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Bus It – Blackbear

May 22, 2016

Bus It - Blackbear
Free Download | Bus It - Blackbear

There is no censorship for Blackbear. The unsigned artist takes advantage of his independence in every way possible, and his ignorance for PR combined with his superb writing and production abilities makes for some extremely sexual, provocative, and all around well-made songs. I don’t think any label would let him drop a song called ‘bus it’ that is literally entirely about ejaculation, but that’s why we love independent musicians.

Not to keep ranting about how awesome Blackbear is, but he also goes out and finds the best producers you’ve never heard of. He put on our boy Rad Cat after he remixed one of his songs, and brought on another new name to us for this track, Boogie Wizard. The instrumental is essentially a ton of synth layers compiled over a distorted church organ, fat bass line, and what sounds like a sample out of Super Mario. Blackbear absolutely kills it, and the blatant disregard for discretion is sinfully amazing. The verses basically talk about all the things that she can do to “bus it”, but combined with the addicting hook and upbeat instrumental, I definitely wouldn’t call it a bedroom jam.

Give it a listen. If it’s too explicit for you than don’t listen to Blackbear, but if you love it like the rest of us be sure you give him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Drink Bleach EP – Blackbear

April 30, 2016

Drink Bleach EP - Blackbear
Free Download | Drink Bleach EP - Blackbear

If you know Blackbear at all, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he named his latest project the “Drink Bleach” EP, namely because of the consistent middle-finger-high subject matter of his original songs. Is it a little bit crude? Definitely. But we love Bear because he isn’t afraid to take it too far and say the things that we’re all thinking anyways. He delivers anti-love songs with his beautiful falsetto voice, drawing a wide range of fans; from punk rockers to R&B vibers, Blackbear has a little bit of something for everyone.

Bear doesn’t like talking about his past career choices too much, but about 5 years ago he went by Matt Musto, rocked long black hair, and wrote acoustic emo jams that sound like an entirely different artist. Thankfully that era is over, but with it came a profound taste in music, tons of experience, and a diverse fan base. The EP starts with a sample of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Alright Now, an upbeat indie-folk song, but quickly converts the song into something new with a hip-hop percussion, a heavy bass line, and layers of airy resounding synths.

The project as a whole showcases the genre-bending style that Blackbear has cultivated over the past year. Elements of electronic, hip-hop, R&B, indie, rock, alternative, and everything inbetween can be heard in the chord progressions and instrument choices. Bear even featured our boy Rad Cat on the production side of things for ‘Girls Like U’, and linked up with Mike Posner and P-Lo for the two features.

It’s a fire project by a talented artist. Blackbear is going to be topping charts without any label help this year, so be sure you follow the boy on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Paper – Pettros & Blackbear

April 1, 2016

Paper - Pettros & Blackbear
Free Download | Paper - Pettros & Blackbear

It’s rare for me to give a song the green light after only hearing the first five seconds of it, especially if I don’t know who the artist is, but this was one of those releases that captivated me from the jump. Pettros is a Boston, MA based singer, writer, and producer who’s built an extremely sensual brand around himself; all of his track artwork, profile pictures, background images, everything is covered with pictures of naked women.

More sensual than the nude pics however, are his collaborations with one of our favorite LA artists Blackbear. This is actually the second release they’ve dropped together, the prior being the 3 month old hit Ur Burnt, but the vibe is much different on this new track. Whereas their last single was centered around a girl who’s using and abusing the two artists, ‘Paper’ is all about getting your bread up. The production is an upbeat piano melody layered over some crisp treble-heavy percussion, but despite it’s seemingly repetitive ambiance, the delivery from these two musicians makes you want to sing/rap along to the entire song.

If you’re not singing “I got control of the pay-pahh” by the end of this two minute masterpiece, you’re on the wrong website and should head over here for your music from now on. Check it out, and be sure to show young Pettro some love on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Champagne & Pools – Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE

November 28, 2015

Champagne & Pools - Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE
Free Download | Champagne & Pools - Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE

What an impeccable line up for this track Champagne & Pools.  This song combines Blackbear’s R&B vocals with Hoodie Allen’s quick witted lyrics, and as if that wasn’t enough we’ve even got an easy-going verse from KYLE to tie it all together. It’s no wonder that the reason they dropped this track is because they’re all about to embark on The Happy Camper Tour in February. Blackbear opens up with a soulful hook about the good life; looking at palm trees next to his pool while sippin’ on champagne. The catchy chorus is immediately followed by a witty verse from Hoodie Allen, full of quotable bars and metaphors.  This combo alone would make a phenomenal track, but right after Blackbear’s second chorus the one and only SuperDuperKyle closes out with one of the best verses I’ve heard from him since his debut studio album release SMYLE.  This song gives you a little sample of three amazing artists who are in the midst of perfecting their sound, and having all released successful projects recently — with the exception of Hoodie, who claims he’s dropping a free project this year — you should definitely give this track a listen.  If this little sampler caught your ear be sure to follow them Soundcloud (Blackbear, Hoodie Allen, KYLE) and Twitter(Blackbear, Hoodie Allen, KYLE).

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Chemistry – Skizzy Mars & Blackbear

October 12, 2015

Free Download | Chemistry - Skizzy Mars & Blackbear

Ever since Skizzy teased us with photos of him and Blackbear in the studio, and this is even better than I thought it’d be. From the lyrics to the production from Michael Keenan to the beautiful artwork from ColorsByNet — everything is pristine. A symphony of strings combine with the effulgent percussion and aromatic keys to create the indie, drug-induced instrumental that both of these artists sound best on top of. ‘Chemistry’ is about how this girl is messing up his routine of blacking out and sleeping with strangers, which has an oddly nice sentiment to it. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a collab between these two brilliant independent artists; show Skizzy Mars and Blackbear some love on Soundcloud, and cop the free download.

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Emily – Blackbear

July 27, 2015

blackbear emily art

Free Download | Emily - Blackbear

It’s never too soon for more blackbear, and consistency really is the name of the game in today’s music industry. If you caught his release last month, you should kind of see the direction his music’s been taking this summer; super airy, reverb and sample heavy production coated in blackbear’s soothing R&B vocals. His drug-induced lifestyle — combined with his extreme talent for writing perceptive catchy material — makes the lyricism on this track as sensual, explicit, and pristine as you could hope for. Cop the free DL and show blackbear some love on twitter and soundcloud to show support.

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Dirty Laundry – Blackbear & Marty Grimes

July 20, 2015

dirty laundry marty grimes blackbear art

Free Download | Dirty Laundry - Blackbear & Marty Grimes

Marty was hyping this track for awhile, and I was hoping for an original track rather  than a remix of blackbear‘s Dirty Laundry, but I digress. The twangy bass, catchy chorus, and renowned R&B vocals are the cornerstone of this release, and the two verses from Marty Grimes had a lot of expectations to live up to. In my opinion, he killed it; new flows, insightful lyrics, and creative delivery. Blackbear has a very specific sound, and it’s rare for an artist to be able to hop on one of his more experimental beats and pull it off. Definitely worth a listen, and if you like what you hear cop the free download and show Marty some love via twitter and soundcloud.

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Blackbear Interview

July 8, 2015

blackbear interview art

We went out and visited Blackbear at his crib in Los Angeles – aka “the bear cave – to talk about his recent success, plans for the future, and the meaning behind idfc. Check out his free music on the site and be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud if you aren’t already.

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〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

June 26, 2015

emoji blackbear

Free Download | 〴⋋_⋌〵- Blackbear

After the unprecedented flood of fame that blackbear gained off his debut album deadroses he’s been working relentlessly on creating new material and reinventing his image. We stopped by his crib in Los Angeles a few days ago, and it was incredible to see how humble Matt really is; he recorded idfc with nothing more than a mic and a laptop in his bedroom. The fully tatted singer is the definition of an independent artist who truly relishes in the freedom of his music, hence why he titled this song with an emoji. The basecamp produced instrumental is just the kind of down-tempo reverb-heavy and mellow back track that blackbear shines over. His crisp angelic vocals poetically articulate his recent success, the end to an old part of his life, and the start of a new one. As always, every aspect of this song is emotionally compelling and perfectly arranged. Cop the exclusive free download, follow blackbear on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to check back with us for his interview video dropping next week.

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90210 – Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

May 16, 2015


Free Download | 90210 - Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

You’ve gotta love Matt DiMona. His remixes are always concise, creative, and tend to do the original tracks justice. This is his most recent creation, and thankfully it’s a free bootleg of the amazing collab between Blackbear & G-Eazy. The original track was great, but if I’m being honest, the lightweight-house style that Matt has perfected is just ecstasy to my ears. From the distant percussion to the blaring synth-lead, everything comes together to create this dream-like aura over the Cali-centered vocals. Amazing work, definitely worth a listen, and if you haven’t already you should follow Matt DiMona on soundcloud and twitter.