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What I Need This Time – Moiez & Alina Renae

June 9, 2014

What I Need

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Download What I Need This Time - Moiez & Alina Renae

Life has not been easy for Moiez ever since he remixed Calvin Harris’s hit Summer and his Soundcloud account was deleted for copyright infringement. After dealing with the copyright fiends over at Soundcloud, he managed to have his account reinstated and without skipping a beat, released a new original work titled What I Need This Time with vocalist Alina Renae. With its soaring buildups and dance-able progressive house beat, What I Need This Time is sure to be a festival favorite this summer. The five and a half minute track takes us on a journey with smooth piano breakdowns matched with explosions of energy and Alina’s melodic vocals to carry you throughout. And of course, Moiez has offered the stems and vocals for free, for any artist to remix or mashup as they choose. Way to fight the power Moiez. Start your summer off right with this free download and head over to Moiez’s Soundcloud¬†for more progressive house jams.