Download Hot Dog Stand Across The Street (Mixtape) - Rotte & Billy G

Here’s the tape we’ve been waiting for from Billy & Nate; a couple weeks in the studio is all it took to get us this versatile 13-track gem. When we heard Summer Breeze and Peace at 1AM it was obvious that whatever reform they did ameliorated their music to a new level. Although their names still aren’t huge in the rap industry, this is exactly what they needed to gain some notoriety after their year long hiatus. The production bounces around a lot, from jazzy style instrumentals that we’re used to hearing from them to the not so familiar dark/ambient beats, but for the most part they keep things down tempo. The lyricism is relatable and meaningful, the hooks are catchy and quotable, and the delivery is better than ever. If I had to spotlight a few I’d suggest the Intro, Summer Breeze, The Reason, and Glory Daze. Cop this tape while it’s hot, and don’t sleep on Billy G or Rotte, JAM sesh is on their come up.

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Can You Digg It? (Mixtape) – Que

by Blake Barringer on August 30, 2014


Download Can You Digg It (Mixtape) - Que

Last time I found a new free cut from Que it was his Sonny Digital produced banger “Time” in December but I am proud to finally share with you an entire project by the name of Can You Digg It?. First things first, if you love the sound of good speakers boomin’ and the sound of bass filling the room then this tape is for you. With heavy hitting production from producers Bobby Johnson, frequent collaborator Sonny Digital, DJ Mustard, Bobby Kritical, B Wheezy, and more this tape is truly a Banger’s Ball. On top of that you get features from big names like 2 Chainz, Problem, August Alsina, Trey Songz, & Ty Dolla $ign as well as a few others alongside the raspy ATL flow of Que. Depending how much you like the music that comes out of Atlanta will play a part in how much you feel this project, but there is without a doubt something for everyone here. If you’re looking for some good places to start check out: “100s and 50s” feat Problem, “Diamonds” feat August Alsina, “The Youth”, “Too Much” feat Trey Songz, and “Standout” feat Ty$. Enjoy this heavy hitter and make sure to keep up with Que on soundcloud.

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Malice – Slash-A-Mill

by Blake Barringer on August 30, 2014


Download Malice - Slash-A-Mill

Shortly after releasing his phenomenal track “Pounds In The Air” two weeks ago Slash-A-Mill is back this week with an installment in his “#FreshFridays” series and he flips this track around 180 degrees to show everyone a different side of himself. When this self produced heavy hiitting, bass driven banger first drops you can tell this track isn’t quite as playful. What I really love about this is that Slash isn’t afraid to step out of the industries comfort zone creating this track which booms “No clips, I ain’t got no malice.” Taking what your haters have to say turning it into something positive, take control of the situation, and most importantly always keep your cool. That deserves recognition. Hit that play button, see how you’re feeling this new Slash-A-Mill, and make sure to check out more installments of his “#FreshFridays” on soundcloud.

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Days Before Rodeo (Mixtape) – Travi$ Scott

by thedean on August 30, 2014


Download Days Before Rodeo - Travi$ Scott

Travi$ Scott has changed a lot since his last project Owl Pharaoh from last Summer, from being an XXL freshman to signing with GOOD music and taking direction from talented mentors, he’s pushed his music to a new level. The first thing you’ll notice is that Mike Dean, Boi-1da, TM-88, Lex Luger, WondaGurl, Metro Boomin, DJ Dahi, J-Hill, and Fki contribute on the proudction side; dark and heavy beats, somewhere between intense experimental and H-Town hip-hop.. Travis is living up to his potential, but I feel like fans who enjoyed his more indie/soft material are going to be disappointed. It’s a different style entirely, and although I wasn’t feeling every track on the tape (Zombies, Basement Freestyle, Grey), he’s earned a lot of recognition from the rap community. I’d expect some remixes to surface in the near future, but until then enjoy the project and follow Travi$ on twitter.


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Waves – GodWolf

by thedean on August 30, 2014


Download Waves - GodWolf

You know that feeling you get, the sinking feeling when you’re losing someone who used to be close to you, like you’re a memory fading away. GodWolf’s melancholy analogy fits the feeling perfectly, portraying themselves treading water as each wave draws them further and further out into sea and away from the white sandy beach. Backed by a light reverb, the guitar and piano play off the more somber notes in the Mr. Probz original, allowing GodWolf to implement their softer, less raspy vocals. Great rework of a 4 year old Indie classic, enjoy.

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Polkadots – The Chainsmokers

by thedean on August 29, 2014


Download Polkadots - The Chainsmokers

I missed posting The Chainsmokers, but after the viral success of their single Selfie and recent release Kanye, it’s no wonder why they’ve been putting their material on iTunes. Well as Summer 2k14 comes to an end and we all get back in our school grind the dynamic production duo dropped this original track for free, an original mix that’s been part of their set for the last few months. Although I was expecting to hear something more in the realm of their earlier indie-vibe material, they’ve seemingly mastered this synth-heavy turn up anthem. The dance beat is filthy in the best kind of way, and Polkadots is just another great song to add to their already impressive repertoire. If you like what you hear throw them a follow on twitter, or better yet you can vote for them on facebook for top 100 DJ’s.

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A Long Story Short (Mixtape) – Khalil

by thedean on August 29, 2014


Download A Long Story Short - Khalil (Mixtape)

Some of you might be familiar with Justin Bieber’s R&B counterpart Khalil, but this is the first time we’ve put him on the site. After being discovered on YouTube and signing to Def Jam in 2008, the only tape he’s released has been 3 Weeks In Miami; his collaboration tape with Lil Twist which didn’t do too well on the charts. I knew it was only be a matter of time until they let him release a solo project, and A Long Story Short depicts what exactly he’s been doing for the last 6 years; drinking, fucking, smoking, clubbing, popping bands, etc. With features from Birdman, Tory Lanez, Blake Kelly, and “Bizzle” (Justin’s new artist name?), this tape is 100% R&B gold. Although I was hoping for some better rap features, this tape encompasses the pompous lifestyle we’ve grown to envy from rich young artists, and at the very least will have the ladies swooning.

+2 -1

For You (Remix) – Lais & Skizzy Mars

by thedean on August 28, 2014


Download For You - Lais & Skizzy Mars

Although Skizzy Mars is Penthouse Music’s prodigy, they’re clearly still focused on recruiting new talent. Lais is a Toronto based rapper/singer, his range behind the mic outshines Skizzy in more ways than one on this new single. The wavy production compliments his soft filtered voice as he flows about being torn between two girls, showing them both the time of their life, and despite being an asshole they keep coming back for more. Great first single, so there’s no reason you shoudn’t cop the free download and follow Lais and Skizzy on twitter.



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Guys Like Us – Trey Palms & Dave Edwards

by thedean on August 28, 2014


Download Guys Like Us - Trey Palms & Dave Edwards

I’ll be honest, this isn’t the conventional material we’re used to hearing from Trey. The vibe he went with on this track is leaning a little bit more towards pop rather than hip-hop, but he’s still able to pull it off and flex his versatility. The production from Dave Edwards plays a huge role in setting the style of the track; upbeat drums, 80′s dance synth, and a slew of other samples you’d expect to hear on a Katy Perry track. Not my favorite, but I’m sure for some of you it’ll be right down your alley. Throw Trey a follow on twitter.

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Peace at 1AM – Rotte & Billy G

by thedean on August 27, 2014


Download Peace at 1AM - Rotte & Billy G

After not hearing from them in over a year, Billy G gained some hype off his and Rotte’s first single Summer Breeze, and promised me a mixtape by the end of the month. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Boston duo; they’d clearly done some improvements on their style, production, and lyricism since we’d last heard from them, but a whole mixtape in two weeks? Well once again, I’m blown away. Rotte adds a whole new dimension to their music, delivering perfectly crafted verses over an ambient piano based instrumental. Billy G’s transient hook explains the whole vibe of the track, getting fucked up to forget about girls. Stay tuned for their recently renamed mixtape Hot Dog Stand Across The Street dropping on the 30th, and be sure to follow Billy & Rotte on twitter.


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