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Black Sheep 2 – Caskey (Mixtape)

September 5, 2015

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Free Download | Black Sheep 2 - Caskey (Mixtape)

Say hello to the new face of YMCMB, Caskey. For some of us this rapper is a familiar face, but he’s basically the label’s best-kept secret. The NY based rapper is tatted from head to toe, dripped in gold, and resembles a harder version of MGK. Although the Cash Money label has been under some heat lately, the quality of their sound clearly hasn’t diminished — a fleet of producers crafted this project to sound like a coherent work of art. Despite being 15-tracks in length however, the tape only has 3 features, one of which being the notoriously wealthy Birdman. The project is poppin’, but it definitely didn’t live up to the expectations fans had. If you like what you hear go check out his last project The Transient Classics.

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BS2ISOTW – Caskey

August 11, 2015

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Free Download | Free Download BS2ISOTW - Caskey

Young money affiliated Caskey has been in the dark for awhile, but this week he broke his silence with this release preceding the debut of his full-length project ‘Black Sheep 2’. When I play the Caskey tape we posted back in 2013 ‘The Transient Classics‘, I feel like I’m listening to a different artist entirely. The Avengers production, the slick delivery, the entire persona is just more retained and less poignant than anything he’s put out so far this year. BS2ISOTW sounds different from the start; haunting piano resounds across a chorus of distorted deep-toned samples, and the way Caskey hits the ground running on this song is intimidating “Back when my homies said, we wouldn’t make it I told ’em we got this, I’m dodging the fear, I see the truth when I look in the mirror. Look to myself, I don’t look to my peers. ” Although sentimental — he talks about his father dying, his sister struggling with sobriety, and some personal struggles — the way he flows on this track is aggressive, hungry, and passionate. I’ve never heard Caskey like this, and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for his fans on BS2. Check it out and throw Caskey a follow on soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.

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Tats On My Neck – Caskey

November 17, 2014


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Download Tats On My Neck - Caskey

As a premiere for his next mixtape Black Sheep,¬†Young Money artist Caskey dropped a heavy hitting track a few days ago to get people jumpin’ early. The Avengerz produced this creeping, piano centered instrumental with plenty of deep kicks and claps to give that rebel feel appropriate for the occasion. Caskey then delivers two fierce verses addressing topics from comparisons to Wayne to his addictions in between a catchy hook which floats effortlessly over the instrumental. Hit that play button one time, download the track and make sure to check back to catch Black Sheep in our library.

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The Transient Classics – Caskey (Mixtape)

August 29, 2013


Download The Transient Classics - Caskey (Mixtape)

When I first brought YMCMB’s young blood Caskey to the attention of University Hype with Breaking Bad I wasn’t sure how much potential he had or how much credit I should give him. That is, until he dropped “The Transient Classics” which couldn’t have been more perfectly named. The Avengerz produced almost the whole tape and you should expect very transient, ambient instrumentals that give this other worldly vibe from front to back. I know I didn’t expect anything like this from a YMCMB affiliate, but it was different and I found myself really vibing to it. Caskey himself is masterful in the way he plays with and arranges words, and it felt refreshing to hear that kind of lyricism from Young Money. If your looking for an anthem on this mixtape though I’m sorry, but you probably aren’t going to find one. The closest your gonna get would be Contact, or Alec Baldwin featuring Riff Raff. I do believe there’s something on this tape for everybody though and I recommend you give this tape a chance just to see how you feel about the new kid. Enjoy.