DSFM – OnCue

by thedean on April 23, 2014


Download DFSM - OnCue

I’ve been a Cuey fan for a long time, and although I wasn’t feeling his last mixtape I’m definitely looking forward to his first album Angry Young Man. That being said, the first taste of AYM is this track DSFM (Drink, Smoke, make a lot of Fucking Money), which just became my favorite track that OnCue’s ever made. He starts by bumping the familiar Ratatat beat ‘Cherry’, a pretty chill and repetitive instrumental, but Cue always comes through lyrically. Anytime he steps up to the mic you know he’s going to put everything he has into each bar he spits, and consistent quality is hard to come by.  Get caught up in a dope hook, cop the free download, and stay tuned for what’s turning out to be OnCue’s best project yet.

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Sail – Machine Gun Kelly

by thedean on April 23, 2014


Download Sail - Machine Gun Kelly

Ohio’s very own MGK turns the radio famous Sail by Awolnation into a flat-out dirty rap anthem. The production is by far the best part of the song; the reverbing electo-synth, snare that slaps harder than Sharkeisha, and a bass line that’s sure to turn some heads. I was expecting Kelly to drop a few fast paced bars on a beat this fat, but he keeps a steady tempo and just focuses on spitting some untouchable lyricism. The visuals are another story entirely; from the second the video starts you know you’re going to enjoy the next 3 minutes of your life. It’s obvious that they put a ton of work into choreographing this shit, not to mention that the video was all done in less than 10 shots; meaning that everything had to go right or they’d start from scratch. Hopefully you dig it as much as we did, Lace the fuck up and enjoy yet another free download from Machine Gun Kells.

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Download Far Alone (feat. E-40 & Jay Ant) - G-Eazy (Zero Calories Remix)

I hadn’t heard much buzz on Zero Calories, production-duo out of Minneapolis, until I caught this remix of G-Eazy’s Far Alone. Backed by support from G himself via Twitter, these dudes are sure to blow up fast now. This remix works so well because Zero Calories takes that Christoph Andersson ethereal sounding production and ramps it up to another level. The kicks, bass, snaps, and vocal edits all layer on top of another harmoniously to create a remix that fits with the futuristic hip-hop vibe that G-Eazy has been going for. Get the latest from Zero Calories by following them on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Download Young Thugga Mane La Flare - Gucci Mane & Young Thug

ATLiens Gucci Mane and Young Thug join forces to bless the streets with their anticipated free release and joint tape entitled Young Thugga Mane La Flare. Now I know not everybody can handle, or tolerate straight trap music to the face. I also know I’m not going to sit here and tell you every track is worth a listen, but that is what you have us for after all. This DJ Holiday hosted release does have it’s fair share of bangers though that help illustrate the Trap God status these two artists have acquired throughout their careers. The 1017 Brick Squad rappers take on this 13 track project on their own with the exception of one feature from frequent collaborator and label mate PeeWee Longway, and all things considering they do a decent job. The tracks you really wanna watch out for though are: Stoner 2 Time, OMG BRO, YAY, & Out My Biz. If your feeling this Gucci Mane was set to release this project alongside another called Brick Factory Vol. 1 on August 1st but was delayed due to issues with mastering the tracks. No word yet on when the solo project will drop, but we’re all hoping for another winner from Guwop so stay tuned.

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Vegas Nights – Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

by Blake Barringer on April 22, 2014


Download Vegas Nights - Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

Tha Joker has been relatively quiet so far in 2014 but with a new EP entitled Robert Frost in the works, and the release date of his newest project Meanwhile being less than a month away Mr. Too Cold throws a freebie off the tape to the fans. While he takes a stroll down memory lane in the city of sin Joker invites Las Vegas native and Funk Volume artist Dizzy Wright along for the ride over a sensual, acoustic instrumental courtesy of Tha Joker’s frequent collaborator Big Fruit. Each artist takes a verse and turn reminiscing in-between a soft, fervent chorus about not wanting to ever leave the sleepless city. Peep this to see if your feeling what Joker’s been cooking up, and make sure to catch the May 8th release of Meanwhile.

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Download Shades Of Mary - Jetpack Jones & Brock Berrigan

On Sunday, like promised, Jetpack Jones with help from his east coast producer Brock Berrigan released his highly anticipated sophomore project Shades Of Mary and it is everything you could want from a 4/20 release. Some of our fans are probably a little more familiar with this duo then others, but what’s important to grasp is that these two feed off each other and it really is some next level shit. With songs ranging from straight up smoking tracks, to sounds that really let you into the mind of hip-hop’s “chillest” rapper this tape progresses so fluidly that you could listen from front to back and not realize you had heard all 17 tracks. Of course all production work is handled by Berrigan but we do get a few features from names like Rich Flow, Mack Chamberlain, James Joseph, Cliff Savage, and Tone Oliver. Even though the ultimate hippy holiday has come and gone hit that play button one time, spark a doobie, and bathe in the tranquil sounds of the Jetpack movement. There’s no time like the present after all.

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I Don’t Know About You – Tyler Keys & Jaae Kash

by Blake Barringer on April 18, 2014


Download I Don't Know About You - Tyler Keys & Jaae Kash

Last we heard from Tyler Keys was his Jaae Kash produced track “Was It Worth It?”, now he’s back with a brand new cut featuring our good friend Jaae Kash but with JakeGoesDigital on the beat. When the instrumental drops the rapid tempo fills your ears but the haunting sample behind the beat reminds me of the music played on the home screen of the Halo games, let’s call it divine. Both of these artists have been on the site before and are gearing up to drop their freshman projects in the coming months, which is probably why Tyler decided to come out with a track about staying in your own lane. Even though their styles are a bit different behind the microphone these two come out of the gate full throttle, and make this interesting beat into another Tyler Keys success. Hit that play button one time and make sure to show Jaae Kash and Tyler Keys some love on twitter and keep posted as 2014 is going to be a monumental year for both of them.

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Breathe Easy – Trae Tha Truth, Troy Ave, & Problem

by Blake Barringer on April 18, 2014


Download Breathe Easy - Trae Tha Truth, Troy Ave, & Problem

Houston legend Trae Tha Truth goes coast to coast for the features on his newest track and freestyle “Breathe Easy”. With New York’s emcee Troy Ave opening the show, then the southern slang of Trae, and all followed by Problem’s West Coast sound this track literally has something for everybody. Even though the cover art labels this song as a freestyle all three artists effortlessly body their selective verses, and Trae even throws in a small hook to essentially make this his best release of 2014 yet. If you haven’t heard any of these artists spit off the top hit that play button one time and see who you think took home the crown on this diverse freestyle.

+5 -2

The Kennedys (Interview)

by thedean on April 18, 2014


First things first, watch their dope recap video of SXSW14. These guys are literally the most motivated and fun group of people we got to meet at South By, and there’s a little clip of us doing this interview in there too. Get familiar.

What’s it like being artists from Tuscon, a city that hasn’t bred many rappers?

Trix: Tuscon’s not a very big city you know, it’s just us and a couple other names out there just really doing it for the city. We’re probably the first artists from Tuscon to perform at SXSW, since we’re not from a big city we’ve really been focusing on reaching out to people and making connections.

Millionz: Like he said, there’s a lot of artists out there reaching for the same goal, some more motivated than others. At the end of the day it’s the artists who have their heads right and their business right, the guys making smarter and better moves than others are the ones coming out on top. I just think we’ve been blessed with making some of the right decisions.

I heard y’all used to go by The Movement as opposed to The Kennedys, what was the reason for that change? And what made you choose The Kennedys?

Millionz: Man that was really a rebranding thing; we got to the point in our career where we realized that for the better of our future we needed to change things up a bit, get our image looking right. We stepped things up, had a lot of talks and decided that The Kennedys best represented what we were trying to do with music as a whole.

From what we heard y’all weren’t always the beat-killing duo we know today, and y’all actually had to overcome some differences before working together. How did y’all end up deciding to work together and how did you overcome those differences?

Trix: A lot of the issues just worked themselves out when we started rapping, we had something in common you know? It was me, him, and these two other dudes; we took it more seriously so that fell apart. He moved away from Arizona at one point, and we’d call eachother up on the phone everyday and just go back and forth rapping verses. Eventually he moved back and we just kicked things off, got the ball rolling.

What about Bootleg Kev & Dizzy Wright? They’re pretty influential names in music right now, and clearly played a role in ‘As Requested’. Where did they come into the picture?

Millionz: Honestly it was just an outreach thing man. I met Bootleg Kev back in Vegas when we went out there with the big bro Juice McCain. We introduced ourselves, kept contact, and when we decided to do this tape we reached out and showed him some music. He liked our sound so he helped us out, ya know? He’s a huge in the industry, so having him on board definitely helped out.

I know this is y’alls first time at SXSW, so what are some of the goods and bads you’ve seen so far?

Millionz: Good has to be the people man, a lot of people and an experience that you can’t really get anywhere else. The open-mindedness, the exposure we’re getting, it’s all really good for us.

Trix: The bads is just all the damn walking bruh, my feet hurt man. But other than that it’s just a lil crowded in certain places, a lot of lines. All worth it though, having a great time out here and getting a lot of love from everyone here.

As Requested was a 6-track project, but it took y’all a couple years to put it together, so why the wait?

Trix: I think a lot of artists just have the mentality of, “Fuck it I’ll put this mixtape out” but we wanted people to give a fuck about us first. We dropped a few singles, dropped a couple videos, and earned some hype around us so that people actually gave a damn when we dropped our tape. So that’s where 2 years went, not to mention some shows and other shit. So we waited, and when we thought the time was right we dropped the project for the fans, which is how we got the name – As Requested.

Do y’all think it got as much attention as it deserved, or would you have liked to see it get a little more?

Millionz: I like the attention it got. As artists, obviously if the numbers were higher we would’ve been happier, but for the first project we’ve ever put out we’re satisfied with how it did. We feel a little under rated, but at the end of the day all it means is we need to keep grinding and getting in more people’s ears before our next project drops.
Trix: Like he said, the numbers are good but we always feel like we can do more. I mean I feel like it’s a 50,000 download project, but we’ll get there.

So what’s next? SXSW was clearly a step in the right direction, any more festivals planned for this summer?

Trix: We killed it at the Bootleg Kev showcase, next year hopefully we can be out here doing double the shows we did this year. We’re gonna start working on another project here pretty soon, don’t wanna give y’all a release date yet, but other than that it’s just videos and shows all summer

Millionz: That’s it man, we’ll be out here with y’all again next year, and just grinding on more music until then. We’ll have more shows lined up, new tracks, new visuals, all that good stuff. Who knows, we might actually be headlining SXSW15.

Check out their newest track & video “Supreme”, show some love on twitter, and make sure you cop their latest free project As Requested

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get involved

Download Get Involved - Raphael Saadiq Feat. Q-Tip (Jean Tonique Edit)

French house DJ Jean Tonique headed back to the 90s vault of R&B and procured Get Involved, a single from the soundtrack of the 90s hit TV series The PJs. His edit isn’t too different from the original, but everything is all sorts of ramped up, from the octave, tempo, and overall energy. The ultra groovy disco beat reminds me of Duck Sauce and The Knocks. Great track for DJs looking to play a slower R&B hit with a more upbeat kick. Snag the free download, and go listen to more of Jean Tonique’s Disco Edits on Soundcloud.

+6 -1