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Free Download | Snowship - Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Thomas Jack Remix)

Free Download | Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Thomas Jack Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich is the kind of Indie artist that makes you close your eyes and feel like you’re in a blizzard of emotion, which you would expect to contrast Thomas Jack’s tropical summer production work, but instead just absorbs the groovy EDM vibes and saturates the original track with a heavy bass lines, his signature flute and intricate string work (on what sounds like a cello?). Ever since I’d discovered Thomas Jack I’ve been waiting for him to drop a free mix for me to post, so I went ahead and threw in his year old remix of Ben’s ‘Atlas Hands’ for y’all to download too. If you want to buy the original track(s) from Mr. Leftwich you can check out his album here, but other than that just enjoy the fresh remixes and follow Thomas Jack on twitter.