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All That Gold – Casey Veggies & Elohim

September 3, 2015

all that gold
Free Download | All That Gold - Casey Veggies & Elohim

Casey Veggies has been popping up on my feed more and more recently; his come back is in full swing as he gears up for his album release on Sept 25. Casey declares this track is one that didn’t make the cut for the forthcoming ‘Live & Grow’ project, which sets expectations pretty high considering the quality of this free release. Grainy samples and resounding percussion surround Veggie’s insightful, aggressive, and lyrically rich verses, and the simple chorus from Elohim rounds the track off elegantly. Be sure you keep up with Casey Veggies via soundcloud and twitter, he’s definitely up right now.

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Shout Out – Casey Veggies

August 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 12.59.55 PM
Free Download | Shout Out - Casey Veggies

Veggies keeps the promise he made in his last release Anybody by dropping yet another fresh, cocky, and catchy free track. The simple brass instrumental from Mike & Keys rolls out a red carpet for Casey to flex on; the snare drums slap and the bass will have your neighbors knocking. The lyricism is seemingly orthodox aside from the final few bars he spits around 2:55, but all in all I’d count the song as another win for Casey Veggies. I expect this heat streak will persist and we’ll hear more from him soon, but for now you should just show Casey some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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Anybody – Casey Veggies

August 12, 2015

anybody casey veggies art

Free Download | Anybody - Casey Veggies

It’s been a minute since I’ve had some fresh Veggies to post, but thankfully he’s been whipping up some new music in the studio to drop this Fall, including his forthcoming album “Live & Grow” which hits the stores Septemeber 25th. Casey puts the blinders on for ‘Anybody’, rapping about his ignorance for competition and his undeniable success. The Sap produced instrumental is a groovy synth-based banger with a slow and steady tempo that’s suitable for CV to recite his rhymes over. If he’s a man of his word, you can expect to see more free music from Casey Veggies in the next couple of weeks, and you can also catch him LIVE at a secret show we’re doing in Los Angeles on August 22nd. Until then, cop the free download and hit his twitter and soundcloud with a follow.

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Like Me – Logic & Casey Veggies

December 2, 2013


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Download Like Me - Logic & Casey Veggies

This one didn’t hit me as anything too special, but since Logic’s lyricism is never anything less than great I couldn’t help but to share his self-produced collab with Cassie Veggies. Not only has he been touring with some of the biggest names this year, but he also released his best project yet ‘Welcome To Forever’.  Now an official part of Visionary Music Group the XXL Freshman is looking more like a Sophomore as he goes in and up-stages Casey on a beat he made from scratch. Check it out and enjoy the free download.

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I Know Who You Are – Kid Ink & Casey Veggies

August 7, 2013


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Download I Know Who You Are - Kid Ink & Casey Veggies

The two Cali based rappers owned this track, and after the first 15 seconds you’ll realize why it’s so catchy. Kid Ink’s arpeggiated vocals on the hook only make up a section of this tracks sickness, the other half belongs to Casey Veggies fire verse that’ll bang your door panels off. Check it out.

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America – Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, & Joey Bada$$

July 4, 2012

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Download America - Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, & Joey Bada$$

Happy fourth everybody, hope everyone’s ready to go hard for the best country in the world tonight. Mac dropped this track with Casey Veggies and Joey Bada$$ today, knowing that there’s going to be some holiday-tokers out there. Be safe tonight, and if you haven’t already, submit any pictures of your friends celebrating to to possibly be featured on the site. Try to keep it pg-13, I’ve seen too many half naked men in the past 5 days, I’M NOT POSTING YOUR TOPLESS MIRROR PICTURES ON THE SITE, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOING HARD. Ladies, well, that’s a different story… Haha, be easy everyone, I’ll catch you on the flip.