Infinity – Niykee Heaton (Joe Jordahl Edit)

by Sylvia Parol on April 25, 2015


Download Infinity - Niykee Heaton (Joe Jordahl Edit)

I first introduced y’all to Joe Jordahl about two weeks ago with his mix Electric Relaxation, Vol. 2. Brother of rapper Alex Jordahl, Joe has been dabbling in DJing and producing for the past two years. His latest remix of Niykee Heaton’s “Infinity” flips the acoustic ballad into a downtempo sensual piece, with delicate snaps and percussion. The melodic undertones have a hint of 80s pop – think Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Joe’s smooth production paired with Niykee’s silky vocals make this remix all too addicting; I can’t stop hitting that play button over and over again. Grab this exclusive free download and then head over to Joe Jordahl’s Soundcloud if you know what’s good for you.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to the original artist. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only.

Demrick (Interview)

by thedean on April 24, 2015


We caught up with Los Angeles based hip-hop artist Demrick to take some hennessey shots, shotgun some beers, and talk about his come up and the future of his musical career. If you haven’t checked him out yet, be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and cop his latest project Losing Focus.


Push Off – The Palms

by thedean on April 23, 2015


Download Push Off - The Palms

The Palms is a fitting name for this LA based duo; their sound emits this sort of melancholy yet beach-y vibe, and their instagram is filled with somber black and white pictures of palm trees. Using a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti came together this year and created this new age indie-folk group, and just recently debuted their first project: an extremely versatile 5-track self-titled EP. Of all the songs on the project however, Push Off was the one that had me shouting the lyrics and embaressing myself in public while the track played on repeat. The lyricism on this song is powerful, insightful, and applies to anyone who’s been used, or anyone who feels like they’ve reached their breaking point. Acoustic guitar, jazzy piano, and down-tempo percussion compliment their twangy voices perfectly. Their vocals are what really captivated me, the singer vaguely reminds me of the lead singer of Canadian group The Rural Alberta Advnatge, but something about the way he strings his words together so fluidly yet distinctly just draws me in and has me craving for more. Filled with lucid emotion, fervent production, and flawless execution, there’s no reason you shouldn’t check out The Palms and cop this free download today. Show them some love by sharing this tape using the links below, following them on twitter, and liking them on facebook.

SHITONYOU – Goon des Garcons

by Sylvia Parol on April 23, 2015

SHITONYOU (produced by Idle Ams) .00_00_37_09.Still001

Download Shit On You - Goon des Garcons

Rapper Goon des Garcons  just released visuals to accompany his single SHITONYOU, which you can find on his latest project YOUNGDIRTYBASTARD. The track starts off with Goon’s signature ghoulish sound, a sample from “Gates of Babylon” by Rainbow. The whole Young Gods of America squad cruises down open roads, posting up on tractors and bridges, as Goon raps about climbing to the top of the game. To achieve success, he realizes he’s gotta keep his circle tight and his money close. It’s all a competition, and Goon will SHITONYOU if he has to. Snag this free download, and if you’re craving more tripped-out anthems, download the entire YOUNGDIRTYBASTARD project and check our SXSW interview with the whole crew.

We Used To Live – Steve Benjamins

by Sylvia Parol on April 23, 2015


Download We Used To Live - Steve Benjamins

It’s been about a year since we’ve heard new music from Toronto’s Steve Benjamins, so I was happily surprised to receive “We Used To Live” in the submission inbox. Looks like Steve is back in the game with this latest indie-pop single, driven by steady piano chords, synth melody, and an upbeat kick. It’s the kind of song I’ll put on my summer mix CDs to blast in the car while I’m driving with a sunset backdrop. Check out Steve Benjamins on Soundcloud if you’re digging what you hear and enjoy the free download. Look out for his new EP “Sightlines,” dropping May 15th.

Days – Mac Miller

by thedean on April 22, 2015


Download Days - Mac Miller

If you’ve been keeping up with Mac Miller at all, you know he’s been experimenting with some weird shit, and I’m not just referring to his music. After coming off what I can only describe as an extensive drug-binge, it sounds like he’s back to making coherent music. He’s changed his genre about 5 times in the last few years, and for those of you who have been around with us since the get-go, you probably remember his indie phase where he covered Bright Eyes’s First Day of My Life. I’m not saying he’s back to that just yet, but this track is definitely leaning towards the indie side of rap, and after the catastrophe of a project that he called Faces, it’s good to hear something even mildly ear pleasing from the teen-rap prodigy Mac Miller. Running his vocals from a heavy stereo-sound filter gives his sound a really trippy experimental twist, but his talent if shining through the oddity of it all, which somehow makes for an eerily addicting style, the melodic half of the song just keeps you interested the whole way through. Despite this weird slump he’s been in, it’s clear that the Mac Miller we all once loved from KIDS and Best Day Ever is still in there somewhere. Enjoy.


 Download Crazy In Love - The Eden Project & Leah Kelly (Beyonce Cover)

I post a lot of re-imagined versions of popular songs on the site. Indie covers are like a breath of fresh air to me, they just accentuate the beauty of the pop genre by forcing the listener to lyrics, melodies, and instrumental parts. The Eden Project has mastered this style; if you haven’t heard his version of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space than you should go give it a listen right now. As always, the production on this track is done entirely by Jon himself, the graceful piano pieces paired with reverb-heavy guitar build up to a storm of synth and percussion. His music hits you in waves, compiling layers intensify as the track progresses, until finally you’re pulled into this passionate surge of instruments and vocals. With the help of Leah Kelly, the two artists successfully renovated a Beyonce track, which as you can imagine is NOT an easy feat. Jonathon’s distinct Irish voice make his music ever-so-ear-pleasing, and combined with his talent for producing, mastering, and writing — it’s amazing to me that he’s still relatively undiscovered. Don’t wait to join the hype, check out The Eden Project’s original track XO that we posted last week, and follow him on twitter/soundcloud if you like what you hear.

Good Vibe Tribe – Audio Push (Mixtape)

by thedean on April 20, 2015


Download Good Vibe Tribe - Audio Push (Mixtape)

Audio Push has been hyping this tape up since January, and listening to it now, I can’t believe they were able to hold on to this fire for that long. They kick things off with a G-Eazy feature and a flawless acapella on Bonfire, and keep the ball rolling with back to back hits, fluid transitions, and a surprisingly versatile 14-track compilation. You’ll hear everything from club anthems, to stoner jams, to bedroom breakdowns, and they’ve perfected each sound meticulously. If you underestimated Audio Push before today, know that they’ll be popping in every major city across the U.S. by the end of the week. I know it’s 4/20, so if you’re going to be smoking-up and listening to some fresh music tonight, make sure that this tape makes it onto your playlist. Cop the free download, follow Audio Push on twitter and soundcloud, and if you like what you hear — which if you’re a hip-hop fan, you definitely will — share this with everyone you know via the links below.

Focus The Truth (Interview)

by thedean on April 20, 2015


Met with New York based hip-hop artist Focus The Truth to talk about his success off of Berwick Road and see what he’s been working on in the last 2 years. Check out his last project and throw him a follow on twitter and soundcloud.


Download U Mad - Vic Mensa & Kanye West (Steezefield Remix)

I’m blown away by how far Vic has come since we posted his first major single Hollywood LA back in 2013, and a Kanye West feature is just a testament to how quickly he’s risen to the top. Having surpassed his Chicago counterpart Chance The Rapper, it’s safe to say he’s become the most well-known rapper out of Chi-town in the last two years. The instrumental produced by the GOOD music crew makes this song a polished gem that’ll definitely turn some heads; fervent trumpets, a grumbling bass line, and synthetic drum workings make the track a banger. As expected, however, the track wasn’t free. Thanksfully, there’s Alex Steezefield, an artist we’ve been sharing with y’all for awhile now. If you’re familiar with his music than you know that he often drops these clutch percussion-reworkings of popular tracks and releases them for free, not to mention that he’s a triple threat producer, singer, and rapper when he’s not remixing hits like this. I didn’t think this track could go harder; but Steeze intricately added a whole new dimension to this song by layering high-hats, snares, and bass-kicks on top of the original track. Believe it or not, his version came out more coherent than the original track. By filling in the intentional gaps that we’re used to hearing in Kanye’s experimental style, Alex makes the song a lucid production that fans can cop free of charge. Check it out, follow Steezefield on twitter, and share this track with your friends via the links below.