Upside Down – Luke Christopher

by thedean on August 27, 2015

upside down luke chris
Free Download | Upside Down - Luke Christopher

Luke shouldn’t need an introduction at this point; in the last two years he’s been on our website more times than I can count. The singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, scholar, etc. is still releasing music consistently, although it’s not on a weekly basis like it was last semester. “Upside Down” is an ode to the change Luke has seen in his life over the last few years. Sensual harmonies back the dreamy instrumental as Luke flexes his immense versatility. His transitions from rapping to singing without missing a beat, and the lucidity of this song is boundless. Cop the free DL and show the most self-sufficient artist in the rap industry some love on twitter and soundcloud.

No Soul – PLC

by thedean on August 26, 2015

no soul plc art
Free Download | No Soul - PLC

Our new writer Gabriel put me on to PLC a couple weeks ago, and I have to say — this kid knows how to get your hips swaying. “No Soul” is similar in style to his last release Sunday, but his wavy Jack Johnson qualities are much more prominent on this electro-acoustic track. Although PLC is based out of NY, I couldn’t help but think of Seattle as the thunderstorm samples and authentic guitar rifts reverberated into my headphones; the few weeks I spent in Washington’s capitol were full of rain, coffee, cigarettes, and relaxing to music just like this. Despite his obvious talent, PLC is still relatively undiscovered, so show the world that you recognize good music by throwing him a follow on soundcloud and twitter.

Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout – Tyga (Mixtape)

by thedean on August 26, 2015

fuck wat they talkin bout tyga art
Free Download | Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout - Tyga (Mixtape)

This is the new “rebranded” Tyga sound, and it’s not anything like the kind of music he was dropping this time last year. That being said, it’s hard to complain about 15 free tracks from one of Hollywood’s most notoriously-paid rappers. The production varies from track to track, but for the most part you can expect heavy hitting trap instrumentals, with the exception of the seemingly out of place R&B/Pop track “$upaWifey”. Not every track is a gem, but I recommend Glitta, Master $uite, and Don’t C Me Comin ft. A.E.. Enjoy, and show Tyga some love on twitter and soundcloud.

Can’t Teach – ACADEMY & Matt Easton

by thedean on August 26, 2015

cant teach academy art
Free Download | Can't Teach - ACADEMY & Matt Easton

Just before their 10 show tour together, it seemed fitting for ACADEMY and Matt Easton to drop some new material. The collaborative effort is still in the realm of alternative reggae-rap, but unlike a lot of their downtempo feel-good material “Can’t Teach” is full of minor chords and hubristic lyricism. Fear not though — the trio still brings plenty of groovy SoCal vibes to the track, and the coherency of this collaboration bodes well for their forthcoming tour. Be sure to see if they’re hitting a city near you by following ACADEMY & Matt on Twitter.

Shout Out – Casey Veggies

by thedean on August 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 12.59.55 PM
Free Download | Shout Out - Casey Veggies

Veggies keeps the promise he made in his last release Anybody by dropping yet another fresh, cocky, and catchy free track. The simple brass instrumental from Mike & Keys rolls out a red carpet for Casey to flex on; the snare drums slap and the bass will have your neighbors knocking. The lyricism is seemingly orthodox aside from the final few bars he spits around 2:55, but all in all I’d count the song as another win for Casey Veggies. I expect this heat streak will persist and we’ll hear more from him soon, but for now you should just show Casey some love on twitter and soundcloud.

2 O’ Clock In The Moanin’ – Zacari

by thedean on August 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 5.10.12 PM
Free Download | 2 O' Clock In The Moanin' - Zacari

If your date night is going well, chances are that when 2AM rolls around you’re winding down and looking to move things towards the bedroom. If that’s the case, you need to give this song a listen. Zacari‘s sensual R&B vocals and divine lyricism set the perfect tone for some late-night sensuality, as the song title implies. With DrewsThatDude and Josh Jar on the production side of things, crisp percussion and jazzy guitar fluctuate across waves of airy synth and a climax-inducing bass line. Be sure to cop the free download and show Zacari some love on twitter if you like what you hear.

Do As People Do (EP) – Beecher’s Fault

by Julia Waicberg on August 25, 2015


Free Download | Do As People Do (EP) - Beecher's Fault

Beecher’s Fault is a folk rock meets synth pop band from New York and we’re happy to induct them into the UH library. Even more so, we’re excited to share their new EP ‘Do As People Do’ with you. This project is a 6-track masterpiece full of real emotion and perfected instrumentals. ‘Never Believe in You,’ one of their more recognizable songs, opens the EP and is by far the most upbeat track on the project. With lyrics like “though your eyes say not to trust you for a minute, I want to stay with you all night” we know this EP is speaking on love and relationships – but there’s no cheesy, sappy love songs here. Ben Taylor (guitar) claims they gathered unique stories from friends and family in order to write the songs on this project. Personally, my favorite track is ‘Carroll.’ The song opens with organ keys and then makes its way into a passionate electric guitar solo at 1:43. The lyrics for this song are sentimental as Ken Lamken (keys) wrote them in remembrance of his grandparents’ marriage. Overall, ‘Do As People Do’ is a collection of love stories told through music. It’s all the romance without the corny. So grab the free download above and listen for yourself. Then throw a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud to our new friends to stay updated with what’s to come.

Wavy – Ben Owens & Felly

by thedean on August 24, 2015

wavy art
Free Download | Wavy - Ben Owens & Felly

I’ve been a fan of Ben Owens from day 1, and although he’s only been putting out material for a few months now, the 17 year old Portland native has already developed a potent and distinct style that’s been making waves across the music industry. Felly should be a familiar name for most of you; the SoCal rapper has been called the next-generation’s Mac Miller, and his entire persona is based around the adjective “wavy”, so he’s a fitting feature for this track. The MKSB produced instrumental is slow and steady; wobbly, panning, and soft-edged synth lead into a jazzy drum sequence and a muffled symphony of string instruments. The vibes are on-point throughout this entire song, and it’s clear that Ben has mastered his technique on these downtempo relaxing releases — it’s easy listening music at it’s best. Do yourself a favor and follow Ben Owens on twitter and soundcloud right now, it’s only a matter of time before people recognize the potential of this young singer, rapper, and song writer. Enjoy.

Smoke/Home – Chris Buxton

by Gabriel Ferrer on August 24, 2015

chris buxton

Free Download | Smoke/Home - Chris Buxton

Everyday is a good day for new music, and today — waking up from a hangover — it was nice to get a message from the South Carolina based rapper telling me he had just released two new tracks. Probably my favorite rapper at the moment, the up and coming Chris Buxton, has really blown me away with the new material he’s been producing. From dropping one of the best EP’s of the year to these new tracks, its not hard to see the talent and potential this kid has. With a guitar instrumental and some basic snares in the background, Chris is able to flow smoothly over it talking about chasing the dream, dropping the scholarships, and making it. Listening to this kid, I can’t help but remember the old G-Eazy when he was just getting started and it won’t be long till we see Buxton’s name in lights.If you haven’t already then be sure to get this song and bump it with all your friends. Show him some love on soundcloud and twitter to keep up to date with his new content and other dope material. #SpreadTheHype


Grammy – Skizzy Mars & Allday

by thedean on August 23, 2015

grammy art
Free Download | Grammy - Skizzy Mars & Allday

The chemistry between these two is just faultless — Allday, also known as “Lil’ Chubbs”, is a soft voiced Australian indie artist who’s been dabbling in experimental and groovy instrumentals, similar to the sound Skiz & Michael created. Skizzy’s rendition of Allday’s You Always Know The DJ was an upbeat indie-rap dance track, but Grammy is a low-BPM smoker anthem. Well-rounded electronic percussion, pads, and guitar samples make up the pastel production, which accentuates the despondent yet seemingly careless lyricism on both of their verses. There has yet to be a track from Skizzy I haven’t liked, and perhaps his best quality is that he continuously collabs with incredible and relatively undiscovered artists. Cop the free DL and throw Skizzy Mars and Lil Chubbs a follow on soundcloud.