King of the Fall – The Weeknd

by Sylvia Parol on July 20, 2014


Download King of the Fall - The Weeknd

The Weeknd is back with a new single in support of his tour with Jhene Aiko and Schoolboy Q. It’s depressing and sexy as ever, that perfect combination that Abel manages to work out all too well. You’ll hear the familiar lines about the same girls with different faces but hear Abel’s pained falsetto laid down across some way ambient, chilled-out production. Although there’s not much variety in the melody, the delicate snaps and synthy breakdowns will have you melting into a puddle by the time you’re done. Let’s just say this is one to smash to for sure. Add this to your Bedtime Jams playlist and thank me later.

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Loneliness – Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on July 19, 2014


Download Loneliness - Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

If your brain is fried and all you want to do today is recuperate from Friday night festivities, a new remix from Mr. Lekka is the way to go. I might not be able to handle drops or fat bass, but I can vibe out to these upbeat Tech House rhythms. I could probably put this 7 minute track on repeat and not realize where it started or ended. Although sometimes that repetition may be what pains me about house music, it’s perfect for days like today where all I need is a simple beat to hold onto.  Mr. Lekka is a DJ, Producer, and Remixer straight out of Montenegro. Check out his Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Venice Venture – Big Wild

by Sylvia Parol on July 14, 2014


Download Venice Venture - Big Wild

Venice Venture is a groovy California-inspired jam that sounds like you should be able to find it on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. It’s syrupy slow in the best way with a touch of electronic that still allows for the delivery of a timeless sound. It’s perfect for a day when you just gotta take it easy. Evan Adamson’s video of surfer/skater Kameron Brown complements the laid-back trippy mood perfectly with his editing and mirroring effects. If you’re in the Bay area and want a chance to catch Big Wild live, stop by The Monarch this Tuesday night at 9pm.

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Way Too Long – Jordan Lane

by thedean on July 14, 2014


Download Way Too Long - Jordan Lane

I always like getting the chance to introduce y’all to new artists, and it’s rare that we get a free Indie/Alternative submission. Jordan Lane is an LA based singer/song-writer who;s portfolio consists of mainly covers, but when I listened to this original track he did with Avery Wheeler I realized the potential his voice had. The covers were all over acoustic instrumentals with sub-par drum loops, which really didn’t do his vocals any justice, but on a smooth piano beat with quality mixing and mastering? The result is beautiful, especially when you take into account the smoothly written lyrics. If there’s a girl who’s been stuck on your mind for way too long, relish in the free download and be sure to show Jordan and Avery love on twitter.

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Lost – Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

by thedean on July 12, 2014


Download Lost - Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

No one does it better than stwo. You might be familiar with Lido, who recently released his I Love You EP on iTunes, really great production work with intense and creative idiosyncratic vocals. Although the original project is DEFINITELY one you should peep, copping the free version that stwo made is a must. Whether you’re cruising, smoking, screwing, cooking, working, etc.. this track will have you feeling some type of way. Heavy synth, dramatic drops, and just all around intricate and beautiful remixing. Follow Lido and stwo on twitter. You’re welcome.


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Best 4 U – Blunder

by thedean on July 12, 2014


Download Best 4 U - Blunder

I don’t think I’ve kept up with an artist as long as I’ve been keeping up with Blunder, he was one of the first submissions I accepted and we’ve gotten to watch eachother grow over the last 2 years. If you’ve listened to any of his other material we’ve posted than you’re probably familiar with his smooth jazzy style. This time he plays around with a muted electric-guitar on a high-hat heavy drum beat, delivery and lyricism on point as always. If you’re not vibing to it at first wait until the hook to come in, it’s been in my head all day and is essentially the paradigm of classy hip-hop music. Cop the free download, follow Blunder on twitter, and enjoy.


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Hold Up – Trey Palms & RAJA

by thedean on July 10, 2014


Download Hold Up - Trey Palms & RAJA

It’s seriously been almost a year since I’ve posted a Trey Palms track, but now that it’s Summer again it sounds like he’s back better than ever. After going through his soundcloud I realized I’d missed a few dope tracks, but none hold a light to this collab with Raja. The two artists play off the fat trance beat (Produced by Ambassadeurs & Keyan Behruz Sanai), describing the reality of trying to pickup girls at the bar and look more important than you are. It’s alright, not all of us are breaded, but if you can smooth talk well enough you might find yourself in the back of a cab with a 10. With better lyricism, crisper sound, and the backing of a very talented team, there’s no reason not to cop this free download. Stay tuned for his Image Is Nothing EP dropping in August and follow Trey and Raja on twitter.

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Holy Ghost – Juicy J & Lil Bibby

by Blake Barringer on July 10, 2014


Download Holy Ghost - Juicy J & Lil Bibby

Juicy J threw this haunting number out to the fans to celebrate the 4th, as well as build hype for his upcoming sophomore album The Hustle Continues. This is the first freebie Juicy’s handed out in a couple months (the last being “Beautiful Ones”) but this was definitely worth the wait. This pulsating, ghoulish instrumental provides Juicy and Chitown up-and-comer Lil Bibby plenty of room to do their thing. Bibby rips this beat apart for a verse, but when Juicy goes into his second verse you would swear he was possessed. Check this out, stay trippy, and watch out for Juicy’s new album. As well as the free releases which are sure to come.

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Chandelier – Sia (Chloe Martini Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on July 9, 2014


Download Chandelier - Sia (Chloe Martini Remix)

Young female producer out of Poland, Chloe Martini, brings us a Cashmere Cat inspired remix of Sia’s pop-ballad Chandelier. We got a funky little beat on our hands here. Clean cuts, harp, strings, and synths all come together to give this track a much more mellow feel. Chloe throws in breakdowns when she feels the moments are right and adds her own music box melody to carry the song. Her production really transforms the vengeful emotion in the original into an uplifting, happy, chill vibe. Follow this lady on Soundcloud for more of that good good.

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ACE – Le$ & Cookin’ Soul (Mixtape)

by Blake Barringer on July 8, 2014


Download Ace - Le$ & Cookin Soul (Mixtape)

As promised Le$ and producer Cookin Soul release their collaborative Jet Life project ACE just in time for Independence Day and all the festivities that follow. Hopefully you caught the release of “Come Up”, but if you didn’t your about to be brought up to speed. These tracks have the perfect summer vibe, bound to be easy listening during any smoke session, pool day, party, or any other activity you might get into this weekend. The tape is heavily influenced by the 2002 film Paid In Full (from song titles, to lyrics, and even single cover art) so naturally Cookin’ Soul delivers many retro 80′s influenced masterpieces. The perfect fit to compliment Le$ as well as his Jet Life counterparts Curren$y and Young Roddy’s styles on the mic. If your looking for some assistance make sure to check out: “Hustle”, “Bout It” feat. Young Roddy, “Prosper” feat. Curren$y, & “Paid In Full”.

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