UniversityHype was built on the principles of bringing the best music to its followers; no problems, no ads and nothing but free music.  UH has grown in followers and artist submissions exponentially since it was founded in 2012, and we’ve continued to make innovative moves to stay ahead of the competition.  We are constantly striving to help connect talented new artists to our audience in the best ways possible, which is why there’s no 3rd party downloads, pop-ups, or advertisements. and pretty soon we’ll be the first music blog with a mobile application.We have a few creative surprises in the future for UH fans and we want YOU to be a part of them. 

Where You Come In

UH is currently expanding and we are making a call out to our most loyal fans; fans who update their music library every day and who are truly passionate about what we do.  We are looking to find college students interested in spreading the hype; slapping stickers, rocking free gear, promoting new music, and eventually helping bring our artists to your Campus. UH Campus Representatives will be responsible for repping UniversityHype at their college using the tools we provide them with; the more hype there is on your campus the more there is in it for you.  Each campus rep will move through tiers of free gear, based on how active you are on social media and how many photos you submit, you’ll graduate through the tiers, grow a closer connection to UH, and get more/doper gear.

Tier 1:

– 50 New Stickers

Tier 2:

– 100 New Stickers

– 24″ x 36″ 100% Gloss UH Poster

Tier 3:

– 100 New Stickers

– 24″ x 36″ 100% Gloss UH Poster

– Campus Rep Shirt

Tier 4:

– 200 New Stickers

– UH Beer Pong Set

Tier 5:

– 200 New Stickers

– 20 UH tanks/tees

– Custom Campus Rep Shirt


If you are interested in becoming a UniversityHype campus representative please fill out the application below