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Over Here – Angelo Mota

January 25, 2016

Over Here - Angelo Mota Free Download | Over Here - Angelo Mota

Angelo Mota is a 20 year old rapper out of the great state of New Jersey who we’ve been following for awhile, but lately he’s been spitting nothing but fire.

Since Mota released It Ain’t Safe Outside, his fan base has been on the edge of their seats waiting for his next release. “Over Here” is what we were all hoping for, and after all the grinding and risk taking in the streets, it sounds like he finally had some time to sit back, roll one up, and grind out this East side anthem. My favorite line he spits is in the middle of the verse, “You asking who shot Tupac with me, you begging for bars but you pause when you left in the dark, you ain’t ready to die, you can stop Biggie…” clever isn’t it?

This is a good song to blunt cruise to. With its trap beat set to a lifting/walking pace, filled with a slow minor scale guitar riff and a barrage of watered down samples all dubbed over with his rough smoker’s voice, this track is definitely golden. If you like what you hear be sure to cop the free DL and hit up Angelo Mota on SoundCloud or Twitter.

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It Ain’t Safe Outside – Angelo Mota & Kweku Collins

December 28, 2015

It Ain't Safe Outside - Angelo Mota & Kweku Collins
Free Download | It Ain't Safe Outside - Angelo Mota & Kweku Collins

It’s been a few months since New Jersey’s West Orange MC Angelo Mota has released any new material; his debut mixtape Crystal Avenue accrued roughly 50,000 plays since it’s release in June of last year, but the hype was nowhere near as satisfying as Angelo had hoped.

Despite the slow growth, Angelo hasn’t been slacking. The few months that he spent not releasing new music, he spent learning how to produce his own tracks. ‘It Ain’t Safe Outside’ is the first outcome we’ve heard from him since he went into reclusion, but the self-produced single is far better than what we were expecting. Nature samples are accompanied by eerie instruments and a soft chord progression to give the song Angelo’s characteristically contemplative style.

The lyrics are dismal on the surface; Mota raps about drug addiction, police brutality, and a constant struggle to feel normal again, “back to burning black and milds back to back, so now our lungs ain’t working too well — teen spirit got a new smell.” Despite the melancholy disposition, his lyricism is always witty and insightful. It’s one of the better songs I’ve heard from Angelo Mota to date, so give it a listen, cop the free download, and show him some love on Twitter and SoundCloud if you like what you hear.

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Crystal Avenue – Angelo Mota (Mixtape)

June 5, 2015

alive angelo mota album art

Free Download | Crystal Avenue - Angelo Mota

It’s been almost a year since Angelo Mota released his debut project Good Life, and hearing how far he’s come since then is humbling. Growth is everything in the music industry, and every aspect of Mota’s music has noticeably changed for the better. From dabbling in production himself, to giving his lyricism more depth, to changing up his flow, each track on this project is a different auditory experience and perspective of his life. This is the antithesis of a Sophomore slump, Crystal Ave features some of the best material I’ve heard from him yet; BlackAndWhite, I Hate You, The Lion, and Blu were all bangers. This small-town New Jersey rapper proves time and time again that he’s got the talent it takes to make it in the rap game, and the slightly dark/psycho tone he takes behind the mic gives his music the unique flavor it needs to stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Cop the free download, stay tuned for the interview we did with Angelo the other day, and be sure to show him some love on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Alive – Angelo Mota & SIIMBA

May 27, 2015

alive angelo mota album art

Free Download | Alive - Angelo Mota & SIIMBA

In preparation of the release of his full length project Crystal Avenue, Angelo Mota keeps the momentum going by dropping yet another track from the tape. Unlike the downtempo serenade I Love You that he dropped last month, Alive is a dark, aggressive, and bass-heavy anthem. Angelo’s delivery has always been impressive, but his verse on this track really showcases how talented he really is; changing up his flow and articulating the hostile lyrics. Stay tuned for his project dropping June 3rd, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud & twitter if you like what you hear.

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I Love You – Angelo Mota & Zoraida Roman

April 14, 2015


Download I Love You - Angelo Mota & Zoraida Roman

It’s been awhile since Angelo has sent us some fire, but when I bumped I Love You in my car today I knew he was back in the game. I caught myself reminiscing on the first track we posted by him back in 2013, Jersey/Mexico was the sort of insightful monotone-rap that really emphasizes lyricism, wordplay, and the artist’s intuitive thoughts. I Love You takes things back to the keyboard-centered instrumentals with a crisp layer of drums over it, which seems to be the scene where Mota raps his best. This is the second single off his upcoming project Crystal Avenue, the title track of which he released last month, and if this is any sign of what we can expect on the rest of the project it’s safe to say he’s steering clear of a sophomore slump. Zoraida compliments his dark ambiance ideally, and the track is a coherent testament to how far he’s come since his last project. Cop the free download and be sure to show him some love via twitter, stay posted for more previews of his forthcoming project and more of his profound wordplay we’ve grown to expect from him over the last 2 years.

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Good Life (Mixtape) – Angelo Mota

June 29, 2014


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Download Good Life (Mixtape) - Angelo Mota

Last we heard from Angelo Mota was the release of his single “Jersey/Mexico” but he returns for the first time since November to deliver a monster freshman project Good Life. Mota spits witty, intelligent, and occasionally comical lyrics over ominous, more unconventional instrumentals for thirteen tracks. Production comes from names like Suprchnk, Roach P, Skyodi, Mister Arcade, and even Mota himself. Being only eighteen years old and coming out with such a unique flavor shows that this New Jersey native has got some serious talent. This wickedness behind the mic portrays him as everybody’s favorite villain, and I was hooked from the moment I hit play. Check this project out from front to back and if your feeling young Mota make sure to show him love on twitter.

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Jersey/Mexico – Angelo Mota

November 4, 2013

jersey-mexico jpeg

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Download Jersey/Mexico - Angelo Mota

18 year old Angelo Mota from New Jersey sent us this track, and this joint is like a breath of fresh air in more ways then one. When the beat drops it sounds eerily like a track Odd Future is about to hop on, but then when Angelo’s voice comes through you’ll see that it is something much more. This is a song mostly about being yourself, and trying to maintain in a world where everyone wants to be like everybody else. Angelo also takes a minute to confront his demons, and talk about the different vices he’s struggled with. It’s a super chill track, with some deranged tendencies and I honestly think ya’ll are going to enjoy this final product. Enjoy.