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Really Know – Alex Jordahl

March 9, 2016

Really Know - Alex Jordahl

Free Download | Really Know - Alex Jordahl

It feels like it has been an eternity since Alex Jordahl has released anything for free on his SoundCloud, but today he broke that trend. The last track we posted from this young prodigy was Same Sheets, a collaboration between Alex Jordahl, Rhett Wellington, OnCue and Sophia Z. Alex went through a brief rebranding phase where he changed his name to “Love Unknxwn”, which thankfully seems to have passed.

‘Really Know’ has that laid-back, relaxing and groovy production that we have come to love Alex for. It’s a sound we’ve grown to expect from Chicago artists, just look at Emilio Paredes and Steezefield; gloomy in all the right ways. After a small intro, Alex opens up with a strong verse about his life and how music has changed it. As Alex raps the words “I feel like this is all I know” he’s referring to his new music-focused lifestyle, and how his passion has taken over every aspect of his life. After the last verse, Alex lets the instrumental run for 30 seconds, allowing us to hear all of the unique sounds used to create this comeback track.

Hopefully Alex will continue to release new free music on his Soundcloud. But if not, be sure reach out to him on Twitter and tell him what you’re feeling.

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Same Sheets – Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, & Sophia Z

July 31, 2015

same sheets art

Free Download | Same Sheets - Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, & Sophia Z

This line up was unexpected — I was honestly wondering whether any of these artists were going to drop a track this summer, but I couldn’t have predicted they’d be dropping a collab together, much less collabing on an original Rhett Wellington beat. Surprisingly, the production is awesome; a soft guitar progression at it’s core, arpeggiated electronic keys over the verses, and a hypnotizing high-hat sequence throughout the instrumental make for a deep back-track to the despondent lyricism. Rhett has come a LONG way over the last few years. He submitted his first project to me all the way back in 2012 when I was running the site by myself, and although I didn’t post his music initially I knew he had the potential and the passion to become a great artist. The features on this track are no strangers to UniversityHype either, and each verse resonates with each musician’s unique style and flow. The gist of the track is getting tired of doing the same shit, sleeping in the same bed, being with the same person all the time, and figuring out how to deal with someone who isn’t as driven as you are. It was easy for me to empathize with, and hopefully this song hits home for you too. Cop the free download if you like what you hear, and be sure to follow Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, and Sophia Z on twitter to show some support.

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Til The Lights Go Out – Alex Jordahl

July 31, 2015

Til The Lights Go Out - Alex Jordahl
Free Download | Til The Lights Go Out - Alex Jordahl

I’ve seen the Chicago-based Alex Jordahl on a few features this summer, but his original releases have been few and far between. As per usual, Steezefield dominates the production of this track with an ambient, string-heavy instrumental.

The pace is a little bit faster than what we’re used to hearing Alex flow over, but his filtered vocals seem to settle into the electronic percussion comfortably. The beckoning lyricism and plastered hook make this track perfect for the bedroom, and with the promise of a full-length project coming soon, you can be sure that Alex Jordahl is going to be the background to some of your intoxicated escapades this semester.

Be sure to show him some love on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Said That – Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

April 29, 2015

Said That - Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

Free Download | Said That - Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

These two artists never cease to impress me, and their chemistry when they collab is transcendent. Although they generally produce their own material, “Said That” features production by the renowned Stwo; he pulls from a track of his called “With You,” which you can find on his project Ninety Two.

The subject of this song is a day in the life of Steeze and Jordahl: new friends, new habits, new music but new emotions that are brought on by their pursuit of music and abandonment of everything that holds them back. An airy sample reverberates along with the ambient piano and spacey bass, setting a dark aura for the two artists to flow over. The result is excellent as always, and sits as another testament to the diversity of the Chi-Town music scene.

Follow Steezfield and Alex Jordahl on twitter, stay tuned for Steeze’s project Leave a Light on, Please set to drop this June, and share this track via the social links below if you’re feeling it.

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Lucid Trip – Ben Owens & Alex Jordahl

April 18, 2015


Download Lucid Trip - Ben Owens & Alex Jordahl

It’s rare for an artist entering the hip-hop music scene to gain a buzz off their first single, but we’ve seen it happen before, like when Marty Grimes debuted his first official single Bang Bang feat. G-Eazy and earned over a million plays in a matter of months. Although Alex Jordahl isn’t as notorious of a musician as G, I’d be lying if I said his feature wasn’t part of the reason I hit play on this track. What I didn’t expect was to be blown away by freshman singer/songwriter/rapper Ben Owens, a Portland-based artist with only one track on his soundcloud and already a few thousand followers on twitter. He elegantly flows across this somber string-plucked beat, and his voice resonates a coherent softness as he recites profound and perspicacious lyrics. The production from Apollo is perfect for these two; the reverberating strings apreggiate around their vocals as crisp percussion and synth pads echo into the distance, creating a sound that truly reflects the vibe of a lucid trip. If you’ve done acid or shrooms and tripped before, you understand that comprehensiveness isn’t something that’s easily achieved, and loneliness and somberness can quickly ruin your high if you’re not in the right mind set. Ben depicts a self-aware and permissive openness to his drug-induced state, searching for purpose and self-worth while waves of melancholy wash over him as he brings a girl into the picture. Don’t sleep, keep up with Ben Owens on twitter and soundcloud, and show him some love by sharing the track via any of the social links under this post.

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Run – Alex Jordahl & Steezefield

March 1, 2015


Download Run - Alex Jordahl & Steezefield

2 m0nths after the release of his insightful debut EP Love Alex, Jordahl and Steezefield are back in the studio developing their sound for the last few weeks of somber-music season. Steezefield cooks up hot down-tempo beats with the flick of a wrist, and Run is a perfect example of just how talented he’s become; the beat is perfectly timed and arranged, the eerie samples coat the production with a gray haze, and the intricate instrumental workings lead the track through chilling build ups and break downs. As for Alex Jordahl, nothing he writes is superficial, so hopefully you can read between the lines and find the relatable beauty in his lyricism. Cop the free download, follow Alex J and Alex S on twitter, and expect to hear some more free material from them soon.

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LOVEALEX – Alex Jordahl (EP)

December 24, 2014



Download LOVEALEX - Alex Jordahl (Mixtape)

LOVEALEX is a lucid compilation of Alex’s hard work over this last year, and although you may recognize a few of the tracks on here, this EP reveals more about who Alex Jordahl is than anything we’ve heard from him so far. He’s young, unassuming, sensational, and creative; every song bleeds with emotional insight and artistic discernment. From start to finish the project resonates with ambient production, producers like Steezefield create the perfect stage for Alex to perform on, encompassing a sound that’s layered with melancholy guitar, faded nature-samples, crisp drums, and airy synth. Generally I’d list off the best tracks from the project, but this EP sounds more like a heart-felt letter than a mixtape; I can’t pinpoint the best track because each song seams itself into the next, it’s meant to be listened to as a whole. I don’t know what girl is the subject of Alex Jordahl’s pain, but the evocative lyrics he writes from her inspiration is as beautiful as it is tragic. The music video for High showcases some impressive visuals for such an adolescent artist, and hopefully you can relate to some of the situations he lands in. Enjoy the project, follow Alex Jordahl and Alex Steezefield on twitter, and expect to hear a lot more from them in the future.

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Low – Alex Jordahl

October 16, 2014

Low - Alex Jordahl

Free Download | Low - Alex Jordahl

Alex is no stranger to the hype, and although it’s been 4 months since we’ve heard from our tatted-up Chicago MC he makes it quite clear that he’s still been on his grind.

Keeping to his traditional style, he introduces the track  with some nature-related sounds; waves crashing against the shore line lead into Steezefield’s reverb-heavy production, birds chirping in the distance as Alex repeats a candid chorus. When the drum beat drops Alex explains his absence, while still keeping an unnamed female as the main focus of his music. The condensed filter on his voice gives him an extremely crisp sound, complimenting the resonating production perfectly and fundamentally giving his lyrics the spotlight they deserve.

If you haven’t heard his older material be sure to check it out, but otherwise just show Jordan some love on twitter and facebook, and of course Steezefield too since he’s been producing back-to-back incredible beats for at least 3 of the artists we put on.

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First Time – Alex Jordahl & Mayo

May 28, 2014


[soundcloud id=’151153587′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download First Time - Alex Jordahl & Mayo

You remember your first time. Whether it’s good or bad, whether it was your first love or your first one night stand, it’s something that we all think about from time to time. Alex takes a soothing approach when reflecting on his first; rainfall and a thunderstorm in the background, birds cawing and chirping in the distance, and an inaudible voice sampled in time with bass kicks and snare claps. He describes their relationship and how euphoric everything was before they went their separate ways, how losing her ended with him dropping out and pursuing his passion while she moved on without him. Mayo comes in with a more up beat 2nd verse, taking a different approach and instead talking about a dime he met on tour and that he wish he could’ve kept her. Both of them flow flawlessly over the Orikami produced beat, and by the end of the track you’ll probably be thinking about your first love too, and some of the regrets that coincide. Be easy, learn from your mistakes, and you can thank Alex Jordahl for the free download via twitter.

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Lie To You – Alex Jordahl

April 14, 2014


[soundcloud id=’143181414′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Lie To You - Alex Jordahl

I normally don’t listen to more than 15 seconds of a track to figure out whether or not it’s dope enough to be on the site, but since the first 15 seconds of this track was static and what sounds like an extremely distorted beat I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. When Alex finally starts singing over an ominous guitar chord progression it all makes sense; his crisp voice cuts through the white noise like butter, and his slightly raspy voice strains to get out the entourage of somber lyrics. Perfect for the hangover I’m dealing with this gray-skied Monday morning, give it a listen and check out Alex Jordahl’s last project Forever Yours if you like what you hear.