West Coast Dreams (Mixtape)

by thedean on May 24, 2015

west coast dreams

Free Download | West Coast Dreams (Mixtape)

We haven’t dropped an official UniversityHype sponsored mixtape in awhile, so this is long overdue. To make up for missed tracks, and to kick off the summer with a nice long free project, we compiled the 22-track long West Coast Dreams mixtape. Full of good vibes that’ll have you seeing palm trees and cold drinks, each song was hand selected by our staff writers to portray the sounds and artists we love to listen to in the summertime. Cop the free download and share it with your friends. Enjoy.

Killin’ It – CAPPA (Eau Claire Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on May 23, 2015


Free Download | Killin' It - CAPPA (Eau Claire Remix)

I’m so happy I discovered both of these talented female musicians today. CAPPA is a pop-singer from Nashville, with gentle and hypnotic vocals, and on-point style to match. Eau Claire, producer and DJ from DC, flipped her track “Killin’ It” into a future-indie-dance banger. It’s the kind of track you listen to as the day’s about to end, but you can still see the sun in the horizon. You can’t help but dance and groove to this one. CAPPA and Eau Claire’s individual styles both complement each other harmoniously. I’m hoping to see these two in the studio together sometime for a future joint release. CAPPA’s dropping her new EP on May 26th, so go pre-order that shit after you snag this free download.

White Iverson – Post Malone (Y2K Remix)

by thedean on May 22, 2015

white iverson post malone y2k remix album art

Free Download | White Iverson - Post Malone (Y2K Remix)

I’ve been wanting to share this original from Post Malone ever since I heard it, but this bootleg from Y2K is — to my surprise — even better. With some downtempo percussion, oriental strings, and various fitting-samples, this remix has been tweaked just enough to still retain the aura of the original while still adding some funky flavor from Y2K. His style is extremely unique, very detailed, and beautifully branded. Just from looking at his soundcloud, you can tell this producer has developed a way of doing things that’s unique; from his music to his profile picture, everything is congruent in that it all flows together and represents Y2K. Enjoy the free remix, show some support and share his track via twitter or facebook below.

Free Download | Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover) - Nicolas Haelg & Megan Davies

Nicolas Haelg, electronic music producer out of Switzerland, teamed up with pop vocalist Megan Davies to create a reimagined version of Lana Del Rey’s hit “Summertime Sadness.” And although yes, the track is way overplayed and remixed countless times, I gotta say I’m really vibin’ to this interpretation. Haelg imbued some tropical-house beats beneath the harmonious vocals of Davies and male singer Keelan Donovan, adding a new dimension to the originally solo piece. The guitar riffs are happy and carefree, the production is crisp, and I’m feeling way more of that happiness than sadness. Get that free download and cruise into the summer sunset with this solid rework.

retrograde celeste stoney carneyvala remix james blake album art

Free Download | Retrograde - Carneyval & Celeste Stoney (James Blake Cover)

Carneyval is no stranger to UniversityHype, and after doing an interview with him over the phone last week (coming soon) I discovered this gem that I missed from him that he released at New Orlean’s BUKU project. You’re probably familiar with the hit-single Retrograde from James Blake, but I promise you’ve never heard it like this. William Carney does a phenomenal job at implementing his own funky electronic sound into this rendition of James’s track with Celeste Stoney. The instrumental originally hit me as Michael Jackson-esque, but quickly transformed into a hyped up dance track; waves of keys, synth, and groovy guitar keep the momentum going from start to finish. Cop the free download if you like what you hear, follow Carneyval on soundcloud and twitter, and share the track to show some support.


Free Download | Night Trippin' - Landon Sears, Chris Miller, & slomdug

I’m really happy to introduce y’all to a new artist to the UH library today: Landon Sears. This guy’s an 18-year-old singer and producer out of Nashville, who dabbles in feel-good acoustic goodness and a little bit of hip-hop. His most recent track “Night Trippin'” employs the on-point and wavy production of slomdug; he plays with the delicate balance of electronic bass vibes and a nostalgic blues-inspired trumpet sample.  Landon’s voice goes down so smooth, with a sound and sense for rhythm well beyond his years. He sings about that feeling of just needing to hop in your car and go on a night drive to clear your head. And yes, this dude can rap too. Get that free download, check out some of his YouTube videos, and follow him on Twitter so you can be the first on the jump.

Silly Syl Radio #7 feat. TheDean

by Sylvia Parol on May 14, 2015


Download Silly Syl Radio #7 feat. TheDean

This week I brought on Trevor, TheDean of University Hype, to help me put together a mix filled with chill R&B and electronic goodness. This mix feels like the last remnants of winter; Trevor and I picked a lot of dark downtempo tracks, with some songs that might pull at the heart a bit. Press play and vibe out. Episode 7 is sure to take you to another level.


Download All of the People - Panama Wedding (The Soundmen)

Producer-duo The Soundmen deliver a remix of Panama Wedding’s anthemic pop hit “All of the People.” Scott and Justin played with the dynamic elements of the original track, turning it into a chill yet upbeat tune that makes you feel those happy summer vibes. The intro is simple, emphasizing vocals, snaps, and a synthy bass. The chorus drop at 1:00 ramps up the energy, but not in a rage-face kind of way. More like the sway back and forth with your eyes closed feeling good kind of way. The Soundmen’s remix of “All of the People” is the perfect poolside jam. Cop the exclusive University Hype download here and give the guys a shout on Twitter if you’re liking what you hear.

Selfishness – Kolada (Rad Cat Remix)

by thedean on May 8, 2015


Download Selfishness - Kolada (Rad Cat Remix)

I wasn’t familiar with Kolada until today, but after a few listens I fell in love with her soft, raw, and feathery vocals on her original track selfishness/lust. After galvanizing producers to take a shot at remixing her single, Rad Cat whipped up this gem — which might be my favorite track he’s sent us yet. His take on tracks has always been experimental to say the least, yet they always turn out lucid and flavorful. His take on Kolada’s selfishness is no exception. He intricately constructs a build up leading to cascading synth, cymbals, and a plethora of random yet fitting samples; creaking beds, distorted vocals, and filtered claps to name a few. Somehow, despite the wide variation and compilation of instruments, the track retains it’s mellow lounging vibe; inspiring introspective thoughts and emphasizing the pensive lyricism. From start to finish, this remix resonates fresh, progressive, electronic-indie vibes. Cop the exclusive free download, check out our interview with Rad Cat from last week if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.


Every Hour – Durkin

by Sylvia Parol on May 6, 2015

Every Hour

Download Every Hour - Durkin

Boston-based producer Durkin’s newest release “Every Hour” is filled with feel-good French house vibes and groovy club beats. Durkin snagged the vocals from “Bum Bum” by Kat DeLuna, dropped them down a few octaves and layered them upon some wavy production to make a track that is impossible to not dance to. I might even go so far as to say it’s got a touch of disco to it. Hit that play button, and if you’re digging it, get that free download while it’s hot. Follow Durkin on Soundcloud and Twitter if you know what’s good for you.