Download Only The Poets - Marc E. Bassy (Mixtape)

This tape is beautiful. You might know Marc as the lead singer for 2AM Club, but what he’s managed to do on his first solo project blew me away. From the get go he samples a speech about The Poets, saying that the artists and musicians and writers are the ones who really know the truth about us, the only ones who see past the fortune and greed, the only ones who speak out against conformity and pursue their passions. He’s managed to balance arrogance and personal ideology in a way that results in unique lyricism and quotable radio-ready hits. Although the majority of the project is about women, he maintains the insightful premise of the tape and covers everything from addiction to the American Dream. There’s a few notable features, like Skizzy Mars and IAMSU!, but for the most part this is all Bassy. Production is on point throughout, obviously, and offers primarily down-tempo beats for Marc’s vocals. For an artist that’s been writing behind the scenes for the better part of his career, it certainly sounds like he’s ready to step into the spotlight. Until we’re graced with part two, enjoy the incredible free music and follow him on twitter.

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