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Watch Her Leave – Andrew Luce

March 20, 2016

Watch Her Leave - Andrew Luce
Free Download | Watch Her Leave - Andrew Luce

Andrew Luce’s material seems to be very contemplative over his last few releases. It started when he dropped Together on the 4th Daruma collective project in November, and continued into 2016 with the release of I Hate When We Fight and You Should Go. Whether he’s experiencing relationship troubles or just coming up with some heavy song titles is debatable, but one thing we can all agree on is that his production has been top notch lately.

‘Watch Her Leave’ is an original song, with the exception of a few Drake and Lil Wayne samples scattered throughout. Reverberating pads ease into an elegant grand piano progression, but the love ballad facade quickly divulges into an intense and intricate electronic breakdown. Explosive synths, expertly timed and placed drum rolls, and tranquil melodies build over the simple yet soothing chord sequence. The Weezy samples, which also contributed to the title of this track, come from a major throwback — Bed Rock — incase you were wondering where you’d heard it before.

Luce isn’t an artist you want to sleep on; he’s put out dozens of remixes, many of which have accrued over a million plays, and the music collective he founded is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Cop the free download and show the boy some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.


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You Should Go – Andrew Luce

January 21, 2016

You Should Go - Andrew Luce
Free Download | You Should Go - Andrew Luce

In November of 2011, everything we thought we knew about the Toronto actor turned signer Drake changed when he debuted Take Care. YOLO was founded, Marvin’s Room was the breakup song of the decade, The Weeknd made his first major appearance on Crew Love, and the album went double platinum by 2013. So needless to say, the sample from Cameras/Good Ones Go that Andrew Luce chose to use for this track was a solid pick, but not something that hasn’t been touched before.

‘You Should Go’ is a perfectly concocted remix, and although Andrew Luce has been distancing himself from revamping hot 100 rap tracks for the last year, it’s intriguing to hear how his growth as an original artist affects the way he reworks billboard charting singles. Heavy airy synth reverberates underneath filtered Drake vocals and an elaborate percussion arrangement, giving the song a chilling tone as waves of sonic bliss build over the treble-heavy tracks.

As most of you may know, Andrew has been working with a group of electronic artists on a project titled Daruma. This is the fifth installment in the series, and you can cop the full project here. Enjoy, and follow Andrew Luce on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support.

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I Hate When We Fight – Andrew Luce

January 14, 2016

I Hate When We Fight - Andrew Luce
Free Download | I Hate When We Fight - Andrew Luce

This is a quick little drop from Andrew on his alternate Soundcloud account — one that he only uses for experimental tracks and sidelined productions. Like most of his original material, this song doesn’t have any lyrics, but the vibes ring loud and clear. The somber key leads into intricate synths and Andrew’s notoriously elaborate percussion arrangements, setting the tone for the rest of the song.

‘I Hate When We Fight’ is a title that clearly hints towards a deeper meaning, and I’m sure that although this song isn’t on his mainstream account it still holds a lot of weight for the young musician. Regardless, it’s a relaxing song that inspires contemplative thought and emotional relevance. Check it out, and be sure to show Andrew Luce some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you’re feeling it.

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Together – Andrew Luce

November 21, 2015

Together - Andrew Luce
Free Download | Together - Andrew Luce

This is the fourth project that Andrew Luce’s collective of talented producers known as Daruma have put out. Although I wasn’t feeling every track on the project, I can never get enough of Andrew’s work, and this song is definitely one of the craziest originals he’s ever made. “Together” is basically a symphony of insanely distorted vocal samples, every kind of synth you could imagine, and elaborate percussion arrangements. I’ve never heard someone pull off such a — for lack of a better word — cluster fuck of sounds and somehow turn it into a coherent track like this, but the flawless melodies and unique arrangements keep the song lucid despite the heavy experimental sound. The build ups and break downs are always different; whereas many electronic artists copy and paste sections of their material to construct their songs, Andrew always comes up with something different to keep the song progressing, no cookie cutter templates or cut corners — even in his remixes. Quality is a rare trait in electronic artists these days, and to make timeless music they need to maintain a standard for themselves that sets them apart from the hundreds of thousands of other producers. Andrew Luce keeps raising the bar higher, and it’s safe to say he’s created a style that’s irreplicable. Grab the free DL and show Andrew some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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BLANC (EP) – Andrew Luce

August 19, 2015

Free Download | BLANC (EP) - Andrew Luce

Andrew Luce has been frequently featured on our site for just over a year now, and despite the fact that we were a little late discovering the 17-year old producer, we can still recognize how monumental this EP is for him as a musician. He’s accrued millions of plays off of innovative “turn up” remixes to Billboard-topping Hip-Hop and R&B songs, but he has yet to release a solo project that features 100% original content — until today. BLANC, which is french for “white”, is a concise 5-track project that showcases a brand new sound from Andrew Luce; avant-garde arrangements, slower tempos, contemplative break downs, and original melodies form a coherent project that incorporates elements of multiple genres. Despite the more meticulous and “listenable” style, bass addicts definitely won’t be disappointed — Andrew hits the lower decibels just as hard as he usually does. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire EP, the unexpected Chelsea Cutler feature was the climax of the project in my opinion. I love when two artists that we post consistently collab, but my conjecture about how this song would turn out was wrong in all the right ways. ‘When To Love You’ is simply crafted for Chelsea’s vocals; tropical synth and percussion bubbles behind her spanning voice until Andrew breaks things down at 1:10, distorting vocal samples into a harmonic lead. Needless to say, you should definitely hit play, cop the free download, and follow Andrew on soundcloud and twitter to show some support. If you haven’t already, go check out the interview we did with him in San Francisco and be sure to look out for the custom shirts we made for him — they should be going on sale sometime this week.

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So Help Me God – Andrew Luce

July 29, 2015

so help me andrew luce art

Free Download | So Help Me God - Andrew Luce

Andrew’s been working with his Daruma collective for a few months now, and all of his original material on these free projects have been nothing short of masterpieces. The Kanye sample you hear is from his 2008 feature on Estelle’s American Boy, but unlike the old Pop single, the production on this track is a showcase of experimental arrangements, instruments, and tempos. If you’re like me, the intro will sound like some sort of satanic oompa-loompa chant, but if you stick with it long enough you’ll see what Andrew can build around an unsettling sample. At the 2:11 mark, you’ll geek out how hard this twangy space synth slaps, so hold out for it and trust that Luce will keep you entertained for the entirety of the track. Check it out and show Andrew Luce some love on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear. Oh.. and stay tuned for the interview we got with him dropping this weekend.

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The Hills – The Weeknd (Andrew Luce)

June 26, 2015

the hills the weeknd andrew luce

Free Download | The Hills - The Weeknd (Andrew Luce Remix)

When we met up with Andrew Luce last week outside of San Francisco, we got our first taste of this track, which is supposedly the end to the remixing-phase of his career. As he starts to release more original content, produce for artists, and pursue the creation of his own debut project, I couldn’t think of a better way to close this chapter in his life than releasing his most intricate and cohesive sounding remix to date. Complex percussion, flawless transitions, and some of the heaviest drops I’ve ever heard are all present in this rendition of The Weeknd’s latest single. His sampling and vocal distortions pair perfectly with the heavy bass, resounding high-hats, and library of different snares, but my favorite part of this track has to be the outro, something about it just leaves you with this organic vibe after the wall of electronic instruments. It leaves you craving for the next track, which I think was exactly the note he wanted to end on. Although this marks the end of Andrew’s remixing series, I guarantee you he’s going to keep the momentum going over the next few months with some of the best original content he’s ever released. Cop the free download, show him some love on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check out all of his free material we’ve posted and stay tuned for the exclusive interview we got with him dropping next week.

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Until Then – Andrew Luce

May 27, 2015

until then andrew luce album art

Free Download | Until Then - Andrew Luce

We’re not known for sharing tracks without lyrics, but if you’ve been keeping up with the site for awhile than you know how much we love Andrew Luce. He’s one of the most meticulous producers I’ve ever heard — have I mentioned that he’s only 17? —  and although his portfolio consists of primarily remixes, this track goes to prove that his original material can knock just as hard. The track starts out with some melodic keyboard, but quickly develops into an intricately layered instrumental work full of countless different sounds. Somehow he compiles all of this into a coherent track — smooth transitions and precise production work is always expected of Luce, but not many producers can make a keyboard lead transition into an oriental string-driven drop in a completely different key while retaining a lucid sound. Anyways, hope y’all enjoy the track regardless of it’s lack of quotable lyrics. Show Andrew some love on twitter and soundcloud, and pray he starts dropping new material consistently again.

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She All About – Rowland Evans & Chris Bushnell (Andrew Luce Remix)

February 15, 2015


Download She All About - Rowland Evans & Chris Bushnell (Andrew Luce Remix)

It’s weird hearing Andrew remix a track that hasn’t been on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, but this remix to Rowland Evan’s & Chris Bushnell’s original EDM banger is still fire. Fat bass, dramatic drops, and enticing percussion converge to create a melodic anthem. The sample says something about ass-shaking, but the focal of both tracks is truly on the intricate production workings, which is new for Andrew who normally maintains a comfortable balance between vocals and the beat. If you’ve listened to any of his remixes prior to this, you know that Andrew likes revamping notorious Hip-Hop tracks, most of which we’ve posted on the site in the past..  This is definitely a little bit more of an aggressive electronic sound for him, but if you like what you hear be sure to cop the free download and follow Andrew Luce on twitter.