After having some serious withdrawals from college radio, I decided to get back on the airwaves and record my own radio show in my apartment. Each episode of Silly Syl Radio will feature one guest DJ on a half hour mix with music that they’ve been bumpin lately. I hop on the mix halfway through the show and give you a taste of what’s been on repeat in my headphones. Theo specializes in house and trance and in this episode, I dive into sexy hip-hop and more face-melting jams. If you wanna catch the first episode of the show from the beginning of this month, click this link.

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Bang Bang – Dispatch (AM.PM. Remix)

by thedean on January 22, 2015


Download Bang Bang - Dispatch (AM.PM. Remix)

The tenured UH fans might recognize this song; Bang Bang by Dispatch was on one of the first site mixtapes I put together, Hangover Recovery. AM.PM. sent us his rendition via soundcloud, and although we generally only accept submissions via our e-mail, this one caught my attention. The vocals were pealed from the original track and set to a down-tempo, extremely reverb-heavy instrumental. The waning guitar loop glides over an acoustic drum set, bouncing synth pad arpeggiates around the production to emphasize the resonating tropical vibes. Although the pace is virtually the same, the melodic reworkings undoubtedly adds to the unperturbed sound that Dispatch coined back in 1998. Check it out, if you like what you hear check out AM.PM. via twitter and on soundcl0ud for more of their free remixes.

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