Murder & Bitches – ATlas BLK

by Blake Barringer on August 1, 2014


Download Murder & Bitches - ATlas BLK

Another unfamiliar name for ya’ll tonight, ATlas BLK is a recording artist out of Boston and so thoughtfully dedicated this song to the industry for it’s unyielding stream of lies. When I first saw the email in my inbox I read “Murder & Bitches” I laughed expecting to hear some of the same garbage he speaks out against. What I got was a refreshing reminder that Hip-Hop isn’t dead, and that there are artists out there fighting for their genre. Production was handled by Hippie Sabotage who provides a rather simple, repetitive , and electric piano heavy beat that actually portrays the song’s message in it’s own way. Add some clever, and insightful lyricism from ATlas BLK and this song is a perfect little “Fuck You” to mainstream music. This track will live on ATlas’ anticipated mixtape BLK FRidAY, which we currently have no release date for. Hit that play button one time, check out more from Boston’s secret weapon on soundcloud, and join the hype.

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Right Now – Che Merk

by Blake Barringer on August 1, 2014


Download Right Now - Che Merk

New name to the site and DMV artist Che Merk recently hit my inbox with this Sonny Digital produced gem, and Che is definitely here to turn up one time. This one’s all about the “Right Now”, not wasting a beat, and making sure everyone knows your about getting yours pronto. This beat has everything a banger need: an eerie piano riff, plenty of claps, and a splash of dope a high hat piece to bring everything together. Che Merk absolutely bodies this entire track, and delivers every bar like he was born to. All in all this track is just to good to ignore, and will be a great addition to anyone’s music library. Hit that play button one time, check out more from Che on soundcloud,  and dont forget to “turn up right now.” If you’re really feeling this talented independent artist make sure to cop the track on iTunes off his soundcloud.

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Weak When Ur Around – Blackbear

by thedean on July 31, 2014


Download Weak When Ur Around - Blackbear

Everyone was vibing to Blackbear’s Down 4 U when I posted it earlier this week, but he’s working with a much different sound this time around. He drops his vocals down a few octaves and self-produces a steady acoustic melody, making for a etheral indie lullaby. As you might expect, the song is about how fragile a certain girl makes him feel, how deep they can get under each other’s skin.  Enjoy the free download and follow blackbear on twitter.


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Download Make You Mine/Gucci Bags - Wil Akogu & Sydney Jay

I’ve grown to respect just about everything that the InviteOnly crew sends me, and Will Akogu is just another great artist to add to their repertoire. The bouncy distorted beat sets a nice up-tempo vibe for Wil to smoothly spit some rhymes about his dream girl.. Until about the 1:50 mark where Gucci Bags kicks in, which samples the familiar Cameras/Good Ones Go track off Drake’s Take Care album from 2011. As the beat slows down Wil Akogu’s true colors shine, consummate delivery and crisp mixing/production really make his lyricism stand out. He goes from rapping about trying to spit game to a good girl to finding a bad bitch/gold digger, flexing his adaptability and overall talent. Don’t sleep, his debut project M.V.P. (Most Valuable Poet) drops this fall, but until then just cop the free download and follow Wil on twitter.

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Proverbs – Steven Chexx & Devontee

by Blake Barringer on July 31, 2014


Download Proverbs - Steven Chexx & Devontee

This submission just recently hit my inbox and from the minute the beat dropped I could tell this song was going to see it’s way in to our extensive library. Steven Chexx an artist originally from Toronto now living in Fort Worth, Texas decides to focus this track around Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” With a haunting female vocal sample mixed with the hard hitting bass and high hats by Xclu creates the perfect heavenly vibe for this track that openly states “It’s up to you, the power is in your hands.” The track also features the man who mixed and mastered the track Devontee, who provides equally insightful lyricism. This track is inspiring as it is intelligent, and one listen is not enough to grasp the full message or meaning of this song. Try this out and see how it sits with you. If your feeling this make sure to look out for Chexx’s project (seeing as this song will appear on it) due out sometime in the next few months entitled Unemployment Chexx, you won’t be disappointed.

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Download Say - G-Eazy, French Montana, & Yung Fliiboy

You know when you hear that HAAAAAAN French Montana is about to murder a fat ass beat. G gave us the jump on this track when we interviewed him and Marty Grimes  in Berlin, and even though it didn’t make his album we knew it would still go off harder than anything he’s ever dropped before. With production from Ty Fyffe, a live hook from Yung Fliiboy, and two of the most supercilious verses you’ll ever hear. I’ll keep it short, this song can speak for itself.

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Only The Poets – Marc E. Bassy (Mixtape)

by thedean on July 30, 2014


Download Only The Poets - Marc E. Bassy (Mixtape)

This tape is beautiful. You might know Marc as the lead singer for 2AM Club, but what he’s managed to do on his first solo project blew me away. From the get go he samples a speech about The Poets, saying that the artists and musicians and writers are the ones who really know the truth about us, the only ones who see past the fortune and greed, the only ones who speak out against conformity and pursue their passions. He’s managed to balance arrogance and personal ideology in a way that results in unique lyricism and quotable radio-ready hits. Although the majority of the project is about women, he maintains the insightful premise of the tape and covers everything from addiction to the American Dream. There’s a few notable features, like Skizzy Mars and IAMSU!, but for the most part this is all Bassy. Production is on point throughout, obviously, and offers primarily down-tempo beats for Marc’s vocals. For an artist that’s been writing behind the scenes for the better part of his career, it certainly sounds like he’s ready to step into the spotlight. Until we’re graced with part two, enjoy the incredible free music and follow him on twitter.

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Cali Get Down – Radical Something

by Sylvia Parol on July 28, 2014


Download Cali Get Down - Radical Something

Whether you’re livin’ it up in Cali, raging on the East Coast, or somewhere in between, you won’t be able to resist this free Radical Something summer jam. Yeah, Cali Get Down is a little more poppy than most of the music you’ll find on this site, but you’ll find that it’s perfect for blasting in  your car as you’re cruising down the freeway or day-drinking on the beach. Those upbeat trumpets add a nice little twist too. Cop that free download and catch Radical Something on tour, with some Matisyahu appearances.

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Often – The Weeknd (Kygo Remix)

by thedean on July 28, 2014


Download Often - The Weeknd (Kygo Remix)

Could this song really get any more erotic? I posted The Weeknd’s summer lovin’ anthem Often just over a month ago, and if you haven’t heard it yet you’re missing out on more than just free music; you’re missing out on countless vocal-induced orgasms. For the rest of you, Kygo reworked Abel’s summer hit to give it an invigorating and refreshing new sound. Unlike the production we’re used to hearing from him, he abstains from the tropical vibes and instead plays off the dark/sexy undertones by layering vocal samples, and developing intricate transitions over even more elaborate drum loops. Is it great? Yes. Is it better than the original? That’s for you to decide. Regardless, show this man some love on twitter, he just announced some new tour dates on his page.

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Demo Grafix – Jetpack Jones

by Blake Barringer on July 28, 2014


Download Demo Grafix - Jetpack Jones

Brock Berrigan and Jetpack Jones team up again to create another masterpiece that really speaks to not only fans of the two but those who have chosen not to recognize the undeniable skill these two artists have. Jetpack actually laid everything on the table via twitter the other day, hoping to inspire people to really pay attention to the meaning behind the words. He writes “”I very rarely express emotion anymore outside of music, and sometimes it takes a toll. When I feel some type of way I just record it and hope someone relates. That’s my way of letting you in. So I need you to listen.” Berrigan provides the usual brass and piano influences to provide that funky vibe the Jetpack Movement has become known for, and with the smooth vocals Jones’ throws on top really bring the whole thing together. The beginning sample is taken from the infamous Gil Scott-Heron, a soul and jazz poet/musician mostly known for his work in the 70s and 80s. Overall this is just an incredibly classy track, intended to be played at the edge of the water hanging out with your friends or in your room in complete silence. When you feel like an artist is talking to you personally through a song, that’s a true sign of greatness: and Jetpack Jones has that in spades.

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