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Demo Grafix – Jetpack Jones

July 28, 2014


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Download Demo Grafix - Jetpack Jones

Brock Berrigan and Jetpack Jones team up again to create another masterpiece that really speaks to not only fans of the two but those who have chosen not to recognize the undeniable skill these two artists have. Jetpack actually laid everything on the table via twitter the other day, hoping to inspire people to really pay attention to the meaning behind the words. He writes “”I very rarely express emotion anymore outside of music, and sometimes it takes a toll. When I feel some type of way I just record it and hope someone relates. That’s my way of letting you in. So I need you to listen.” Berrigan provides the usual brass and piano influences to provide that funky vibe the Jetpack Movement has become known for, and with the smooth vocals Jones’ throws on top really bring the whole thing together. The beginning sample is taken from the infamous Gil Scott-Heron, a soul and jazz poet/musician mostly known for his work in the 70s and 80s. Overall this is just an incredibly classy track, intended to be played at the edge of the water hanging out with your friends or in your room in complete silence. When you feel like an artist is talking to you personally through a song, that’s a true sign of greatness: and Jetpack Jones has that in spades.

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Shades Of Mary (Mixtape) – Jetpack Jones & Brock Berrigan

April 22, 2014


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Download Shades Of Mary - Jetpack Jones & Brock Berrigan

On Sunday, like promised, Jetpack Jones with help from his east coast producer Brock Berrigan released his highly anticipated sophomore project Shades Of Mary and it is everything you could want from a 4/20 release. Some of our fans are probably a little more familiar with this duo then others, but what’s important to grasp is that these two feed off each other and it really is some next level shit. With songs ranging from straight up smoking tracks, to sounds that really let you into the mind of hip-hop’s “chillest” rapper this tape progresses so fluidly that you could listen from front to back and not realize you had heard all 17 tracks. Of course all production work is handled by Berrigan but we do get a few features from names like Rich Flow, Mack Chamberlain, James Joseph, Cliff Savage, and Tone Oliver. Even though the ultimate hippy holiday has come and gone hit that play button one time, spark a doobie, and bathe in the tranquil sounds of the Jetpack movement. There’s no time like the present after all.