Up In Smoke – CRAY

by Sean Byron on July 28, 2015

Free Download | Up In Smoke - CRAY

If you were alive in 2011 you can name where this sample came from — so naturally when I was scrolling through soundcloud stoned, I thought the song was called cray due to all of the “that shit cray”s leading up to the drop. As it turns out, the artist is named CRAY, and the “crays” are just a clever Kanye sample she used because her name is cray. Heavy synth. Bangin’ percussion. Fat bass. This song is — for lack of a better word — cray. CRAY has been dropping a new electronic track about once a month, so if this track makes you cray check out her other cray tracks on soundcloud and follow CRAY on twitter.

Hotline Bling – Drake

by thedean on July 28, 2015

hotlinebling drake art

Free Download | Hotline Bling - Drake

The only rapper I know who could make an anthem out of the “cha cha” is Drake. Although you might’ve caught this track on the OVO Sound radio mix a couple nights ago, it was officially released in its entirety on soundcloud this morning, and I honestly can’t get enough of this song. The production has a distinct elevator feel to it; super corny 80’s keyboard, congo drums, and a groovy tempo aren’t exactly what we expect when we think of OVO, but somehow they pulled this track off. Hotline Bling makes you want to dance like you’re five margaritas deep in Latin America, and the relationship centered vocals from Drizzy are as good as they’ve ever been. Vibe out.

Emily – Blackbear

by thedean on July 27, 2015

blackbear emily art

Free Download | Emily - Blackbear

It’s never too soon for more blackbear, and consistency really is the name of the game in today’s music industry. If you caught his release last month, you should kind of see the direction his music’s been taking this summer; super airy, reverb and sample heavy production coated in blackbear’s soothing R&B vocals. His drug-induced lifestyle — combined with his extreme talent for writing perceptive catchy material — makes the lyricism on this track as sensual, explicit, and pristine as you could hope for. Cop the free DL and show blackbear some love on twitter and soundcloud to show support.

Pain Told Love (feat. Kiesza) – Tribe Society

by Sean Byron on July 27, 2015


Free Download | Pain Told Love - Tribe Society & Kiesza

Tribe society is always experimenting with new sounds, and this new song “Pain Told Love” is a perfect example of how versatile they truly are. After hearing their Delirium Sonata mixtape, I realized that Tribe Society has outstanding production work and loads of potential, and was anxious to hear what their next release would sound like. The slow tempo, wide range of instruments, ambient vibes, and amazing vocal transitions between Tribe Society & Kiesza make this indie-electronic track a fine-tuned hipster anthem. Pain Told Love is full of up-beat lyrics — “even if you hide and always stay home, you got to make a friend because hurricane make flowers” — that strike certain emotional strings to make you feel contemplative and euphoric. If you like this track, or if you are looking for some of the best indie production on the market today, look no further and follow Tribe Society on soundcloud and twitter for their next release.

Charged Up – Drake

by thedean on July 27, 2015

charged up drake art

Free Download | Charged Up - Drake

Last week was crazy for everyone in the music industry, but the most notorious event that took place was Meek Mill’s twitter rant about Drake. To sum things up, Meek was going about his daily routine of narcissistic social media posts when out of nowhere he starts bashing fans for comparing him to Drizzy; he made claims stating that all of Drake’s lyrics are written by ghost writers (namely his verse on RICO) and took jabs at his overall authenticity as a musician. A tsunami of memes ensued. Fans were mortified, hostile, violent, and I’m pretty sure that somewhere, somehow, someone probably died because of how intense this social media epidemic became. While the world took to Twitter, Drake went to the booth and voiced his thoughts in the most professional way possible: A back-handed diss track premiering on OVO’s Apple Radio station. The beat is as subtle and ominous as you can imagine. The simplicity of the instrumental amplifies the lyrics, making it impossible to ignore the words (which were clearly written in response to this past week’s events).

“Niggas snitching on us without no interrogation, I stay silent cus’ we at war and I’m very patient, 6 God is watching I just hope you’re prepared to face him..”

“Wow… I’m honored that you think this is staged, I’m flattered man, in fact I’m amazed.”

“Done doing favors for people, cus’ it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature.”

“I see you niggas havin’ trouble going Gold, turning into some so-and-so’s that no one knows.”

Knowing Meek, he’s probably in the studio right now grinding out a heavy trap-style diss anthem, but I find it hard to believe that he can have a valid response to this track. No matter what production you hop on, no matter what words you say or “truths” you reveal, not a damn person is ever going to be able to tarnish Drake’s legacy. He’s at a point that no other musician in our generation has reached yet, and he has the platinum records, billboard chart history, and half-a-billion dollar net worth to back it up. Views From This 6 is on it’s way, but expect to see more free content from Drake in the near future.

California Pt. 2 – Radical Something

by thedean on July 26, 2015

california pt 2 art radical something

Free Download | California Pt. 2 - Radical Something

Hopefully your summer’s been swell, and as we count the days before school starts it’s our responsibility to hook you up with as much care free music as possible before the season comes to an end. Radical Something brought back their Summer of Rad series this year, and if you haven’t been keeping up I suggest you go peep their past few releases. The California based trio dedicated this song to the state that they call home with an amped up “Part 2″ to their original demo from way back in 2012. It’s crazy how different their sound is now — way more complex instrumentals and less organic acoustic guitar. Their style still produces the laid-back feel good music that attributed to their come up over the last few years, so hopefully y’all will still enjoy this noticeably different second half to California. Be sure to follow Radical Something on soundcloud and twitter if you want to show some support.

These Days – Mike Stud

by thedean on July 26, 2015

these days mike stud art

Free Download | These Days - Mike Stud

This is EXACTLY what I was hoping Mike Stud would release this weekend; we haven’t had a solo record from him yet this summer, and I was starting to wonder whether or not he was going to pull in features every Sunday Stud Day. Unlike his past few songs, These Days touches on a more personal note, while still maintaining the rigorous tone he’s hit on every song this year; sexy fan-girls, the change from being an east coast “frat rapper” to being a serious musician living out in Los Angeles, and the steal-your-girl mentality are the foundation of this song. The hook is killer, the vocals are impeccable, and the track is just an all around banger — there’s no reason you shouldn’t download this right now. Follow Mike on twitter and soundcloud if you’re about it.

For Nothing – Emilio Paredes

by thedean on July 25, 2015

for nothing emilio paredes

Free Download | For Nothing - Emilio Paredes

Emilio sent me this track last week, and it took me awhile to figure out what to say about this one. The production is on point, the usual style we’ve come to expect from him is clearly evident, but maybe that’s why I’m struggling to describe the highlights of this song. Emilio has crafted a sound that’s centered around solemn lyrics and somber production, but when we first posted his material to our site the story was much different. Night’s Long was an impeccable summer anthem, but I haven’t heard Emilio rap over something with a BPM that high ever since. Emilio Paredes is the kind of artist you listen to when it’s gray and rainy outside and you want to get lost in your feelings for awhile, but he’s honestly capable of being so much more than that. Although this release is solid, it isn’t the good vibe banger I was hoping Emilio would pull out for beach season. If you’re in Seattle, or anywhere else that’s gloomy in July, this track is made for you. If you’re like me and still trying to soak in as much sunshine, alcohol, and feel-good music as you can, save this track for an overcast day and you’ll be glad you did. Cop the free download and show Emilio some love on twitter and soundcloud.

Fuck It – Machine Gun Kelly (Mixtape)

by thedean on July 24, 2015

fuck it mgk art

Free Download | Fuck It - MGK (Mixtape)

Did anyone know MGK was dropping a mixtape this summer? I didn’t, and I feel like this is something I’m usually on top of. Maybe this project’s promotion got lost in a sea of tweets about Meek Mill and Drake, but tonight Kellz rolled out the red carpet for himself and silenced a plethora of over zealous rappers with the release of his characteristically titled mixtape ‘Fuck It’. The ten tracks were the answer to many 19xx fans and fan-girls prayers; punk-rock teen-angst inspired raps about the come up, success, and constant grinding/partying are what’s expected from the inked up bad boy icon, and he delivered to the fullest extent. If I were to say this project was coherent, I would have to overlook the completely out of place but somewhat anticipated rock-tribute Rolling Stone feat. Earl St. Clair, which wasn’t one of my favorites. The bangers on this tape, however, will knock so hard that your neighbors just might show up at your door step with a thirty rack expecting a full-blown rager. The last free project he released was over two years ago, when Black Flag went from being a much-anticipated album into being a free-to-download mixtape. If you want to skip the intro and start dancing with a bottle in your hand, I recommend hitting Biggie, Thoed Ass feat. Dub-O & Tezo, and Conversations. Only the best for our fans — enjoy the free download and share via the social links below.

Afterlife – XYLØ

by thedean on July 23, 2015

afterlife xylo art

Free Download | Afterlife - XYLO

I don’t know how to begin with describing the sound XYLO achieved on this song. This magazine-cover worthy brother/sister duo has only released three tracks (officially) on their soundcloud, and each one illustrates a progressively darker, heavier, and more electronic side of their music. Afterlife is a sort of sorrowful, oddly sensual, and ‘R&B meets electro-pop’ kind of song. The instrumental sets a really trippy and ominous setting; lots of eerie vocal samples, gritty reverb, and big-room style percussion. I knew I was going to post this track as soon as I heard it, but what really got me was the 1:37 mark; the way she pronounces “Muricelago” could bring any straight man to his knees. Cop it, share it, follow XYLØ on twitter and soundcloud.