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Download First Time - Alex Jordahl & Mayo

You remember your first time. Whether it’s good or bad, whether it was your first love or your first one night stand, it’s something that we all think about from time to time. Alex takes a soothing approach when reflecting on his first; rainfall and a thunderstorm in the background, birds cawing and chirping in the distance, and an inaudible voice sampled in time with bass kicks and snare claps. He describes their relationship and how euphoric everything was before they went their separate ways, how losing her ended with him dropping out and pursuing his passion while she moved on without him. Mayo comes in with a more up beat 2nd verse, taking a different approach and instead talking about a dime he met on tour and that he wish he could’ve kept her. Both of them flow flawlessly over the Orikami produced beat, and by the end of the track you’ll probably be thinking about your first love too, and some of the regrets that coincide. Be easy, learn from your mistakes, and you can thank Alex Jordahl for the free download via twitter.

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