Free Download | Angry Young Man (Mixtape) - OnCue

After over a year of waiting, anxious fans were finally blessed today with OnCue’s greatest project yet; AYM. The tape aggregates his best work into a precisely arranged gem; working with a team of talented producers has done wonders for Cue, his confidence behind the mic and overall artistry reflects the professionalism he’s learned from peers, yet still preserves the unique sound we’ve come to expect from him. I was a little bit off-put when I saw that no one was featured on the tape, but as I listened I started to understand why he wanted to be the only voice on his debut album. The overall vibe is somewhere between ebullient anthems and melancholy serenades, showing a surprising amount of flexibility within the boundaries of his style of music. Great project, definitely worth a listen. If I had to have a favorite, it’d be the revamped version of ‘Running’ from his last project Can’t Wait; the production gains new life from Just Blaze, and Cuey re-records a few parts with better mastering to give an already dope track the polished finish it deserves. No matter who you are, I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these songs in one way or another.


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