0 Grams Fat – Lord Byron

by Blake Barringer on September 29, 2014


Download 0 Grams Fat - Lord Byron

Lord Byron is an emcee out of Houston, Tx who decided to submit his new Ben Hixon produced cut “0 Grams Fat” to us, and now we are proud to introduce it to our students. This track is all about street life, more specifically Byron’s life hustling and trying to survive out in the Houston traffic. Hixon provides a drum riff centered track that incorporates some vibrating, pulsating synth to compliment the kicks in the back. Lord Byron uses the captivating sound of the instrumental to spit some hard, and maybe even questionable lyrics knowing that all eyes are on him (so to speak). Hit that play button one time, cop the free download, and check out Lord Byron’s bandcamp if you want to check out more from this HTX artist.

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Poker For Marlboros – Vice Dali & Explicit

by Blake Barringer on September 29, 2014


Download Poker For Marlboros - Vice Dali & Explicit

This submission comes from Miami, Florida’s artist/engineer Vice Dali whom recorded this track after writing the orginal lyrics for a spoken word contest. He describes his music as “a creative way to soul search through the ideology crisis” and this poetic piece reflects that sense of inner conflict and skepticism Dali struggles with. This lucid, self produced beat implores the usage of dim brass instruments, and a soft piano to create a very classy yet low key sound. Which is perfect because with as much as these two young poets have to say about their inner struggle there’s no room here for an obnoxious, distracting beat. If you’ve ever had an internal power struggle, a war between the right and left hemisphere, or just felt like you’re head was a prison maybe you’ll be able to connect with the views of Dali and Explicit. Hit that play button one time, check out more from Vice Dali on his soundcloud, and enjoy yet another free release.

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Soul Needs Saving – Demrick

by Blake Barringer on September 29, 2014


Download Soul Needs Saving - Demrick

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Demrick track so while he’s getting ready to release his first independent album Losing Focus, he’s started his own weekly series #JointOfTheWeek and this gem was the first track to catch my attention. This electric, synth heavy freebie was engineered by 21 The Producer and the strung out sound of all the different layers of synth firing off at once create the perfect environment for Demirck to chop it up about all the trials and tribulations he’s had to face up to this point. For three verses Demrick fires off clever lyrics about growing up the way he did, how that changed him, and why he thinks his “Soul Needs Saving”.  Although this song didn’t make the album it’s definetly a testament to how Demrick has grown into an artist of his own. Peep this one time, keep up with his #JointOfTheWeek series on soundcloud, and make sure to keep an eye out for the new album coming soon.

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Wine Tip – SebzP

by thedean on September 26, 2014


Download Wine Tip - Sebz P

This is a new sound for SebzP, new age R&B over slow melodic strings, a subtle bass line softly compliments the snaps and claps that make up the drum-beat. The progressive vibes move in rhythm with Sebz’s lyrics, gently describing his relationship over wine-tip cigars while falling in and out of love. As he puts it, this track is one for the ladies to bathe to, and one for the fellas to relate to. Check it out, cop the free download if you’re feeling it, and show some support for SebzP on twitter.

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God’s Whisper – Raury (Flosstradamus & Aryay Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on September 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.31.47 AM

Download God's Whisper - Raury (Flosstradamus & Aryay Remix)

Flosstradamus and OWSLA’S Aryay teamed up to flip God’s Whisper by Raury for their latest release. The original track is a feel-good folksy alternative anthem. No way I would have expected to see Floss’s name slapped on this remix, but I assure you, the result is pure gold. Floss and Aryay kick up the beat a few notches, tease us with an extended buildup, and then hit us with a Flume-inspired drop at 1:19. The cuts are sharp and the synths are straight fire. All of these artists are experimenting with new sounds, and I have to say I like the direction they’re headed in; artist versatility is a huge plus in my book. Enjoy this free Friday night banger and peep all of these guys on Soundcloud: RauryFlosstradamusAryay.

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by Blake Barringer on September 25, 2014


Download HER - GC

Today I stumbled upon this submission from Houston, Tx  artist GC and even though he’s new to our library this young emcee goes human torch on the beat telling a story about his love/hate relationship with a beautiful woman. Luke White provides this classy piano driven instrumental which was perfect for GC to come in show off his vocals and flex his lyricism. While the song is very easy to vibe to (as well as sing along) the message is a little darker, and bitter.

“I was chasin’ my dreams then I went to sleep, saw you callin’ my phone so I hit the beep. Not tryna gas ya, yet you fina’ then china glass. If I ever get a chance make a pass like Pistol Pete. Thought you had class like history, come to find that you never even finished school. Had to play the fool like Mr. T, said you wouldn’t leave me hangin’ then you kicked the stool.”

We’ve all been played by someone beautiful before, this song is a reminder to be skeptical of the beautiful temptress (or handsome devil for you ladies) because it very well could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Enjoy the free release GC, make sure to follow these two on twitter, peep the H-town artist’s soundcloud, and keep an eye out for his forthcoming project SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Sweetest Hangover – Skizzy Mars & Marc E. Bassy

by thedean on September 24, 2014


Download Sweetest Hangover - Skizzy Mars & Marc E Bassy

After seeing Skizzy tweet about this single yesterday, fans were ecstatic. Both artists have earned a significant following recently, Marc having released his debut solo project Only The Poets over the Summer, and Skizzy.. just about every track he’s released lately has been absolute fire. The two artists working together seemed like a no brainer, but I have to say, I was a little bit apprehensive when the high-pitched sample kicked in. With Michael Keenan on the beat, however, I should’ve known better. The production quickly bounced back to a happy-go-lucky rap instrumental, which Skizzy spits over with ease. He rhymes about the typical slew of things; weed, girls, and partying. Marc compliments the Penthouse Music star marvelously, incorporating his unique sing-rap style that we’ve been hearing since his 2AM Club days. All around, great track by two of the most promising new artists, worth a listen at the very least.

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Sway – Anna of the North (The Chainsmokers Remix)

by thedean on September 24, 2014


Download Sway - Anna of the North (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Chainsmokers love releasing free music just as much as we do, and after a dynamic Summer it sounds like they’re settling back into their downloadable-groove. Unlike their original mix Polkadots that we premiered last month, Sway brings back the ethereal Indie-sampling that the production duo has seemingly perfected. If you haven’t heard the original track from Anna of the North, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to peep it for comparison purposes; The Chainsmokers absolutely overhauled the tempo and general vibe of her hit single and turned it into a sanguine electronic gem. Anna’s tranquil voice parades over an upbeat synth-piano progression, bass shakes the room, and the progressive drum arrangement cascades into a pool of superlative sounds. Cop the free download, show some support via Twitter and HypeM, and cop their hit-single Kanye if you like what you hear.


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Download I Think I Love Her - Luke Christopher

Although we still don’t have a name for his forthcoming mixtape, Luke Chris is still habitually dropping great new material for free; this time over Wave Racer’s remix of Best Friends by Foster The People. While the heavy synth and seemingly scatter-brained production would throw most rappers out of sync, Luke seems to shine even brighter over the upbeat lucid anthem. Between the intricate instrument works, adroit lyricism, and heart-felt chorus, there’s really no aspect to criticize on this one. Enjoy the new Luke Christopher, follow him on twitter and join the hype before he blows up.


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Fwd Back – Audio Push, RiFF RAFF, & King Chip

by Blake Barringer on September 19, 2014


Download Fwdd Back - Audio Push, RiFF RAFF, & King Chip

The HS87 duo Audio Push is back in our library once again with another unconventional melody, and crafty bars to deliver a new banger with some intriguing features that’s bound to make your girl move Fwd & Back. Audio engineer Sapp supplies a crazy string sample on top of relentless high hats and bass kicks to keep the tempo high energy for the entire 3:28. On top of two fresh verses from Audio Push, the NEON ICON RiFF RAFF delivers as eccentric a verse as ever, and King Chip provides what I believe to be an outro to all the madness. Hit that play button one time, cop this jam for the start of the weekend, and make sure to keep up with all the new Audio Push releases on soundcloud.

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