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Magic – Coldplay (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

January 9, 2015

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Download Magic - Coldplay (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

NYC duo The Rooftop Boys, comprised of producer Hyperbits and his friend Keith Bender, has only begun releasing music this past summer and already, they are releasing banger after banger. Listening to their music takes me away to cool summer evenings at rooftop parties, overlooking a city skyline. Both their music and their cover art encapsulate that feeling perfectly. Magic, one of the first remixes the duo ever started working on, is a happy, feel-good, bouncy summer-jam. Coldplay’s cool and familiar vocals float naturally over the progressive house backbeat. Soaring build-ups and piano breakdowns will get your endorphins pumping. I’d say it’s safe to call this remix Magic. Also, I can really appreciate a song that’s 4:20 in length. Feels right. Download the free track and boost the boys up on the HypeM charts by giving them a like if you’re feeling the music.

Daily Hype Electronic

Fix You – Coldplay (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

October 30, 2013


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Download Fix You - Coldplay (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

Coldplay is one of the most widely known, successful, and all around great bands to ever come together. That being said, I’m a fan, and Collin McLoughlin remixing ‘Fix You’ is just what this 2005 hit needed. Don’t let the heavy synth, sampling, and drum kick throw you off; Collin manages to maintain the emotion of the original track while still incorporating his up-beat style. Give it a listen and cop the track for free by showing him some love on facebook.

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BED (Mixtape)

August 29, 2012

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Download BED (Mixtape)

I decided the other day, laying in bed, that I needed to make a Mixtape that you could sleep to. Something soft and melodic that you could makeout to, cuddle to, sleep to, smoke to, whatever it is you do in your bed. So here’s the BED Mixtape, 10 tracks meant for your chill time. Also, the track above has an alarm at the end, meant to wake you up from your 40 minute nap. However, if you don’t want to wake up to some annoying ass alarm, I totally understand, and feel free to take it off.

Be easy everyone, hope your school year is going as well as mine. I’ll catch you all in the morning.