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August 26 – Post Malone (Mixtape)

May 18, 2016

August 26 - Post Malone (Mixtape)
Free Download | August 26 - Post Malone (Mixtape)

It’s crazy seeing how far the Dallas-raised prodigy, Post Malone, has come since we had him come out and perform at our show in Miami last year. Mr. White Iverson has been making friends in all the right places, and whether it’s his natural talent or his genuinely optimistic ambiance, everyone loves this guy.

‘August 26’ is the first full project that Post Malone has released since making his epic debut into the rap game a year and a half ago. It’s a 10-track mixtape, and supposedly the prequel to his full-length album dropping later this year. After many people classified this braided, gold-toothed white rapper as a “one hit wonder”, it’s great to see him proving the public wrong. From start to finish, this project features great production, impressive features, catchy hooks and melodies, as well as an onslaught of superb lyricism from the critically denounced rapper.

I’m a firm believer in letting projects speak for themselves, and you already know that I wouldn’t be sharing this project with y’all if I wasn’t feeling it. If I had to pick a few highlights, Made Me Do It feat. 2 Chainz, Fuck feat. Jeremih, and the outro Oh God are all solid tracks. Check it out, cop the free download if you like what you hear, and be sure you’re following Post Malone on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

This Is The Year (EP) – Jeremiah Taylor

May 15, 2016

This Is The Year (EP) - Jeremiah Taylor
Free Download | This Is The Year (EP) - Jeremiah Taylor

Jeremiah Taylor is no stranger to the hype, and it sounds like he has every intention of keeping his momentum going this summer. This entire project is loaded with bangers, which, in our opinion, is where Jeremiah shines the brightest. The singer/rapper/songwriter flexes all over these trap-style instrumentals provided by his producer of choice, DRVMRBOY, and the two artists seem to have figured out a system to create catchy, hard-hitting tracks with unfathomable ease.

The topics range from women to money, but overall the EP is about the transition from everyday life in favor of a more risky, more difficult, and more profitable route pursuing music full-time. The production is Toronto-esque; fat percussion, ambient synths, and enticing melodies in an eerie key. That being said, the quality of the work that these two are capable of without any sort of financial backing is phenomenal, and this final project is absolute fire.

Although this is merely a teaser of what’s to come, this is by far the best work that either of these two have put out to date. If you aren’t following Jeremiah Taylor on Twitter or Soundcloud already, I suggest you catch up and go check out some of the other material we’ve posted.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Twenty Two – Jeremiah Taylor (Mixtape)

April 2, 2016

Twenty Two - Jeremiah Taylor (Mixtape)
Free Download | Twenty Two - Jeremiah Taylor (Mixtape)

Jeremiah Taylor is a young artist living in one of the most competitive cities for aspiring musicians, so I’m glad this project didn’t fly under our radar. We receive a ton of music on a day to day basis, and my “personal” inbox looks more and more like our submission inbox every day. With that being said, for me, finding artists like Jeremiah Taylor is like finding Waldo.

Two weeks ago Jeremiah hit us with a little preview of his project, 3AM featuring Emilio Paredes, but because of how diverse his sound has been, we had no idea what to expect from his debut mixtape ‘Twenty Two’. Although this 9-track project is intended to flex versatility rather than coherency, the consistency in production ties together the various delivery styles and lyrical content. With instrumental work from LOH KI and DRVMRBOY, it’s no wonder why this project is bumping so hard; from the enticing California beach inspired intro, complete with wavy high-hats and panning keys, to the hyphy trap-rap anthem outro, this project is going to keep your party popping, your girl vibing, and your head nodding all night.

I hate writing up projects because I never feel like there’s enough words to describe all the thoughts, emotions, sweat, blood, and tears that the artists have put into their work. Just give Twenty Two a spin and see how you’re feeling about it, my favorite tracks were Southern California, Drown feat. Vae Staples, and Blank. If you like what you hear be sure to throw Jeremiah Taylor a follow on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram to show support.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Any Last Requests – The Kxnnedys (EP)

March 7, 2016

Any Last Requests - The Kxnnedys (EP)
Free Download | Any Last Requests - The Kxnnedys (EP)

The Kennedys have come a long way since we first wrote about them two years ago, and it’s humbling for me to be posting an exclusive release of their new EP Any Last Requests. If you’re not familiar with this duo by now, this is your chance to join the hype and cop their latest project for free.

‘Any Last Requests’ is the end of an era in a sense; for the past two years these two artists have been hustling, grinding, and putting in the hours that success in the rap industry necessitates. Although there’s always room for improvement, the sound they’ve cultivated on this project their highest caliber of work yet, and it’s a fitting name given their first project was titled ‘As Requested’.

First and foremost, every single hook on this 7 track EP is absolute fire. The Kennedys have always been notorious for delivering catchy bars and melodies, but the work they’ve created for this tape are so fresh and ear pleasing that they’ll even have your parents nodding along and singing “I’m wit mah whoooole sqwaaad” under their breath.

To pick a few favorites, Before I Wake, Whole Squad feat. Vee Tha Rula, and Lost Girl were all pretty vibey, but seriously you should bump the whole thing through and through. If you like what you hear, throw The Kxnnedys a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter, and cop the EP on iTunes if you’re really feeling it.

Daily Hype Indie Mixtapes

Solidus – Quinn Lewis (EP)

March 4, 2016

Solidus - Quinn Lewis (EP)


We’ve written about the Australian-native, Nashville-based alternative artist Quinn Lewis a few times before, but at the end of last year he dropped his first EP and it is well worth paying attention to. Overall, the sound is coastal, ambient pop that is slightly reminiscent of John Mayer’s early days but with electronic production and occasional trap/808 drum samples.

The first track, “Raining Today”, is carried by a simplistic drum loop with chill guitar licks and some marimba accents. The second track, “On N’ Off”, is probably the EP’s highest energy track, combining acoustic guitar and piano with what sound like trap/808 drum samples. The last two tracks, “Slow it Down” & “Gone,” feature female vocalist Ashley Leone adding verses and killer harmonies to these more melancholy tracks.

Quinn is a great vocalist, but what’s even more impressive is that these tracks are also pre-dominantly self produced (with the help of Noah Hunt). Quinn also recently released a badass live music video with Amplify Entertainment Group to an older single which you should check out here . Be sure to keep up with him on SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for future releases.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

4/4 – Meek Mill (Mixtape)

February 7, 2016

4/4 - Meek Mill (Mixtape)
Free Download | 4/4 - Meek Mill (Mixtape)

If I’m being honest, I don’t know what I think of Meek Mill anymore. I feel like his sound is limited to turn up/war anthems, which isn’t a bad thing, but a multimillionaire artist without diversity is bound to be a has-been, not a legend.

Meek’s album that dropped over Summer 2015 was highly anticipated; I mean, the release date was delayed two years because the MMG rapper ended up in jail after violating his probation and posing with some guns on Instagram. However, the project didn’t live up to the hype, and he’s spent the last few months recovering from the failed release, the embarrassing Drake beef, and a world tour with his wifey Nicki Minaj.

4/4 is the first “project” that Mill has released since last summer, and at the very least it’s on par with what we’d expect from him. Each song on this project features explosive, monumental, Chicago-branded production accompanied by violent lyrics about surviving in the trap, getting money, etc. It’s not an original story, but it’s definitely the kind of music that’ll have your speakers knocking, and that’s all that matters from a Meek Mill drop. Check it out and throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud if you’re feeling it.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Felt Like Cappin – 2 Chainz (Mixtape)

January 31, 2016

Felt Like Cappin - 2 Chainz (Mixtape)
Free Download | Felt Like Cappin - 2 Chainz (Mixtape)

2 Chainz is known for his insouciant attitude, so it shouldn’t come as surprise that he delivered this 6-track project solely because he felt like it. His last project, Trapavelli Tre, was targeted towards the hustlers and hookers living in the trap. This is more smoking music than strip club anthems, and I think our fans will be feeling this project much more than his last.

The title track sets the tone for the rest of the tape as a finger picked bass line rides underneath the expertly produced instrumentals. The lineup of ATL-based musicians on this project is impressive, and these beats were clearly crafted especially for this purpose. Moreover, Titty Boi’s hooks and verses are much more refined on this little EP than they were on his third Trapavelli installment. It’s as if he put more time into perfecting this nonchalant 6-track sampler than his full-length mixtape that featured the likes of Wiz, Cap 1, and Kevin Gates.

All in all, this project bumps. If you’re looking for some rowdy turn up and smoke out anthems, look no further. I was feeling Felt Like Cappin and MF’n Right, but check it out and see what you think. As always, follow Chainz on Twitter and SC if you’re vibing to his new ish.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

KISS 3 – K Camp (Mixtape)

January 6, 2016

KISS 3 - K Camp (Mixtape)

Free Download | KISS 3 - K Camp (Mixtape)

In September K Camp debuted his first studio album with Interscope Records, Only Way Is Up, but to keep to tradition and please his fans, K ended the year with the third installation of his coveted mixtape series ‘K.I.S.S.’ (Keep It Slum, Stupid). Packed with R&B anthems and dripping with ATL production, it’s clear that this Milwaukee native spent more time around bandos and benjis in Georgia than whatever Wisconsin’s “slums” had to offer (cheese?).

Although the project isn’t meant for high-brow audiences, I think even the whitest of listeners will be feeling the unique soundscape that Big Fruit and Bobby Kritical created; vibey melodies and intricate drum arrangements are laid over smooth bass lines and sensual leads to give the tape a distinctive slumliness/sexiness. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics, but the most prominent subject from track to track is K. Camp’s love for his homies, women, and fans. Personally, I was feeling WCW, Homie, and 2 Crazy more than anything else. Give it a listen and be sure to show K. Camp some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you cop the project. Enjoy.

Daily Hype Electronic Mixtapes

Gemini – What So Not (EP)

January 4, 2016

Gemini - What So Not (EP)
Free Download | Gemini - What So Not (EP)

I want to start off first by saying that this EP is definitely one of a kind, being that this project was the final work of the Aussie dynamic duo Flume and Emoh of What So Not.

My interpretation of this piece is that it’s about two adolescents (boy and a girl) who want to experience the world head first, so they decide to run away from home. Throughout the project, the lyrics describe their journey through the obstacles of this “life” accompanied by sick beats and unique sound effects. From an easy slow riding come-up to the long awaited intense rhythms of the climax it all comes down to questioning if they indeed went too far away from home in Death Drive, “If I run too far pull me back, back to reality…”. In Oddity, when they come back from their exhausting journey, they experience an internal resolve as to how they perceive this reality differently now than from before.

The “banger” award of this EP definitely goes to Arrows ft. Dawn Golden, which starts off with a synthesizer and a basic 4/4 kick drum pattern, but when the drop comes it gets broken down by a very full bass progression with bells sneaking in through the background. Before the next drop the “boy” takes some time to confess to the “girl” that he is falling in love with her on their journey.

I recommend checking out this project for any electronic music fans, especially if you ever want to throw a glow in the dark dance party, or if you’re getting the snoozes at work and need a little pick me up to better your focus. No matter how you listen to this, the EP is filled with slow upbringings and hardcore breakdowns that are sure to fit somewhere into your daily routine. If you like what you hear be sure to throw What So Not a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.