DRMSQNCR – Stonewall Klaxon

by thedean on February 26, 2015


Download DRMSQNCR - Stonewall Klaxon

We haven’t heard anything from Stonewall that we haven’t liked yet, which is pretty rare for us music critics. That being said, DRMSQNCR (the title track to his in-progress project), sticks to the trend and once again earns a spot at the top of our feed. The arrangement, intricacy, and ever-changing tempo tap into a level of “chill” that’s unique from any other producer you’ll hear. Although there aren’t not any audible lyrics, the filtered vocal samples seemingly speak a universal language. The nod-inducing, trance-kindling, dream-triggering style that Stonewall Klaxon has coined is as flavorful as it is catchy. Cop the free download, follow Stonewall on Twitter and Soundcloud, and stay tuned for some interview and concert footage that we shot dropping later this month.

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Silly Syl Radio #4 feat. Max

by Sylvia Parol on February 23, 2015


Ye ye it’s Silly Syl Radio Episode #4 featuring my friend Max. Follow Max on Soundcloud and thank me later. He’ll be bringing you an eclectic mix of electronic and trap music. You’ll find lots of solid remixes filled with fat bass that you can’t help but rage to. I’m feeling a little more poppy and upbeat this week, so check out some of the songs I would play if I ran a mainstream radio station. Featuring music from Mr. Carmack, Rvdical The Kid, Kehlani, and Skizzy Mars.

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Mine – Phoebe Ryan & Skizzy Mars (Michael Keenan Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on February 20, 2015

Mine (Remix)

Download Mine - Phoebe Ryan & Skizzy Mars (Michael Keenan Remix)

Teal-haired mermaid babe Phoebe Ryan has been an underground music artist since 2013. However, the 23-year-old LA-based songwriter has been establishing herself as a prominent name in the music scene recently. Her recent ascension into the spotlight can be attributed to her R. Kelly/Miguel Mash-Up ‘Ignition/Do You’, which dropped last month and premiered on Billboard. When I first heard this track, I was struck by her innocent and almost child-like vocals, but I found myself pressing play over and over again. Her unique-sounding voice captured me. “Mine” was her first original song, and it was incredibly well-received by audiences, garnering almost 150,000 plays on Soundcloud to date. Rapper Skizzy Mars and producer Michael Keenan certainly took notice and decided to collaborate with her to create this feel-good remix. Keenan adds his signature bouncy, anthemic production beneath Ryan’s charming vocals, and Skizzy throws in a few chill bars, hitting on Ryan in the process: Hey Phoebe I really love your hair. You’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful. Oh the things that I would do to you. Keep your eyes on this lady on Twitter, because this is only the beginning of her takeover.

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Download She All About - Rowland Evans & Chris Bushnell (Andrew Luce Remix)

It’s weird hearing Andrew remix a track that hasn’t been on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, but this remix to Rowland Evan’s & Chris Bushnell’s original EDM banger is still fire. Fat bass, dramatic drops, and enticing percussion converge to create a melodic anthem. The sample says something about ass-shaking, but the focal of both tracks is truly on the intricate production workings, which is new for Andrew who normally maintains a comfortable balance between vocals and the beat. If you’ve listened to any of his remixes prior to this, you know that Andrew likes revamping notorious Hip-Hop tracks, most of which we’ve posted on the site in the past..  This is definitely a little bit more of an aggressive electronic sound for him, but if you like what you hear be sure to cop the free download and follow Andrew Luce on twitter.

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This Could Be Love

Download This Could Be Love - Borgeous & Shaun Frank (Rooftop Boys Remix)

Summertime-lovin’ progressive-house duo The Rooftop Boys recently dropped a remix of Borgeous & Shaun Frank’s “This Could Be Love.” They reworked the bouncy house hit to include more progressive elements that’s sure to make it a festival favorite. Their crisp production work incorporates sweeping buildups, a more electro-sounding breakdown, and the kind of emotion that makes you feel like all is right with the world. The beat is damn catchy and will have you grooving whether you’re dancing in your room by yourself or in a packed club on a Friday night. Diggin’ the music? If you do, please support these artists by giving them a heart on HypeM and a vote on Wavo for the Borgeous remix contest.

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Knock You Down

Download Knock You Down - Devon Baldwin, Skizzy Mars, & Christoph Andersson

Bay-area singer Devon Baldwin linked up with rapper Skizzy Mars and producer Christoph Andersson to create “Knock You Down,” a pop ballad with some biting words and heavy emotion. The track starts off with a melancholy piano riff, leading up to Christoph’s signature dream-pop production sound at 0:50. The beat is ambient and bouncy, but pay attention to Devon’s airy and haunting voice singing lyrics like “I’m gonna shoot you down just say goodbye,” and “You’ll love me now, but I can’t help it If I’m the one who takes you down.” Sounds like Devon is done putting up with bullshit and is really starting to assert herself with her own music. Cop the free download and decipher it for yourself.

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Me & U – Cassie (Rad Cat Remix)

by Sylvia Parol on February 12, 2015

Me and You

Download Me & U - Cassie (Rad Cat Remix)

I’m a sucker for a smooth Cassie Remix. Although I’ve seen countless renditions of her single “Me & U”, I had to give Rad Cat’s version a shot, and I am glad I did. Rad Cat flips the R&B track to give it more of a future bounce feel. What sounds like the buildup to a drop actually leads into a effect that I can only describe as a cascading waterfall of chimes. It’s a feel-good, happy-sounding remix with influences from the likes of Cashmere Cat and Branchez. Rad Cat is a young producer out of San Diego. Along with producer Nebulous, they comprise the duo HYPRWAVE. Be the first on the jump by following Rad Cat on Twitter.

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Planes – Jeremih (Andrew Luce Edit)

by thedean on February 10, 2015


Download Planes - Jeremih (Andrew Luce Edit)

Andrew has been one of our site’s favorite producers for quite some time now, and although we hadn’t heard from him since early winter, this morning he released a quick little edit to a Jeremih track in recognition of his 3 million accumulated plays. If you’ve heard Jeremih’s newest single feat. J. Cole that dropped a couple weeks ago, you understand where I’m coming from when I say that this track will drop panties. Andrew takes the simple instrumental to an intricately layered atmosphere where he skillfully samples Jeremih’s provocative verses, creating a coherent eidt with all the qualities we’ve grown accustomed to hearing in his remixes. Did I mention he did all of this in the duration of his flight back to San Francisco? Don’t sleep, catch up on all of Andrew’s older material and keep up to date via twitter.

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Silly Syl Radio #3 with Cass

by Sylvia Parol on February 10, 2015


I just released the latest installment of Silly Syl Radio! This is episode #3 featuring Cass, my DJ buddy from Lloydminster, Canada. Peep his Soundcloud mixes if you’ve been sleeping on the smoothest, ambient-lovin DJ to grace the pages of University Hype. This week’s episode is full of some of the chillest downtempo you won’t find anywhere else. Cass starts off the mix with some Stwo and works in songs by Astronomyy, Audiotreats, and Mark Johns. I jump in and add my own hip-hop flair, bringing you some fresh off the grill new tracks by Kaytranada, Obeson, and Elhae. Tune in to hear some music you never knew you loved.

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Ice Rink – Cashmere Cat & DJ Mustard

by thedean on February 8, 2015


Download Ice Rink - Cashmere Cat & DJ Mustard

This is such a euphoric collaboration, two worlds colliding on one track to create a mind-boggling yet coherent electronic-trance anthem.  Heavy drops, flawless transitions, timely build ups, everything you’d expect from an all-star line up such as this. DJ Mustard probably isn’t the first person you’d expect to see alongside the notorious EDM artist, but his success in the hip-hop industry is at an all-time high right now having just produced Big Sean’s radio hit IDFWU, as well as a dozen other Billboard top 100 singles. The chilly vibe in the oriental-string workings is intoxicating, and the intricate production is seeping with obvious influences from both parties. If you know good music, you’ll know this track is worth a listen. Cop the free DL and follow Cashmere Cat & Dijon on twitter.

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