Download LOVEALEX - Alex Jordahl (Mixtape)

LOVEALEX is a lucid compilation of Alex’s hard work over this last year, and although you may recognize a few of the tracks on here, this EP reveals more about who Alex Jordahl is than anything we’ve heard from him so far. He’s young, unassuming, sensational, and creative; every song bleeds with emotional insight and artistic discernment. From start to finish the project resonates with ambient production, producers like Steezefield create the perfect stage for Alex to perform on, encompassing a sound that’s layered with melancholy guitar, faded nature-samples, crisp drums, and airy synth. Generally I’d list off the best tracks from the project, but this EP sounds more like a heart-felt letter than a mixtape; I can’t pinpoint the best track because each song seams itself into the next, it’s meant to be listened to as a whole. I don’t know what girl is the subject of Alex Jordahl’s pain, but the evocative lyrics he writes from her inspiration is as beautiful as it is tragic. The music video for High showcases some impressive visuals for such an adolescent artist, and hopefully you can relate to some of the situations he lands in. Enjoy the project, follow Alex Jordahl and Alex Steezefield on twitter, and expect to hear a lot more from them in the future.

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