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Free Download | Everything I Know - 2 Chainz

I literally can not wait until ‘Trapavelli 3’ drops; Chainz has been hyping up his project all Summer, and it’s been too long since I’ve heard a full-length tape from Titty Boi. Arpeggiated piano chords reverberate throughout the entire track as the ATL bred rapper pays homage to the streets he grew up on. From street smarts to book smarts (he graduated college with a 4.0, just in case you forgot), 2 Chainz goes in about flipping, hustling, and grinding for a paycheck on the hard streets of Atlanta, GA. The resounding instrumental is simple enough to keep the spotlight on the quotable lyricism, but still retains all the “trap anthem” qualities that are expected with a Titty Boi release. Cop the free DL, and be sure to catch up on his past releases in preparation for the latest Trapavelli installment.

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