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Trevor Polk

Trevor created UniversityHype after living in Houston most of his life. Having always been a taste-maker — finding new music, screen printing his own t-shirts, and occasionally doing graphic design work for extra cash — running a music blog seemed like his calling. From living at his parents house, to sleeping in dorm rooms, to living out of his car: maintaining the website and striving to build the best platform for music discovery and artist development has been a constant in his life, even at his lowest.

Since 2012, Trevor has been sponsoring up and coming artists, seeking out talented and passionate people like himself, and balancing part-time work and school simultaneously.


Archie Enkhbat

Archie was first introduced to UniversityHype through a friend in the spring of 2015. After meeting up with Trevor at SXSW and signing on to the team as a Campus Rep for UTA, he quickly moved his way up through the company and became the new COO of UniversityHype in a matter of months. Using his prior background skills in throwing concerts, events, and even crazy house parties, Archie aka The Tourist brought about UH’s first official showcase in Los Angeles, CA. After selling out his first show with Felly as headliner, we also accomplished a huge milestone with our first SXSW showcase for the fans that was hugely successful.

Since then, the Tourist has been living in Los Angeles, building connections, managing artists, and putting together events for UH. While finishing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Cal State, he maintains close communication to the UH team in Austin, TX to pursue his dreams of building a marketing firm for Independent Artists.


Preston Pennington

Preston owned a self-titled T-shirt printing company about the same time UniversityHype was starting to gain momentum. Because of his experience with merchandising, Preston was brought onto the team to help manage the printing and selling of UniversityHype merchandise, as well as assist in structuring some of their finances.

After a short time with the company he realized its potential and decided to invest. Preston decided to continue working for the company by helping with a variety of different projects; from write-ups, to videography, to putting together a SXSW showcase. After consistent hard work, Preston moved up in the company and became the CFO handling UniversityHype’s Finances.