A Song To Love - Matt Burton
Free Download | A Song To Love - Matt Burton

Matt Burton is an artist from Portland that’s been featured on our site a couple of times now, primarily for his unique style of sing-rap that’s been compared to Chance the Rapper. For awhile he was putting out some pretty poorly produced content, but after a trip to LA and some quality time with one of our favorite artists Felly, he’s back in the cut with a brand new song that is the epitome of chill.

With a slow, beautiful melody over clean progressive piano chords, you can’t help but sit back and close your eyes and let the baseline — which will come in at around 30 seconds to solidify the instrumetnal — reverberate in your head. ‘A Song To Love’ is just that, and it never loses this indescribable feeling, but builds in increments, keeping things interesting all the way through. The silky flow that Burton raps with is what really sticks out, and as with most of his music it perfects the tone of the whole song. He’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on, so don’t be shy, throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show some support.

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