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Keep Our Love Alive – Afrojack (SCRVP & Chris Rishard Remix)

June 19, 2014


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Download Keep Our Love Alive - Afrojack (SCRVP & Chris Rishard Remix)

Chris Rishard is no stranger to the hype. Not only is he one of our favorite producers, but he also consistently releases amazing FREE remixes to some well known R&B/Hip-Hop tracks. That being said, this is nothing like the Chris you’ve heard before; from the Afrojack sample to the drop into house synth, the pace is a more suitable for his co-producer SCRVP, yet still retains the intricate instrumental workings we’ve grown to expect from Chris’s work. I honestly liked it better than the Afrojack/Matthew Coma original, but give it a listen yourself and see if it’s something you can vibe out to. Show some love for SCRVP¬†and Chris via twitter.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Na Na – Trey Songz (Chris Rishard Remix)

June 5, 2014


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Download Na Na - Trey Songz (Chris Rishard Remix)

As if this track wasn’t venereal enough already, Chris Rishard turns Trey’z panty dropping single into a slow n heavy stripper song. Precise sampling, dramatic instrument build ups, and intense synth are qualities that Chris incorporates in the majority of his remixes, so if you’ve never listened to him before you should definitely check out some of his other material on the site. Support him on facebook and twitter, he’s been consistently dropping free music with us since early 2014 and I’m STILL impressed more and more with every release.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Happy – Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

April 29, 2014


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Download Happy - Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

If you’re absolutely sick of Pharrell’s radio-famous single Happy, which was released on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack over a year ago, I’m right there with you. Right when I thought I couldn’t stand to hear this song one more time, Chris Rishard hit our inbox with a fresh out the oven remix of the infamous Happy. My skepticism faded as soon as I pressed play. Chris and German DJ Johnny Good (who you’ll probably be hearing a lot more of) turned this track inside out; playing off the funky vibes and eachother’s unique production styles. Normally when Chris sends us a remix we’re expecting intricate, flawless, and slow paced production like Only That Real and Show Me; but when you throw Johnny Good into the mix you have to factor in his fast-paced sample heavy style with equally impressive ingenuity. Give it a listen, enjoy the free download, and follow Chris Rishard and Johnny Good on twitter.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Only That Real – Iamsu!, 2 Chainz, & Sage The Gemini (Chris Rishard Remix)

March 18, 2014


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Download Only That Real - Iamsu!, 2 Chainz, & Sage The Gemini (Chris Rishard Remix)

Although he wasn’t able to drop a remix every week like we anticipated, Chris makes up for it with his crisp ambient production over iamsu’s ‘Only That Real’. The way his production encompasses the original track so perfectly; lining up seamlessly with the three heavy ball-out verses, makes you wonder why Chris isn’t the one making beats for these artists.¬† His signature heavy synth that we heard on his Show Me rendition is back in action, cop this free new Chris Rishard remix and stay tuned for more real shit next week.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Show Me – Kid Ink & Chris Brown (Chris Rishard Remix)

February 17, 2014


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Download Show Me - Kid Ink & Chris Brown (Chris Rishard Remix)

Chris Rishard is on the beat once again, and gives us some fresh production over some seductive Kid Ink and Chris Brown vocals. If you didn’t already want to get down with your significant other to this track, you sure will now. The hard hitting bass contrasts the echoing synth, combining to make a slow steady beat that’ll have you ladies out there feeling right. Chris is really making a name for himself lately; dropping quality remixes like this every week indefinitely. So I guess stay tuned until next Monday, show DJ Rishard some love on facebook and twitter.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

The Language – Drake (Chris Rishard Remix)

January 31, 2014


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Download The Language - Drake (Chris Rishard Remix)

I’ve been waiting 4 months to hear someone remix this track off Drake’s newest album Nothing Was The Same, and yesterday Chris dropped this remix in our inbox. Filter heavy synth consumes the original song and adds a dark twist to the original track, which looking back seems to be Chris’s style of production. After a couple listens I’m confident this needs to be on your turn up playlist for the weekend, besides, who would turn down a dope free Drake remix? Enjoy the new production, and don’t be afraid to show Chris some love on twitter too.