Go Ahead – Obiecuz

by Sean Byron on April 22, 2016

Go Ahead - Obiecuz

Free Download | Go Ahead - Obeicuz

One of the hardest things about writing for UniversityHype is finding original EDM tracks. It seems that almost anyone can remix a song and call themselves an electronic artist, but very few are capable of making original content. When I search for new electronic music, my search results are always saturated with overworked remixes featuring copycat production styles.

Living out here in Arizona, I was fortunate enough to meet one of of the members of ObieCuz and after over two years of knowing him, I have heard multiple samples, unmixed tracks, and beats from this three man group.  ‘Go Ahead’ is the first song that ObieCuz has officially released; with a catchy intro, a steady build-up throughout the song, Go Ahead will have you bumping’ at any party, in any situation.

We don’t give handouts to friends for this site; we care about the music we put up, and we know that you don’t have time to listen to anything that is even remotely sub-par. These guys made the cut, and they worked their asses off to get here, so give the song a listen. If you like what you hear be sure to follow ObieCuz on their SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Covered In Money – Future (Misogi Remix)

by thedean on April 15, 2016

Covered In Money - Future (Misogi Remix)
Free Download | Covered In Money - Future (Misogi Remix)

I didn’t really appreciate Future as a musician until he dropped his album ‘Honest’ in 2014, and one of the project’s best songs was his single Covered In Money. It’s still an iconic song, one that represents this artist’s sound and lifestyle through it’s grind-centered connotations and big-room ATL production from Sonny Digital. It’s a trap anthem, which might be a turn off for some of our less amicable followers, but Misogi’s remix helps bring the song’s melodic qualities to the forefront.

It’s true that trap music seems shallow on the surface, but if there’s one thing that Future has taught us as an artist, it’s that there’s pain and emotion hidden under these seemingly superficial lyrics. I don’t know if you heard the acoustic rendition he released of No Basic, but it’s a slightly slower piano-based version that’s soulful enough to make even his biggest haters applaud. That’s how I see remixes; they’re not necessarily “original”, but they help you see songs in a new light and make trap artists like Future palatable for all types of listeners. This remix of ‘Covered In Money’ incorporates the best of both artists; a simple piano progression, airy synths, and crisp percussion loops scattered with creative sampling put the world renowned lean-sipping rapper in an ethereal atmosphere — one that is surprisingly fitting.

Check it out, download if you like what you hear. Future shouldn’t be a new name for y’all, but if you aren’t following Misogi on Soundcloud and Twitter already you should definitely show him some love.

Limited Moon – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on April 5, 2016

Limited Moon - Stonewall Klaxon
Free Download | Limited Moon - Stonewall Klaxon

Stonewall Klaxon hasn’t dropped new material in a few months, but for his first release of 2016, this track is a monster. Whereas we’re used to precise, melodic, generally just “vibey” songs from Stonewall, this release features something a little something extra. ‘Limited Moon’ is the culmination of his years in the electronic industry, from Dubstep to Future, this is where the two collide.

He’s been perfecting his build ups and drops a long time ago, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this song’s climax is a blissful transcendence into an intense array of instruments. The other aspect of his music that Stonewall has been perfecting for awhile is his work with vocal distortions, and when the beat drops at 0:47 you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Transposed, chopped, and altered recordings stand as the centerpiece of his work, and are by far the most unique aspect of his music.

With that being said however, Stonewall has never really incorporated his former “dubstep” style with his new futuristic sound, so this may seem a little heavier than what you’re used to hearing from the ATX artist. Whether you’re partying, tripping, or putting in work, check this track out and show Stonewall some love on Soundcloud and Twitter.

September – Kev

by thedean on March 30, 2016

September - Kev
Free Download | September - Kev

Kev is an artist that we’ve been regrettably sleeping on for the last 8 months that he’s been releasing material, but today my eyes were opened. After going through and favorite-ing and reposting every single track I listened to, I decided that posting his most recent release would suffice for all the content we overlooked.

‘September’ is a tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire — most famous for their song September — and the recent death of their front man Maurice White. Kev did the man justice with this release, creating a fresh, funky, sample-heavy remix of their hit single, and even throwing in a few rap verses that I couldn’t make out, other than the notorious sound of Busta Rhymes under a hefty electro-trap inspired beat.

It’s a short little remix, but still so full of soul and jubilation. Kev’s miraculous work on the keys, for his piano and his laptop, bring this classic anthem from the 80’s back to life with a modern twist. I know this might not be everyone’s favorite, but you definitely need to go check out Kev’s Soundcloud and listen to some of his original material as well. If you like what you hear throw him a follow on Twitter and Instagram too.

Watch Her Leave – Andrew Luce

by thedean on March 20, 2016

Watch Her Leave - Andrew Luce
Free Download | Watch Her Leave - Andrew Luce

Andrew Luce’s material seems to be very contemplative over his last few releases. It started when he dropped Together on the 4th Daruma collective project in November, and continued into 2016 with the release of I Hate When We Fight and You Should Go. Whether he’s experiencing relationship troubles or just coming up with some heavy song titles is debatable, but one thing we can all agree on is that his production has been top notch lately.

‘Watch Her Leave’ is an original song, with the exception of a few Drake and Lil Wayne samples scattered throughout. Reverberating pads ease into an elegant grand piano progression, but the love ballad facade quickly divulges into an intense and intricate electronic breakdown. Explosive synths, expertly timed and placed drum rolls, and tranquil melodies build over the simple yet soothing chord sequence. The Weezy samples, which also contributed to the title of this track, come from a major throwback — Bed Rock — incase you were wondering where you’d heard it before.

Luce isn’t an artist you want to sleep on; he’s put out dozens of remixes, many of which have accrued over a million plays, and the music collective he founded is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Cop the free download and show the boy some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.


That's Love - Marc E. Bassy (Matt DiMona Remix)
Free Download | That's Love - Marc E. Bassy & Ty Dolla $ign (Matt DiMona Remix)

Although it was good to hear some 100% original material from Matt DiMona, hearing him revamp this single from Marc E. Bassy reminded me why I started listening to him in the first place — he hears potential in songs that no one else does, and he builds elaborate, organic arrangements that you would never expect to work.

The smooth strumming of an electric guitar ease us into Marc’s distinct vocals as the groovy remix unfolds. Elevating synth pads and deep percussion back the first verse, giving the song a new, less hip-hop and more indie-rock sort of vibe. The highlight of the song is definitely Matt’s highly unprecedented guitar solos; whereas most drops would lead into some sort of repeating synth-based melody, he decided to just loop a drum beat and shred on his electric guitar.

Ever since we heard Matt DiMona remix Girls Love Beyonce back in 2014, we knew there was something special about his sound. Every remix he puts out has something specific to Matt, and the quality standard he holds himself to ensures that he’ll never release something he’s not proud of. Give it a listen and be sure to throw him a follow on SoundCloud and Twitter.


Infinity Signs – CRAY

by thedean on March 16, 2016

Infinity Signs - CRAY
Free Download | Infinity Signs - CRAY

Austin, TX is full of people with tattoos, so it’s common knowledge here that anchors, dream catchers, feathers, and infinity signs all fall under the classic “white girl” classification. CRAY is as pasty as they come, so it shouldn’t surprise you that some if the ink she’s gotten is a little basic, and it definitely shouldn’t stop you from giving her new song ‘Infinity Signs’ a listen.

As per usual, the original single doesn’t feature any lyrics, but what it lacks in poetry CRAY makes up for with intricate, alluring, and blissful production. The song is centered around panning vocal samples, euphoric synths, and sanguine percussion. This electronic trap house style of music she’s curated is heavy; each song she’s put out is dripping with emotion, each drop hits you harder than the last, and the random Super Mario samples are oddly fitting.

I don’t post electronic music often enough, mainly because a lot of EDM artists haven’t been able to distinguish themselves and stand out from the sea of other aspiring musicians. CRAY has a refined brand and a distinct style that’s worth a listen at the very least, and a follow on SoundCloud and Twitter is always cool too.


Understand Me – PASTEL & Emily Jane

by Sean Byron on March 8, 2016

Understand Me - PASTEL & Emily Jane

Free Download | Understand Me - Les Faits Sonores & Emily Jane

This is our first post from french-named and Paris based EDM collective Les Faits Sonores (which translates to The Sound Facts in English). Les Faits Sonores is a music conglomerate that’s been sharing hot EDM tracks for about 3 months now, and the momentum they’ve gained since they started sharing songs is substantial — over 11,000 followers on their Soundcloud page already.

Understand Me is a catchy song from the London based producer PASTEL. The song’s enticing melody starts before you even hear the beat, and instantly you’re drawn in to the seemingly out-of-the-box instruments and arrangements.  As the song wraps up its brief intro, the beautiful sound that follows is the voice of Emily Jane.  Her ringing voice mixed with the upbeat production from PASTEL blends to create a track that will have you bumpin’ side to side.

If you were dancing when you played this track like I was, be sure to follow Les Faits Sonores on SoundCloud and throw PASTEL a follow on SC as well.

Wavy – Dom Hurley & CVM

by Rob Knepper on February 17, 2016

Wavy - Dom Hurley & CVM

Free Download | *DOM x CAMM - WAVY*

The guys over at Amplify Entertainment Group have been using their AV talents to make awesome live music videos of younger Nashville artists for almost two years now. These acts are often acoustic acts, however, so we became intrigued when we heard they were releasing a hip-hop Single Session with Belmont students Cam Bryant (CAMM) and Dom Hurley (DOM). “Wavy” is a collab these two released over the summer, but the video brings the personalities to life while merging live instruments and vocals with the produced midi elements. At the core of the track is Dom’s melodic piano progression and Cam’s natural-flowing clever lyrics. Supporting these elements is what sounds like a pitch bended vocal sample, which adds some tasteful ambience to the track. The best part about the live video, compared to the original, is the horn section that enters during the drop. Over this drop, DOM plays around on an 8-bit lead while a saw pad supports the horns. CAMM comes back in and slays it again on verse two, which builds to a pretty hyped ending verse.

Keep your eye on both of these young artists, as they’ve already both put out lots of awesome work and I’m sure that there are many great releases in the future as well. In fact “Higher Learning”, a full mixtape from CAMM, is set to release sometime in the coming semester. Be sure to keep up with CAMM on Soundcloud, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to hear about upcoming releases, and do the same for DOM (Soundcloud, Insta, Twitter).

Sober – JB Wynn

by Jacob Spowart on February 12, 2016

Sober - JB Wynn
Free Download |

JB Wynn is a member in one of America’s biggest fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon at East Carolina University. This song represents just how wild college can get, and his perspective is easy for just about any college student to empathize with. The song starts as his friend walks in and says something to the tune of, “What are you doing?” “Dude the party starts at 10!” “Yeah but the drinking starts now!” which essentially describes my whole freshman year.

“Out of my mind, I need closure. Why do I drink? I hate hangovers, late textin I tell her ‘come over’. Tell me why I cant stay sober.” is the chorus to this catchy tune, and it’s one that’ll be running through your head all day. The reason I think we’re feeling this song so much however, aside from the relatable lyrics, is the feel good production from our boy Felly. Using a basic drum kit on a loop while the organ sits on top of the beat, creating enticing melodies and killer chord progressions overlayed with angelic vocals — this sounds like a rager inside a synagogue.

Check out JB Wynn on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support, hopefully we can expect more quality content from him in the future.