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O’s To Oscars – Juicy J (Mixtape)

December 27, 2015

O's To Oscars - Juicy Js
Free Download | O's To Oscars - Juicy J

Juicy J seems like the type of candidate who would never win an Oscar, or receive a nomination for that matter. For one, he’s not an actor, but moreover the high-brow community isn’t very supportive of the strip club god’s music career. However, he did win an Academy Award in 2006 for his single Hard Out Here For a Pimp. With that being said, it shouldn’t surprise you that this project, O’s to Oscars, is full of nothing but booty-shaking and money-tossing anthems.

Production from the hip-hop industries most highly esteemed names, such as Sonny Digital, Lex Luger, and Metro Boomin, keep the BPM around 130-150, which is a comfortable pace for Juicy’s distinct delivery. Although we haven’t heard Juicy do something new lyrically per-say since he was a member of Three 6 Mafia, you can always rely on him to drop a well-produced banger about sipping lean, making it rain, and watching girls bounce to the beat of his music. Despite being 40 years old, the Memphis native still frequents clubs in Atlanta where he’s paid to perform notorious singles for strippers to get naked to. It’s not a hard life, but it’s Juicy’s life, and to keep the culture alive the tenured rap artist released this project hosted by DJ Blak.

In my opinion, Curve That, Up feat. Wiz Khalifa and Project Pat, and I Ain’t Fuckin’ Witcha feat. Logic are the best tracks on the tape, but feel free to skim through it and determine the crown holders for yourself. If you like what you hear, support a legend by throwing Juicy a follow on SC and Twitter.

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Stages – Chris Buxton (Mixtape)

December 26, 2015

Stages - Chris Buxton (Mixtape)
Free Download | Stages - Chris Buxton (Mixtape)

When I first heard Chris Buxton, I knew the kid was going to be huge, and I think 2016 will be a life changing year for this young artist. From his first EP Clarity to this new mixtape, the South Carolina emcee has grown at such a fast rate and has finally found his niche sound. Whether he’s producing bangers or laid back tracks, Chris has a versatile style that’s good for any occasion; covering topics from love to putting in hours of work on his music to the visions he has for himself in the future.

He first sent me the track “803 Up” a couple of weeks ago, and I knew that this tape would be his best work to date. Its as if he became selfish with his music, stopped caring about what the mainstream wants to hear and started treading his own path, his own flow. When you listen to ‘Stages’ you can expect a lot of melodic beats with some slowed down tempos as well as fast paced bangers within the mixtape. My favorite track of them all is in fact 803 Up because it simply goes hard. It starts off slow — a simple beat with a catchy melody — and then out of nowhere Chris just goes off in a way I have never heard before. Listening to him reminded me of the stuff G-Eazy has been putting out recently, but in a more authentic way. I’m very happy to have the relationship we have with Chris, and I really can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this mixtape, it will definitely have you bumping during this winter break and the upcoming spring semester. Be sure to follow the kid on Twitter and Soundcloud, but most important be sure to download this mixtape for the free because its the key to success. Bless up and Spread the Hype.

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Cabin Fever 3 – Wiz Khalifa (Mixtape)

December 16, 2015

Cabin Fever 3 - Wiz Khalifa (Mixtape)
Free Download | Cabin Fever 3 - Wiz Khalifa (Mixtape)

Everyone and their mom has heard of Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever mixtape series. If you aren’t familiar, save yourself the embarrassment and go stream/download the last Cabin Fever project. It’s been almost three years since Wiz added another installment to this succession, and it’s been the most productive, trivial, and fruitful 3 years in Wiz’s career to date. So, after a long break, this project is Mr. Cap getting back to his Pittsburgh roots.

Cabin Fever mixtapes have notoriously featured some of the hardest hitting producers in the game, and with Sonny Digital on the beat for the majority of the songs on this project, you already know you’re about to have your eardrums knocked around. Lyrically, this isn’t anything out of the box; it’s a weed tape through and through, meant solely for roll ups and smoke outs. Clearly this isn’t going to get a ton of radio play — every song is more explicit than the last — but DJ’s everywhere are going to be spinning anthems like Move On feat Kevin Gates, Foreign Bitches feat. Chevy Woods, and Finish Line feat. Project Pat. Despite this being the product of 3 years of monumental success, and the third installment in a line of historically well-respected projects, this is by far the weakest Cabin Fever tape from Wiz to date. It’s only 11 tracks long, the features are weak, and the production honestly outperforms Wiz on every single track. That’s my opinion, but if you like what you hear than you should definitely throw Wiz a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Darryl – Gyyps (Mixtape)

December 15, 2015

Darryl - Gyyps (Mixtape)
Free Download | Darryl - Gyyps (Mixtape)

Somewhere west of Beverly Hills you’ll find a neighborhood called Canoga Park. It’s a weird part of LA, where the Ferraris and Bentleys meet the Hondas and hoopties. When we first rolled up on the 2273 collective’s victorian style crib, we weren’t sure what to expect on the inside. Remnants of last night’s party filled the air, half-empty solo cups littered the tables and counters, and a mound of marijuana sat waiting to be stuffed into a king-size joint. Although it may have looked like a small scale frat castle on the surface, vibrating walls and audible vocals from the in-house studio turned the seemingly careless environment into a distinctly creative one.

The first thing you’ll notice about GYYPS is his missing tooth, but after you get past that you’ll see a guy with a great sense of humor and a burning passion for making dope music. “Darryl” is the refined product that GYYPS has been waiting to show off. After 6 months in the studio, he put together this fully loaded 8-track sampler, complete with bangers, anthems, and ballads. He’s a drummer first and a rapper second, so you might notice that the songs have especially prominent percussion. Traditionally, GYYPS shines brightest on high BPM instrumentals with aggressive delivery and a party ambiance, but this project highlights his potential over slower, downtempo tracks like Women Weed & 808’s, Call Up, and Lucy. His personality isn’t too different from who he is behind the mic, which — having met a lot of artists before — I can safely say is a rare quality. We grabbed some footage at their pad and in their studio, and suddenly this artist (who’s only been seen in the public’s eye through filtered photos and top-notch visuals) felt a lot more authentic and complex than we’d initially assumed.

Regardless of what you think of GYYPS, you can’t deny that he’s a product of his environment. When you surround yourself with creative, talented people who listen to brilliant music and turn up on weekdays, things like this happen. Don’t sleep, cop the project and show GYYPS some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.



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A Galaxy With Skin – Healy (Mixtape)

December 13, 2015

A Galaxy With Skin - Healy
Free Download | A Galaxy With Skin - Healy

Last year you probably had no idea who Healy was, but that’s okay, because I don’t think he really knew who he was either. In my experience, finding a unique sound — finding your sound — is the most essential, difficult, and over-thought thing that any artist will ever do. Unlike many artists who publicize their progress and development, Healy started his career this year with a clean slate and a well-defined style.

The result speaks for itself; ‘A Galaxy With Skin’ is a musical masterpiece that binds elements of multiple genres with an idiosyncratic feel-good ambiance to create a peculiarly coherent 12-track project. Each song poetically expresses a different message, but as a whole this is a window into the life of a 21 year old Memphis-based dorm room musician. Although the lyrics are easy to empathize with, he touches on a lot of personal subjects; he talks about his struggles, his passions, his goals, his aspirations, and his relationships openly. Whereas 6 months ago I was comparing Healy’s delivery to the likes of Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean, now I think he might be beyond comparison. Every verse he sings is paired with a catchy melody and followed with a quote-worthy hook. Part of what makes AGWS so great, however, is the impeccable production which features familiar names like YOG$, Felly, Chris McClenney, and Tyler Coolidge. The instrumentals vary in key and tempo, but overall you can expect a lot of arpeggiated keys, laid-back guitar rifts, crisp hip-hop percussion, and occasionally some mood-fitting brass.

Regardless of what you’re feeling today, download this project and spread some good vibes. Healy is a great guy who releases great music, so if you’ve been sleeping on him be sure you throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter so you don’t miss any of his future releases. Enjoy.

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Low & All – PLC

December 3, 2015

Low & All - PLC
Free Download | Low & All - PLC

Although PLC assured us that this project is just a taste of what’s to come, this short little EP is packed with flavor. PLC is an 18 year old musician hailing from Clinton, New York. Although he’s dabbled in production for a variety of artists, including Healy, his solo work is by far his best product. The project showcases a lot of versatility, but maintains its lucidity; electro-acoustic melodies are overlayed with samples of nature, occasional jazz and hip-hop percussion, vocal loops, and a variety of synths as PLC openly experiments with different styles and genres.

It’s not a refined sound, but it’s a good one. His soothing Jack Johnson-esque vocals, paired with his knowledge of production and the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, make him an easy artist to enjoy. “Low & All” has no features, so everything you hear is 110% Chris Hsiang’s work, which is definitely rare in today’s music industry. At UH we love finding independent artists with underestimated talent, so finding PLC was like striking gold. I guarantee you that at least one of the songs on this project will have your hips swaying and your head nodding; don’t sleep, throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud and share the good vibes.

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Shades of Marmalade – Jackson Breit

November 20, 2015

Shades of Marmalade - Jackson Breit
Free Download | Shades of Marmalade - Jackson Breit

There’s a reason this project is called “Shades of Marmalade”, and I guarantee you it has nothing to due with orange preservatives. Jackson Breit — a.k.a. Baby Marmalade — truly flexes his versatility on this diverse 6-track project, and if you listen to it from start to finish you’ll hear just about every shade of Jackson Breit you could think of. From the vibey indie-pop intro to the that we heard back in October to the acoustic duet with Samantha Marq, there’s nothing but good vibes and irreproachable vocals. Of all the songs on this EP however, “Are You Down” was the most extraordinary to me; he’s never released something that sounds this mainstream before, but the song is clearly built for radio play. We all love the mellow, organic vibe that Jackson has mastered, and I think he just needed to put out some material to prove he’s not limited to one style or genre of music. That being said, I guarantee you you’ll enjoy at least half of the songs on here — everything is extremely well written, produced, and mastered. Although we didn’t see an appearance from his usual compadre Carnevyal, the instrumentals are all fairly form fitting to Jackson’s voice. Check it out, cop the free download, throw Jackson Breit a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud, and buy Shades of Marmalade on iTunes if you really want to show some support.

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Slime Season 2 – Young Thug (Mixtape)

November 16, 2015

Slime Season 2 - Young Thug (Mixtape)
Free Download |

Okay, how could anyone have seen this coming? Just two months ago Young Thug dropped his first Slime Season project, and he’s already put together an 18-track sequel. Produced by some of ATL’s finest hip-hop musicians — London On The Track, Metro Boomin, and Wheezy — this second Slime Season installment was set out to be a success from the jump. There aren’t many features, but Thugger has no problem holding down the project by himself. Catchy melodies blend with his unique delivery easily, but the verses are pretty weak, but Young Thug isn’t really known for his clever/intelligent lyricism anyways. The first track of the project “Big Racks” basically sets the tone for the rest of the tape; Atlanta production with shallow bars about spending money at the strip club, running the city, pushing weight, and keeping the grind heavy. Young Thug might not be my favorite rapper, but he has a distinct sound that makes oddly captivating hooks and choruses, so I guarantee you one of these songs will be stuck in your head after you give the full tape a listen. Follow Thug on Twitter and Soundcloud if you cop the free DL.

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You Welcome – K Camp (Mixtape)

November 13, 2015

You Welcome - K Camp (Mixtape)
Free Download | You Welcome - K Camp (Mixtape)

KCAMP dropped his debut album Only Way Is Up back in September, and it wasn’t great — all in all I think it sold just over 10,000 copies and capped off at #20 on the hip-hop charts. That being said, Slum Season is far from over; this is the first of three forthcoming projects from K Camp and his team of producers, rappers, and videographers. ‘You Welcome’ abides by the classic hip-hop mixtape formula: recycled production from familiar songs topped with freestyle-esque flows. There isn’t really a direction for the project, but every song touches on a different aspect of Camp’s grind; whether it’s buckling down with the team in the trap house or turning up in the club on payday, I guarantee you’ll find something you can empathize with on this project. The ATL rapper has relocated to the suburbs (Marietta, GA) since his come up,  but it doesn’t seem like the change in scenery has affected his ability to make hood anthems. A few tracks I was feeling were his rendition of Drake’s 100, Future’s WYA, DON’T, and the outro Comfortable featuring 50 Cent and Akon. Enjoy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t cop this free project if you’re a hip-hop fan — indulge yourself in some good music and hear K Camp kill some top 40 production. If you like what you hear be sure to throw K Camp a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Starvation 4 – Ace Hood (Mixtape)

November 11, 2015

Starvation 4 - Ace Hood (Mixtape)
Free Download | Starvation 4 - Ace Hood (Mixtape)

Ace Hood is a name you should be familiar with by now; the Florida based rapper has a unique auto-tuned trap flow that has attributed to numerous chart-topping singles like Bugatti and Hustle Hard. We’ve been sharing Ace Hood’s music for awhile now, but his “Starvation” series has long been overlooked. It all started with a mixtape he dropped in 2012, and over 3 years later the last Starvation project is finally here, and man did Ace do it right. With production from Sonny Digital and Ben Billions, it’s clear that Ace Hood wanted to make sure this series went out with a bang. The hard hitting hip-hop production combines with piano progressions and synths to create a dope 11-track project that maintains the integrity of the Ace’s Starvation projects while still implementing fresh lyrics and samples. All in all, it’s not my favorite project from Ace Hood, but there’s definitely a few gems on the track-list such as Mood and Understand. Check it out, and if you like what you hear be sure to throw Ace a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support.