Free Download | Jungle – St. South & CJ Trillo

For the love of all things Drake, I hope you’ve listened to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, otherwise you need to come out from under that rock and start catching up with the rest of the world. Drake released this mixtape as an album to fill his contractual agreement with Cash Money, meaning that his REAL studio project that was set to drop this season (View From The 6) is going to be owned 100% by OVO. It was a smart move for Drizzy, but for the fans who either didn’t want to pay $15 for his new project, or for the fans who aren’t internet savvy enough to find the plethora of album leaks, tons of edits and remixes are popping up which will hopefully fill your Drakeless Void. St. South is an extremely talented singer/producer from Australia, and if you’re not too busy right now, you should definitely go peep her soundcloud and check out some of the free covers and originals she’s released. This edit stands out from the rest, however. She eloquently opens up over the debonair instrumental; an intricate reconstruction and sampling of Jungle off Drake’s new album. Her voice has a comforting presence, she harmonizes with herself and layers her vocals to give it a warm fulfilling sound. The lyricism blew me away; it’s rare to hear such insightful messages in a rap edit, but Olivia perfected her wording throughout the entire song. Backed by Ella Wisniewski on the Sax and CJ Trillo on a smooth closing verse, this remix shines with a different light than the original rap-heavy single. Check it out, and throw St South and CJ a follow on twitter if you like what you hear.

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