A Song To You (Outro) - Matt Burton
Free Download | A Song To You (Outro) - Matt Burton

It’s good to hear Matt Burton back on a beat like this; last month he was flowing over a heavy trap beat on 2VM in Portland and it just didn’t feel quite right. This slow, piano and percussion centered instrumental with a jazzy bass line, however, is an absolutely perfect setting for the long-haired artist to flow over.

As you can probably infer from the title, ‘A Song To You’ is a love song — in a sense. It’s an open apology, and a sensual way of asking for redemption from the girl he let down. I’m pretty sure we can connect the dots and consider this a part II of A Song To Love (Intro). Both songs sound like some form of encrypted love note, clearly intended for someone who’s listening. Although the lyrics are mildly easy to empathize with, they’re meant for easy listening, and that’s exactly how they came out. No matter where you’re kicking back, this is the kind of music you should have playing in the background.

Matt Burton isn’t new to our site at all, but if you’re just now hearing his angelic voice you should check out some of the tracks we’ve shared and throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.


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