Drop the Game – Flume & Chet Faker (Sweater Beats Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on September 16, 2014

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Brooklyn-based producer Sweater Beats breathes some new life into Flume and Chet Faker’s hit Drop the Game, released last year. While the melodies from the original are still very apparent in this remix, Sweater Beats threw in some super clean cuts, big-room synths, and my favorite addition, a violin refrain. Overall, super smooth rework from our man Sweater Beats. Look out for the drop of his Cloud City EP on HW&W this Fall. 

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Dalliance (Mixtape)

by thedean on September 15, 2014


Download Dalliance (Mixtape)

“Dalliance” is another word for one-night-stands, short meaningless love affairs that don’t leave a scar, passionless and amatory relationships. I’ve been moving through the motions a lot lately, but acoustic/folk music like this has always helped me suspend time, it taps into your emotional side and provokes rumination. If your sentences have been tied with “had” and “have” knots, if you’ve been itching to get away from the same sites and safe sights, take the scenic route home today and let yourself escape to this mesmerizing compilation. 9 tracks, 9 artists, some covers, some originals, acoustic, not-so-acoustic, and 37 minutes of arcadian bliss. Ease your mind and enjoy.


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In The Trump – Nacho Picasso

by Blake Barringer on September 15, 2014


Download In The Trump - Nacho Picasso

A few days ago Seattle’s Nacho Picasso was signed to Harry Fraud’s SRFSCHL label and with the great news the two decided to drop their first collaborative piece “In The Trump”. We all know that Nacho is about as versatile behind a microphone as he is strange and offensive but seemed at home delivering verse after verse over this unconventional Harry Fraud produced track. The ambient, high-hat driven instrumental is just odd enough to give Nacho a platform to show case his unorthodox style.

“Reflect my enviornment, you might think I’m irritant. Spiritual and militant, feelin’ it not fearin’ it. Weird thugs with ear plugs, n*gga we ain’t hearin’ shit.”

Got to love the word play when it comes to a Nacho release. Anyway congratulations to Nacho and SRFSCHL, make sure to follow Surf School Recordings soundcloud so you never miss a beat, and look out for more activity from the Nacho and Moor Gang in the near future.

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Bargain Bars – Slash-A-Mill

by Blake Barringer on September 14, 2014


Download Bargain Bars - Slash-A-Mill

Slash-A-Mill has kept giving us a steady stream of new music since his introduction on the site about a month ago thanks to his #FreshFridays music series, and even though it’s a little late I’m proud to present the latest installment. One of Slash-A-Mill’s strength is his ability to step outside of the box and create a completely new sound then the last time we heard him, and that’s what keeps #FreshFridays totally fresh. This slow, emotional instrumental may be simplistic but it sets the perfect tone for Slash as he goes on to talk about his passion for music, how it has affected his life so far, how he believes his talents have grown, and being ready to take that to the next step. It may not be your favorite Slash-A-Mill of all time, but it’s personal and definitely lets fans know where he’s at in his transformation to an artist. Hit that play button one time, make sure to check in on Friday for more #FreshFriday cuts, and check out older installments here.

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I Need – Emilio Paredes

by thedean on September 14, 2014


Download I Need - Emilio Paredes (Prod. NOVA)

We first heard Emilio on his summer-anthem Night’s Long feat. Steezefield & Mayo, so I was surprised, and not really sure what to expect from him on this intoxicating beat from NOVA. The syncopated production sets an eerie vibe; distant keys and synths highlight the steady claps and deformed vocal samples. The hook is dampened with reverb and ambient effects, repeating the ephemeral two lines “I don’t know what I’m looking for, I don’t know what I need..” until Emilio comes in at the one minute mark. He keeps the mellifluous vibes going, admitting connections he’s lost, but retaining his hubristic view of the future. He artfully finishes the track with a distorted prayer for direction, and a thought-provoking quote from the Netflix show Bojack Horseman. Don’t sleep, Emilio’s dropped nothing but great material so far and I guarantee you it’ll only get better from here. Follow Emilio Paredes and NOVA on twitter, and don’t forget to like his facebook to see all his free downloads.



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Sidelines – Blackbear

by thedean on September 14, 2014


Download Sidelines - Blackbear & 4e

Blackbear’s been raising the bar for R&B singers with every new release, especially with his cover of Dej Loaf’s Try Me last month. This time he appropriated a 4e produced beat, delivering perfectly crafted vocals across the heavy bass and hard-hitting drums. His drifting voice lures you into the dark melody, pleading for his lover to ease his pain and empathizing with everyone who’s “waiting on the sidelines”. Not my favorite track from him so far, the bleak/grim lyrics sway the vibe of the track, and the abrupt changes in pace don’t flow as smoothly as some of his other material. Still, new blackbear is always worth a listen, don’t forget to follow him on twitter.

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S’all Good – Tye Craig

by thedean on September 12, 2014


Download S'all Good - Tye Craig

It’s been a few months now since we introduced to you this Toronto-based R&B artist; when we heard from him last, we were premiering his downtempo, pussy-popping serenade Out Here Girl. To what qualifies as my disappointment, this new release from Craig remained in the exact same niche. The track seems to stumble out of the gate; the opening vamp creates an almost-unpleasantness that goes unresolved until the introduction of the beat. The instrumental, however, immediately shoulders the musical load of the song upon its twelfth-second entrance. A slow, reverb-heavy synth-beat, paired only by a haunting synthetic-choir backing him on the hook. As the beat crawls on, Craig reflects on a relationship with a fair-weather lover, both singing and eloquently rapping about waning faith in real relationships, dealing with the devil, and the eventual return to the money-raining, casual-sex-abound lifestyle of the rising star. The reassuring “S’all Good” certainly keeps the amatory and hubristic undertones relevant. Listen and follow.



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Download Our Names In Lights - The Two Friends & Breach The Summit

It’s been too long since I’ve posted a track by The Two Friends, but after a few weeks of no new material we’ve finally been blessed with a brand new original track. It’s rare that I get to show my appreciation for other genres on the site, but there’s a special place in my heart for alternative and punk-rock music. Obviously their electronic production still rings clear, but the intense vocals from Breach The Summit flow into the effulgent strings ideally. This production duo has found an untapped market; melding their heavy house style to the emotion-ridden vocals of punk artists created a surprisingly equanimous sound. Cop the free download, keep up with Breach The Summit & The Two Friends on twitter, and be sure to check out the rest of their material we’ve posted.


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The Boy Is Here – Luke Christopher

by thedean on September 11, 2014


Download The Boy Is Here - Luke Christopher

Luke’s weekly free releases came to an end last month, but it seems like we’re about to be graced with something bigger and better; a (currently untitled) Luke Christopher mixtape. As per usual, this song is 100% him; production, mixing, lyricism, delivery, everything. I can’t put my finger on the sample he used, but the Soul-Pop inspired beat has him sounding like early-2000′s Kanye, flowing across his self-produced beat like a slice of butter melting on top of a big-ol’ pile of flapjacks. He spits a pompous hook, off-set by insightful verses and radiant church-choir oohs and ahhs, resulting in a perfectly balanced back-in-it anthem. Don’t sleep, Luke is going to be huge, especially if this is a reflection of what his project will sound like.

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Money – Lido (McClenney Remix)

by thedean on September 11, 2014


Download Money - Lido (McClenney Remix)

Lido’s I Love You EP has had a buzz around it all Summer, accumulating over a million plays in the last 2 months alone. Despite the fact that the original isn’t free, producers around the world have been trying their hand at reworking the 4-track masterpiece, including Stwo’s remix of Lost that we put on the site back in July. This time McClenney is on the beat, carving a fat bass line and fluctuation drum beat into Lido’s original track ‘Money‘. As you’re hit with waves up trance-influenced production and chopped up samples of Lido, it’s impossible to keep from vibing out and nodding your head in sync with the shallow drops. Enjoy, and don’t forget to throw Lido and McClenney a follow on twitter.

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