What’s It To Ya – The Kennedys

by Blake Barringer on March 4, 2015


Download What's It To Ya - The Kennedys

It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard from Tuscon, Arizona rap duo The Kennedys but the silence is finally broken with this new release off their Roman Numerals promotional series in collaboration with Bootleg Kev. Trix and Millionz spit hard bars over a beat with melodic dripping synth, and rattling high hats over a sonorous piano riff. All tied together of course with monstrous bass. While the duo has been known here to use their music to illustrate vivid images in the mind of their listeners, they decided to be a little more frivolous with this release. While simultaneously taking the three minute period to flex a bit, both lyrically and literally. If you’re a student looking for a dirty beat, and sick verses this may be your favorite release this month. Hit that play button, make sure to cop the free download, and make sure to read our interview with them during SXSW 2014 if you haven’t already.

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Jungle – St. South & CJ Trillo

by thedean on March 3, 2015


Download Jungle - St. South & CJ Trillo

For the love of all things Drake, I hope you’ve listened to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, otherwise you need to come out from under that rock and start catching up with the rest of the world. Drake released this mixtape as an album to fill his contractual agreement with Cash Money, meaning that his REAL studio project that was set to drop this season (View From The 6) is going to be owned 100% by OVO. It was a smart move for Drizzy, but for the fans who either didn’t want to pay $15 for his new project, or for the fans who aren’t internet savvy enough to find the plethora of album leaks, tons of edits and remixes are popping up which will hopefully fill your Drakeless Void. St. South is an extremely talented singer/producer from Australia, and if you’re not too busy right now, you should definitely go peep her soundcloud and check out some of the free covers and originals she’s released. This edit stands out from the rest, however. She eloquently opens up over the debonair instrumental; an intricate reconstruction and sampling of Jungle off Drake’s new album. Her voice has a comforting presence, she harmonizes with herself and layers her vocals to give it a warm fulfilling sound. The lyricism blew me away; it’s rare to hear such insightful messages in a rap edit, but Olivia perfected her wording throughout the entire song. Backed by Ella Wisniewski on the Sax and CJ Trillo on a smooth closing verse, this remix shines with a different light than the original rap-heavy single. Check it out, and throw St South and CJ a follow on twitter if you like what you hear.

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Looking Better – Jackson Breit

by thedean on March 3, 2015


Download Looking Better - Jackson Breit

Most of you are probably still weathering snow storms and ice-coated roads, but Jackson Breit dropped a new track this morning with some tasty summer flavor to remind you of all the sunny days ahead. An upbeat piano chord progression, light and airy care-free whistling; all in all a pretty simple beat from Epistra, but when you throw Jackson’s distinct vocals into the mix this track comes to life. The roll your windows down vibe rings clear as he rifts from line to line about better days with a better looking girl. Jackson is a diamond just waiting to be stumbled upon, it’s only a matter of time before his music is swooning record labels. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on Mr. Marmalade. Stay posted for Jackson’s new EP “2%” (yes, like the milk) set to drop sometime in the near future, and if you haven’t already go peep the visuals to Use Me feat. Carneyval and follow him on twitter.

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Set It Off – OnCue

by thedean on March 2, 2015


Download Set It Off - OnCue

New joint from OnCue, and the first listen we’ve had from him since AYM dropped all the way back in September. He drops into the Red Bull studios in NYC to spit some carefully crafted rhymes over some fat Jitta On The Track production, revealing that he’s been making some clever career moves behind the curtain. Cue has been in the game for a few years now, and although he hasn’t had the blowing-up over-night experience, he’s definitely earned a notable following and asserted himself as a unique rapper with an irreplicable sound. Check it out, follow Cue on twitter, and stay hyped for his next release.

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Run – Alex Jordahl & Steezefield

by thedean on March 1, 2015


Download Run - Alex Jordahl & Steezefield

2 m0nths after the release of his insightful debut EP Love Alex, Jordahl and Steezefield are back in the studio developing their sound for the last few weeks of somber-music season. Steezefield cooks up hot down-tempo beats with the flick of a wrist, and Run is a perfect example of just how talented he’s become; the beat is perfectly timed and arranged, the eerie samples coat the production with a gray haze, and the intricate instrumental workings lead the track through chilling build ups and break downs. As for Alex Jordahl, nothing he writes is superficial, so hopefully you can read between the lines and find the relatable beauty in his lyricism. Cop the free download, follow Alex J and Alex S on twitter, and expect to hear some more free material from them soon.

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DRMSQNCR – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on February 26, 2015


Download DRMSQNCR - Stonewall Klaxon

We haven’t heard anything from Stonewall that we haven’t liked yet, which is pretty rare for us music critics. That being said, DRMSQNCR (the title track to his in-progress project), sticks to the trend and once again earns a spot at the top of our feed. The arrangement, intricacy, and ever-changing tempo tap into a level of “chill” that’s unique from any other producer you’ll hear. Although there aren’t not any audible lyrics, the filtered vocal samples seemingly speak a universal language. The nod-inducing, trance-kindling, dream-triggering style that Stonewall Klaxon has coined is as flavorful as it is catchy. Cop the free download, follow Stonewall on Twitter and Soundcloud, and stay tuned for some interview and concert footage that we shot dropping later this month.

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by thedean on February 26, 2015


Download Air - FMLYBND

After generating a ton of success off their last two singles, FMLYBND is back this month with yet another sizzling release. Their sound and style has fluctuated a great deal since we first shared their debut single Far Away back in Summer 2013. Since then they’ve been grinding; rearranging the band, enlisting the help of talented producers, touring the country, and consistently releasing new material via their soundcloud. They’ve gone from an electro-indie group to something much more complex, their new sound emanates a darker side that roughly emulates The Neighborhood or The XX. Heavy reverb, layer after layer of synth, and distant industrial-style percussion contrasts their carefully sculpted vocals, creating a lucid atmosphere for their melodic yet desolate sound. Give them a listen, if you like what you hear be sure to go follow them on twitter, peep their EP, and stay tuned for their next release dropping on March 23rd.

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OT: Outta Town – Problem & DJ Holiday (Mixtape)

by thedean on February 26, 2015


Download Outta Town - Problem & DJ Holiday (Mixtape)

If you’ve listened to any music out of Atlanta, chances are that you probably heard some of DJ Holiday’s work. Notorious for hosting hundreds of mixtapes, kick-starting rap careers, and having his hands coated in commission; DJ Holiday is a name you should recognize. As for Problem, the last [notable] project we heard from him was The Separation with DJ Drama back in mid-2013 where he featured a plethora of well-established West-Coast rappers. His sound has always had a distinct Oakland flavor to it, which is what makes this Atlanta-based tape stand out from his repertoire of heavy-hitting projects. 808 kicks, constantly changing tempo, intricate hi-hat compilations, and monumental strings brand the production, complimenting the surplus of trap-rappers. There’s 20 tracks on this project, way too much to sum up in a paragraph, but some notable tracks I was feeling was Hennessy (feat. T.I. & Rich Homie Quan), Milkin‘ (feat. Young Thug), Say That Then (feat. 2 Chainz), The Bank (feat. Que), & Made For This (feat. August Alsina). Check it out, cop the free download, follow DJ Holiday & Problem on twitter, and stay hyped for his album Diamond Lane America dropping later this Spring.

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Eyes On Me – IAMSU! (Mixtape)

by Blake Barringer on February 25, 2015


Download Eyes On Me - IAMSU! (Mixtape)

IAMSU! released this short seven track EP two days ago and I’ve been really resonating with this accentuated West Coast club sound he’s been adding to his projects. While I’ll say this probably isn’t IAMSU!’ most thought-out or meaningful record but who doesn’t want to have a little fun here and there? & if you’re looking for fun, then you found the right project. Within these seven tracks you’ll find plenty to drink, dance, twerk, sing, smoke, and/or do a sort of drunken shimmy too. Either way this project is stocked with some of the most euphonic sounds I’ve heard engineered this year coming from IAMSU himself as well as his HBK cohort Jay Ant, P-Lo, C4, & DJ Mustard. Apart from IAMSU! holding down as per usual you also get a killer feature from Tyga on “Hella Good”, and Jay Ant on “Bandz”. Hit the play button, cop the free download, and make sure to show some love to IAMSU! via twitter/soundlcloud. Also if you’d like to check out an Heart Break Gang performance live make sure to catch IAMSU! out on his #EYESONME tour this March.

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Silly Syl Radio #4 feat. Max

by Sylvia Parol on February 23, 2015


Ye ye it’s Silly Syl Radio Episode #4 featuring my friend Max. Follow Max on Soundcloud and thank me later. He’ll be bringing you an eclectic mix of electronic and trap music. You’ll find lots of solid remixes filled with fat bass that you can’t help but rage to. I’m feeling a little more poppy and upbeat this week, so check out some of the songs I would play if I ran a mainstream radio station. Featuring music from Mr. Carmack, Rvdical The Kid, Kehlani, and Skizzy Mars.

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