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We’ve been doing this for awhile now.

When I started UniversityHype, I was a 17-year old Freshman in college. I wasn’t anybody. I wasn’t connected to any big artists. I wasn’t prominent in the hip-hop industry. I was just a kid with a profound taste in music, the kind that digs through the depths of the internet to find hidden gems. I started this website to share music with friends. I’m 21 now, and the feeling of pride and passion that I get when I find a new artist that no one’s heard of yet is just as strong as it was 4 years ago.

We’ve seen what it takes, and what it looks like when you don’t have it.

Since 2012 we’ve shared the music of over 250 independent musicians. We’ve seen careers launch, peak, and fall, all in the same week. While some think that music bloggers simply share songs, I assure you we did much more than that. We assess the potential of an artist, listen to their style, their sound, their overall vibe and brand. We do research to know who these undiscovered prodigies are, just so we can write about their music. We go through millions of songs so that our fans can find the hidden gems without any digging.

We’ve celebrated our artist’s victories and empathized with their losses.

The best part of UniversityHype, for me at least, is the connections and relationships I’ve built with talented artists. It can be hard to keep up with all the musicians we’ve put on over the last half decade, but nothing is more invigorating than seeing an artist that we’ve supported succeed, and nothing is more difficult than watching an artist with natural talent give up on their dreams.

We’ve curated the music for our generation, showed fans the incredible music that was right under their feet, gave musicians an opportunity when no one else would.

 Up until now, we’ve been a music blog; a platform that merely shares the “best new music” from generally undiscovered artists. We’ve had millions of people use our site to build their music libraries. We’ve interviewed dozens of promising musicians before their careers took off. We’ve hosted events in cities across the U.S. where we lost money, just so our artists can perform on stage for the first time and meet their fans in person. We’ve done free graphic work for them, provided free booking services, and done everything that a mere music blog can do to help launch their careers.

But it’s time for us to make a change.

 The age of the music blog is dead, and it has been for awhile. People don’t need freelance content curators to bring them the best content anymore, they’d rather use a streaming service like Soundcloud or Spotify or iTunes. For us to really help independent artists launch their careers, we couldn’t just keep sharing and reviewing music, we needed to carve a new path for ourselves and redefine what we do to help musicians thrive.

We’re not a music blog, we’re not a streaming service, we’re not a record label.

 We made this change in hopes of doing something bigger than ever before. First, we perfected the way we share new music; integrated a fancy new music player, mobile optimized everything, and made it easy to stream music using our platform alone. But more importantly, we changed the focal point of what we do. We’re a business that aims to help artists thrive. We wanted to give musicians the tools they need to build their brand and get exposure, without breaking the bank.

We’re the reason artists stay independent. 

Traditionally, artists need big label backing to blow up, but that’s changed. The internet has made it possible for independent musicians to launch their careers and accrue fans without anyone’s help. Through hard work, natural talent, and endless passion, artists who wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise are topping Billboard charts. What you’ll find is that nearly all of the organic success stories in the music industry are accompanied by a team of people who help build the brand; designers, photographers, managers, booking agents, etc. are still just as essential to their success as they were decades ago.

From couch surfing to penthouse living, from pipe dreams to reality.

We know it’s not easy getting these services elsewhere, and it’s definitely not cheap. We’ve seen musicians break the bank on graphic and web design work, buying merchandise from retailers instead of wholesalers, and making mistakes that we can help them avoid. That’s the reason we remodeled our business, to devote our time and energy towards helping you succeed, maintain your independence, and do it all at the lowest cost possible.

We can’t guarantee you’ll make it to the top, but we promise we’ll give you all the tools you need to get there.

 The music industry is futile, and with more and more people deciding to pursue music full time, you need a competitive edge. You need the whole package if you’re going to get noticed, and you need a team of people behind you who aren’t just experienced, but who legitimately care about you. We’re a family, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your dreams come to fruition.

– The Dean