Mon Amour – OBESØN

by Sylvia Parol on January 28, 2015

Mon Amour

Download Mon Amour - OBESØN

I get so pumped whenever I see a new release from Toronto-based producer OBESØN in my channels. He is yet to drop a track that I have not fallen in love with. Mon Amour is an upbeat yet silky smooth song decorated with delicate female vocals. That steady kick really gives you a beat to vibe to. OBESØN’s description of the song leaves a lot to mystery: It’s a long story. Cover artwork of a half-naked beauty might have been the inspiration. Cop the free download and decipher it for yourself.

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Yes We Faded – Keys N Krates & P Reign

by Sylvia Parol on January 28, 2015

Yes We Faded

Download Yes We Faded - Keys N Krates & P Reign

Talented Dim Mak trio Keys n Krates gave their fans a treat today: a remix of Yes We Faded from their Every Nite EP. And hell yeah, it’s on UH, so you know it’s free. While I think listeners kind of got the idea from the ominous percussion-filled instrumental version of the track, P Reign’s hard-hitting verses provide the song with another dimension of meaning. The chorus repeats “I don’t drink no more…” followed by “Fuck it, one more, one more…”. Sometimes it feels good to just get faded. You think Keys N Krates will turn into producers for more hip-hop artists? Follow the dudes on Twitter to see what direction their music heads next.

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Silly Syl Radio #2 with DJ Theo

by Sylvia Parol on January 22, 2015


Download Silly Syl Radio #2 w/ DJ Theo

After having some serious withdrawals from college radio, I decided to get back on the airwaves and record my own radio show in my apartment. Each episode of Silly Syl Radio will feature one guest DJ on a half hour mix with music that they’ve been bumpin lately. I hop on the mix halfway through the show and give you a taste of what’s been on repeat in my headphones. Theo specializes in house and trance and in this episode, I dive into sexy hip-hop and more face-melting jams. If you wanna catch the first episode of the show from the beginning of this month, click this link.

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Luxure – Lauren K Faith

by Sylvia Parol on January 14, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.46.29 AM

Download Luxure - Lauren K Faith

Singer and musician from England Lauren K Faith just released a steamy, brooding track titled Luxure. To give you an idea of her style, think Niykee Heaton meets FKA Twigs. She draws influences from JMSN, India Arie, and Pharrell Williams to name a few. According to Lauren’s interview with Backstage:UK“Luxure is a song I wrote about devotion towards another person, body language and defining what the word lust means to me…it’s all about the person you are with and your passion is only for that one.” Although Lauren’s vocals are a little poppy for my taste, I think HeyGamal‘s deep and dark production sets the mood well. The ambient synth melodies are just sinister enough, while still allowing the song to have some R&B/pop appeal. Cop the free download here.

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Runaway – Galantis (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

by thedean on January 10, 2015


Download Runaway - Galantis (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

As many artists stake their claim to the New Year, Stonewall Klaxon is one of the few to hit the ground running, wasting no time in releasing his newest remix. You’re probably familiar with Galantis’s Runaway - the sensual house gem from 2014 has accrued nearly 5 million plays since it’s debut last Fall – but the Stonewall’s mystic downtempo production style fits seamlessly with the delicately severed vocal samples. The airy synth and intricate percussion workings that we’ve grown accustom to are still present, although the strongest characteristic that this track lets off is versatility; original mixes are all we’ve posted by Stonewall so far, but it’s obvious that he has no issue melding his sound around vocals other than his own. Enjoy, cop the free download, and be sure to follow Stonewall Jackson on twitter, soundcloud, and facebook.

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Magic – Coldplay (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on January 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.09.44 PM

Download Magic - Coldplay (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

NYC duo The Rooftop Boys, comprised of producer Hyperbits and his friend Keith Bender, has only begun releasing music this past summer and already, they are releasing banger after banger. Listening to their music takes me away to cool summer evenings at rooftop parties, overlooking a city skyline. Both their music and their cover art encapsulate that feeling perfectly. Magic, one of the first remixes the duo ever started working on, is a happy, feel-good, bouncy summer-jam. Coldplay’s cool and familiar vocals float naturally over the progressive house backbeat. Soaring build-ups and piano breakdowns will get your endorphins pumping. I’d say it’s safe to call this remix Magic. Also, I can really appreciate a song that’s 4:20 in length. Feels right. Download the free track and boost the boys up on the HypeM charts by giving them a like if you’re feeling the music.

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Heartdrake – MISOGI

by thedean on January 8, 2015


Download Heartdrake - MISOGI

MISOGI is an amazing producer based out of Dubai, UAE, who orchestrates down tempo symphonies and chops/samples a wide selection of recognizable tracks. His material isn’t generally free, but today his perfectly titled Heartdrake came across my feed with a free download. The arpeggiating chimes, reverb heavy synth, splashy echoes, and preeminent sappy Drizzy lyrics create a dreamy soundscape, convoluted with different high-pitched reverberations. Check it out, if you like what you hear you should peep his soundcloud, and of course a follow on twitter is always appreciated.

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Reflection (Flow-Fi Mix) – aywy

by Sylvia Parol on January 5, 2015


Download Reflection (Flow-Fi Mix) - aywy

Artist collective Flow-Fi put together the ultimate chilled-out party soundtrack, mixed by artist and label co-founder aywy (pronounced “A.Y.”, short for “abstract youth”). What most impresses me about this mix is how the wide variety of genres represented blend together so well to create a cohesive musical experience; it’s a truly diverse compilation. You’ll find a lot of downtempo/ambient with some chill hip-hop samples thrown in here and there, some grimey trill tracks, and even some jersey-club. It’s the perfect mix for a chilled out party where people are just looking to vibe out. Free download available here. Bump this mix and just coast.

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DNF – P. Reign & Drake (Andrew Luce Remix)

by thedean on December 29, 2014


 Download DNF - P. Reign & Drake (Andrew Luce Remix)

The king of revamping hip-hop tracks, San Francisco’s very own Andrew Luce is back with his best fabrication yet–a rendition of Drake and P. Reign’s ‘DNF’ that makes the original OVO production look vacuous in comparison. His signature arpeggiating synth, unique sampling, clever timing, and intricate drum workings compile into a sweeping convivial remix to one of OVO’s best releases from 2014. The changes in pace and pitch clearly play towards the lyrical meaning of the song, creating the double-vision atmosphere with creative bass-heavy drops. This song is a perfect example of Luce’s complex and perspicacious production talent, be sure to give him a follow on soundcloud and twitter to show some support.

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Put It On Me – Nick Nikon

by thedean on December 17, 2014


Download Put It On Me - Nick Nikon

We caught this track thanks to Austin-based producer Eric Dingus, who’s been notoriously scouted by OVO and a plethora of unsigned artists. That being said, Nick Nikon from Toronto is by far the best singer/rapper/producer we’ve heard collaborate with Eric. Keeping things ambient and ominous, the track starts with distorted samples over a distant star-studded synth line, and soft piano until reverberating claps cue Nick’s haunting yet euphoric vocals. The noise gated vocals create a trippy stutter-step effect, backed by a prominent bass line and multiple layers of intricate synth-pad workings. The unique R&B/EDM style is hard to explain, but give it a listen and I’m confident you’ll like what you hear. Show Nick some support via facebook and twitter, and be sure to keep an ear out for his forthcoming EP ‘UnderCovers’.

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