Rosa Parks – Outkast (Adam Foster Remix)

by Julia Waicberg on August 23, 2015

rosa parks outcast

Free Download | Rosa Parks - Outkast (Adam Foster Remix)

To close out this summer season, I’m happy to introduce a new artist to the UH library. While I’m not one to write about remixes, Adam Foster’s remake of Outkast’s classic ‘Rosa Parks’ is one to jam to. With its saxophone breakdown at 1:48, Adam Foster keeps you hangin’ by the pool for just a few more moments. While recreating music by iconic artists is undoubtedly a danger zone, Foster takes on this challenge with confidence and executes flawlessly. I don’t know about you – but I’m keeping this groove on until the final summer sun sets. Grab the free download above and throw a follow to Adam Foster on Soundcloud and Twitter to do the same.

Hibell - Don't be so hard on yourself

Free Download | Don't Be So Hard on Yourself - Jesse Glynne (Hibell Remix)

My good friend Hibell hit me up a couple of days ago telling me about his latest release, and although my expectations were set fairly high, Hibell had no problem exceeding them yet again. With an upbeat tempo that just makes you wanna get out of bed and start your day off with good vibes, this track is a must-have for your morning playlist. Using some heavy bass drops, smooth transitions, and impressive vocals from Jess Glynne, the young producer has outdone himself again. There are very few artist that can push out such ground-breaking and creative material in such a short period of time, and even fewer who can keep their content dropping consistently, but Hibell definitely makes both of those lists. I have yet to hear a song of his that doesn’t have everyone in the room vibing out, which is why he has been one my more regular features on the site. I can’t wait to see what this kid has in store for us in the future, because with over 330,000 plays on soundcloud, its only a matter of time before we see him tearing up sets at festivals across the world. If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and cop the free download, follow him on soundcloud & twitter, and be sure to #SpreadTheHype.



vicetone angels two friends art
Free Download | Angels - Vicetone & Kat Nestel (Two Friends Remix)

I wasn’t sure about this track Matt & Eli sent me at first; the intro was extremely intense, the transitions seemed unusually abrupt, and the track seemed like it was going to be an orthodox house remix. Thankfully, I was too quick to judge — Angels turned out to be a perfect song choice for the duo to renovate, and despite its vigorous tone their remix is just as euphoric and uplifting as their past material. Definitely not something you want to dive in to while you’re kicking back, but throw this on your high BPM party playlist and you’ll see why the Two Friends are becoming so prominent in the electronic music scene. As always, cop the free download and be sure to show them some love on soundcloud and twitter. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their previous material and the interview we did with them out in LA.

BLANC (EP) – Andrew Luce

by thedean on August 19, 2015

Free Download | BLANC (EP) - Andrew Luce

Andrew Luce has been frequently featured on our site for just over a year now, and despite the fact that we were a little late discovering the 17-year old producer, we can still recognize how monumental this EP is for him as a musician. He’s accrued millions of plays off of innovative “turn up” remixes to Billboard-topping Hip-Hop and R&B songs, but he has yet to release a solo project that features 100% original content — until today. BLANC, which is french for “white”, is a concise 5-track project that showcases a brand new sound from Andrew Luce; avant-garde arrangements, slower tempos, contemplative break downs, and original melodies form a coherent project that incorporates elements of multiple genres. Despite the more meticulous and “listenable” style, bass addicts definitely won’t be disappointed — Andrew hits the lower decibels just as hard as he usually does. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire EP, the unexpected Chelsea Cutler feature was the climax of the project in my opinion. I love when two artists that we post consistently collab, but my conjecture about how this song would turn out was wrong in all the right ways. ‘When To Love You’ is simply crafted for Chelsea’s vocals; tropical synth and percussion bubbles behind her spanning voice until Andrew breaks things down at 1:10, distorting vocal samples into a harmonic lead. Needless to say, you should definitely hit play, cop the free download, and follow Andrew on soundcloud and twitter to show some support. If you haven’t already, go check out the interview we did with him in San Francisco and be sure to look out for the custom shirts we made for him — they should be going on sale sometime this week.

Andrew Luce Interview

by thedean on August 18, 2015

andrew luce interview art

Drove from LA to SF just to meet up with Andrew Luce at his house in the hills and talk about new music, inspirations, and what tools he uses to produce. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud and twitter, and look out for his debut EP ‘BLANC’ which drops tomorrow.

Day Trips – C.A.Y.E. (EP)

by Julia Waicberg on August 10, 2015


Free Download | Day Trips (EP) - C.A.Y.E.

Though new to the music scene and only 17 years old, C.A.Y.E.’s freshman EP “Day Trips” is anything but amateur. Perfect for daytime summer adventures, C.A.Y.E. gives us four fresh tracks full of variety. The E.P. opens with ‘Baby Not Yet’ featuring David Dignan, and its upbeat piano playing gets you grooving. The track continues with a consistent rhythm, but at 2:47 an unexpected violin solo takes over – an instrument we’ve yet to hear in hip-hop this summer. Though unfamiliar, C.A.Y.E.’s transition is flawless, furthering his talent at such a young age. Three tracks later, C.A.Y.E. leaves us with ‘Merry Go ‘Round.’ The song enters with a playful xylophone sound – bringing us right back to our childhood days. With lyrics such as “playing tag at recess, really no need to de-stress,” C.A.Y.E. makes us nostalgic for hopscotch on the blacktop and swings on the playground. Perhaps “Day Trips” is C.A.Y.E.’s coming-of-age experience. As his lyrics focus on careless days and fun trips with friends, C.A.Y.E. says goodbye to easygoing afternoons and gets serious about music. With such a strong first statement, we can only expect good things from C.A.Y.E. as he grows. Be sure to throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up!

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman (Bauke Top Remix)

by Julia Waicberg on August 9, 2015

fast car art tracy chapman

Free Download | Fast Car - Tracy Chapman (Bauke Top Remix)

Maybe I’m bias because Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ got me through a number of hard times during my teen years, but I don’t want to turn Bauke Top’s deep house remake of the song off. Though I’ll always favor the original, I definitely appreciate this new attempt. Opposite from Chapman’s recognizable and thought-provoking tune, the DJ from the Netherlands speeds it up – making his mix perfect for driving fast in a car. With lively guitar riffs, Bauke Top turns this emotional song into an uplifting tropical groove. With lyrics such as “I had a feeling that I belonged, I had a feeling I could be someone” we can decipher that ‘Fast Car’ is about chasing dreams. While the original track is slow and has you contemplating life, Bauke Top’s remix is upbeat and doesn’t have you questioning a thing. Its feel-good vibes encourage you to get up and drive after your passion—fast. So jump in the car, turn up this tune, and go. Throw Bauke Top a follow on Soundcloud to stay updated with what’s to come!

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert (Hibell Remix)

by Gabriel Ferrer on August 8, 2015

Ghost Town - Adam Lambert (Hibell Remix)

Free Download | Ghost Town - Adam Lambert (Hibell Remix)

They say consistency is key, and 18 year old Aaron Hibell is one of the most dependable tropical house producers I follow. The music he puts out just keeps getting better — and when I say better, I mean even better than their originals. With this new track, Hibell uses a more futuristic approach and exploits Adam Lambert’s vocals perfectly into the melodious synth and big-room percussion. With smooth transitions and an upbeat tempo, the young producer showcases that he hasn’t forgotten his tropical roots; all the feeling and emotions of summer can be culminated into a single drop in this song. My favorite part is when the synth fades into a chorus of violins near the end of the track. The fact that Hibell is so young and already dropping such mature material goes to show how big he has the potential to be. Adam Lambert recognized the song on his personal Facebook page saying that he “loved it,” so don’t take my word for it, take Adam’s. I highly suggest you go cop this free download if you haven’t already. If you like what you hear then go and follow Hibell on Soundcloud & Twitter to stay up to date with his latest content because believe me when I say that you do not want to miss any of it. #SpreadTheHype

Why You Leavin’ – FAB & Vann

by Gabriel Ferrer on August 5, 2015

Why You Leavin' - FAB & Vann

Free Download | Why You Leavin' - FAB & Vann

I was put onto FAB about 2 days ago when I was chatting with another artist, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. What starts off as a melodic tune and some vocals from the Atlanta based Vann quickly turns into one of the heaviest drops of 2015. This song is the definition of what trap music should be; high pitched voices in the background, and heavy bass that will have your speakers blasting. My favorite part was that the song finished how it started — transitioning smoothly from heavy drops to church like choir in the vocals. School’s about to start, and there is no better way then to come in bumping new music. This is definitely a song you’re gonna want to have on your turn-up playlist for that first party week of college. Whether you’re about to get drunk or just kick it, be sure to cop this free download because otherwise you’d be taking a major L in the music game. If you like this tune then be sure to show the France based producer some serious love and follow him on soundcloud & twitter to be updated on future releases. #SpreadTheHYPE

Chocolate – The 1975 (Taylor Wise Remix)

by Gabriel Ferrer on August 4, 2015

The 1975 - Chocolate

Free Download | Chocolate - The 1975 (Taylor Wise Remix)

You ever hear a song that just makes you feel good? Well this is one of those songs. Taylor Wise’s remix of Chocolate is really one of the best tracks I’ve heard all summer, and believe me, I have heard a lot of music. The way the vocals in the background are able to integrate with everything that is happening in the song is really something to admire about the New York producer’s work. I’ve been showing this song to all my friends, and everyone has said the same thing: it just makes you want to get up and do something, anything. It’s rare to come across these type of songs, so I thought that it would be unfair not to share the wealth with you guys. Be sure to cop the free download, but most importantly be sure to go show some serious love to Taylor Wise for this golden track on soundcloud & twitter. Spread the HYPE.