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There is no censorship for Blackbear. The unsigned artist takes advantage of his independence in every way possible, and his ignorance for PR combined with his superb writing and production abilities makes for some extremely sexual, provocative, and all around well-made songs. I don’t think any label would let him drop a song called ‘bus it’ that is literally entirely about ejaculation, but that’s why we love independent musicians.

Not to keep ranting about how awesome Blackbear is, but he also goes out and finds the best producers you’ve never heard of. He put on our boy Rad Cat after he remixed one of his songs, and brought on another new name to us for this track, Boogie Wizard. The instrumental is essentially a ton of synth layers compiled over a distorted church organ, fat bass line, and what sounds like a sample out of Super Mario. Blackbear absolutely kills it, and the blatant disregard for discretion is sinfully amazing. The verses basically talk about all the things that she can do to “bus it”, but combined with the addicting hook and upbeat instrumental, I definitely wouldn’t call it a bedroom jam.

Give it a listen. If it’s too explicit for you than don’t listen to Blackbear, but if you love it like the rest of us be sure you give him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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