Often – The Weeknd (Kygo Remix)

by thedean on July 28, 2014


Download Often - The Weeknd (Kygo Remix)

Could this song really get any more erotic? I posted The Weeknd’s summer lovin’ anthem Often just over a month ago, and if you haven’t heard it yet you’re missing out on more than just free music; you’re missing out on countless vocal-induced orgasms. For the rest of you, Kygo reworked Abel’s summer hit to give it an invigorating and refreshing new sound. Unlike the production we’re used to hearing from him, he abstains from the tropical vibes and instead plays off the dark/sexy undertones by layering vocal samples, and developing intricate transitions over even more elaborate drum loops. Is it great? Yes. Is it better than the original? That’s for you to decide. Regardless, show this man some love on twitter, he just announced some new tour dates on his page.

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Tropical House Mix Vol. 5 – Thomas Jack

by thedean on July 22, 2014


Download Tropical House Mix Vol. 5 - Thomas Jack

These are just too mellow not to post, I’ve come to love just about everything Thomas Jack drops, but his Tropical House Mixes are by far his best work. If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, or just anywhere with white beaches and blue water, that’s where this song should take you. Whether you’re driving to work this morning, smoking and thinking about which direction your life is headed, or sitting on a beach drinking a pina colada, Thomas will have you feeling sanguine for the next 2 hours. Enjoy the free download and follow Thomas Jack on twitter.



+6 -1

Loneliness – Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on July 19, 2014


Download Loneliness - Tomcraft (Mr. Lekka Remix)

If your brain is fried and all you want to do today is recuperate from Friday night festivities, a new remix from Mr. Lekka is the way to go. I might not be able to handle drops or fat bass, but I can vibe out to these upbeat Tech House rhythms. I could probably put this 7 minute track on repeat and not realize where it started or ended. Although sometimes that repetition may be what pains me about house music, it’s perfect for days like today where all I need is a simple beat to hold onto.  Mr. Lekka is a DJ, Producer, and Remixer straight out of Montenegro. Check out his Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

+4 -2

Venice Venture – Big Wild

by Sylvia Parol on July 14, 2014


Download Venice Venture - Big Wild

Venice Venture is a groovy California-inspired jam that sounds like you should be able to find it on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. It’s syrupy slow in the best way with a touch of electronic that still allows for the delivery of a timeless sound. It’s perfect for a day when you just gotta take it easy. Evan Adamson’s video of surfer/skater Kameron Brown complements the laid-back trippy mood perfectly with his editing and mirroring effects. If you’re in the Bay area and want a chance to catch Big Wild live, stop by The Monarch this Tuesday night at 9pm.

+2 -0

Lost – Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

by thedean on July 12, 2014


Download Lost - Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

No one does it better than stwo. You might be familiar with Lido, who recently released his I Love You EP on iTunes, really great production work with intense and creative idiosyncratic vocals. Although the original project is DEFINITELY one you should peep, copping the free version that stwo made is a must. Whether you’re cruising, smoking, screwing, cooking, working, etc.. this track will have you feeling some type of way. Heavy synth, dramatic drops, and just all around intricate and beautiful remixing. Follow Lido and stwo on twitter. You’re welcome.


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Chandelier – Sia (Chloe Martini Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on July 9, 2014


Download Chandelier - Sia (Chloe Martini Remix)

Young female producer out of Poland, Chloe Martini, brings us a Cashmere Cat inspired remix of Sia’s pop-ballad Chandelier. We got a funky little beat on our hands here. Clean cuts, harp, strings, and synths all come together to give this track a much more mellow feel. Chloe throws in breakdowns when she feels the moments are right and adds her own music box melody to carry the song. Her production really transforms the vengeful emotion in the original into an uplifting, happy, chill vibe. Follow this lady on Soundcloud for more of that good good.

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HeartBrokeBeatz – Round II – DJ Silly Syl

by Sylvia Parol on July 1, 2014


HeartBrokeBeatz was one of my first mixes that I uploaded to Soundcloud about a year ago. At that time of my life, the emotions expressed in those songs represented how I felt pretty much every day last summer. Sadness seemed to follow me like that dumb cloud of depression I saw in those Zoloft commercials. I was the one who ended the relationship, but it still pained me to think of him “kickin’ it,” as he put it, with one of my former friends. I was sick of the heartbreak having power over me, sick of not being able to listen to songs I once loved that now only brought back painful memories. I pulled together music that we listened to together, songs he posted on passive-aggressive Facebook statuses, and made what I considered to be a pretty damn good mix. I didn’t really know how to DJ, didn’t even know what beat-matching was. I was determined to learn though, and HeartBrokeBeatz was just the beginning.

Now I find myself one year later, heartbroken again, over someone else. And of course, music was a big part of our relationship. I had actually made her a mix CD for her birthday of songs that reminded me of us, but I never gave it to her; instead they fueled the beginnings of this mix. Every track that gave me the chills, every track that made me want to cry, I threw on here. And with a bit more technical expertise on the DJing front, I produced HeartBrokeBeatz – Round II. I even got it released on my friend’s label in Africa, Projekt Euro.

I now realize that heartbreaks are an inevitable part of life. You always take that risk when you let someone new into your life. But what’s important is the ability to take whatever it is that’s causing you pain, make it beautiful, and then push yourself forward. That’s the mark of a true artist.

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Gecko – Oliver Heldens (Elephante Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on June 30, 2014


Download Gecko - Oliver Heldens (Elephante Remix)

Elephante has taken one of my favorite house tracks, Gecko by Oliver Heldens, and made it a dance-floor rager for those who need a little bit more Progressive with their House. He latches on to that oh-so catchy melody and just runs with it, adding a ton of different effects each time, making the song a lot more dimensional. Elephante said to Oliver Heldens, “Sorry for defiling your groovy ass track and making it all noisy,” but Elephante, I think it’s safe to say you turned this house beat into a club banger, so the apology is not really needed. Throw him a like on Facebook and enjoy the free download.


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White Flag – Dido (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on June 29, 2014


Download White Flag - Dido (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

Producers who remix my favorite guilty pleasure throwbacks are okay in my book. And since Collin McLoughlin’s voice is so mesmerizing, it makes sense that he chose to cover the vocals on his latest remix of Dido’s White Flag. The energy fluctuates between chill ambient to through the roof DnB explosions. Who would have thought Dido and drum n bass go so well together? Collin is always surprising his fans with unique remixes. You know you see a true artist when they’re up for experimentation and challenging themselves by exploring music outside of their comfort zone. Cop the download if you know what’s good for ya.

+4 -0

Leave Your Lover – Sam Smith (esta. Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on June 26, 2014

Leave Your Lover

Esta., producer out of California, is a new artist to me and the UH library. His latest track is a groovy house remix of Sam Smith’s Leave Your Lover. I usually don’t enjoy house/deep house since I feel like I’m listening to the same for six minutes straight. But esta. has a way of throwin down the house beat with some other curve balls in there to keep the song dynamic. Smooth synths, screwed vocals, and overall simple but dance-able production make this a solid track to vibe out to as we approach the weekend come-up.

+3 -1