Never Content – Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

by thedean on December 14, 2014


Download Never Content - Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

Through his ever-developing lyricism and delivery, and through his team of talented producers, Marty has been able to create this clandestine and ominous style. Ambient synth pads tend to gravitate towards minor chords as an industrial drum loop fades in, setting a dark and mysterious scene for Marty Grimes to spit his pompous lyrics over. As if piercing through the smoke haze, Manni Phantom’s smooth vocals contrast the production perfectly for him to kill the hook; although Marty’s verses are still the song’s driving force. KDE outdid himself on this release too, with menacing horns sounding off over an already foreboding beat, Kevin creates an epic atmosphere for the artists to augment. Cop the free download, and be sure to keep up with Marty, KDE, and Manni via twitter.

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Music Box – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on December 14, 2014


 Download Music Box - Stonewall Klaxon

Austin’s very own David Lunson is still killing these back to back original releases, modulating his voice to provide the sort of Peter Frampton Talk-Box effect (for lack of a better comparison) that’s branded his EDM production style thus far. As always, the melody will put you in a euphoric trance as wave after wave of drops and buildups resonate around the tightly-wound music box progression. Having a seemingly more complex sound than his previous releases, the plethora of instruments, samples, and loops come together to create a prestigious mix for Stonewall to add to his repertoire. His eminence in production is young, but surely moving in the right direction, so be sure to keep up with Stonewall Klaxon via twitter, facebook, and soundcloud.

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Relapse (Mix) – DJ Silly Syl

by Sylvia Parol on December 12, 2014


Love, sex, drugs, whatever your addiction may be, a Relapse can happen to the best of us. We know that it’s wrong and that we should probably stay away at all costs. But temptation is difficult to resist. You feel like you’ve never felt before; and yet, the feeling is all too familiar. I created this mix to describe the crazy spectrum of emotions involved in my Relapse. I’m still hiding behind the lyrics and music of others, but somehow, that feels safer to me than using my own voice. You’ll find new releases from Logic, Devon Baldwin, G-Eazy, Fei-Fei, and FKA Twigs, along with some throwbacks from Amtrac, Giraffage, and Rihanna. The lyrics meld together into a stream of consciousness about longing, indecision, sex, regret. Maybe you’ve never felt this way about anyone else. Maybe you’re not supposed to.

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5 Train – Don Scott

by thedean on December 11, 2014


Download 5 Train - Don Scott

The Don is back on campus again, this time with what is personally one of my favorite release to date “5 Train”. This release draws it’s energy from Don Scott’s raspy/harsh Brooklyn tone, and the inspiration/influence that the Big Apple has had on not only his person but his music as well. Even the beat itself mirrors an original, old school NY hip-hop sound. Don engineers this one to have plenty of short kicks and claps littered across a triumphant brass melody, with a reverberate electric guitar note as a base. Don delivers three great verses about his experiences in Brooklyn as an artist, paying homage to his home and the place where he does his best writing.

“So when I’m gone, ya’ll could feel this shit from my day. It’s from my book of rhymes written on that 5 train.”

Hit that play button one time, cop the free download courtesy of Don Scott, and make sure to keep up with him on twitter if you have’t hopped that train already.

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Touchin’ – Ryd

by thedean on December 10, 2014


Download Touchin' - ryd

Ryd is a london based indie artist I stumbled upon last weekend by pure luck. He’s fairly reserved, he doesn’t release much information about himself or his music, and his lyrics are similarly reticent. Seeming as sort of a release for this taciturn instrumentalist, simple resonating guitar chords arpeggiate to fill the voids, slowly building over eachother from elegant finger picking to the raspier strumming. Check him out, if you like what you hear you can hop over to his soundcloud and consider buying any of his last 2 releases, or just throw him a like on facebook to show some support.

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Download Long Way Home - The Two Friends & Breach The Summit

Nothing makes finals week more bearable than new free music from one of our favorite production duos. If you’re not familiar with The Two Friends you need to catch up, for the last year and a half we’ve been following the progression and development of their unique punk-electronic style. Guitar chords resonate off of Breach The Summit’s lucid vocals, which plays a part in constructing the smooth yet monumental drops into a sea of house-synth bliss. The song speaks for their distinct style perfectly, which I can only describe as Warped Tour meets Tomorrowland, yet the contrasts somehow flow together seamlessly. Give it a listen, and be sure to follow The Two Friends and Breach The Summit on twitter.

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by thedean on December 10, 2014



Party is one of OVO’s most promising artists, and his track record over the last year with the label has shown indisputable improvement since the release of his first self-titled mixtape. As he released the dates for his international tour, Jahron Brathwaite (PARTYNEXTDOOR) decided to release these 4 free singles off his PND COLORS project  to build some hype for his future shows. He opens the EP with an eerie, ambient, and hard-hitting OVO beat, a Ca$h Out feature, and countless hubristic assertions to lay all the circulating rumors to rest. The rest of the tape takes a more melancholy route, and showcases more of the slow-loving style that’s commonly associated with Jahron’s music. Not all guys can vibe to this sensual, supernatural, and R&B influenced sound that was originally coined by The Weeknd, but regardless of whether or not you like it, the ladies love it, so there’s no reason PARTYNEXTDOOR shouldn’t be in your music library.. If you like what you hear, cop the free tape and see if PND is coming to your city in the next few months. Enjoy.

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Hollywood Sign – Ramsay Almighty

by thedean on December 9, 2014


Download Hollywood Sign - Ramsay Almighty

Hollywood Sign is one of the best tracks we’ve heard from Ramsay Almighty, which is hopefully a precedent for his Dear Winter EP dropping sometime this month. Although we’ve unfortunately missed his last few releases, this song depicts the direction of Ramsay’s music perfectly; dark, bass-heavy production highlights the crisp versatility of his voice, which plays into what makes his hooks the driving force behind the track. His efforts to solidify his sound and expand his portfolio have clearly paid off, from working with LA based producer NOVA to collabing on an EP with Dutch producer BoeBoe, Ramsay has truly been on his grind this year. Stay tuned for his EP dropping soon, and be sure to follow him on twitter and check out his soundcloud for the releases we missed.

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Blame – Devon Baldwin

by Sylvia Parol on December 4, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.02.42 AM

Download Blame - Devon Baldwin

While G-Eazy has been releasing new tracks, headlining his own tour, and making big moves in hip-hop, his right-hand woman Devon Baldwin has definitely not been sleeping on her own music career. Blame, one of her first solo releases without G, allows Devon to share her own thoughts over a full-length track, rather than crooning choruses and hooks. It’s a future-bass ballad about loving someone who can’t be there for you the way that you want them to. When one person takes responsibility for a relationship between two people, someone will get blamed eventually for not keeping it all together. Devon’s voice is airy and angelic over 4e’s minimal production, but she delivers her words with confidence. And prepare to melt away when she starts vocalizing at 1:36. Overwhelmingly beautiful. Looking forward to more solo releases in the future from Ms. Baldwin. Keep tabs on her Soundcloud for more Bathtub Dream Pop tunes.

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LONER (Mixtape) – Rocky Diamonds

by Blake Barringer on December 1, 2014


Download LONER (Mixtape) - Rocky Diamonds

As Rocky Diamonds has progressed throughout his career his music began to focus on this idea of “riding alone”, and as his fan base grows and name gains prestige the more alone he seems to feel. The LONER mixtape is the product of everything Rocky has learned in his time in the rap game, and it paints the picture of just how cold-hearted he has become in those several years. The production on the tape for the most part is as dark, and emotionless as the bittersweet message of the tape and comes from producers like Tarentino of 808 Mafia, XL, Audio Jones, and L&X Music among other names. Aside from Oshea singing on a hook the only actual features on the tape is from Taylor Gang’s J.R. Donato and Tory Lanez (whom both kill their respective verses), which is wildly appropriate for the message of this collection of tracks. Although most of these tracks have a “fuck you attitude” they definitely vary in passion and ignorance which provides a wide array of sounds on this tape despite this sole idea that unifies it. For our more passionate, emotionally aware students I’d recommend listening to “LONER” feat Tory Lanez, “Bitches Lie”, & “Tryna Find Love”. For our more ignant, hypebeast types please check out “Still Focused”, “SLIME” feat J.R. Donato, & “By The End”. No matter what it is you’re looking for hit that play button and you won’t be disappointed with what you hear. Enjoy the free release and make sure to show Rocky Diamonds some love on his twitter and soundcloud.

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