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Waiting On The Sunrise – Felly & Matt Burton

May 4, 2016

Waiting On The Sunrise - Felly & Matt Burton
Free Download | Waiting On The Sunrise - Felly & Matt Burton

The first time I heard this song was when Felly and D. Brute recorded a little summertime jam session back in August of last year. Unfortunately D. Brute didn’t make it onto the final record, despite his surprisingly soothing vocals. Instead, Matt Burton made it in the cut, which is a collab we’ve been waiting far too long to hear.

‘Waiting On The Sunrise’ is the epitome of a feel-good summertime jam. The melancholy lyrics paired with the bouncy chords and waning synth leads make for a very Felly-branded single. The hook is about people who are working for the weekend, waiting for the good days to come around, and making it through the hard times. Fel’s career has taken off this year, with two big-city tours, appearances at a few music festivals, and a plethora of new fans from around the world. Summertime is when this Conn-Cali musician shows his true colors, and hopefully this is the first of many new tracks to drop.

Matt Burton is a Portland based artist that’s been struggling to get his career off the ground. He’s talented beyond comparison, but in a city where resources are limited and studios are few and far between, he’s having to put in twice the effort to get a somewhat marketable product out. He describes his situation best, saying “I need funds to escape, but the funds that I need ain’t gonna come til’ I’m made. So I’m stuck for awhile, until I get paid, but right now… the Ramen Noodles right next to the Hennessey.”

Cop the free download and show the prodigy Felly some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Terrified – Isaac Gracie

April 14, 2016

Terrified - Isaac Gracie
Free Download | Terrified - Isaac Gracie

I stumbled across Isaac Gracie the other day, and despite all of his material being bedroom recordings, his music captivated me. He has this song Last Words, which was the first song on his Soundcloud account, and with no promotion whatsoever he managed to accrue over 100,000 plays purely off of its uniqueness. The elegiac sound that he’s cultivated in his London apartment is so packed with emotion that I just couldn’t pass on sharing it with y’all.

So I shot Isaac an e-mail and asked if we could share one of the songs off of his debut EP Songs From My Bedroom, and within minutes he got back to me and gave me the green light to post ‘Terrified’. This track, like all of the material on his project, is simply him and an acoustic guitar. The overwhelming sense of sadness that you can hear in Isaac’s voice is haunting, and the under-produced sound somehow makes it more authentic and relatable. He sings about the hole of self destruction that he’s fallen into, the battle within himself to grow from a scared boy to a strong man, and the evocative idea that maybe he “wasn’t cut out for this”.

If you find some kind of solace in this song, do Isaac Gracie a favor. Show him some love on Soundcloud and cop his project on iTunes if you’re feeling it.


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Having Fun – Marc E. Bassy

April 13, 2016

Having Fun - Marc E. Bassy
Free Download | Having Fun - Marc E. Bassy

Marc is still on his groovy acoustic kick, and although I can’t speak for everyone, I love it. The R&B singer has been getting mixed feedback about his transition; many people who know him for his work with 2AM Club, or with rappers like G-Eazy and Skizzy Mars are unsatisfied with the switch up. I think it’s important to keep an open mind when listening to new music, and versatility should never be barraged or shunned.

‘Having Fun’ has accrued just shy of 1,000,000 plays since it’s release two weeks ago, which is by far the fastest that any of his original songs has taken off. The beat starts off with an acoustic guitar chord progression layered underneath some female vocal samples, which leads into a slowly building a drum line as Marc sings his first verse. The watered down claps and cymbals keep the instrumental splashy until about 2:13, where the beat tightens up and Marc spits a few bars for his hip-hop fans.

This song is about the highs that fade away, the numbness that comes with success, and addressing the elephant in the room as to whether or not everyone’s actually still having fun, or just partying out of habit. It’s a deep song, and certainly one that you can empathize with. Show Marc some love on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram if you like what you hear.

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The Weekend – Getter & Tree

April 12, 2016

The Weekend - Getter
Free Download | The Weekend - Getter

Getter might not be a new name to some of you, but he’s new to the site so I feel obligated to give a little bit of background on this LA-based prodigy. I don’t know how we’ve managed to sleep on an artist who already has 220k followers on Soundcloud, much less an artist who’s performed at a multitude of EDM festivals across the globe, but we’re on top of it now. Getter is a producer who’s renowned for his heavy drops and futuristic dubstep production, but his good friend Tree, who’s also based out of Los Angeles, brings out a different sound in him — something smoother, more downtempo, more euphoric.

The last song these two had together was on Getter’s debut project Radical Dude, and it showcased hypnotic samples, keys, and synths that seemed completely out of place on a primarily dubstep album. Similarly, ‘Weekend’ is a mesmerizing piano-based indie jam that brings out the best in both these artists. The feel-good progression provides the perfect backing for Tree’s vocals as he sings about how he used to work for the weekend, and how his outlook has changed since he started pursuing his passion.

It’s a simple, ariose track from two extremely talented musicians. Don’t sleep, throw Tree and Getter a follow on Soundcloud to show some support.

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April 10, 2016

Free Download | Hit It - TYLERxCORDY

Tyler Cordy has blown me away with this new-found sound that he’s been rolling with, and it’s always refreshing to hear a former electronic producer, and former 2-AM club rapper, start putting out 100% original content. The vocal talent that this guy has been hiding from the world for the past couple of years is inspiring; he’s not the best singer we’ve heard by any means, but his poetic lyricism and cultivated sound makes up for whatever he may lack in natural talent.

As you might have guessed, ‘Hit It’ is a track about getting close to a girl in more than one way. He sings and raps about the dreamy, weed-filled dalliance he’s having with this unnamed lover, and how he plans on making the best of a situation that probably won’t last. It’s an interesting transition seeing as how the last song we posted by Tyler was about letting go of a girl that was going down a path he couldn’t follow, and now this song references a more casual, less meaningful relationship that he’s hoping turns into something more significant. The production from Dan Edinberg is ambient, yet intense in all the right ways; twangy strings, airy synths, and crisp percussion sequences make for a fitting backtrack to Tyler’s vocals.

It’s rare for an artist’s career to blossom this soon after putting out original material, but after accruing over 100,000 plays on his first original track, I think it’s safe to say that Tyler is on the right path. Check it out and be sure to show him some love on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram if you like what you hear.

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Sweet Talk – ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

April 6, 2016

Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII
Free Download | Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

Between the tribal drum pattern, the bouncy marimba lead line, and the melodic hip-hop vocals of ACADEMY’s newest collaboration with Quinn XCII produced by AM.PM., its’ hard to put a finger on what would be a good comparison – but I’ve landed on describing it as a blend of Kygo, Vacationer, Aer and Chance the Rapper (sorry Quinn, I know you get that one a lot).

Full disclosure, I was the producer on this track, so obviously I’m going to be excited about its release. But bias aside, it was awesome to see a larger team of people work on a song together, each focused solely on what they do best. All in all there were 6 total people involved in this production, whereas the typical indie SoundCloud track is often limited to one or two people on the team. Quinn’s been a significant figure in the indie-pop/hip-hop realm, teaming up with Ayokay on two EPs in a row now (my favorite single from him thus far has been Full Circle). So having this indie-pop prodigy join up with two “summer-rap” artists was the right call.

“Sweet Talk” is the second installment of ACADEMY’s series of singles and should be on constant rotation for anyone gearing up for summer. They’re set to release their third full project, “The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be” sometime this summer, only a year after their second project, “The Beat Generation”. Follow ACADEMY, Quinn XCII, and AM.PM. on SoundCloud to stay tuned for future tracks similar to this one.

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Gold – Caye

April 4, 2016

Gold - Caye
Free Download | Gold - Caye

It’s been a couple months since we’ve heard from Caye, and it’s good to hear him back in the cut with some brand new material. If you’re unfamiliar with this 18 year old producer, rapper, and singer from Massachusetts, now is a good time to get to know him.

As per usual, ‘Gold’ is a 100% original creation, and sticks to the down tempo, feel-good style that Caye has branded himself with. As with his last single, Miles, this song is about his main chick. A stuttered high-hat arrangement, distinct snare hits, cow-bell strikes, and claps are compiled over a euphoric synth progression to create the dreamy ambiance that Caye was going for.

He starts his verse off by describing the feeling that this girl gives him — the overwhelming sense of pride and completeness he has with her by his side. Although Caye isn’t the epitome of a R&B artist, he hits some high notes on the hook of this song and is definitely working on broadening his horizons.

All in all ‘Gold’ is a great release, and really showcases Caye’s abilities as a musician. If you like what you hear be sure to throw him a follow on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram to show support.

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September – Kev

March 30, 2016

September - Kev
Free Download | September - Kev

Kev is an artist that we’ve been regrettably sleeping on for the last 8 months that he’s been releasing material, but today my eyes were opened. After going through and favorite-ing and reposting every single track I listened to, I decided that posting his most recent release would suffice for all the content we overlooked.

‘September’ is a tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire — most famous for their song September — and the recent death of their front man Maurice White. Kev did the man justice with this release, creating a fresh, funky, sample-heavy remix of their hit single, and even throwing in a few rap verses that I couldn’t make out, other than the notorious sound of Busta Rhymes under a hefty electro-trap inspired beat.

It’s a short little remix, but still so full of soul and jubilation. Kev’s miraculous work on the keys, for his piano and his laptop, bring this classic anthem from the 80’s back to life with a modern twist. I know this might not be everyone’s favorite, but you definitely need to go check out Kev’s Soundcloud and listen to some of his original material as well. If you like what you hear throw him a follow on Twitter and Instagram too.

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PCB – Pink Slip & Rahn Harper

March 27, 2016

PCB - Pink Slip & Rahn Harper

Free Download | PCB - Pink Slip & Rahn Harper

Racking up 100k streams in only two weeks, the odds are good that you’ve already heard this beachy banger from Pink Slip and Rahn Harper — but for those of you that haven’t, let’s change that. Pink Slip is a beat-prodigy that’s dropped numerous trap/future bangers at only 19 years old, while Rahn Harper is a solid vocalist coming out of Chicago who blends R&B and hip-hop in his writing – so them linking up was bound to produce something sick.

This single has a killer mix of summer vibes in Pink Slip’s typical future trap production, mixing synth bass and pads with the warm Rhodes progression that carries the melody. And since he has a substantial background in drums and percussion, intricate drum parts are always a notable element in his work. Over the beat, Rahn hits that popular blend of hip-hop flow and soulful singing, along with an admittedly catchy hook about the infamous spring break spot in Florida. In short, this track bangs. Be sure to follow Pink Slip and Rahn on SoundCloud to catch more individual releases. And when you check out the track, wait for the drop.

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Panoramic – ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

March 24, 2016

Panoramic - ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

Free Download | Panoramic - ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

Last week, ACADEMY kicked off their springtime delivery of summer anthems with their first single of the year, “Panoramic”. In 2015, ACADEMY released a series of singles back to back leading up to their previous EP, The Beat Generation, in which they substantially stepped up their production and overall aesthetic to a sound that really nailed the reggae rap style. This year, they’re taking it a step further, with a bigger team of producers and several features, including Jackson Breit on this single.

The track kicks off with a trumpet lead reminiscent of 70s Motown laid over a big pseudo-tribal pop beat. Evan raps his verse, John sings the pre-chorus, and then they join together in a loud hook anthem proclaiming, “when I die I want a panoramic view.” This hook actually reminded me of MGMT’s earlier famous tracks from our high school years, which was an awesome style to blend into the surf-rap vocals preceding it. Jackson Breit keeps the good vibes high through verse two with his signature blend of singing and rapping – if you dig the small glimpse of his style you get here, check out his other classics like Sunny Side or Looking Better.

Rumor has it that ACADEMY is set to drop another collab with Quinn XCII sometime in the coming weeks, a track that carries the same tribal summer vibes as this first single. Throw ACADEMY a follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with the duo as they go on a North East tour in the coming month with Breit as well as William Bolton – and be sure to catch a show if you’re in the area.

Spring Tour Dates:

3.18 San Diego, CA

4.9 Arizona TBA

4.19 New York, NY

4.20 Philadephia, PA

4.21 Boston, MA

4.23 Portsmouth, NH