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Die For Me – Marty Grimes, KYLE, & Christoph Andersson

May 13, 2015

Die For Me Track Art

Free Download | Die For Me - Marty Grimes, KYLE, & Christoph Andersson

Marty has been on a winning streak; over 3 million plays off his last release with G-Eazy, having P.Diddy share this new single on his RevoltTV platform, and collabing with bigger and better names. All his successes play into the hype of his sophomore project Nobody Said It Was Easy, set to drop sometime this summer. Die For Me showcases his down-tempo love song style, something we haven’t heard from Marty since he released Still Floatin back in August 2014. Even then, he’s never made something this refined — this perfected, even — which leads me to believe his forthcoming project will be an incredulously more successful than anyone anticipated. Christoph Andersson produces the majority of this team’s releases, which explains the coherent sound from track to track, and it goes without saying that the ambient sample-heavy instrumentals are a crowd-pleaser. If you want to show some support, cop the track on iTunes and follow Marty on soundcloud and twitter.

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Keep On Loving Me – Devon Baldwin & Christoph Andersson

April 16, 2015

Keep On Loving Me

Download Keep On Loving Me - Devon Baldwin & Christoph Andersson

Devon Baldwin continues to evolve from G-Eazy‘s chorus girl into a flourishing solo artist. From collaborating with musician JMSN, slaying performances at SXSW and Buku, it’s clear that while Devon may be riding the wave of G-Eazy, it’s her utter elegance and talent that continues to impress audiences. I especially enjoy the music she’s created thus-far with producer Christoph Andersson. He has the ability to marry Devon’s silky angelic voice with complementary and distinctive electronic production. Her latest track “Keep On Loving Me”, which just premiered yesterday on The Fader, incorporates more kick and more slap-bass as well as vocals from Christoph himself. While I have to say the subject matter of her songs may be exhausted at this point (i.e. toxic relationships), her sound is progressing and I only see her getting bigger from here. For now, cop this free download and look out for her debut EP “Lungs” coming soon.

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Knock You Down – Devon Baldwin, Skizzy Mars, & Christoph Andersson

February 12, 2015

Knock You Down

Download Knock You Down - Devon Baldwin, Skizzy Mars, & Christoph Andersson

Bay-area singer Devon Baldwin linked up with rapper Skizzy Mars and producer Christoph Andersson to create “Knock You Down,” a pop ballad with some biting words and heavy emotion. The track starts off with a melancholy piano riff, leading up to Christoph’s signature dream-pop production sound at 0:50. The beat is ambient and bouncy, but pay attention to Devon’s airy and haunting voice singing lyrics like “I’m gonna shoot you down just say goodbye,” and “You’ll love me now, but I can’t help itĀ If I’m the one who takes you down.” Sounds like Devon is done putting up with bullshit and is really starting to assert herself with her own music. Cop the free download and decipher it for yourself.

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Walking In The Air – Devon Baldwin

December 25, 2014


Download Walking In The Air - Devon Baldwin

If you had a childhood, you probably saw the movie The Snowman and remember this song from the iconic scene of the main characters flying across the world together. Anyways, Devon Baldwin paired up with Christoph Andersson to recreate this decade old blast from the past, heavy ambient waves progress over the ominous bass line and clanking chains contrast Devon’s angelic voice brilliantly, nailing the eerie sound that Howard Blake created in his originally orchestrated song. Enjoy, and be sure to give Devon and Christoph a follow on twitter.

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Tumblr Girls – G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson

January 24, 2014


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Download Tumblr Girls - G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson

Damn this track is hot, Christoph Andersson’s production is on point, and any collaboration between him and G is bound to drop panties. If you’ve ever had a tumblr account, chances are your feed was full of beautiful naked girls, drugs, and dank food. Well G-Eazy dedicated this one to the notorious, nameless, dimes of Tumblr. Honestly every part of this track is dope, but make sure you stick around until the 3:10 mark and Christoph drops the beat and sings over a slow piano medley, it’ll get your girl feeling right. You’re welcome.

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Must Be Twice – G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson

November 15, 2013


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Download Must Be Twice - G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson

G-Eazy’s Must Be Nice Mixtape dropped over a year ago, but the production from Christoph Andersson gives the entire project new life. With the addition of heavy synth and soft piano melodies, the original hyped up mood of the tape changes to something more ambient and really emphasizes the lyricism. Although Christoph doesn’t have a lot of notoriety, but this remix tape definitely showcases his talent, and combined with G-Eazy’s original beats and lyrics he managed to turn one of the best mixtapes released in 2012 into another must-download project. Enjoy.