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Download Beneath The Grapevine - Anjelihs & Mick Shabazz

“Anjelihs” didn’t hit me as the name of a great R&B singer, but what he lacks in the catchy-name department he makes up for with his paralyzing vocal chords. He lays it down over a simple beat produced by Cavah; really ambient sounds with some heavily filtered drum beats in the background. Incase you missed highschool, the “grapevine” is a metaphor for the spread of gossip. Anjelihs kicks the track off singing about getting fucked up “under the grapevine”; pouring whiskey and rolling up tree while he’s surrounded by people talking about bull shit. He brings in Mick Shabazz for a nice unexpected verse at around the 2 and a half minute mark, where you can catch a glimpse of his unique sounding rap ability.. Long story short, it’s a chill 4 minute track that features both a talented vocalist and creative producer. This is the first installment off his EP Metanoia, and if he puts as much time and effort into the rest of the tracks on this project as he did into this one, we’re in for a fucking treat. You know the drill, let’s get Anjelihs some exposure; cop the download and follow him on twitter.


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