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Revenge Of The Dreamers (Mixtape) – J. Cole

January 30, 2014


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Revenge Of The Dreamers – J. Cole

J. Cole celebrated his 29th birthday today, but that was far from the only reason for this surprise release. Cole and his Dreamville affiliates released details into their recent partnership with Interscope records, and then decided to drop this eleven track compilation to give the fans a taste of what’s to come. I haven’t kept up to much with the Dreamville team in the past but I’ve consistently been impressed with Cole’s ability to take a simple message and turn it into poetry. The dude probably has the most pen game in the industry right now, and if not the most then definitely the most elegant. Other Dreamville artists showcased in this compilation include Bas, Omen, K-Quick, and Treasure Davis. I don’t know when the full “Lil Niggaz” track will be released but keep your eye out because Cole’s take on Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” is some serious heat. Hit that play button, love the tunes, and enjoy the first Dreamville project of the new year.

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Do She Got A Friend Tho? – Elite & Bas

October 30, 2013


Download Do She Got A Friend Tho? - Elite & Bas

Absolutely loving this new release, from the opening trumpet solo to the last run through the chorus this track is captivating. New artists to our site Elite and Bas come at ya’ll with some serious bars in this in-and-out format, instead of taking a verse a piece and they absolutely kill it. I was hanging on every word, and had to replay it a couple times just to comprehend what I was hearing. You gentlemen out there have probably been asked or even asked this question to your homies, which will probably help you relate to the chorus and maybe even get you reminiscing. All around this is just a really strong collaborative joint between two new artists that deserves to be on your MP3 player. Hit that play button and see if your feeling this as much as I did.