Keep On Loving Me

Download Keep On Loving Me - Devon Baldwin & Christoph Andersson

Devon Baldwin continues to evolve from G-Eazy‘s chorus girl into a flourishing solo artist. From collaborating with musician JMSN, slaying performances at SXSW and Buku, it’s clear that while Devon may be riding the wave of G-Eazy, it’s her utter elegance and talent that continues to impress audiences. I especially enjoy the music she’s created thus-far with producer Christoph Andersson. He has the ability to marry Devon’s silky angelic voice with complementary and distinctive electronic production. Her latest track “Keep On Loving Me”, which just premiered yesterday on The Fader, incorporates more kick and more slap-bass as well as vocals from Christoph himself. While I have to say the subject matter of her songs may be exhausted at this point (i.e. toxic relationships), her sound is progressing and I only see her getting bigger from here. For now, cop this free download and look out for her debut EP “Lungs” coming soon.

Silly Syl Radio #6

by Sylvia Parol on April 13, 2015

SSR6 art

Download Silly Syl Radio #6

Time for some more Silly Syl Radio. This is episode 6, guest-starring your’s truly. I go in for a 45-minute set spinning some new hip-hop and trap re-works, keeping things dark and mellow. I’ve featured a good number of remixes of artists like Drake, Cassie, Niykee Heaton, and even one-hit-wonder group Tatu. It’s more music you never knew you loved. Tune in and stay hyped.

Girls That Dance – Masego & Medasin

by Sylvia Parol on April 13, 2015

Girls That Dance

Download Girls That Dance - Masego & Medasin

I’m happy to introduce two new artists to the University Hype library today: Masego, a musician from Jamaica, and Medasin, an electronic music producer from Dallas, Texas.  Together, they have crafted the first track off the Pink Polo EP, titled “Girls That Dance.” The song is delicate and jazzy with 8-bit touches, synthy production, sultry saxophone, and even some scatting in the mix. It’s lyrically simple, singing the praises of sophisticated girls who can get down on the dance floor with you and your boys. The upbeat kick-drum carries the energy throughout the entire track, perfect for a hip cocktail party at your friend’s Brooklyn apartment. Keep your eyes out for the anticipated drop of the Pink Polo EP, set to be released by new artist collective Film Noir. If you’re feeling the music, download the free track and give Masego and Medasin a shout on Twitter.

Oxytocin – Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

by thedean on April 13, 2015


Download Oxytocin - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

Gnash got popular after doing a mellow indie-experimental rendition of CoCo, that notorious OT Genesis song about cocaine that’s been playing in every club since last summer. Although his name was marketed by his rap-goes-acoustic rendition, his best material is completely original content like his project U, which you can stream off his soundcloud, which includes the single Oxytocin. I posted Rad Cat’s remix to Earned It by The Weeknd last month, and despite how creative and imaginative his production is, he still seems to be releasing new content in a remarkably timely manner. This is by far my favorite release from him yet; panning synth, complex sampling, and fervent buildups cascade into eachother as the drug-induced sound washes over you. Oxytocin might sound like the infamous prescription drug oxycontin, but really it’s just a natural hormone produced by your brain that induces the sensations of love. Rad Cat is steadily becoming our site’s favorite producers, and if he continues to consistently release free content you can definitely expect to see him on the site again in the near future. In the meantime, follow him on twitter and soundcloud and show some support by sharing his song below.

Big Bootie Mix Vol 7 – The Two Friends

by thedean on April 11, 2015


Download Big Bootie Mix Vol 7 - The Two Friends

We’ve been sharing The Two Friends’ music with y’all since early 2013, and every Big Bootie Mix they drop seems to represent a new milestone they’ve hit in their career. As a testament to that, they recorded Big Bootie Mix #7 in the Dominican Republic, home to some of the biggest booties in the world while touring and linking with XTREME trips for an amazing Spring Break show. If you’re unfamiliar with their Big Bootie campaign, they’re basically hour long bootleg mixes set to some original electronic house production by Matt & Eli, two friends that have been making music together since 2011. I can’t even begin to tell you how diverse yet lucid this mix is, but the tracklist they released should give you an idea of what accapellas and original songs you can expect to hear. Honestly, we’ve been posting EDM tracks for awhile now, and I’ve still yet to meet artists who have as unique of a sound as Two Friends, their innovative tracks are a combination of punk-pop and new-wave electronic, but even their mixes are hyphy and distinctive. Cop the free download, check out all their other material we’ve posted, and be sure to show them some love via twitter and soundcloud to keep up with their releases and see when they’re coming to a city near you.


Wait Until Tomorrow – Prince Fox

by Sylvia Parol on April 8, 2015

Prince Fox

Download Wait Until Tomorrow - Prince Fox

New York City-based Sam Lassner, known by his stage-name Prince Fox, is a notable producer with a reputation of crafting dance/house remixes of popular music. Yesterday, he dropped his first original track called “Wait Until Tomorrow.” The song is tagged as #FuturePop on Soundcloud, and I couldn’t agree more with that classification. The back-beat is simple, sprinkled with a bit of Disclosure influence, while the the vocals are satisfyingly auto-tuned. It’s retro sound makes it sound futuristic, ironically enough; I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track playing on BBC Radio 1 soon. Show your friends that you’re one step ahead in the Pop game with this free download. And catch up on Prince Fox’s remixes on Soundcloud.

Electric Relaxation Vol. 2 (Mix) – Joe Jordahl

by Sylvia Parol on April 8, 2015

Electric Relaxation

Download Electric Relaxation Vol. 2 (Mix) - Joe Jordahl

I’m not quite sure who Joe Jordahl is. Is he related to Alex Jordahl, a frat-bro, underground electronic producer and DJ, a combination of all four? One thing I DO know about this guy is that he has pretty damn good taste in music, proven by his selection and blending in “Electric Relaxation Vol. 2.” Chill, trapped-out DJ mixes can now be found in abundance on Soundcloud. But Jordahl’s mix stands out from the rest. Each track has enough of a beat to keep you moving, making this mix more of a Sativa than an Indica. You’ll find slick rap voices floating in and out on tracks like “High” by Alex Jordahl, trappy remixes like “YOUSHOULDKNOW” by Ozzie, and vintage hip-hop vibes with the likes of “Momma’s Hoopty” by Leland Aleem Fākir. I hope to hear more from this young tastemaker soon. I’ll be catching up on some of his older mixes until then, and you should too.

Blood Love – Young Summer (Big Wild Remix)

by thedean on April 6, 2015


Download Blood Love - Young Summer (Big Wild Remix)

You probably aren’t familiar with Young Summer, but the D.C.-based solo artist recently released her debut album Siren, which contained a ton of melodic gems including the eerie lust inspired single Blood Love. If you’re new to our site, you might also not be familiar with Big Wild, but if you’ve done your homework than you’re familiar with his organic electronic sound and the plethora of great free content he’s released in the past couple of years. From the full drum kit he uses on stage and in-studio, to the authentic guitar samples he records, every aspect of his production is a testament to his uniqueness and originality. This official remix is another great addition to his repertoire; where the original song was resonating pop vibes and little more than a simple synth progression, Big Wild converted the track into a summertime anthem with multiple layers of percussion, a Venice Beach influenced guitar part, and heavy drops into an ecstasy-packed break downs with a refreshing synthasized melody. Cop the free downoad, follow Big Wild on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear, and check back with us soon to see the exclusive interview he did with us at SXSW.

Stonewall Klaxon (Interview)

by thedean on April 2, 2015


This interview has been a long time coming. It’s been almost a year since we discovered Stonewall Klaxon here in Austin, and we’ve been seeing his shows and watching him grow as an artist ever since. We met up with him at SXSW to talk about his unique sound, his new project, and what 2015 has in store for him. Check it out and show him some love on twitter and soundcloud.

Delirium Sonata (Mixtape) – Tribe Society

by Sylvia Parol on March 30, 2015

Delirium Sonata

Download Delirium Sonata (Mixtape) - Tribe Society

After a crazy week at SXSW of interviews and performances, electronic/rock group Tribe Society just dropped Delirium Sonata, a project they describe as a 30-minute musical odyssey. Delirium Sonata is composed of reimagined renditions of songs by The Beatles, Young Thug, and Eminem, original garage-influenced progressive rock anthems, and musical interludes that tie together each track seamlessly. The tape encapsulates the mergence of Tribe Society’s ambient rock style. They push the boundaries of genre while demonstrating their versatility and scope in music. While Tribe Society itself is a new musical endeavor, these dudes have been working together for years. Cop the free download and vibe out to rock-redefined. Then make sure to check out my interview with Brad on location at SXSW.