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Free Fallin’ – Billy G

April 8, 2015


Download Free Fallin' - Billy G

Billy is everything but consistent; right when I think he’s back in the game, he takes a few months off and falls into the daily routine of pulling hoes, getting drunk, and working ridiculous hours as a rent-a-cop. That being said, anytime he drops a track I’m left wondering why he isn’t doing this for a living. He writes catchy lyrics, is a double-threat singer and rapper, and the production quality from his label JAMsesh is always on point. Free Fallin’ is a take on Tom Petty’s original 1989 single about a girl who loves Jesus, America, horses, and her boyfriend. Billy’s pop-style rendition is about hoes with daddy problems, drug addictions, and curves in all the right places. From the summer-vibe production from Nasty Beatz to the incredulously ironic hook, this is by far one of my favorite songs from Bill yet. His vocals are great, the entire song is quotable, and how can you not respect a hilarious yet lucid Tom Petty interpretation? Give it a listen, throw him a follow on twitter if you want to laugh your ass off every day, and show him some support by copping this free download and checking out his last project Hot Dog Stand Across The Street.

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Hot Dog Stand Across The Street (Mixtape) – Rotte & Billy G

September 2, 2014


Free Download | Hot Dog Stand Across The Street (Mixtape) - Rotte & Billy G

Here’s the tape we’ve been waiting for from Billy & Nate; a couple weeks in the studio is all it took to get us this versatile 13-track gem. When we heard Summer Breeze and Peace at 1AM it was obvious that whatever reform they did ameliorated their music to a new level. Although their names still aren’t huge in the rap industry, this is exactly what they needed to gain some notoriety after their year long hiatus. The production bounces around a lot, from jazzy style instrumentals that we’re used to hearing from them to the not so familiar dark/ambient beats, but for the most part they keep things down tempo. The lyricism is relatable and meaningful, the hooks are catchy and quotable, and the delivery is better than ever. If I had to spotlight a few I’d suggest the Intro, Summer Breeze, The Reason, and Glory Daze. Cop this tape while it’s hot, and don’t sleep on Billy G or Rotte, JAM sesh is on their come up.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Peace at 1AM – Rotte & Billy G

August 27, 2014


Download Peace at 1AM - Rotte & Billy G

After not hearing from them in over a year, Billy G gained some hype off his and Rotte’s first single Summer Breeze, and promised me a mixtape by the end of the month. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Boston duo; they’d clearly done some improvements on their style, production, and lyricism since we’d last heard from them, but a whole mixtape in two weeks? Well once again, I’m blown away. Rotte adds a whole new dimension to their music, delivering perfectly crafted verses over an ambient piano based instrumental. Billy G’s transient hook explains the whole vibe of the track, getting fucked up to forget about girls. Stay tuned for their recently renamed mixtape Hot Dog Stand Across The Street dropping on the 30th, and be sure to follow Billy & Rotte on twitter.


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Summer Breeze – Billy G

August 15, 2014


Download Summer Breeze - Billy G

Billy’s back and better than ever; smooth verses, slow-tempo production, and hella good vibes. From start to finish the tangy electric guitar glides under the simple beat while Billy keeps the forward momentum, spitting about faded summer nights and lazy summer days. It’s been over a year since we’ve heard from him, but in the last 12 months he’s managed to improve far beyond where he left off. His lyricism’s improved, his delivery’s cleaner, and even the recording quality is better. Anyways, he’s dropping a tape with Rotte called The MIXDtape sometime soon, but for now just enjoy the free download and follow Billy G on twitter.


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Exhale – Billy G

August 1, 2013

exhalealbum[soundcloud id=’103598188′ color=’#00f0ff’]

 Download Exhale - Billy G

Billy G is known and sponsored by us for his impressive vocals, but did you know he kills raps too? Check it out, he sent me this really chilled out single off his upcoming tape ‘Good Vibrations’ and the ladies in the room, as well as myself, were seriously feeling it. We’ve been following Billy for a long time, so it’s dope seeing how much he’s improved since we first put him on the site. I’ve got a good feeling about this ‘Good Vibrations’ tape, but for now just Inhale, Exhale, and download this track.