Download Who We Are - Golden Coast (Nilo G & Holborn Circuit Remix)

You may recognize Nilo G as 1/3 of rap trio Colossus who we’ve featured on the site. He and his buddy Holborn Circuit just dropped a flip of Who We Are by Golden Coast. The feel-good summer jam is transformed into a delicate, downtempo treat for your ears. You can definitely hear some Cashmere Cat and Lido influence up in there with those cuts and vocal edits. It’s got your reverb-heavy synths, RnB feels, and ambient chill vibes. Check out more of their pop edits on Soundcloud: Nilo G, Holborn Circuit.

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Mirrors – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on November 23, 2014


Download Mirrors - Stonewall Klaxon

Stonewall Klaxon never  fails to impress, after the his reputation blossomed from the last two astronomical releases, we wondered how easily he’d be able to keep the momentum going. Mirrors can be your worst enemy when you’re on drugs, or if you’re a girl with low self-esteem, but I guarantee you this title discharges nothing but positive vibes. Stonewall’s signature vocal distortion engulfs the starry-chimes, distant percussion, and epic synth waves; from the heavenly strings to the jazzy up-beat piano solo, everything is arranged ideally. If you’re looking for something to cruise to, roll to, smoke to, or just nod your head to, Stonewall Klaxon has concocted a recipe that’s perfect for any occasion. Cop the free download, show him some love on twitter, follow him on soundcloud, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this incredibly talented producer.

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Download Sadness Disease - Urban Cone (The Two Friends Remix)

The Two Friends never cease to impress, since we started following them last year we’ve heard them develop their sound and release track after track of flawless yet unique house anthems. For the first time in awhile, the production duo decided to drop a remix, this time to Urban Cone’s strange, upbeat, and 80′s synth-heavy single Sadness Disease. The ambient atmosphere that envelops the first minute of the track is soon overcome by the subtle snare build up, until finally you’re thrown into an ocean of house synth. Although the remix doesn’t resemble the original in many aspects, they both reach the same ultimatum when answering the questions of how to cure sadness: insanely vibey music. As always, the download is on the friends, so just be sure to reciprocate the favor by following them on twitter and liking them on facebook.

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Day ‘N’ Nite – Kid Cudi (Andrew Luce Remix)

by thedean on November 10, 2014


Download Day N Nite - Kid Cudi (Andrew Luce Remix)

Andrew Luce loves taking overplayed hip-hop tracks and bringing them back in a whole new light. Although we were really feeling his remix to Akon’s 2006 hit I Wanna Fuck You it took a minute for us to find another remix worthy of throwing on the site. Well today we’re blessed with his take on another early 2000′s gem; heavy build ups and drops keep you enticed from start to finish, wrapping their way around distorted Cudi samples. The beat goes from 0-100 constantly, chimes and snares change the pace over a knock-your-face-off bass line. Once again, another gem from Andrew to add to your party-playlist. Keep up with him on twitter and show some love via facebook if you still have one.

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Her – Majid Jordan (stwo Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on November 5, 2014


Download Her - Majid Jordan (stwo Remix)

You may recognize Majid Jordan as the feature on Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home. If you’re not familiar with his material, you should definitely check out his Soundcloud. And it’s safe to say stwo’s become a University Hype favorite. He’s been consistently dropping new material and remixes, each even more impressive than the next. Stwo’s edit of Her is way mellow, way chill, with some added reverb and a trap backbeat. Majid’s effortless vocals combined with stwo’s syrupy slow sexy production makes for straight baby-making music. I’m hoping this release will lead to a future collaboration from these two very talented artists.

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Download When We Were Young - Dillon Francis (Valentino Khan Remix)

A recent new member of Skrillex’s label OWSLA, Valentino Khan just dropped a remix of Dillon Francis’s big single When We Were Young. While the original track is a feel-good party tune, Khan’s remix is one you’ll want to rage your face off too. You’ll hear a lot more percussion, bass, kicks, soaring buildups, and an absolutely filthy drop. Khan ramps up the energy while still holding on to the good vibes in the original tune. You can get the track by playing Dillon Francis’s slot machine game on his website… or keep it real and download here.

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Unbreakable – Dirty South (Lost Kings Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on November 4, 2014

University Hype

Download Unbreakable - Dirty South (Lost Kings Remix)

Producer/DJ duo Lost Kings just dropped a hyped up remix of Unbreakable by Dirty South that will have you swimming in euphoria. These guys have pumped up the energy and bpm of the original track to make it a dance-floor hit that might promote some shameless jersey shore fist pumping. It’s progressive house goodness that’s guaranteed to plaster a smile on your face whenever you hear it. Snag that free download while it’s hot and make sure to check up on their Soundcloud for lots more free remixes. 

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Drowning – Banks (stwo Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on October 21, 2014


Download Drowning - Banks (stwo Remix)

Banks’s latest album Goddess has inspired countless remixes to date, so I wasn’t too surprised when I saw stwo’s own rendition of Drowning today, although I give him props for having it officially recognized by Banks herself. This remix truly embodies the brooding and melancholic nature of Goddess’s production. It’s minimal and ambient, which really allows Banks’s vocals to shine through. Cop the free download and vibe out.

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Ninety Two (Mixtape) – Stwo

by Sylvia Parol on October 16, 2014


Apologies for bringing this one a little late to the students. But better late than never, and now that Stwo’s pretty much become a UH staple, I had to share his latest project. Ninety Two is a mixtape filled with deep, ambient, electronic goodness, and all the beats are inspired by Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same. The sexy downtempo production style makes for pantry-dropping tracks for sure. I mean how can you go wrong when you close off the project with a flip of Often by The Weeknd. Stream two of the tape’s tracks here and then go download the rest for free from his label Huh What & Where.

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Download La La La - Naughty Boy & Sam Smith (urlchild Remix)

If you haven’t heard the original track by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith you need to come out from under your rock; the music video alone has half a BILLION plays. That being said, urlchild turns this already vibey R&B track into an ethereal masterpiece, sampling the hook and reworking the entire production. When we posted his first solo-work Like You/Falling For last week I remarked how his impalpable euphoric sound had me grooving and nodding my head, and once again he’s proven that he knows how to get people moving. Although seemingly simple, the synth, sample, and high-hat driven beat is the epitome of new wave house music; like 80′s influences colliding with the rhythm of modern EDM. Needless to say, this track is worth a listen, and exclusively downloadable right here on UH. Vibe out and expect more fire from this young Austin-based sensation soon.


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