Low - Alex Jordahl

Free Download | Low - Alex Jordahl

Alex is no stranger to the hype, and although it’s been 4 months since we’ve heard from our tatted-up Chicago MC he makes it quite clear that he’s still been on his grind.

Keeping to his traditional style, he introduces the trackĀ  with some nature-related sounds; waves crashing against the shore line lead into Steezefield’s reverb-heavy production, birds chirping in the distance as Alex repeats a candid chorus. When the drum beat drops Alex explains his absence, while still keeping an unnamed female as the main focus of his music. The condensed filter on his voice gives him an extremely crisp sound, complimenting the resonating production perfectly and fundamentally giving his lyrics the spotlight they deserve.

If you haven’t heard his older material be sure to check it out, but otherwise just show Jordan some love on twitter and facebook, and of course Steezefield too since he’s been producing back-to-back incredible beats for at least 3 of the artists we put on.

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