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30 Minutes – Aziz & C Dot Castro

September 9, 2015

Free Download | 30 Minutes - Aziz & C Dot Castro

If you’re like me, time is the most valuable thing you have. Aziz is no stranger to UniversityHype, but it’s been a few months since we’ve gotten some new music from him to share with y’all. 30 Minutes is a fast-paced grind anthem; both Aziz and Castro spit their verses like they’re short on time as their seamless flows try to keep up with the high BPM instrumental. Although it might take a couple of listens for you to catch the lyrics, the general direction of the track is maintaining focus and pushing aside anybody who tries to slow you down. This is the kind of track that you play while you’re flying down the highway, the kind of song that keeps your mind on the money. Cop the free download and show Aziz and C Dot Castro some love on soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Double Negative – Aziz

December 15, 2014


Download Double Negative - Aziz

The past few tracks I’ve posted from Aziz have been hits, intended to get people moving and earn him some publicity, but Double Negative abstains from the fresh sound he’s been working so meticulously on. This boom-bap style is new for Aziz, but he spits profound messages over this simplistic beat with ease. He flows about the struggle, putting his small New Hampshire hometown on a pedestal, and dreaming big enough to make it to where the grass is greener. Although I’d still take his new material over this any day of the week, this 90’s influenced single still has it’s place in our music library, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Follow Aziz on twitter and show some love via soundcloud if you have one.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Too Low Key – Aziz

November 20, 2014


Download Too Low Key - Aziz

After receiving great feedback on his last release Let You Know, Aziz has no trouble keeping the momentum going with another lyrically rich track. This time Aziz co-produces the eerie beat with Julian S, flexing some versatility while still maintaining focus on his delivery. A fat bass line is backed by a familiar sample sets the pace for his rampant word play; smoking herb, putting in work, and outperforming the competition are just a few topics he covers in his three hard-hitting verses. Something about the way Aziz spits over this beat just makes you want to get in your zone and grind, the fast yet crisp delivery resonates off the arpeggiating synth. Don’t sleep, Aziz is making big moves low key, cop the free download and throw him a follow on twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Let You Know – Aziz

October 22, 2014


Download Let You Know - Aziz

We’ve only put Aziz on the site once before, but Numb feat. Ground Up left us with a twisted first impression; despite the fact that I really enjoyed that track, I didn’t get a very good idea of who this new artists was. Any doubts I had about his rapping faded when he sent me this new release early yesterday morning, he runs laps around this 2Astronauts produced beat. With no breaks in his delivery whatsoever, Aziz molds his voice to the instrumental, setting the tempo as he spits bar after bar of clever and profound lyrics. From fast-paced flows to the vibey break down at 2:38, everything about this new release asserts Aziz’s interminable potential. Don’t sleep, throw him a follow on twitter and a like on facebook if you’re feeling it.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Numb – Aziz & Ground Up

October 9, 2012

[soundcloud id=’62795122′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Numb - Aziz & Ground Up

Didn’t see this one coming, but I’m digging this collaboration. Aziz and Ground Up have very different styles, Aziz does more sampling from female artists, and Ground Up is all about unique original beats. Regardless, this goes hard. Hop Hobson did the production work on this one, and I’m sure you’ll like the piano and the female (Marina and the Diamonds?) vocals on top of this. ‘Tinderboxx’ drops Oct 10th, get hyped.