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Sweet Talk – ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

April 6, 2016

Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII
Free Download | Sweet Talk - ACADEMY & Quinn XCII

Between the tribal drum pattern, the bouncy marimba lead line, and the melodic hip-hop vocals of ACADEMY’s newest collaboration with Quinn XCII produced by AM.PM., its’ hard to put a finger on what would be a good comparison – but I’ve landed on describing it as a blend of Kygo, Vacationer, Aer and Chance the Rapper (sorry Quinn, I know you get that one a lot).

Full disclosure, I was the producer on this track, so obviously I’m going to be excited about its release. But bias aside, it was awesome to see a larger team of people work on a song together, each focused solely on what they do best. All in all there were 6 total people involved in this production, whereas the typical indie SoundCloud track is often limited to one or two people on the team. Quinn’s been a significant figure in the indie-pop/hip-hop realm, teaming up with Ayokay on two EPs in a row now (my favorite single from him thus far has been Full Circle). So having this indie-pop prodigy join up with two “summer-rap” artists was the right call.

“Sweet Talk” is the second installment of ACADEMY’s series of singles and should be on constant rotation for anyone gearing up for summer. They’re set to release their third full project, “The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be” sometime this summer, only a year after their second project, “The Beat Generation”. Follow ACADEMY, Quinn XCII, and AM.PM. on SoundCloud to stay tuned for future tracks similar to this one.

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Fall To You – Oxyanimus & Nathan Brumley

September 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.48.41 PM

Free Download | Fall To You - Oxyanimus & Nathan Brumley

As a new discovery for me, and a new name to add to the UH collection, I’m happy to introduce Oxyanimus. Featuring Nashville-based Nathan Brumley, the UK tropical house artist give us ‘Fall To You.’ This track opens with smooth electronic production, which remains steady throughout the entire song. It’s slow tempo is definitely different from the tropical tunes like AM.PM. we posted this summer – but we’re not complaining. Though Oxyanimus is a new name, we know it’s a name for new waves in the music scene. So don’t fall behind and throw a follow to Oxyanimus on Twitter to stay updated. Then cop the free download above!

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Play It Cool – AM.PM. (Mixtape)

August 6, 2015


Free Download | Play It Cool - AM.PM.

We’ve shared AM.PM. singles with you before, but now we’re jamming to their full-length feature. That’s right – AM.PM. is officially in the music game with their debut album “Play It Cool.” The ten-track project is full of tropical grooves for your poolside parties, but is far from background music to your buddies and beers. Song after song, teammates Miles Laubinger and Rob Knepper combine their talent for smooth instrumentals and flawless production with lyrics that give us insight to their personal lives. The third track on the album ‘Can’t Explain’ opens with a steady guitar riff that somehow leads into a tropical electronic breakdown. With lyrics such as “it’s like we’re playing tennis, your love ain’t worth a thing” we know someone went through a bad breakup, but it’s no worries – they’re playing it cool. The album also features two collabs, ‘Smooth Sailing’ ft. Eventide and ‘Heights’ ft. Lizzy Ashliegh & Ryan James, showing us just how well the two work with others. Though the band writes all their own lyrics, ‘Heights’ is an exception. The track was first an acoustic Ryan James original, but AM.PM. added their hip-hop and reggae flare to compliment the rest of the project. Co-produced by Tyler Murray, this album is the perfect way to revive the good vibes after a rough breakup or hard situation. For waking up in the A.M. and partying in the P.M. “Play It Cool” is uplifting all day long. So if you like what you hear, throw these tracks on the party playlist and then give AM.PM. a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Heights – AM.PM., Ryan James, & Lizzy Ashliegh

July 16, 2015

heights ampm art

Free Download | Heights - AM.PM., Ryan James, & Lizzy Ashliegh

AM.PM. has been grinding all summer, and the product of their hard work is just impeccable. Heights sounds like a tropical house track on sedatives; super relaxing melodies, smooth builds ups and transitions, and precisely delivered vocals about getting faded and kicking it in Brooklyn. I’m not entirely sure how this Nashville based collective is connected to New York, but I guarantee you this will be an anthem for all the students living there this summer. Cop the free download, follow AM.PM. on twitter and soundcloud, and stay tuned for more free releases from them this summer.

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Smooth Sailing – AM.PM. & Eventide

July 10, 2015

smooth sailing ampm art

Free Download | Smooth

AM.PM. just goes hand in hand with beach season. Their laid back voices, stress free lyricism, and all around aura is just the definition of what good vibes sound like. The Nashville based duo linked up with their Califronian counterparts Eventide for a chill tropical collaboration. The product is exactly what you’d expect from a track called “Smooth Sailing” featuring two extremely talented indie/reggae/rap groups, and the production is undeniably captivating and relaxing. Cop the free download, be sure to follow AM.PM. on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure this track makes it onto your next playlist.

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All Along – AM.PM. & Nick Gallo

June 30, 2015

all along am pm nick gallo art

Free Download | All Along - AM.PM. & Nick Gallo

AM.PM. shot this track our way, and I just couldn’t put my finger on where I heard this hook before, but something about this track sounded super familiar, then I remembered it was off a 3 month old project from Nick Gallo. Although I never shared his tape on here, this single featuring AM.PM. was by far the highlight of the tape. So, although it’s a little bit delayed, here’s the kick-back anthem they created together. Reverberating guitar, distant watered down percussion, and panning chords come into broadcast the new-age reggae sound that these artists have facilitated. Their obvious California inspiration emanates relaxation; portraying a hopeless 3AM night; lighterless woes act as a metaphor for a deeper pain deriving from a lost love, missed opportunities, and a sense of being a small fish in an ocean of competition. Despite the melancholy message, the song is beautiful and truly captures the early twenties angst that we all feel when we hit a low point and aren’t quite sure what we’re doing with our lives. Enjoy it, and be sure to follow AM.PM on soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.

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Bang Bang – Dispatch (AM.PM. Remix)

January 22, 2015


Download Bang Bang - Dispatch (AM.PM. Remix)

The tenured UH fans might recognize this song; Bang Bang by Dispatch was on one of the first site mixtapes I put together, Hangover Recovery. AM.PM. sent us his rendition via soundcloud, and although we generally only accept submissions via our e-mail, this one caught my attention. The vocals were pealed from the original track and set to a down-tempo, extremely reverb-heavy instrumental. The waning guitar loop glides over an acoustic drum set, bouncing synth pad arpeggiates around the production to emphasize the resonating tropical vibes. Although the pace is virtually the same, the melodic reworkings undoubtedly adds to the unperturbed sound that Dispatch coined back in 1998. Check it out, if you like what you hear check out AM.PM. via twitter and on soundcl0ud for more of their free remixes.