〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

by thedean on June 26, 2015

emoji blackbear

Free Download | 〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

After the unprecedented flood of fame that blackbear gained off his debut album deadroses he’s been working relentlessly on creating new material and reinventing his image. We stopped by his crib in Los Angeles a few days ago, and it was incredible to see how humble Matt really is; he recorded idfc with nothing more than a mic and a laptop in his bedroom. The fully tatted singer is the definition of an independent artist who truly relishes in the freedom of his music, hence why he titled this song with an emoji. The basecamp produced instrumental is just the kind of down-tempo reverb-heavy and mellow back track that blackbear shines over. His crisp angelic vocals poetically articulate his recent success, the end to an old part of his life, and the start of a new one. As always, every aspect of this song is emotionally compelling and perfectly arranged. Cop the exclusive free download, follow blackbear on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check back with us for his interview video dropping next week.

The Hills – The Weeknd (Andrew Luce)

by thedean on June 26, 2015

the hills the weeknd andrew luce

Free Download | The Hills - The Weeknd (Andrew Luce Remix)

When we met up with Andrew Luce last week outside of San Francisco, we got our first taste of this track, which is supposedly the end to the remixing-phase of his career. As he starts to release more original content, produce for artists, and pursue the creation of his own debut project, I couldn’t think of a better way to close this chapter in his life than releasing his most intricate and cohesive sounding remix to date. Complex percussion, flawless transitions, and some of the heaviest drops I’ve ever heard are all present in this rendition of The Weeknd’s latest single. His sampling and vocal distortions pair perfectly with the heavy bass, resounding high-hats, and library of different snares, but my favorite part of this track has to be the outro, something about it just leaves you with this organic vibe after the wall of electronic instruments. It leaves you craving for the next track, which I think was exactly the note he wanted to end on. Although this marks the end of Andrew’s remixing series, I guarantee you he’s going to keep the momentum going over the next few months with some of the best original content he’s ever released. Cop the free download, show him some love on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check out all of his free material we’ve posted and stay tuned for the exclusive interview we got with him dropping next week.

Cruel Intentions – Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

by thedean on June 26, 2015

cruel intentions tory lanez art

Free Download | Cruel Intentions - Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

We knew that Toronto R&B artist Tory Lanez had been cooking up something special with the Los Angeles production collective WeDidIt, but I don’t think any of us expected their 5-track project to be this hot and heavy. Aside from his release Karrueche and his Fargo Friday releases, this project has been his main focus over the last few weeks. Although we’ve already heard the first two tracks Acting Like and In For It, the final three songs are fulfilling in and of themselves. Every producer on this project is absolutely captivating, and the electronically-inspired hip-hop beats hit harder than just about anything else you’ll listen to today. From girls to drugs to money, Tory covers all of the main topics while still flexing his unique rap/R&B vocals, perfect for any time you’re sleeping with girls, smoking some drugs, or getting money. Pick it up while it’s hot.


Nocturne – EDEN

by thedean on June 26, 2015

nocturne eden art

Free Download | Nocturne - EDEN

Back in April, The Eden Project announced the end to an era with the release of Times Like These, and began working on a re-branding process that would lead up to his new title ‘EDEN’ and a completely original project that showcases the refined sound he’s been working towards over the past few years. Nocturne is the first release he’s dropped since then, and it’s apparently track 4 out of 7 of his still untitled project. He takes a more big-room electronic approach to his sound on this track; less organic instruments, but still retaining the poetic and insightful lyricism that has come to define his persona. The way I interpreted Nocturne was the pure drive to stay up all night and work towards a dream rather than waste time sleeping and praying for the stars to align, the drive to take control of your future and dream out loud. EDEN is going to be huge, it’s only a matter of time before people start realizing it. Cop the exclusive download and show EDEN some love on soundcloud and twitter.

BBHMM – Rihanna (Treehouse Remix)

by thedean on June 26, 2015

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Free Download | BBHMM - Rihanna (Treehouse Remix)

We met this Swedish production duo at Marc E Bassy’s crib the other day while they were grinding out a catchy synth-lead for Marc’s latest track. After a few glasses of Jameson, we got to talking about ourselves and the music industry, and I have to say that these are two of the most well-traveled producers I’ve ever met. They fly to different cities on a weekly basis, work on material for a plethora of different artists, and as of recently they’ve started remixing songs under the name “Treehouse”. You’ve probably seen their names independently on a few tracks: Jake Oh has worked on tracks for Skizzy Mars and Marc in the past, and Leo Dawod has had his hand in a few tracks by Penthouse Penthouse. If you’ve been alive for the past 6 months, chances are you’ve heard this hit single from Rihanna, but I guarantee you it’s never sounded quite as vibey as this. A re-imagined bass line, groovy synths, intimate chord progressions, and all around perfected production make this BBHMM remix one that’ll stand out amongst a sea of interpretations. Cop the free download, show Treehouse some love on twitter and soundcloud, and share the track if you like what you hear.

Trapeze Swinger – Ricky Cobia

by thedean on June 23, 2015

trapeze swinger ricky cobia

Free Download | Trapeze Swinger - Ricky Cobia

I met Ricky after a couple of drinks at a New Years party in Austin, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and vibey early 2000’s indie music like Vampire Weekend. Although I can’t remember much from that night, I remember thinking that he was the epitome of what you would expect an indie-acoustic musician would be; genuine, friendly, and unfathomably ambitious. After a long wait, I finally saw a song from him come across my soundcloud feed this morning, and the fact that it’s a cover of an Iron & Wine song from 2005 makes it all the more fitting. Angelic vocals, an organic acoustic guitar sound, and the perfect amount of reverb make this first studio-quality release from Ricky worthy of  a play. As I’m out in Los Angeles, sipping black coffee and smoking my last cigarette, I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day than sharing this song with y’all. Check it out, follow Ricky on soundcloud, and cop the free download if you like what you hear.


Other Man – Jimi Charles Moody

by thedean on June 19, 2015

other man jimi charles moody art

Free Download | Other Man - Jimi Charles Moody

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some new indie music with y’all, so I’m breaking the trend today and bringing you a promising new artist from London. Jimi Charles Moody only has a couple of tracks on his soundcloud, but his undiscovered and unappreciated talent is surely temporary, because music this good is a secret that noone can keep. The piano-centered indie blues sound he’s created is incredibly unique, but what caught my attention was his powerful heart-strained voice. Other Man is all about an ex-lover meeting another man, and coping with the pain just so she can be happy, something that I’m sure a lot guys can associate themselves with. Cop the free download, show Jimi some love via soundcloud, and share the track if you like what you hear.

Karrueche – Tory Lanez

by thedean on June 19, 2015

karrueche tory lanez art

Free Download | Karrueche - Tory Lanez

Toronto-native Tory Lanez has been releasing a ton of new music lately, and today he announced he’s reenacting his Fargo Friday’s series (his nickname is Argentina Fargo, which according to him means “foreign money”). You might have guessed that Karrueche is all about Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, which is a relationship that has been hyped up by a plethora of news outlets after Chris poured his heart out during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.  Although Tory Lanez is notorious for making songs about girls — Teyana Taylor — and starting beefs with famous rappers — “I think Drake is golden, but I’m platinum” — I have to admit this style definitely works for him. The R&B vocals, hot and heavy lyrics, and wavey production from Noah Breakfast are a perfect concoction for making a sensual love song. Despite working with producers from several different area codes, Tory has a talent for making all of his material emanate Toronto vibes; heavy reverberations, fat bass lines, unique singers, catchy hooks, and pompous yet intelligent lyrics are all things we’ve grown to expect out of Canada’s music hub. Expect to see another release from Tory Lanez when Fargo Friday roles around next week, but until then enjoy the new sounds and follow him on twitter and soundcloud.


Limit Break – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on June 18, 2015

limit break stonewall klaxon art

Free Download | Limit Break - Stonewall Klaxon

You know that summer time feeling you get when you’re driving around on a gorgeous sunny day, cool breeze in your hair and good friends by your side? If you could capture that sentiment in a sound, this would be it. The majority of Stonewall’s releases revolve around this lyric-less dreamy electronic vibe with heavy vocal samples, but despite his seemingly one-track style he always manages to pull out an entirely new sound with each release. Limit Break is his best anthem yet, and having been bumping his music since day one, you can take my word for it. Intricate percussion, an impeccable synth lead paring up with the perfectly timed and distorted vocal samples, and the subtle compact keyboard break downs come together into what can only be described as auditory ecstasy. Get your good vibes rolling this summer and let go with the latest release from this Austin-based gem, follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and hopefully this track will hold you over until he drops something from his forthcoming untitled project in the Fall.

iKnow – GC

by thedean on June 17, 2015

iknow gc art

Free Download | iKnow - GC

Last time we heard from GC we where interviewing him at SXSW and learning about this Alaska-born Houston-living rapper. He kept the future of his music and future releases hush-hush, but he was able to tell us a project was in the works and that he had some plans to heat up the summer. GC definitely backed up his word with this new song, and compared to his last releases, it definitely sounds like he’s moving in the right direction. The beat knocks hard, the delivery is refined, and the hook will have you nodding your head and reciting his lyrics. Expect to hear more from Nick in the near future, and be sure to show some support via soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.