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BLK FRidAY – ATlas BLK (Mixtape)

December 20, 2014


Download BLK FRidAY - ATlas BLK (Mixtape)

Some of you may remember ATlas BLK from his first record on the site “Murder & Bitches”, but you haven’t really heard anything from this Boston artist until you hear BLK FRidAY. Production on the tape was handled by engineers Monster Rally & Rumtum, C. Plews, and VERSEatyle. Among others including ATlas himself. From the intro to the end of the tape ATlas hits brilliant beat after brilliant beat delivering intelligent, and thoughtful lyricism. It’s the past and the present. It’s love and hate. It’s the struggle and the come up. It’s ultimately something something everyone can connect with in one way in another. Or one song or another rather. I have a really hard time just picking a few favorites so I really recommend listening to this tape the whole way through. If you really are looking for a good place to start to see if this for you check out “Continental Breakfast”, or “Made For Each Other”. If you dig the tape make sure to hit that download, and show some love to ATlas on soundcloud and twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Murder & Bitches – ATlas BLK

August 1, 2014


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Download Murder & Bitches - ATlas BLK

Another unfamiliar name for ya’ll tonight, ATlas BLK is a recording artist out of Boston and so thoughtfully dedicated this song to the industry for it’s unyielding stream of lies. When I first saw the email in my inbox I read “Murder & Bitches” I laughed expecting to hear some of the same garbage he speaks out against. What I got was a refreshing reminder that Hip-Hop isn’t dead, and that there are artists out there fighting for their genre. Production was handled by Hippie Sabotage who provides a rather simple, repetitive , and electric piano heavy beat that actually portrays the song’s message in it’s own way. Add some clever, and insightful lyricism from ATlas BLK and this song is a perfect little “Fuck You” to mainstream music. This track will live on ATlas’ anticipated mixtape BLK FRidAY, which we currently have no release date for. Hit that play button one time, check out more from Boston’s secret weapon on soundcloud, and join the hype.