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Slow Burn – Culture Code & Alexa Ayaz

November 13, 2013


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Slow Burn - Culture Code & Alexa Ayaz

I’ve always been a fan of Culture Code’s style. Chris BainsĀ has a way of making music that simply sounds epic, and you can expect all that and more from his new release Slow Burn. First I gotta say, Alexa Ayaz’s vocals are on point. The girl’s got pipes that pair perfectly with this type of electronic music. I really feel her emotion when she sings the lyrics “Feel the tears drying up, As we fight through the smoke, Calling out, for our love, But we cough, and we choke, From the slow burn.” Slow Burn encapsulates electronic harmony, with some subtle DnB elements. This song is pretty high quality, so your laptop speakers are not gonna cut it for this one. Make sure you have some real nice headphones or a quality speaker system to bump this one. Keep an eye out for Culture Code’s first EP, expected to drop next year at the start of hisĀ North American tour.