Download i - Jackson Breit (Kendrick Lamar Cover)

Jackson Breit is the kind of artist you should start listening too before his career blows up, because it’s just a matter of time now until the world realizes his talent. I first heard Jackson last year on his original hit Sunny Side, which put him on a lot of peoples’ radars. He’s improved immensely since he started taking his music career seriously a couple years ago, from production quality to his creative and unique delivery. As per usual, his vocals are impeccable, although this time instead of original content he constructed a tangy acoustic rendition to Kendrick Lamar’s latest single i. There’s no reason not to check this one out; the lyricism is some of Kendrick’s best work, combine that with Jackson’s crystal-clear seductive sound and you have a cover that everyone can enjoy. Cop the free download and throw Jackson Breit a follow on twitter.

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