Pain – Ace Hood

by Blake Barringer on December 20, 2014


Download Pain - Ace Hood

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a little fresh Ace on the site and I don’t think there’s a better time to change that with this very powerful message regarding the murder of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and police brutality in general. This heavily bass laden instrumental is produced by The Order and gets its ominous vibe from the reverberate bass which seem to be muted just a tad. The instrumental reflects Ace’s attitude toward the issue, beyond hurt and ready to lash back out at their tormentors. Ace Hood is known as “the people’s rapper”, and he makes it a point to make the people’s voice heard. Which his does quite literally in this song. Whatever side of this on going argument you fall on give this track a shot, we may not all agree but we should be able to realize and sympathize with our brothers and sisters when the are in “Pain”.

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Dope Smoke (CoCo Freestyle) – CJ Fly

by Blake Barringer on December 20, 2014


Download Dope Smoke (CoCo Freestlye) - CJ Fly

OT Genesis’ single “CoCo” has been spreading through cities like wildfire lately having kids in both the burbs and the hood paying homage to the white schedule two narcotic. A few days ago Pro Era’s CJ Fly decided to hit the popular instrumental for pot smokers everywhere, mimicking OT’s style on the track during parts but really infusing that Pro Era sound in his delivery. While the beat is nothing new to anyone the message is a little more relate-able, and Fly really packs this freestyle full of heavy hitting one liners. Hit that play button, cop this for free, and make sure to show some love to CJ Fly and Pro Era on twitter.

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Close/Far – Emilio Paredes & Atenrays

by thedean on December 19, 2014


Download Close/Far - Emilio Paredes & Atenrays

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best track I’ve heard from Emilio Paredes to date. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you should be familiar with some of Emilio’s material already, but it’s clear that his music is becoming more fervent and innovative. The corniness that many early artists possess has dissipated for him, his eerie style is being chiseled into his own unique and identifiable sound. This time around, Emilio touches on the subject of distance, and how physical closeness doesn’t make up for the emotional gap between him and his lover, and the irony of how something so right can feel so wrong. Backed by the somber production from Atenrays, Emilio gets in his comfort zone as he’s surrounded by heavy distorted synth, eerie strings, and an outlying drum beat. Cop the free download, follow Emilio and Atenrays on twitter, and expect to see both of these names on here again soon.

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Smoke Chambers – Wiz Khalifa

by thedean on December 18, 2014


Download Smoke Chambers - Wiz Khalifa

Didn’t expect this one, but than again, Wiz’s music is anything but consistent. His lyricism is completely predictable however, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he turned Mac DeMarco’s original indie-trance jam into an all out stoner anthem. It’s nothing exciting, but thanks to the exceptionally relaxing production, the track comes together and is reminiscent of an older Wiz Khalifa from his Kush & OJ days. Listen and decide what you think for yourself, be sure to show Mac and Wiz some love via twitter if you like what you hear.

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Put It On Me – Nick Nikon

by thedean on December 17, 2014


Download Put It On Me - Nick Nikon

We caught this track thanks to Austin-based producer Eric Dingus, who’s been notoriously scouted by OVO and a plethora of unsigned artists. That being said, Nick Nikon from Toronto is by far the best singer/rapper/producer we’ve heard collaborate with Eric. Keeping things ambient and ominous, the track starts with distorted samples over a distant star-studded synth line, and soft piano until reverberating claps cue Nick’s haunting yet euphoric vocals. The noise gated vocals create a trippy stutter-step effect, backed by a prominent bass line and multiple layers of intricate synth-pad workings. The unique R&B/EDM style is hard to explain, but give it a listen and I’m confident you’ll like what you hear. Show Nick some support via facebook and twitter, and be sure to keep an ear out for his forthcoming EP ‘UnderCovers’.

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Simple Conversations - Wiz Khalifa, Bank Roll Fresh, & Reese

Simple Conversations came out of nowhere, and doesn’t seem to be associated with any upcoming projects or releases. It was produced by Sledgren & Ricky P and also features Atlanta natives Bankroll Fresh and Reese. A hard-hitting, low end-heavy trap track, this single is a little more aggressive than the majority of the tracks we heard on ‘Blacc Hollywood’, landing closer to some of the ATL-influenced tracks Khalifa did for ’28 Grams’. Perhaps this is Wiz getting back into his mixtape game? If so, it’ll be nice to hear him pair up with smaller artists like this and shine some light on undiscovered talent. Follow Wiz, Bankroll, & Reese on twitter.

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Double Negative – Aziz

by thedean on December 15, 2014


Download Double Negative - Aziz

The past few tracks I’ve posted from Aziz have been hits, intended to get people moving and earn him some publicity, but Double Negative abstains from the fresh sound he’s been working so meticulously on. This boom-bap style is new for Aziz, but he spits profound messages over this simplistic beat with ease. He flows about the struggle, putting his small New Hampshire hometown on a pedestal, and dreaming big enough to make it to where the grass is greener. Although I’d still take his new material over this any day of the week, this 90′s influenced single still has it’s place in our music library, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Follow Aziz on twitter and show some love via soundcloud if you have one.

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Never Content – Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

by thedean on December 14, 2014


Download Never Content - Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

Through his ever-developing lyricism and delivery, and through his team of talented producers, Marty has been able to create this clandestine and ominous style. Ambient synth pads tend to gravitate towards minor chords as an industrial drum loop fades in, setting a dark and mysterious scene for Marty Grimes to spit his pompous lyrics over. As if piercing through the smoke haze, Manni Phantom’s smooth vocals contrast the production perfectly for him to kill the hook; although Marty’s verses are still the song’s driving force. KDE outdid himself on this release too, with menacing horns sounding off over an already foreboding beat, Kevin creates an epic atmosphere for the artists to augment. Cop the free download, and be sure to keep up with Marty, KDE, and Manni via twitter.

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Music Box – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on December 14, 2014


 Download Music Box - Stonewall Klaxon

Austin’s very own David Lunson is still killing these back to back original releases, modulating his voice to provide the sort of Peter Frampton Talk-Box effect (for lack of a better comparison) that’s branded his EDM production style thus far. As always, the melody will put you in a euphoric trance as wave after wave of drops and buildups resonate around the tightly-wound music box progression. Having a seemingly more complex sound than his previous releases, the plethora of instruments, samples, and loops come together to create a prestigious mix for Stonewall to add to his repertoire. His eminence in production is young, but surely moving in the right direction, so be sure to keep up with Stonewall Klaxon via twitter, facebook, and soundcloud.

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Relapse (Mix) – DJ Silly Syl

by Sylvia Parol on December 12, 2014


Love, sex, drugs, whatever your addiction may be, a Relapse can happen to the best of us. We know that it’s wrong and that we should probably stay away at all costs. But temptation is difficult to resist. You feel like you’ve never felt before; and yet, the feeling is all too familiar. I created this mix to describe the crazy spectrum of emotions involved in my Relapse. I’m still hiding behind the lyrics and music of others, but somehow, that feels safer to me than using my own voice. You’ll find new releases from Logic, Devon Baldwin, G-Eazy, Fei-Fei, and FKA Twigs, along with some throwbacks from Amtrac, Giraffage, and Rihanna. The lyrics meld together into a stream of consciousness about longing, indecision, sex, regret. Maybe you’ve never felt this way about anyone else. Maybe you’re not supposed to.

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