Words by Preston Pennington
Images by Ifeolu Olu

Mixing, mastering, writing, and producing. These things are part of the every day life of young L.A. rapper, Croosh, who has been tirelessly creating music for the past few years now. He started off as many young rappers do: with a Youtube channel. Croosh, who’s real name is Jamir Malek, started releasing songs publicly in April of 2014 via his Youtube channel. The consistent tracks that were being dropped became an aggressive marketing campaign, and boosted his career and confidence in order to pursue music seriously. After about 2 months of being on Youtube, Croosh decided to switch to Soundcloud in order to reach an entirely new demographic of people on a whole new platform. 

Wun Croosh
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With his top song on Youtube reaching a little over 4,000 plays it’s clear he made a smart decision seeing as his least played song on Soundcloud is just shy of 15k. The old Jamir Malek Youtube channel is still live for now, but remains a dormant page with 8 tracks available while his Soundcloud grows exponentially. There are a few tracks that Croosh himself had actually taken down from his personal accounts, but if you’re a true fan you’ll look up the old tracks on youtube under the name “Old Croosh.” Even if you just like his sound and want to hear some of the throw backs give it a listen I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. However, Croosh has made an official Youtube channel under “Actual Croosh” for the video put to his song “Woah” so give it a follow for the latest visuals from the young prodigy.

The release of “I Need” was the first time Croosh came out of his shell as a musician and did something a little out of character. The hard hitting percussion accompanied by slow piano melodies and vibrant bass come together for the strong assertive vocals to be laid down. This song describes what Croosh feels like he is deserved for the consistent hard work he has put in. The album art featuring a 24 karat toilet is the perfect representation of this song about the elaborate cars, houses, and fame Croosh is going to have.

I NEED [prod. croosh] Croosh



These songs are much more than a shallow verse about materialistic items. They relate to the public because nice cars, nice houses, and lots of cash are something everyone dreams about. However, Croosh knows these things aren’t just going to come to him; it takes the talent he has already proven he has, the hard work he has been putting in since he started, and the perseverance to continue the rap game where many have failed. These songs are a jumping off point for Croosh and his career. He started changing as a musician and as a person. Much like these two tracks he knows what he wants and how he’s going to get it from writing, to recording, to shows Croosh has got it all.

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"I put work in every day
just so I can blow up overnight."

- Croosh | Fibonacci (2016)

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Since UniversityHype found Croosh almost a year ago, we have been continuously keeping up with him and sharing his latest releases. Since 2015, he has dropped dozens of tracks, each hitting upwards of a hundred thousand plays. There has definitely been a dramatic increase in the rate in which Croosh has been dropping his music, and he has given every reason for fans to believe that he’ll continue releasing new content weekly. However unorthodox this tactic may be, his fan base clearly stem from the hard work and dedication he has put into this career. He has been seizing opportunities like house shows in order to get his name out and acquire fans devoted enough to help launch his career. 

NOW [prod. croosh] Croosh
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However, in just a little over a year Croosh has emerged from house shows into booking full fledged venues along the west coast — one of which, we were lucky enough to host ourselves. The show was in Los Angeles, and with Croosh being from the area, we knew his fans would show out and fill the place. Come show time, the venue was packed, the audience was lit, and everybody was anticipating this young MC’s set. The second his first song came through the speakers, the entire crowd started singing his lyrics and joining in as much as they could. Not only does his music make people vibe and dance, but his lyricism is light hearted and easy to empathize with. The presence he brings with him on stage amplifies the experience, and it’s clear now how he was able to start performing on a much bigger level in such a short time. Croosh has since dropped a few tracks, and we were lucky enough to get an interview with him as well.