Lost Kings – Jarren Benton & Micah Freeman

by Blake Barringer on October 24, 2014


Download Lost Kings - Jarren Benton & Micah Freeman

A new cut from Jarren Benton’s #BlackOctober series, and leave it to a Funk Volume artist to leave your jaw on the floor. Jarren spits some real shit over a creeping, soul inspired 8Track instrumental that’ll send a chill down your spine. Jarren then recruits singer Micah Freeman to tackle the hook and his haunting voice perfectly blends with the vibe 8Track was striving to create. While Benton is known to get a little colorful with his rhymes he keeps his focus here. Reminding everyone of every creed, color, and culture to be mindful of the many tragic social issues that plague our society. Hit that play button and follow Benton on Funk Volume’s soundcloud to catch another free release or two before the month is over.

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On Me – Ground Up

by thedean on October 24, 2014


On Me - Ground Up

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve shared some new Ground Up with y’all, but after the huge success of their first iTunes single Let’s Ride they’re back to dropping free material again. Bij Lincs is on the beat, as per usual; catchy flute, eerie strings, and distant drum workings make for an absolute fire instrumental for Azar and Malakai to spit over. There’s very few rap groups who have what it takes to make it to the next level, but Ground Up has been riding together for the last 12 mixtapes, and their skills have never been sharper. Crisp verses about their devotion, potential, and tribulations back their assertion to place your bet on 17′s. No matter what angle you look at this track from, it’s clear that Ground Up is gaining momentum, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect to hear more from them soon. Follow the crew on twitter, check out their soundcloud, and don’t sleep on these tenured and talented artists.

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So Much Better – Steezefield

by thedean on October 23, 2014


Download So Much Better - Steezefield

We’ve been putting Steezefield’s production work on our site for a few months now, and when I found out he’s not just a producer, but a rapper and singer too, I knew we’d be putting some of his solo work on the site eventually. Although this track doesn’t exemplify the best parts of Steezefield’s work, this punk-pop influenced single is sure to make some of our female fans happy. His voice is angelic, the lyrics are simple yet catchy, and the vibe is somewhere between summer-love-anthem and glitch-80′s-electronic-serenade. I have to say though, my least favorite part of this track, to my surprise, was the instrumental. Usually when we hear Steezefield on the beat every element is precisely placed, making for smooth transitions and complex yet coherent synth and drum workings; This single seemed more rushed, and the intense sampling and cymbals over-power his voice on the hook, which wasn’t the case in his earlier original-releases. Regardless, I still liked the track enough to share it with y’all, Steeze is a triple-threat in the music-industry, and for someone who’s been in the game less than a year, he’s definitely positioned himself for success. Alex is going to pop off this year; whether it’s as a producer, rapper, singer, or all of the above. Cop the free download if you like what you hear and keep up with him via twitter.

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Let You Know – Aziz

by thedean on October 22, 2014


Download Let You Know - Aziz

We’ve only put Aziz on the site once before, but Numb feat. Ground Up left us with a twisted first impression; despite the fact that I really enjoyed that track, I didn’t get a very good idea of who this new artists was. Any doubts I had about his rapping faded when he sent me this new release early yesterday morning, he runs laps around this 2Astronauts produced beat. With no breaks in his delivery whatsoever, Aziz molds his voice to the instrumental, setting the tempo as he spits bar after bar of clever and profound lyrics. From fast-paced flows to the vibey break down at 2:38, everything about this new release asserts Aziz’s interminable potential. Don’t sleep, throw him a follow on twitter and a like on facebook if you’re feeling it.

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How About Now – Drake (Steezefield Remix)

by thedean on October 22, 2014


Download How About Now - Drake (Steezefield Remix)

If you keep up with music on a consistent basis, you know Drake has been dropping free hits since his We Made It freestyle with Soulja Boy 9 months ago; which is why I was disappointed not to see a free download for his newest single (and potentially the first release off his forthcoming album Views From The 6) How About Now. Encompassing the OVO sound he’s molded so meticulously, Drizzy keeps the fire coming as he lyricizes his hubristic attitude, a failed relationship, and the prodding question “How ’bout now?”. With a slightly faster pace and intricate drum re-workings, Steezefield managed to maintain the notoriously ambient style while still sliding through copyright loopholes to make this track a free download for everyone. The prominent bass line complements the distorted cymbals and snare line perfectly, and although Drake’s crisp vocals retain the spotlight, the bootleg definitely showcases Steezefield’s production talent and resourcefulness once again. Be sure to follow Steezefield on twitter and check out some of his other material.

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Drowning – Banks (stwo Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on October 21, 2014


Download Drowning - Banks (stwo Remix)

Banks’s latest album Goddess has inspired countless remixes to date, so I wasn’t too surprised when I saw stwo’s own rendition of Drowning today, although I give him props for having it officially recognized by Banks herself. This remix truly embodies the brooding and melancholic nature of Goddess’s production. It’s minimal and ambient, which really allows Banks’s vocals to shine through. Cop the free download and vibe out.

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Often (Remix) – The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, & Rick Ross

by Blake Barringer on October 18, 2014


Download Often (Remix) - The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, & Rick Ross

With several posts on the site and over 14,000,000 plays on The Weekends soundcloud this track doesn’t really need an introduction. Everything from the lowest level of production to the highest note sang everything was musical ecstasy. Today I present a new twist on an older favorite with Schoolboy and Ricky Rozay each delivering a heavy-weight verse owning the XO artist’s song for their own time. I’m not going to rant just hit that play button if you wanna hear a great track, and make sure to follow The Weekend, Schoolboy Q, and Rick Ross on twitter if you haven’t already. Oh and if you find that the soundcloud link in this post is censored: have no fear, the explicit version is the DL link.

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Alladat – Jarren Benton

by Blake Barringer on October 17, 2014


Download Alladat - Jarren Benton

Decatur’s menace on the mic Jarren Benton is back with a free cut as a part of his #BlackOctober series which will more than likely be the gift that keeps on giving (till the end of October anyway ). With his go to producer and close friend Kato engineering the beat Jarren get the perfect ally-oop to flex his lyrical muscles. With a prison siren going off in the background, a creepy key riff, and thunderous bass this track has “Jarren” written all over it. For two verses Jarren spits some of his hardest, most shocking bars of the year and if you don’t mind you’re rappers a little off their rocker this is definitely going to be a treat. Hit that play button and make sure to keep up with Jarren and his Funk Volume affiliates on the labels soundcloud.

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Download Don't Forget Us (Cookin' Soul Remix) - Nipsey Hussle & Dom Kennedy

This soft, Dom Kennedy assisted track first appeared on Nip’s mixtape Crenshaw as a bonus track for those whom felt compelled to spend 100$ to show their support for the west coast rapper. JetLife affiliated producer Cookin’ Soul decided to take it and put a classy spin on things mixing the original verses, and instruments with a 90′s vibe in Jodeci’s classic track “What About US”. Cookin’ Soul engineers a lazy, yet classical instrumental. The dusty Jodeci record rolls effortlessly alongside Nip and Dom as they spit about the grind, a life of fame, and their one fear: being forgotten. Hit the button, roll up, and enjoy the smoke dance to this tranquil piece. If you’re diggin’ it make sure to hit Cookin’ Soul with a follow on Twitter, and peep his soundcloud for more engineering gold.

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Ninety Two (Mixtape) – Stwo

by Sylvia Parol on October 16, 2014


Apologies for bringing this one a little late to the students. But better late than never, and now that Stwo’s pretty much become a UH staple, I had to share his latest project. Ninety Two is a mixtape filled with deep, ambient, electronic goodness, and all the beats are inspired by Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same. The sexy downtempo production style makes for pantry-dropping tracks for sure. I mean how can you go wrong when you close off the project with a flip of Often by The Weeknd. Stream two of the tape’s tracks here and then go download the rest for free from his label Huh What & Where.

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