Often (Remix) – The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, & Rick Ross

by Blake Barringer on October 18, 2014


Download Often (Remix) - The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, & Rick Ross

With several posts on the site and over 14,000,000 plays on The Weekends soundcloud this track doesn’t really need an introduction. Everything from the lowest level of production to the highest note sang everything was musical ecstasy. Today I present a new twist on an older favorite with Schoolboy and Ricky Rozay each delivering a heavy-weight verse owning the XO artist’s song for their own time. I’m not going to rant just hit that play button if you wanna hear a great track, and make sure to follow The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, and Rick Ross on twitter if you haven’t already. Oh and if you find that the soundcloud link in this post is censored: have no fear, the explicit version is the DL link.

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Alladat – Jarren Benton

by Blake Barringer on October 17, 2014


Download Alladat - Jarren Benton

Decatur’s menace on the mic Jarren Benton is back with a free cut as a part of his #BlackOctober series which will more than likely be the gift that keeps on giving (till the end of October anyway ). With his go to producer and close friend Kato engineering the beat Jarren get the perfect ally-oop to flex his lyrical muscles. With a prison siren going off in the background, a creepy key riff, and thunderous bass this track has “Jarren” written all over it. For two verses Jarren spits some of his hardest, most shocking bars of the year and if you don’t mind you’re rappers a little off their rocker this is definitely going to be a treat. Hit that play button and make sure to keep up with Jarren and his Funk Volume affiliates on the labels soundcloud.

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Download Don't Forget Us (Cookin' Soul Remix) - Nipsey Hussle & Dom Kennedy

This soft, Dom Kennedy assisted track first appeared on Nip’s mixtape Crenshaw as a bonus track for those whom felt compelled to spend 100$ to show their support for the west coast rapper. JetLife affiliated producer Cookin’ Soul decided to take it and put a classy spin on things mixing the original verses, and instruments with a 90′s vibe in Jodeci’s classic track “What About US”. Cookin’ Soul engineers a lazy, yet classical instrumental. The dusty Jodeci record rolls effortlessly alongside Nip and Dom as they spit about the grind, a life of fame, and their one fear: being forgotten. Hit the button, roll up, and enjoy the smoke dance to this tranquil piece. If you’re diggin’ it make sure to hit Cookin’ Soul with a follow on Twitter, and peep his soundcloud for more engineering gold.

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Ninety Two (Mixtape) – Stwo

by Sylvia Parol on October 16, 2014


Apologies for bringing this one a little late to the students. But better late than never, and now that Stwo’s pretty much become a UH staple, I had to share his latest project. Ninety Two is a mixtape filled with deep, ambient, electronic goodness, and all the beats are inspired by Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same. The sexy downtempo production style makes for pantry-dropping tracks for sure. I mean how can you go wrong when you close off the project with a flip of Often by The Weeknd. Stream two of the tape’s tracks here and then go download the rest for free from his label Huh What & Where.

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Low – Alex Jordahl

by thedean on October 16, 2014


Download Low - Alex Jordahl

Alex is no stranger to the hype, and although it’s been 4 months since we’ve heard from our tatted-up Chicago MC he makes it quite clear that he’s still been on his grind. Keeping to his traditional style, he introduces the track  with some nature-related sounds; waves crashing against the shore line lead into Steezefield’s reverb-heavy production, birds chirping in the distance as Alex repeats a candid chorus. When the drum beat drops Alex explains his absence, while still keeping an unnamed female as the main focus of his music. The condensed filter on his voice gives him an extremely crisp sound, complimenting the resonating production perfectly and fundamentally giving his lyrics the spotlight they deserve. If you haven’t heard his older material be sure to check it out, but otherwise just show Jordan some love on twitter and facebook, and of course Steezefield too since he’s been producing back-to-back incredible beats for at least 3 of the artists we put on.

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Download La La La - Naughty Boy & Sam Smith (urlchild Remix)

If you haven’t heard the original track by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith you need to come out from under your rock; the music video alone has half a BILLION plays. That being said, urlchild turns this already vibey R&B track into an ethereal masterpiece, sampling the hook and reworking the entire production. When we posted his first solo-work Like You/Falling For last week I remarked how his impalpable euphoric sound had me grooving and nodding my head, and once again he’s proven that he knows how to get people moving. Although seemingly simple, the synth, sample, and high-hat driven beat is the epitome of new wave house music; like 80′s influences colliding with the rhythm of modern EDM. Needless to say, this track is worth a listen, and exclusively downloadable right here on UH. Vibe out and expect more fire from this young Austin-based sensation soon.


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Sleepless – Mimosa

by Sylvia Parol on October 14, 2014


Download Sleepless - Mimosa

Although Mimosa might not have the best rep after his recent altercation with Downlink this summer, there’s no doubt that this guy knows how to do melodic bass. Sleepless is the second track off his upcoming album Equilibrium, set to be released this  year. Mimosa has a way of implementing DnB beats underneath the chillest melodies. It’s what makes his style so signature. If you’re digging this free single and you’re game to see it live, grab tickets for his Equilibrium tour. Just make sure to steer clear of the Grey Goose.

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High – ETC!ETC!

by Sylvia Parol on October 14, 2014


Download High - ETC!ETC!

Solid freebie released earlier today from the boy ETC!ETC! The track’s called High and it will have you feeling exactly that. ETC! starts us off with a retro synthy build up and drops it down hard at 0:54 with Baauer-inspired vocal samples and a trap-nasty backbeat. Throw on some headphones and close your eyes; those echoes and reverbs will have you feeling like you’re on some other level. It’s pretty exciting to see ETC!ETC! dropping some more original material. Keep tabs on his Soundcloud page for more releases. Until then, keep chasing whatever gets you high.

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How This Is – Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

by thedean on October 13, 2014


Download How This Is - Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

Invite Only’s Emilio Paredes is keeping a steady stream of new free music flowing, sticking with the eerie and somber vibe that’s defined his music thus far. The Cxleb produced beat combines a simple bass line with reversed piano/guitar and heavy but ambient drum loops, which Emilio conquers effortlessly. His crisp delivery describes his road to success, losing friends to better himself and his music, and letting go of everything that holds him back. Steezefield summarizes that on the hook, and the two artists create just the atmosphere they were looking for. Cop the free download and follow Emilio and Steezefield on twitter.


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Neon Swords – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on October 13, 2014

Neon Swords

Download Neon Swords - Stonewall Klaxon

Stonewall is back with yet another ecstasy-packed original mix, and this one is even better than the last. The arpeggiating piano chords, Nintendo 64 samples, and insane drum build up make you feel like you’re cruising down rainbow road on shrooms, but Klaxon’s real production talent shines brightest as soon as he drops the beat. Epic synth lined with ambient tones sets the perfect scene for his signature vocal distortions, resembling something you’d hear on an old-school Daft Punk album, but it all comes together to give the song a sweeping yet completely comprehensive sound that truly encompasses the versatility of this young Austin-based producer. Follow Stonewall Klaxon on twitter and throw him a like on facebook before he blows up, enjoy.

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