So Help Me God – Andrew Luce

by thedean on July 29, 2015

so help me andrew luce art

Free Download | So Help Me God - Andrew Luce

Andrew’s been working with his Daruma collective for a few months now, and all of his original material on these free projects have been nothing short of masterpieces. The Kanye sample you hear is from his 2008 feature on Estelle’s American Boy, but unlike the old Pop single, the production on this track is a showcase of experimental arrangements, instruments, and tempos. If you’re like me, the intro will sound like some sort of satanic oompa-loompa chant, but if you stick with it long enough you’ll see what Andrew can build around an unsettling sample. At the 2:11 mark, you’ll geek out how hard this twangy space synth slaps, so hold out for it and trust that Luce will keep you entertained for the entirety of the track. Check it out and show Andrew Luce some love on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear. Oh.. and stay tuned for the interview we got with him dropping this weekend.

Up In Smoke – CRAY

by Sean Byron on July 28, 2015

Free Download | Up In Smoke - CRAY

If you were alive in 2011 you can name where this sample came from — so naturally when I was scrolling through soundcloud stoned, I thought the song was called cray due to all of the “that shit cray”s leading up to the drop. As it turns out, the artist is named CRAY, and the “crays” are just a clever Kanye sample she used because her name is cray. Heavy synth. Bangin’ percussion. Fat bass. This song is — for lack of a better word — cray. CRAY has been dropping a new electronic track about once a month, so if this track makes you cray check out her other cray tracks on soundcloud and follow CRAY on twitter.

Pain Told Love (feat. Kiesza) – Tribe Society

by Sean Byron on July 27, 2015


Free Download | Pain Told Love - Tribe Society & Kiesza

Tribe society is always experimenting with new sounds, and this new song “Pain Told Love” is a perfect example of how versatile they truly are. After hearing their Delirium Sonata mixtape, I realized that Tribe Society has outstanding production work and loads of potential, and was anxious to hear what their next release would sound like. The slow tempo, wide range of instruments, ambient vibes, and amazing vocal transitions between Tribe Society & Kiesza make this indie-electronic track a fine-tuned hipster anthem. Pain Told Love is full of up-beat lyrics — “even if you hide and always stay home, you got to make a friend because hurricane make flowers” — that strike certain emotional strings to make you feel contemplative and euphoric. If you like this track, or if you are looking for some of the best indie production on the market today, look no further and follow Tribe Society on soundcloud and twitter for their next release.

Afterlife – XYLØ

by thedean on July 23, 2015

afterlife xylo art

Free Download | Afterlife - XYLO

I don’t know how to begin with describing the sound XYLO achieved on this song. This magazine-cover worthy brother/sister duo has only released three tracks (officially) on their soundcloud, and each one illustrates a progressively darker, heavier, and more electronic side of their music. Afterlife is a sort of sorrowful, oddly sensual, and ‘R&B meets electro-pop’ kind of song. The instrumental sets a really trippy and ominous setting; lots of eerie vocal samples, gritty reverb, and big-room style percussion. I knew I was going to post this track as soon as I heard it, but what really got me was the 1:37 mark; the way she pronounces “Muricelago” could bring any straight man to his knees. Cop it, share it, follow XYLØ on twitter and soundcloud.

Make My Day – Phlex (Rawch’s Tropical Rework)

by Gabriel Ferrer on July 19, 2015

Phlex - Make My Day

Free Download | Make My Day - Phlex (Rawch Remix)

If this doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. With some smooth piano, tropical melodies, and sensual lyricism from Toronto based artist Phlex, this track is perfect for cruising on those hot summer days. I’ve been a big fan of Matoma for a while now, and I haven’t found a lot of producers or artists that have been able to mix hip hop with tropical production this well. This genre of music has been blowing up and quickly becoming one of the more popular styles of house, and Brazilian born Rawch has lived up to all of my expectations. I just came across the 19 year old’s soundcloud, and needless to say I’m surprised that at such a young age he’s been producing tracks that seem as though they’ve been mixed by Kygo himself. I know that is a pretty bold statement, but if you doubt me then check him out for yourself on his soundcloud and listen to all his other tropical drops. As always, be sure to cop the free download; it’s a must have for your playlist as summer comes to an end and everyone starts getting ready for the fall semester.



I Can Tell – Luca Lush

by Gabriel Ferrer on July 19, 2015

Luca Lush - I Can Tell

Free Download | I Can Tell - LUCA LUSH

Vibes, vibes, and even more vibes; this song was just too good not to write about. Luca Lush has been dropping some crazy material for some time now, and it just keeps getting smoother with each song he puts out. With some quality piano riffs, Luca is able to make this song flow and take you into a world of deep synth and vibey auras. As the song progresses, a series of drum-line like instrumentals mix with a very jazzy saxophone solo to tie this work of art together. I have not been able to stop vibing to this song, and I guarantee that as soon as you hear the piano drop in this deep-house track, you’ll go into such a euphoric state that you won’t want it to end. If you’ve been sleeping on Luca Lash, I suggest you wake your ass up and check out his tracks because this guy has been producing some major bangers. Do yourself a favor and cop this free download and show him some much deserved love on soundcloud and twitter.


Blessed – Drake (CΘCΘ X TRΛW Remix)

by Gabriel Ferrer on July 18, 2015

Mr. Carmack Is Blessed by CΘCΘ X TRΛW

Free Download | Mr. Carmack is Blessed - (CΘCΘ X TRΛW Remix)

I came across this track today and it stood out to me; the Drake “Blessed” sample with the futuristic trap instrumental was different. The South Florida duo just started making music this year, but after hearing this track I can tell that it’s only gonna get better from here. With some deep bass and smooth drum loops this song is too live. Throughout the track there are a lot of different elements in play and sounds developing, which gives it a distorted feel, but somehow ties the track all together. My favorite part is towards the end, when the music starts slowing and a soft piano instrumental takes over with a finishing verse by the 6 God. Remixes are all over the web, and its rare to come across one that stands out and has a different vibe to it. Knowing this duo personally, I can say that their vision for the trap scene is a big one, and with them already producing some fire beats and instrumentals, the music to come is going to be golden. Be sure to cop the free download and show them some love on via soundcloud if you like what you hear.




Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Remix

Free Download | Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea - XYLØ (Loud Luxury Remix)

Like a lot of artists on the site, I just discovered Loud Luxury today, and I can safely say that I will be following them from now on. Coming across these kind of tracks are by far my favorite part of searching for music, because this is the kind of sound that takes you places. This track paints a picture in your head and just makes you feel every single thing going on in the song; from instrumentals to transitions, vocals to piano chords, tempo to samples, this song is a straight up vibe. The London based producers have been slept on for a while, but they’ve started blowing up in the EDM world recently. This remix of XYLØ’s song is everything you could want in a deep house mix, and I highly suggest you all to cop the free download. Better than that, I suggest you to go follow Loud Luxury on souncloud and twitter because it is only a matter of time before they become the next big thing.


Here – Alessia Cara (Lucian Remix)

by Gabriel Ferrer on July 15, 2015

Lucian Remix- Here

Free Download | Here - Alessia Cara (Lucian Remix)

It is always refreshing to find an artist that has naturally dope vocals, but it’s even better when a producer comes along and gives them the right beat. Alessia’s voice is nothing short of perfection; she gives a badass vibe with that “IDGAF about you” attitude. In the song she just talks about being a loner and being the odd one out among all her friends. A lot of people can relate to being out of place on many occasions, and that’s why I think this song is as empathetic and real as it gets. Lucian was able to tie this perfect combination of slow bass and Weeknd-esque tempo to make a flawless remix. His time-lapsed transitions make you feel the song, and the heavy hitting bass really helps exploit those emotional vocals. Overall the track is the perfect combination of vocals and mellow/hype instrumentals. If you haven’t already, you’re gonna want to cop the free download and follow both Lucian and Alessia on soundcloud for more great material.

Cool – Alesso (Two Friends Remix)

by thedean on July 14, 2015

cool two friends alesso remix art

Free Download | Cool - Alesso (Two Friends Remix)

The Two Friends couldn’t have kicked off their summer better than this. Their remix of Alesso’s Cool is an effulgent house anthem that’s brimming with intricate synths, euphoric melodies, resounding piano, and uplifting percussion. The song epitomizes that just-got-out-of-school summer feeling, and the roller coaster of build-ups and drops are as colossal as ever. Matt and Eli both graduated college this year, if you watched our interview with them than you probably know that they’re dedicating their entire summer to consistently releasing amazing music, including some new original content. Cop the free download, be sure to follow them on soundcloud and twitter, and share the track if you like what you hear.