2AM In Portland - Matt Burton & Punchie
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Portland has slowly but surely been growing it’s hip-hop scene, and it’s artists like Matt Burton that have been bridging the gap for the city, combining their traditional indie-folk style with his own to create a new-wave of rapping. This track he just did with another Portland native, Punchie, is by far the most genre-specific song he’s released yet — it’s an auto-tuned trap anthem through and through, and they nailed it.

The song starts with the artists reciting their zip code, 97005, which is actually the zip for the Portland suburb of Beaverton, Orgeon. It’s kind of ironic, especially when you categorize Portland as a city full of hipsters, that these guys from the suburbs are dropping such a hard track about catching bodies and having unmatched flows, but all prior-knowledge aside, it’s a good song. The beat is simple, the lyrics aren’t anything too special, but it’s vibey. The hypnotic synth pads, panning from side to side as the song progresses, make an easy instrumental for these two artists to flow over.

This definitely isn’t the Matt Burton we grew to love on Backwoods and BMWs, the melodic singing and introspective lyrics seem to have faded, if only for a moment. Personally, I think the sound Matt Burton comprised in his early career was more unique and personal than this, but every song has it’s audience. If you’re feeling it be sure to throw Matt a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show some support.

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