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Sweet Talk Stole The Show – ACADEMY & Kygo

May 12, 2016

Sweet Talk Stole The Show - ACADEMY & Kygo
Free Download | Sweet Talk Stole The Show - ACADEMY & Kygo

ACADEMY has yet to announce their release date for this project, but with every song they drop I get more and more hyped. This collaboration/sample/mashup probably isn’t going to be on the project, but it’s definitely worth a listen. The tropical instrumental from Norway’s most beloved producer is a perfect fit for this LA duo and the first single from their forthcoming album Sweet Talk.

Personally, I think mashups are either hit or miss, there’s not really a gray area. This is one of those remixes/mashups that fall under the hit category. You’ve probably heard Kygo’s track Stole The Show, especially since it accrued over 100 million plays on YT alone in less than a year. Although the original version is much deeper, sentimental, and introspective, ACADEMY’s light-hearted vibe turns the instrumental into something entirely new. It’s happy, it’s vibey, and it’s much more energetic than their original acoustic jam.

This might be a great track, but if you haven’t heard ACADEMY’s other material yet you need to go check out some of our older posts. If you like what you find, be sure to throw the guys a follow on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to show some support.


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Sweet Talk – ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

April 6, 2016

Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII
Free Download | Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

Between the tribal drum pattern, the bouncy marimba lead line, and the melodic hip-hop vocals of ACADEMY’s newest collaboration with Quinn XCII produced by AM.PM., its’ hard to put a finger on what would be a good comparison – but I’ve landed on describing it as a blend of Kygo, Vacationer, Aer and Chance the Rapper (sorry Quinn, I know you get that one a lot).

Full disclosure, I was the producer on this track, so obviously I’m going to be excited about its release. But bias aside, it was awesome to see a larger team of people work on a song together, each focused solely on what they do best. All in all there were 6 total people involved in this production, whereas the typical indie SoundCloud track is often limited to one or two people on the team. Quinn’s been a significant figure in the indie-pop/hip-hop realm, teaming up with Ayokay on two EPs in a row now (my favorite single from him thus far has been Full Circle). So having this indie-pop prodigy join up with two “summer-rap” artists was the right call.

“Sweet Talk” is the second installment of ACADEMY’s series of singles and should be on constant rotation for anyone gearing up for summer. They’re set to release their third full project, “The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be” sometime this summer, only a year after their second project, “The Beat Generation”. Follow ACADEMY, Quinn XCII, and AM.PM. on SoundCloud to stay tuned for future tracks similar to this one.

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Panoramic – ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

March 24, 2016

Panoramic - ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

Free Download | Panoramic - ACADEMY & Jackson Breit

Last week, ACADEMY kicked off their springtime delivery of summer anthems with their first single of the year, “Panoramic”. In 2015, ACADEMY released a series of singles back to back leading up to their previous EP, The Beat Generation, in which they substantially stepped up their production and overall aesthetic to a sound that really nailed the reggae rap style. This year, they’re taking it a step further, with a bigger team of producers and several features, including Jackson Breit on this single.

The track kicks off with a trumpet lead reminiscent of 70s Motown laid over a big pseudo-tribal pop beat. Evan raps his verse, John sings the pre-chorus, and then they join together in a loud hook anthem proclaiming, “when I die I want a panoramic view.” This hook actually reminded me of MGMT’s earlier famous tracks from our high school years, which was an awesome style to blend into the surf-rap vocals preceding it. Jackson Breit keeps the good vibes high through verse two with his signature blend of singing and rapping – if you dig the small glimpse of his style you get here, check out his other classics like Sunny Side or Looking Better.

Rumor has it that ACADEMY is set to drop another collab with Quinn XCII sometime in the coming weeks, a track that carries the same tribal summer vibes as this first single. Throw ACADEMY a follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with the duo as they go on a North East tour in the coming month with Breit as well as William Bolton – and be sure to catch a show if you’re in the area.

Spring Tour Dates:

3.18 San Diego, CA

4.9 Arizona TBA

4.19 New York, NY

4.20 Philadephia, PA

4.21 Boston, MA

4.23 Portsmouth, NH

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My Girl – ACADEMY & Terrye

December 29, 2015

My Girl - ACADEMY & Terrye
Free Download | My Girl - ACADEMY & Terrye

I know ACADEMY is “out of season”, but the way I see it, there’s never a bad time for feel-good music. The beat and hook are clearly inspired by The Temptations 1985 hit My Girl, and the refreshing rendition is perfectly fitting for cozy winter mornings.

It can be hard to revamp a classic song — we’ve only seen a hand full of artists pull it off — simply because people are already anticipating something they can vibe and sing along to. In this case, ACADEMY pulled it off beautifully; the twangy guitar progression, chorus of trumpets, and entourage of background vocalists pays homage to the 80’s R&B paradigm, while ACADEMY’s distinct indie-rap vocals give the song a modern angle.

Although it’s a great song, it’s more or less just an archived release from the LA-duo that’s meant to hold fans over for the next few weeks, or at least until the sun starts shining again. The feature, Terrye, probably won’t be familiar to you, but the local Cali rapper isn’t half bad — he definitely managed to pull his weight. Check it out, and as always be sure to throw ACADEMY a follow on Twitter and SoundCloud if you like what you hear.

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Can’t Teach – ACADEMY & Matt Easton

August 26, 2015

cant teach academy art
Free Download | Can't Teach - ACADEMY & Matt Easton

Just before their 10 show tour together, it seemed fitting for ACADEMY and Matt Easton to drop some new material. The collaborative effort is still in the realm of alternative reggae-rap, but unlike a lot of their downtempo feel-good material “Can’t Teach” is full of minor chords and hubristic lyricism. Fear not though — the trio still brings plenty of groovy SoCal vibes to the track, and the coherency of this collaboration bodes well for their forthcoming tour. Be sure to see if they’re hitting a city near you by following ACADEMY & Matt on Twitter.

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SB//LA – Eventide (Mixtape)

August 22, 2015

Free Download | SB//LA - Eventide (Mixtape)

We’ve kept you updated with everything Eventide for the past few months, and now we’re happy to share their first full album. “SB//LA” was released just this afternoon and includes eight tracks full of smooth California sounds. Always having been an admirer of piano, I find this project is particularly pleasing. The first track on the album, ‘Still Waters,’ includes acoustic piano and is much slower and more thought provoking than anything we’ve heard in the past. And their fourth song, ‘Time to Kill’ featuring Academy, also gives us that piano sound—but with much more groove. This collab works well and with lyrics like “and if time were still nothing would change at all, to let it all unfold will play out like it always does,” the two groups bring out those laid-back vibes we love them for. Moving to the final track, ‘The Summit,’ we dig the opening beat of the “intro to the outro” and respect the repetitiveness of “Eventide on the rise.” With such confident lyrics, we at UH have no doubt this is only the beginning for the band. Overall, “SB//LA” is Eventide’s opening statement, with an exclamation that there’s much more to come from teammates Matt Kolb and Ben Miller. So grab the free download above and throw them a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to stay updated and see for yourself.

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Time To Kill – Eventide & ACADEMY

August 1, 2015

Time To Kill eventide and academy art

Free Download | Time To Kill - Eventide & ACADEMY

When you combine two of California’s best alternative hip-hop duos for a collaboration, this is what you get. Eventide and ACADEMY have both been making waves across the country on 10+ city tours, consistent new music, and seemingly endless good vibes. Time To Kill follows suit, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is my favorite release from either of these artists all summer; their vocals compliment each other naturally, the instrumental is centered around acoustic piano and tangy guitar rifts, and the progression makes for a smooth ride from start to finish. Enjoy, and be sure to throw Eventide and ACADEMY a follow on soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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The Beat Generation – ACADEMY (Mixtape)

June 29, 2015

the beat generation academy art

Free Download | The Beat Generation - ACADEMY (Mixtape)

This duo is the epitome of what a feel-good summer sounds like. After our interview with them in Boston last month, we were the first to know the full details of this project, and it’s safe to say that the hype they built for it has definitely been justified. The 7-track project is a coherent representation of what their sound have developed into; silky smooth west coast music with a hint of east coast rap influences from their youth. From start to finish, the project echoes the live life, give no fucks, and party til’ the sun comes up vibes that we’ve grown to love and expect from this group. The best part has to be that this entire mixtape is entirely original material; no features, no outsourced production, everything in-house. I’ll let the project speak for itself — it’s extremely lucid and each song brings something else to the table, but if you want to know which tracks I liked most, I’d say We Ain’t Never, Hippy Girl, and The Buyer are all a safe bet. As always, the best way to show appreciation for independent artists is to throw them a follow and shoutout on soundcloud and twitter, but if you’re feeling generous it definitely wouldn’t hurt to buy their project on iTunes too.

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ACADEMY (Interview)

May 29, 2015

ACADEMY interview

ACADEMY is a duo comprised of Evan Walsh and John That, two friends brought together by their love for music. These guys bring a chill hip-hop and alternative rock vibe to their music and live performances, but they also know how to tear it up on the stage. I sat down with Evan and John backstage before their show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston to discuss their musical beginnings, their creative process, and their newest project titled “The Beat Generation.”

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Outta State – ACADEMY

April 19, 2015


Download Outta State - ACADEMY

It’s ACADEMY season again; with summer right around the corner, the duo is prepping for an epic EP release right in time for fans to fill up their coolers and hit the beach. Twangy guitar, upbeat drums, and that unique reggae-rap style is the perfect kind of care free music for the windows-down-middle-fingers-up weather. Despite their east-coast roots, these two have really enveloped the California vibe since their move to L.A., and after accumulating over 2 million plays on their soundcloud and touring across the nation, they’ve definitely come a long way in the last couple of years. This song is all about that nomadic lifestyle; touring with friends to different states, not having a care in the world other than their music, and enjoying the beautiful views everywhere they go. Cop the free download and follow them on twitter to see if they’ll be dropping in to a city near you.