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i – Jackson Breit (Carneyval & Instrum Remix)

August 28, 2015

i kendrick carney remix art
Free Download | i - Jackson Breit (Carneyval & Instrum Remix)

You might remember Jackson Breit’s cover of i by Kendrick Lamar, but this is a far cry from his down-tempo acoustic rendition. Carneyval and Instrum are both pretty well respected producers, but this electro-house remix wasn’t what I was expecting to hear when I hit play on this track. The groovy keyboard breakdowns and fervent bass drops define the track, and the sanguine vibrations are perfect for your post-class turn up for the first weekend of the semester. Check it out, and be sure to throw Instrum and Carneyval a follow on soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Tell Me Something Good – Jackson Breit & Carneyval

June 2, 2015

tell me something good jackson breit carneyval

Free Download | Tell Me Something Good - Jackson Breit & Carneyval

As promised, here’s the latest and greatest from the Virginia-beach natives Jackson Breit & Carneyval. If you’re someone who enjoys watching Soul Train re-runs, you might recognize that this track is a completely revamped rendition of Rufus’s Tell Me Something Good. With William Carney on the production side of things, it’s no wonder why this new single is radiating his futuristic groovy, jazzy, mildly-electronic vibe. A new artist to us, Sophia Schoenau, provides uplifting backup vocals and harmonies to Jackson’s incredulous voice; smooth delivery, perfectly articulated lyrics, and a tone to his voice that just emanates summer-time music. It’s rare that we hear a producer and artist collaborate consistently well from long distances, but Use Me — which has already accrued 1/4 of a million plays in just a few months — is a testament to the quality of work they can create from different sides of the country. If you haven’t already, cop the free download and check out our interview with Jackson Breit, and stay tuned for the exclusive interview we did with Carneyval dropping later today.

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Retrograde – Carneyval & Celeste Stoney (James Blake Cover)

May 19, 2015

retrograde celeste stoney carneyvala remix james blake album art

Free Download | Retrograde - Carneyval & Celeste Stoney (James Blake Cover)

Carneyval is no stranger to UniversityHype, and after doing an interview with him over the phone last week (coming soon) I discovered this gem that I missed from him that he released at New Orlean’s BUKU project. You’re probably familiar with the hit-single Retrograde from James Blake, but I promise you’ve never heard it like this. William Carney does a phenomenal job at implementing his own funky electronic sound into this rendition of James’s track with Celeste Stoney. The instrumental originally hit me as Michael Jackson-esque, but quickly transformed into a hyped up dance track; waves of keys, synth, and groovy guitar keep the momentum going from start to finish. Cop the free download if you like what you hear, follow Carneyval on soundcloud and twitter, and share the track to show some support.

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Use Me – Jackson Breit & Carneyval

November 17, 2014


Download Use Me - Jackson Breit & Carneyval

We’ve been keeping up with Carneyval for awhile, waiting for a free single like this to fall into our hands. Jackson Breit and Carneyval combine to make a groovy, jazzy, and genuinely funky vibe that’s driven by both of their incredible multifaceted voices. While we don’t share much pop-style music here on UniversityHype, Use Me is just the kind of song that makes you want to vibe out and dance like no one’s watching. Guitar solos, choir-sounding backup vocals, and a beat that sounds like something you’d hear out of highschool musical are all the duo needed to flawlessly sing their risque lyrics. If you’re being used in all the right ways, this song shouldn’t take much deciphering. Enjoy, and follow Jackson and Carneyval on twitter.