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Close/Far – Emilio Paredes & Atenrays

December 19, 2014


Download Close/Far - Emilio Paredes & Atenrays

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best track I’ve heard from Emilio Paredes to date. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you should be familiar with some of Emilio’s material already, but it’s clear that his music is becoming more fervent and innovative. The corniness that many early artists possess has dissipated for him, his eerie style is being chiseled into his own unique and identifiable sound. This time around, Emilio touches on the subject of distance, and how physical closeness doesn’t make up for the emotional gap between him and his lover, and the irony of how something so right can feel so wrong. Backed by the somber production from Atenrays, Emilio gets in his comfort zone as he’s surrounded by heavy distorted synth, eerie strings, and an outlying drum beat. Cop the free download, follow Emilio and Atenrays on twitter, and expect to see both of these names on here again soon.