Tequila Sunrise – Matt Burton

by thedean on July 2, 2015

tequila sunrise matt burton art

Free Download | Tequila Sunrise - Matt Burton

We’ve been bumping Matt Burton in our whip for months now, and thankfully he dropped his latest release for free tonight, so we get to share it with y’all. His style is this sort of sing-rap that I can really only compare to Chance The Rapper (you’ll probably catch the cocoa butter kisses reference), but his bars showcase mature lyricism that’s far more insightful than some of the more tenured artists in the industry. If you’re like me, when someone mentions a tequila sunrise you think of an ice-y glass of orange juice and tequila with a splash of grenadine. This young Portland-based artist played off the tropical vibes of the cocktail and created a track that captures the tangy, intoxicating, and sensual aura. If you like what you hear, you NEED to go check out the rest of the material on his soundcloud, everything Matt has dropped so far is golden.

Mollywood 3 – Problem (Mixtape)

by thedean on July 2, 2015

mollywood 3 problem art

Free Download | Mollywood 3 - Problem (Mixtape)

Problem’s Mollywood series has always provided hard-hitting anthems, and this 18-track installment makes the project completes the trilogy we were all hoping for. His past material has brought on features from 2 Chainz, made it onto Grand Theft Auto V radio, and has established his name as a rapper who can always get the party moving. Mollywood 3 is a two part project, this is the A-Side, which predominately features self-production from Problem and more than a few verses from his long time compadre Bad Lucc. Tracks from this will surely be bumping at our parties this weekend, and if you want to check out some of my favorites from the tape I’d recommend No More, New Bitch, and Break Down The Weed 3. Enjoy the tape, stay tuned for the B-Side dropping tomorrow, and show Problem some love on twitter if you like what you hear.

my friends skizzy mars art

Free Download | My Friend - Skizzy Mars, Marco McKinnis, & Jules Henley

Although we’ve linked up with a ton of great artists over the years, no one has continued to release endless great content for free the way Skizzy Mars has. I could fan girl about his music for hours, but instead I’ll just let you soak up the Michael Keenan produced ecstasy of his latest release. After riding and touring on the success of his Red Balloon Project EP, Skizzy has been back in the studio releasing free gems for fans non-stop, while simultaneously plotting the release of his first full studio album. My Friend, which features the talents of Marco McKinnis and Jules Henley, is all about taking things slow and earning the attention of a shy girl who doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is. The intricate yet groovy production is courtesy of none other than Michael Keenan, who is without a doubt working with Skizzy on his latest album as I type this post right now. Cop the free download, show Skizzy some love on twitter and soundcloud, and share the track with everyone you know who listens to good music.

Roses – Lais

by thedean on June 30, 2015

roses lais art

Free Download | Roses - Lais

Lais is like an expensive scotch that gets better with age — every track he releases just gets smoother and smoother. Roses is he latest original release, and it’s as sensual as I’ve heard him so far; elegant piano, soft guitar chords, and a heavy bass line tie in with his intoxicated lyricism inimitably. His dreamy sound expresses longing, self-loathing, and a sense of over-expressed feelings as he leads into the hook which will have you nodding with empathy. The vibe of the track is summed up in a sample of the hit HBO show Entourage, where one of the lead characters Eric is fighting for a second chance after choosing his dreams and friends over the love of his life. Great show, but more importantly, great song from the Penthouse Music affiliated Lais. Keep the hype going and show him some love on twitter and soundcloud.

Antidote – Travis Scott

by thedean on June 30, 2015

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Free Download | Antidote - Travis Scott

I’ve always had trouble remembering where the dollar sign went in Travis Scott’s name, but after a seemingly overnight rebranding phase he’s decided to make it easier on people like me and just take out the dollar sign all together. In case you were worried that this would take anything away from the “thug-ness” of his music, Antidote was released this week to settle any doubts. Whether it’s girls, drugs, violence, or alcohol, all of your favorite topics are covered in this track. The single came with an album announcement too, and in Travis’s own words “THIS IS FOR THE REAL FANS!! THE REAL RAGERS!! THIS IS SOME VIBES FOR THE SUMMER….THIS ISNT ON RODEO….. IT’S COMING SOON.”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a huge Travis Scott fan; he’s got that Kanye sense of artistry to his music and performances, which is easy to hear when you realize his attention to detail. You don’t have to look too deep to know what this song is about, so I’ll let the shallow lyricism and turn-up production hit your speakers without my help. Cop the free download and stay tuned for his new project Rodeo dropping sometime in the near future.

All Along – AM.PM. & Nick Gallo

by thedean on June 30, 2015

all along am pm nick gallo art

Free Download | All Along - AM.PM. & Nick Gallo

AM.PM. shot this track our way, and I just couldn’t put my finger on where I heard this hook before, but something about this track sounded super familiar, then I remembered it was off a 3 month old project from Nick Gallo. Although I never shared his tape on here, this single featuring AM.PM. was by far the highlight of the tape. So, although it’s a little bit delayed, here’s the kick-back anthem they created together. Reverberating guitar, distant watered down percussion, and panning chords come into broadcast the new-age reggae sound that these artists have facilitated. Their obvious California inspiration emanates relaxation; portraying a hopeless 3AM night; lighterless woes act as a metaphor for a deeper pain deriving from a lost love, missed opportunities, and a sense of being a small fish in an ocean of competition. Despite the melancholy message, the song is beautiful and truly captures the early twenties angst that we all feel when we hit a low point and aren’t quite sure what we’re doing with our lives. Enjoy it, and be sure to follow AM.PM on soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.

The Beat Generation – ACADEMY (Mixtape)

by thedean on June 29, 2015

the beat generation academy art

Free Download | The Beat Generation - ACADEMY (Mixtape)

This duo is the epitome of what a feel-good summer sounds like. After our interview with them in Boston last month, we were the first to know the full details of this project, and it’s safe to say that the hype they built for it has definitely been justified. The 7-track project is a coherent representation of what their sound have developed into; silky smooth west coast music with a hint of east coast rap influences from their youth. From start to finish, the project echoes the live life, give no fucks, and party til’ the sun comes up vibes that we’ve grown to love and expect from this group. The best part has to be that this entire mixtape is entirely original material; no features, no outsourced production, everything in-house. I’ll let the project speak for itself — it’s extremely lucid and each song brings something else to the table, but if you want to know which tracks I liked most, I’d say We Ain’t Never, Hippy Girl, and The Buyer are all a safe bet. As always, the best way to show appreciation for independent artists is to throw them a follow and shoutout on soundcloud and twitter, but if you’re feeling generous it definitely wouldn’t hurt to buy their project on iTunes too.

Love A Nigga – Elhae

by thedean on June 28, 2015

love a nigga elhae art

Free Download | Love A Nigga - Elhae

Elhae has been dropping heat this year; from his Aura EP that dropped in February to his latest release with SPZRKT Take Care, everything he’s released has accumulated tens, if not hundreds of thousands of plays on soundcloud. The Atlanta-based R&B singer is back to show that he has what it takes to keep the momentum going and keep fans happy. Love A Nigga is an ode to all the girlfriends who have been on the back burner in lieu of busy boyfriends’ music careers. After gaining a ton of fans, touring to cities around the nation, and consistently releasing great content, it’s easy to imagine where Elhae is coming from when he says he’s says “she thinks I’m blinded by the fame, but she still love a nigga…”. Ominous chimes and heavy bass are the core of the production for this track, with a series of twangy guitar samples scattered throughout the song, and an intense synth solo leading into the outro. Cop the free DL, show Elhae some love on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to share the track if it gets you in your feelings.

〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

by thedean on June 26, 2015

emoji blackbear

Free Download | 〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

After the unprecedented flood of fame that blackbear gained off his debut album deadroses he’s been working relentlessly on creating new material and reinventing his image. We stopped by his crib in Los Angeles a few days ago, and it was incredible to see how humble Matt really is; he recorded idfc with nothing more than a mic and a laptop in his bedroom. The fully tatted singer is the definition of an independent artist who truly relishes in the freedom of his music, hence why he titled this song with an emoji. The basecamp produced instrumental is just the kind of down-tempo reverb-heavy and mellow back track that blackbear shines over. His crisp angelic vocals poetically articulate his recent success, the end to an old part of his life, and the start of a new one. As always, every aspect of this song is emotionally compelling and perfectly arranged. Cop the exclusive free download, follow blackbear on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check back with us for his interview video dropping next week.

The Hills – The Weeknd (Andrew Luce)

by thedean on June 26, 2015

the hills the weeknd andrew luce

Free Download | The Hills - The Weeknd (Andrew Luce Remix)

When we met up with Andrew Luce last week outside of San Francisco, we got our first taste of this track, which is supposedly the end to the remixing-phase of his career. As he starts to release more original content, produce for artists, and pursue the creation of his own debut project, I couldn’t think of a better way to close this chapter in his life than releasing his most intricate and cohesive sounding remix to date. Complex percussion, flawless transitions, and some of the heaviest drops I’ve ever heard are all present in this rendition of The Weeknd’s latest single. His sampling and vocal distortions pair perfectly with the heavy bass, resounding high-hats, and library of different snares, but my favorite part of this track has to be the outro, something about it just leaves you with this organic vibe after the wall of electronic instruments. It leaves you craving for the next track, which I think was exactly the note he wanted to end on. Although this marks the end of Andrew’s remixing series, I guarantee you he’s going to keep the momentum going over the next few months with some of the best original content he’s ever released. Cop the free download, show him some love on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check out all of his free material we’ve posted and stay tuned for the exclusive interview we got with him dropping next week.