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Mercury – Conner Youngblood

March 22, 2014


Free Download | Mercury - Conner Youngblood

Conner just doesn’t stop laying these riddles down, and I have to say deciphering the message behind this track has been the hardest one yet. He starts with an accapella; depicting a break from within, a struggle to free himself from a dark past. The song, like most of his other tracks, builds up into an almost messy-sounding climax full of brass and strings. Whether you take something away from this track or not, it’s still free Conner Youngblood, and definitely something you should throw on your Indie playlist.


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Confidence – Conner Youngblood

February 28, 2014


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Download Confidence - Conner Youngblood

It’s been awhile since Conner’s released new music, but the intensity behind this new single definitely makes up for it. His faint voice leads the progressive instrumental into a dramatic chorus where Conner’s “Woh”s and “Oh”s  echo through your speakers. As the track closes soft claps and vibrating piano chords cloak his yearn for confidence, and desire to overcome his petty fears. You might have to listen to it back a couple of times to get the message and understand his lyrics, but I’m confident you’ll enjoy this new steady paced anthem. Follow Conner on twitter and check out some of his other work, stay tuned for his Confidence EP too.

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The Come Down – Skizzy Mars & Conner Youngblood

November 5, 2012

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Download The Come Down - Skizzy Mars & Conner Youngblood

Skizzy has been working on “Phases” for 2 years now, and everyones pretty pissed that it hasn’t dropped yet. Skiz is kind of the Abel Tesfaye of the rap game, he’s really mysterious and gives out free tracks on his own time. This is classic work from him though, incoorperating the Indie genre into his unique sound and flow. You might remember Conner Youngblood  from the BED Mixtape I threw on here a few weeks back that you can find in the Mixtape section, and he also kills it on this song. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed, but don’t hold your breath on this album release.