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Download Flashing Lights - Kanye West (TWRK Remix)

Instead of hitting us with another remix off of Yeezus, DJ/producer duo TWRK (Benzi and DJ Esentrik) went back a few years in the Kanye vault to bring new life to Flashing Lights, one of my favorite tracks from Kanye’s 2007 album Graduation. The strings and synths combo worked perfectly with Dwele’s smooth vocals in the original, but this remix brings it to a whole new level. Kicks and snaps drive the backbeat while the bass pumps hard. But then TWRK switches it up at 2:14 with a filthy breakdown of chopped vocals, more claps, and big-room bass that really give this remix some originality. You still feel the original essence of Flashing Lights but with some more electronic flavor. They’ve still got a few dates left on their Set It Off tour, so catch em live if you can and keep an eye out for their EP dropping soon.

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