Oh Hello Mix – DJ Cass

by Sylvia Parol on August 21, 2014


Download Oh Hello Mix - DJ Cass

When I glanced at the track list for DJ Cass’s Oh Hello Mix and saw artists like Sweater Beats, Cyril Hahn, and 20syl, I knew I had to prepare myself for 24 minutes of downtempo musical  bliss. This bite sized mix is quite elegantly crafted; the transitions are natural and seamless, creating a feel-good ambiance that I am yet to get enough of. The song selection is synth and bass-heavy and each one complements the next all too perfectly. And although you may not recognize a lot of the songs, I guarantee you will lose your shit when you hear the Hold On We’re Going Home cover by Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS. Cassidy Harbak hails from Lloydminster, Canada and along with being a mix-master pro, he’s also a portrait artist. Check out DJ Cass on Soundcloud and listen to more of his solid mixes.

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Murder – aywy

by Sylvia Parol on August 18, 2014


Download Murder - aywy

Australian producer aywy, otherwise known as Abstract Youth, delivers on this filthy Snoop-sampled track. This percussion-laden beat has enough bass to satisfy trap-heads while still remaining upbeat enough to dance to. You still get your cuts, buildups, and drops but in a combination unique to other songs of this genre. The only gripe I have is the length of the track; two minutes and thirty seconds is not enough to get my fix, so I guess I’ll just have to play it on repeat. Check out aywy’s Soundcloud for more bass-filled lovin.

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One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) – Autograf

by Sylvia Parol on August 15, 2014


Download One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) - Autograf

Autograf brings their Future House vibes to an old festival favorite, One by Swedish House Mafia. A good remix has a way of teasing familiar beats and melodies while providing some refreshing elements and that’s exactly what Autograf has done. Bring down the tempo a notch and rework the iconic melody with some 80s sounding samples and you’ve got a remix that sounds like a new track in and of itself.  I’m definitely keeping tabs on Autograf so I can snag the next free download from their Future Summer series. If you’re digging it, throw the track a <3 on HypeM and like Autograf’s Facebook page for more free tropical jams.

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Aura – Stwo

by Sylvia Parol on August 15, 2014


Download Aura - Stwo

French producer Stwo has graced us with this freebie that has a way of making me feel all wavy inside. Aura will be your comedown, a late-night faded melody with just enough kick to keep you hanging on until the sun rises. This original track is filled with rattling reverbs and captivating vocal edits to zone out to. Consider it your Friday night lullaby. Stwo just announced his North American tourwith London duo Snakehips, so catch them live if you can; more dates to be announced.

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Studio – ScHoolboyQ (Grandtheft Remix)

by thedean on August 13, 2014


Download Studio - ScHoolboyQ (Grandtheft Remix)

Oxymoron has to be one of the best rap albums of the year, and this hook is absolute gold. Grandtheft made this sick d&b heavy club remix, and despite the fact that he doesn’t sample any of the verses, the crossfading hook into a hypnotizing drop keeps you nodding from start to finish. Grandtheft is a producer/DJ/Mad Decent Rep, and actually made this track to fill a void in his DJ set, which ended up being so popular he released it for free. Give it a listen, if you haven’t heard about the Mad Decent Block Party yet you should check to see if they’re coming to your city; great line up and tickets don’t cost much.

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Hit It (Original Mix) – Deorro & D!RTY AUD!O & IE-z

by Sylvia Parol on August 13, 2014

Hit It

Download Hit It (Original Mix) - Deorro & D!RTY AUD!O & IE-z

Damn, I realize it’s been a while since I posted a real festival banger up on the site, so hope you all are ready for this one. When I pressed play on this track, I wasn’t really sure what to think. Kind of housey, kind of funky overlaid with a little rap? But then as soon as I heard that filthy bridge at 0:45, grimey as ever, I knew I had to give Hit It a chance. These drops are oh-so heavy and I can already tell festival kids will be getting down to this one on the dance floors. Solid and unexpected collaboration from rapper IE-z and producers Deorro and D!RTY AUD!O.

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Begin Again – Noosa (Thero Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on August 9, 2014


Download Begin Again - Noosa (Thero Remix)

We may be making headway into August, but that’s all the more reason to hold on to feel-good summer music for as long as possible. Enter Thero, young producer out of Palm Beach, Florida. He’s given us a Thomas Jack inspired remix of Begin Again by Noosa that you should preferably enjoy with a fruity cocktail in hand. The tune is filled with tropical pan flute, happy synths, and even wraps up with some sexy saxophone at the end. It’s dreamlike, carefree, and happy-go-lucky, everything that summer should be. If you like what you hear, throw the track a <3 on HypeM and spread the hype!

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30 TRACKS & 30 RACKS (Mixtape)

by thedean on August 9, 2014


Download 30 Tracks & 30 Racks (Mixtape)

It’s been far too long since we’ve posted a collective site mixtape, so we decided to do it big right before y’all head back to school. 30 hand picked tracks; the gems of our music library that never made it on the site, the anthems we’ve been keeping to ourselves, all packed together in one convenient tape for your listening pleasure. Although you’ll probably recognize most of the artists, I guarantee you’ll find someone new to check out on this project. This is supposed to be something for you to bump whether you’re at a party, kick back, or road-tripping back to college, something that makes you want to get the crew together and crack brews, something that makes you reminisce on the good-ol-days and look forward to the better ones coming. Get it while it’s hot, and follow us on twitter for some big announcements and multiple chances to win free gear this semester.


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Download I Wanna Fuck You - Akon & Snoop Dogg (Andrew Luce Remix)

If you were born in the 90′s you should be all too familiar with the original track by Akon & Snoop Dogg, but thanks to the 21st century Andrew Luce has been able to reignite the stripper-driven anthem with his hot and heavy production work. Arpeggiating chimes, some sort of distorted wind instrument, and crisp claps become intertwined with the explicit lyrics, creating a fresh new track for you to get down to on the dance floor… or in the bedroom. Vibe out, and be sure to follow Andrew on twitter to catch his next remix before everyone else.



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Magnifying Glass – Youngs (Daktyl Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on August 5, 2014


Download Magnifying Glass - Youngs (Daktyl Remix)

If you couldn’t tell from my song selection on my latest mix, Heartbroke Beatz – Round II, I’ve really been feeling artists that are putting forth more ambient, ethereal tracks. Magnifying Glass, originally by Australian artist Youngs, is an upbeat electro-pop tune. Now a few months after its release, English producer Daktyl dropped his own rendition by completely flipping the emotion behind the track. Gloomy reverbs and haunting harmonies replace the happy melody. Daktyl plays with the well-timed breaks and kicks to give the remix some satisfying rhythm. It’s a sexy slow jam, or the soundtrack to getting lost inside your own head. Follow Youngs and Daktyl on soundcloud to hear more.

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