Together – Andrew Luce

by thedean on November 21, 2015

Together - Andrew Luce
Free Download | Together - Andrew Luce

This is the fourth project that Andrew Luce’s collective of talented producers known as Daruma have put out. Although I wasn’t feeling every track on the project, I can never get enough of Andrew’s work, and this song is definitely one of the craziest originals he’s ever made. “Together” is basically a symphony of insanely distorted vocal samples, every kind of synth you could imagine, and elaborate percussion arrangements. I’ve never heard someone pull off such a — for lack of a better word — cluster fuck of sounds and somehow turn it into a coherent track like this, but the flawless melodies and unique arrangements keep the song lucid despite the heavy experimental sound. The build ups and break downs are always different; whereas many electronic artists copy and paste sections of their material to construct their songs, Andrew always comes up with something different to keep the song progressing, no cookie cutter templates or cut corners — even in his remixes. Quality is a rare trait in electronic artists these days, and to make timeless music they need to maintain a standard for themselves that sets them apart from the hundreds of thousands of other producers. Andrew Luce keeps raising the bar higher, and it’s safe to say he’s created a style that’s irreplicable. Grab the free DL and show Andrew some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

I Hate U I Love U – Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

by thedean on November 5, 2015

I Hate U I Love U - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)
Free Download | I Hate U I Love U - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

One of the first tracks I posted by Rad Cat was his remix of Oxytocin by gnash back in April, and his ingenuity is what made me a fan of all of his material from then until now. He teased us with a short clip of this remix a while back, and today he finally delivered. My expectations were high, and as always Christian delivered; a wobbly synthesizer, crisp percussion arrangement, plethora of samples, and Olivia O’Brien’s lovely vocals come together to create an ambient build up, which smoothly drops you into Gnash’s verse. Backed by layers of melodic instruments and intricate effects and gates, Rad Cat produced a crazy and unique future bass environment around the otherwise simplistic original. Yet again, this young California-based producer created another gem for your music library. Rad Cat’s recent remix of The Weeknd’s track was taken down by SC a few times, so be sure you cop this one while you can. If you like what you hear be sure to throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Hungry – Dotan (Yako Remix)

by Sean Byron on November 4, 2015

Hungry - Dotan (Yako Remix) yako, yako remix, hungry,

Free Download | Dotan - Hungry (Yako Remix)

Have you ever heard of Yako? If not it’s cool — I wasn’t too familiar with this deep house DJ from Germany either, but this is a name you should get to know.  Yako’s remix of Hungry by Dotan is the first song I’ve heard from him, but it was enough to make me a fan. He takes the melodic original, comprised of only a guitar and vocals, and adds several layers of percussions and keyboard to turn the simple two-instruments song into a small tropical orchestra. Yako’s remix will have you swaying from start to end, and his material is perfect for jamming on the last few sunny days we have before winter kicks in.  This guy puts in work too; his soundcloud is ridden with collabs, remixes, and original content. Needless to say, you should get the free download and throw this amazing German DJ a follow on Soundcloud. He doesn’t have a Twitter, because I guess it’s not that popular in Germany yet, so if you want to reach out to him you should hit his Facebook instead.

I Just Want You – Matt DiMona

by thedean on October 29, 2015

I Just Want You - Matt DiMona
Free Download | I Just Want You - Matt DiMona

We’ve posted nothing but remixes from Matt DiMona to date — he hasn’t dropped any 100% original material in the last two years we’ve been keeping up with him — but today we’re getting a look at the real Matthew DiMona. “I Just Want You” is an ambient indie house jam on the surface, but underneath the feel-good facade there’s a beautifully written love song about infatuation, captivation, and fear of rejection. An upbeat drum loop leads into an atmospheric array of synths as Matt depicts the surreal sighting; a girl in a black dress standing across the room gives him this sudden surge of attraction, and the production seems to flow in sync with his emotions as the track dives into melodic breakdowns, dreamy samples, and some hypey house strings. Matt describes the track himself, saying “It’s a song about a girl who means a lot to me, and how i felt when i met her for the first time. If you know me well, you know that I’ve been writing songs ever since I started making GarageBand beats in middle school… Now that I am about to graduate college in the Spring, it feels right to finally put myself out there as a singer and songwriter in addition to being a producer and DJ…”. Check it out, if you like what you hear be sure to give Matt a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

This Could Be Us – Rae Sremmurd (Arman Cekin Remix)

by Preston Pennington on October 25, 2015

This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd (Arman Cekin Remix)
Free Download | This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd (Arman Cekin Remix)

The two brothers that form Rae Sremmurd released “This Could be Us” on their debut album Sremm Life back in January, and only a few months later it was their fourth song to break top 50 on the U.S. Billboards Hot 100 list. With a song as catchy and popular as this, there are bound to be over 1,000 remixes floating around the internet, but this one stood out from the rest. The usual problem I have with remixes is that they never seem to use enough of the original song, but Arman made use of every verse, hook, and bridge to create this euphoric fast-paced anthem. If you’re familiar with the indigenous track you won’t have any trouble singing along with the Sremm brothers as thick electronic production, enthralling melodies, and impeccable bars pull this track together. Driven by piano, hypey percussion, and exultant synths, this rendition is a perfect way to tie one on and end the weekend on a good note. If you dig Arman Cekin and want to check out some more of his remixes and original content head over to his Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter to show some support.


Nest HQ MiniMix – Big Wild

by thedean on October 19, 2015

Nest HQ MiniMix - Big Wild
Free Download | Nest HQ MiniMix - Big Wild

Big Wild isn’t just one of the most musically talented producers in the game (he plays like 12 instruments), but he also has an awesome taste in music — which became clear after he released this Nest HQ Mix. Thirty minutes is considered a “short” set for a DJ, but I guarantee you he packs a ton of great music into a relatively small time slot. Griz, Brasstracks, Aten Rays, and a ton of original content seamlessly blend together into this perfectly arranged and orchestrated mix. We caught this talented independent artist at SXSW a few months back, and after a brief tour with ODESZA it sounds like he’s getting back into releasing content more consistently. Whether you’re feeling acoustic, tropical, ambient, upbeat, or downtempo, there’s bound to be something in this mix you’ll enjoy. Grab the free download while you can, show Big Wild some love on Soundcloud and Twitter, and if you want to be a dope fan you can go buy his single Aftergold on iTunes.


Stilettos – Penthouse Penthouse

by thedean on October 17, 2015

Stilettos - Penthouse Penthouse
Free Download | Stilettos - Penthouse Penthouse

Man, I’m usually opposed to posting instrumentals, but if I was ever to make an exception it would be for Penthouse Penthouse. This is the second installment off their ‘Grooves Vol. 1′ project, and it’s even more vibey, groovy, and synthy than their last release. Tightly wound strings takes the lead on an upbeat, percussion-filled intro leading into reverb heavy breakdowns and distant samples reciting the hook “stilettos”. It’s a far cry from the usual electronic material we post on here; less ecstasy induced drops and melodies, more down-tempo head-nodding arrangements. Don’t get me wrong though, this song still has all the right ingredients to get you moving. ‘Stilettos’ is for the classy women, the girls who are getting it on the dance floor with their ridiculously high heels, and for the guys who like turning heads while they drive around blasting chill music. Don’t sleep on this already huge production duo, Penthouse Penthouse makes music that’s probably already paying for their penthouse. Cop the free download, show Penthouse Penthouse some love on Soundcloud and Twitter, and if you really want to show some support you can cop their EP off of Bandcamp.

Paradise In You – Radical Something (SJUR Remix)

by Sean Byron on October 15, 2015


Free Download | Paradise In You - Radical Something (SJUR Remix)

This is one of the “vibiest” Radical Something remixes I’ve ever heard. Who would have thought that a remix of Paradise In You could sound better than the original? – I sure didn’t. We’ve posted many Radical Something tracks, but this will be the first post we’ve ever done on the Norwegian based producer SJUR. After checking out his Soundcloud page I can safely say that all of his content exceeds our standards, so you can expect to see a lot more of him in the future. If you like whatcha hear, or if you are a fan of Norwegian artists — or Norwegians in general — be sure to follow SJUR on Soundcloud and Twitter for more tropical remixes.

Heart Hope – Oh Wonder (Mares Remix)

by Preston Pennington on October 14, 2015

heart hope
Free Download | Heart Hope - Oh Wonder (Mares Remix)

I was immediately vibing to this Norwegian artist’s track, which is a fantastic remix of the London duo Oh Wonder‘s “Heart Hope.” The tempo doubles the original while still giving off a relaxing ambiance full of synth, piano, and some added bass. I’m not usually a fan of remixes — generally I prefer authentic material — but this combines organic instruments with wavy electronic production to create a mellow tropical jam. If you dig the song get the free download, put it in your playlist and follow Mares on Soundcloud.

So Into You – Childish Gambino (Anomura Remix)

by thedean on October 13, 2015

so into you
Free Download | So Into You - Childish Gambino (Anomura Remix)

You might have missed this Tamia cover that Childish Gambino released earlier this month, but if you haven’t heard the jazzy, clean, lightly produced R&B track yet you need to go give it a listen. Thankfully, Anomura released a free-to-download rendition that plays around with upbeat tropical house vibes while still maintaining the mellow qualities that Gambino initially captivated us with. The transitions in percussion from snares to claps to snaps helps create a seemingly complex arrangement, and the multiple layers of blues-inspired keyboard melodies act as a welcome replacement for the hypey synths we’d normally expect in an electronic remix. Give it a listen and show Anomura some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.