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Gold Coins – Cal Scruby

February 19, 2014



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This is Cal Scrubby, 24 year old rapper from Ohio State University, and until yesterday I had no idea what the hype was all about. He’s only been in the game for a couple of years, but the way he spits his verses behind the mic you’d think he’s been doing this since birth. This song, another installment to his Scrubby Tuesday promo, kicks off with an eery beat and some funny samples from Austin Power’s Gold Member. His wordplay is ridiculous, the production is great, and the hook is perfect. He has a dime in a music video that just rolls a bleezy and bounces her ass over the .mp3, nothing too special, but still worth a peep if you’re into sexy girls and smoke tricks. Cal manages to switch his flow up and adjust to the weird changes to the instrumental without missing a beat. The best part of this song though? Definitely puts Biebs on blast. “I’m smart though, No DUI’s, If I need a ride I let Bieber Drive”. Don’t sleep on Calvin, cop some freebies off his soundcloud and keep up with him on twitter.