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Nest HQ MiniMix – Big Wild

October 19, 2015

Nest HQ MiniMix - Big Wild
Free Download | Nest HQ MiniMix - Big Wild

Big Wild isn’t just one of the most musically talented producers in the game (he plays like 12 instruments), but he also has an awesome taste in music — which became clear after he released this Nest HQ Mix. Thirty minutes is considered a “short” set for a DJ, but I guarantee you he packs a ton of great music into a relatively small time slot. Griz, Brasstracks, Aten Rays, and a ton of original content seamlessly blend together into this perfectly arranged and orchestrated mix. We caught this talented independent artist at SXSW a few months back, and after a brief tour with ODESZA it sounds like he’s getting back into releasing content more consistently. Whether you’re feeling acoustic, tropical, ambient, upbeat, or downtempo, there’s bound to be something in this mix you’ll enjoy. Grab the free download while you can, show Big Wild some love on Soundcloud and Twitter, and if you want to be a dope fan you can go buy his single Aftergold on iTunes.


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Champagne Drip Theme (Big Wild Remix)

May 1, 2015

champagne drip theme

Download Champagne Drip Theme (Big Wild Remix)

Seven months ago, producer Champagne Drip released the Champagne Drip Theme, a funky electronic tune that feels like it could be the soundtrack to an underwater level of Crash Bandicoot racing. If you take a look at comments from the original track, you can see that Big Wild was a fan from the start, commenting to Drip “I really dig your sound choices and mixes.” The track inspired a slew of remixes and, not that we’re playing favorites here, but Big Wild’s touch makes his version a stand-out rendition. Sounds of waves crashing and seagulls ease you into the mix, with a hint of Beach Boys “Wipeout” flair. The energy gradually picks up, we hear some Big Wild signature whistles, and then the percussion takes off like crazy. Summer is fast approaching, so start it off right with this bangin’ free download. And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our SXSW interview with Big Wild.

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Big Wild (Interview)

April 29, 2015


We are very happy to present our SXSW interview with electronic music producer Big Wild. I got in touch with Jackson back in 2013 when he sent me his “Native Echoes EP.” He had recently graduated from Northeastern and was making serious moves to make a name for himself in the music industry. I was impressed with the project and stayed up on his following releases. Every remix and every original track captured a different spirit. He continued to show versatility and originality with each work, and he soon became a University Hype favorite. He just finished touring with electronic breakout group Odesza, which ended with several performances at the SXSW music festival. He’s currently on tour with Kodak to Graph and OBESØN, building a bigger fan base with each tour stop. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. Catch his innovative live performance if you get the chance.

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Blood Love – Young Summer (Big Wild Remix)

April 6, 2015


Download Blood Love - Young Summer (Big Wild Remix)

You probably aren’t familiar with Young Summer, but the D.C.-based solo artist recently released her debut album Siren, which contained a ton of melodic gems including the eerie lust inspired single Blood Love. If you’re new to our site, you might also not be familiar with Big Wild, but if you’ve done your homework than you’re familiar with his organic electronic sound and the plethora of great free content he’s released in the past couple of years. From the full drum kit he uses on stage and in-studio, to the authentic guitar samples he records, every aspect of his production is a testament to his uniqueness and originality. This official remix is another great addition to his repertoire; where the original song was resonating pop vibes and little more than a simple synth progression, Big Wild converted the track into a summertime anthem with multiple layers of percussion, a Venice Beach influenced guitar part, and heavy drops into an ecstasy-packed break downs with a refreshing synthasized melody. Cop the free downoad, follow Big Wild on twitter and soundcloud if you like what you hear, and check back with us soon to see the exclusive interview he did with us at SXSW.

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Venice Venture – Big Wild

July 14, 2014

artworks-000084059018-7u6amb-t500x500[soundcloud id=’157010180′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Venice Venture - Big Wild

Venice Venture is a groovy California-inspired jam that sounds like you should be able to find it on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. It’s syrupy slow in the best way with a touch of electronic that still allows for the delivery of a timeless sound. It’s perfect for a day when you just gotta take it easy. Evan Adamson’s video of surfer/skater Kameron Brown complements the laid-back trippy mood perfectly with his editing and mirroring effects. If you’re in the Bay area and want a chance to catch Big Wild live, stop by The Monarch this Tuesday night at 9pm.

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Blunt After Blunt – Danny Brown (Big Wild Remix)

June 11, 2014



[soundcloud id=’153737351′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Blunt After Blunt - Danny Brown (Big Wild Remix)

Big Wild has been releasing some feel-good summer jams but his newest work is a remix of Danny Brown’s stoner anthem Blunt After Blunt. It’s the kind of track you wanna play as your night turns into morning when you’re getting trippy and don’t have much strength to hold on to a melody. The bass is fat, and the synths are as distorted as you are. This remix just goes to show that Big Wild will never be boxed in by any genre. His BW Variety Hour showcases music that caters to a wide variety of electronic influences. Big Wild’s got a lot of new material in the works, so make sure you stay up on his new releases by following him on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

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When I Get Older – Wild Party (Big Wild Remix)

May 28, 2014

when i get older

[soundcloud id=’151688645′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download When I Get Older - Wild Party (Big Wild Remix)

Whenever I see a new release from Big Wild, I know it’s gonna be good before I even hit that play button. And sure enough, his latest remix of Wild Party’s track When I Get Older is no exception. Originally an alternative rock summer jam, Big Wild flipped this one on its side with greater implementation of percussive beats and electronic elements. It’s a nice switchup from his traditional style, but he still holds on to his signature tribal touch. Check out Wild Party and Big Wild on Soundcloud. And if you’re diggin Wild Party, throw them a vote for their iHeart Radio contest.

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La Brisa – Big Wild

March 11, 2014


[soundcloud id=’138058042′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download La Brisa - Big Wild

Big Wild strikes gold again with his easygoing vibed out track La Brisa. The ear-pleasing combination of wood blocks, pan flutes, and piano breakdowns really contributes to the establishment of his own signature style; I can’t really name an artist that makes music that sounds like Big Wild. Bumpin La Brisa makes me want to break out my old scooter and just cruise around my neighborhood. It brings back those happy summer-time vibes that I’m sure all of you are craving. Cop the free download and check back on March 17th for Big Wild’s official remix of Bro Safari’s track Zombies.

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Decorous – TroyBoi & Big Wild

January 5, 2014


[soundcloud id=’127702597′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Decorous - TroyBoi & Big Wild

Boston-based producer Big Wild teamed up with TroyBoi across the pond to deliver another genre-defying hit. I’ve listened to Decorous over and over again just to wrap my head around everything that’s going on here. The producers messed around with some bass and trap, adding a bit of hip-hop flair and steel drums to create a beat that constantly keeps you guessing about what they’re gonna throw at you in the next verse. The constant switch-ups make Decorous refreshing to listen to, even on repeat. These are two dudes you definitely wanna keep track of so make sure to follow Big Wild and TroyBoi on Soundcloud.

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Native Echoes – Big Wild (EP)

December 9, 2013


Download Native Echoes - Big Wild (EP)

Up-and-coming producer Big Wild just dropped his “Native Echoes EP” through French label Cosmonostro. This bite-sized project is filled with organic-sounding nature-inspired tracks with a splash of Big Wild’s unique electronic production. It’s a refreshing blend of modern-day samples with marks of tribal influences. The energy of each track ebbs and flows seamlessly, with pan flutes, percussion, and vocals coming together to form a cohesive sound. As a newcomer to the scene, “Native Echoes” puts Big Wild in his own lane, unmatched by any other electronic music producers out there. We’re all really excited to see where Big Wild’s path leads him at the start of his musical journey. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest.