Free Download | Freebase - 2 Chainz (Mixtape)

Been waiting for this drop for a fat minute… finally here. Pleasant surprise; the EP actually turned out to be a free mixtape, so we get to share it with y’all. As you might expect from titty-2-chainz, every track on this project is an absolute banger, with features from the notorious Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Cap 1, & Ty Dolla $ign. As you may know, the cover art and back tracklist are all fan submissions (who the Tru fam compensated graciously), who he selected from nearly 100,000 instagram submitted album mock-ups. I’ll be honest, the production from The Real University is a bit weird, but it goes off harder than anything you’ve heard so far this year. Give it a listen, if I had to highlight a few it’d be Flexin On My Baby Mama, Wuda Cuda Shuda, & They Know.

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