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MOB – Audio Push & Curren$y

December 22, 2015

MOB - Audio Push & Curren$y
Free Download | MOB - Audio Push & Curren$y

So this song isn’t great, especially with the standard that Audio Push and Curren$y have set for themselves. The out of key instrumental creeps along through a bit crushed filter, and over-worked vocals span across the poorly produced cut. With that being said, there’s still something salvageable here.

First and foremost, there’s a time and place for off-beat music. This is the kind of song you listen to when the party reaches about a 7/10; like any Makonnen song, you reach a perfect stage of intoxication where the wobbly music lines up with your off-kilter dancing. The lyrics aren’t anything special, but the turn-up vibe never really calls for “depth” in lyricism anyways.

Secondly, the line up is great. Audio Push and Curren$y are both phenomenal musicians, and they both love smoking weed. So really, this song should be an easy W. Unfortunately, something went wrong in the creative development process and the stoner jam turned into a cross-faded fiasco. Regardless, here y’all go. If you like giving second chances, go check out Audio Push and Curren$y‘s soundcloud accounts.

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Watch Out – 2 Chainz (Curren$y Remix)

December 8, 2015

Watch Out - 2 Chainz (Curren$y Remix)
Free Download | Watch Out - 2 Chainz (Curren$y Remix)

Well we didn’t see this coming, but Curren$y has never been one to release his material in the same label-directed manner as his competitors. For this act, we got a taste of what Spitta can do on some foreign production. Whereas usually when we think of Curren$y we imagine his jazzy Jet Life branded production and smoked out low riders over smooth flows, but his rendition of Titty Boi’s “Watchout” falls far from his usual sound. The trap inspired instrumental, complete with its resounding bass and repetitive melody, definitely doesn’t seem like the type of song that Curren$y would hop on, but rest assured: he kills it. His distinct voice is the perfect contrast to the production’s unadorned sound, and although the track is only a short 2 and a half minutes he manages to squeeze out a few quotable bars and the promise of a future project ‘Canal Street Confidential’ coming out next week. Without a doubt, Curren$y is one of my favorite rappers; the imagery he uses is insane, and every time I hit play on a new release I’m satisfied with the result, regardless of who’s behind his production or who’s being featured. Give Curren$y a shoutout on Twitter and some love on Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Cathedral – Curren$y (Mixtape)

August 8, 2015

Cathedral - Curren$y (Mixtape)

Free Download | Cathedral - Curren$y (Mixtape)

No one really knows what happened to ‘#2009,’ the joint mixtape which Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa announced along with the release of Uber Driver back in March of this year, maybe they’re waiting for Wiz get off the Boys of Zummer tour which is wrapping up in Los Angeles this Sunday. Curren$y is one of my top 5 favorite rappers; unmatched imagery, jazzy production, and hustler anthems are present elements on every single project he’s dropped. Keeping to the trend, the virtuoso’s latest mixtape ‘Cathedral’ is full of creative beats, impeccable lyricism, and all around perfect low-rider cruising music. The unexpected linkup with Chase N Cashe¬†was a pleasant surprise, and according to Curren$y the project only took a single day to create. This is the purest form of hip-hop that you’ll listen to today; show Spitta Andretti some love on Soundcloud and Twitter in recompense for his forever-free releases.

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Uber Driver – Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

April 1, 2015


Download Uber Driver - Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

Yes, dreams do come true; Wiz and Curren$y are collaborating on a project titled ‘2009’, and releasing it at no cost to the fans. What happens when you put two of the world’s most renowned pot-smokers on a track together? Well, if you remember Curren$y’s project New Jet City than you already have an idea of how great these two artists’ chemistry is. The slow, steady, bass-heavy instrumental from Sledgren provides a fittingly hazy backtrack for these two renowned artists; mellow vocal samples, elegant keyboard rifts, and twangy strings are reminiscent of something you’d hear on Kush & OJ (where the two rappers first collabed in 2010) or just about any Jet Life project. Unlike recent Wiz releases, his lyricism, delivery, and all around sound on this track showcases that he still retains the authentic rap style that fans have been yearning for. It might be audacious for me to say this, but I think Curren$y brings out the best side of Wiz Khalifa, the auto-tune free smoker anthems that still flex vivid imagery and creativity. Check it out and stay on the lookout for ‘2009’, supposedly dropping right in time for Summer 2015.

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Come Up – Le$ & Curren$y

July 1, 2014


[soundcloud id=’156737597′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Come Up - Le$ & Curren$y

New Orleans born, Houston bred emcee Le$ is gearing up to drop his new project produced entirely by Cookin’ Soul just a bit before the Independence Day festivities begin, but decided to let go of this fresh cut featuring Curren$y earlier today. Cookin’ Soul creates a soulful, and wavy instrumental that absolutely mirrors the styles of these two artists voice. The three also decided to add a few excerpts from the 2002 film Paid In Full which really adds to this idea of trying to come up in the game. Le$ hits his a verse and handles a simple, yet effective chorus with ease showing just how comfortable behind the mic this versatile artist really is. Hit that play button one time, check back for more tunes before the 4th, and show some love to these three on twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

The Drive In Theatre (Mixtape) – Curren$y

February 17, 2014


Download The Drive In Theatre – Curren$y

On Valentines at exactly 4:42 Curren$y released this new project to show love to one of his favorite muscle cars the 442 Oldsmobilie as well as his loyal fans. The tape contains a classic Spitta Andretti sound, and if your plans today consist of recovering from a hangover or blowing haze all day then this could be your theme music. Spitta recruits Thelonious Martin, Cardo, Cookin Soul, and a few others to help create the beautifully produced elegantly arranged songs we are used to hearing from him. He also snags some dope feature from Action Bronson, Young Roddy, Freddie Gibbs, Le$, Smoke DZA, and a few others. If your looking to kick back today and need something as laid back as you are to listen to then Spitta’s got the plug. Roll up and hit play today.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

The Stage EP (Mixtape) – Curren$y & Smoke DZA

November 4, 2013


Download The Stage (Mixtape) - Curren$y & Smoke DZA

Spitta and the KushedGod Smoke DZA team up yet again for this short four track EP which like expected is some classy ass smoking music. The very first thing I noticed about this tape is that it was produced entirely by Harry Fraud and that’s two thumbs up right there. I’ve always really liked these two artists together because they both kill these piano heavy, casual/cool instrumentals and it sounds more like poetry then the other hip-hop we blindly consume. This collaborative work is by no means turnt up, but they are perfect tunes to hot box the whip or recover from a hangover to. “First Light” was probably my favorite track, but “10 Bricks” which has a French Montana and Big KRIT feature goes off too. Hit that play button, and spark your lighters.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Bales – Curren$y & Young Roddy (Mixtape)

September 6, 2013


Download Bales -Curren$y & Young Roddy (Mixtape)

Like promised Curren$y and Young Roddy released this eleven track gem, and you Jet Life fans are going to love this new project. With beats picked up from Sledgren, Harry Fraud, Mike Will Made It, and others this tape is ridiculously well produced. On top of that the dynamic duo of Spitta and Sledgren comes through in almost every verse. They feed off each other in the booth, and the end product is “Bales”. In my opinion “Certified” is the all around best track but give the tape a listen and see what you think.

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OX – Curren$y

July 31, 2013


Download OX - Curren$y

Curren$y is known for delivering slow paced gems for free, and today he threw us “OX”. The beat is pretty simple; just a really clean high-hat and some hard hitting bass from the talented producer Cardo. Get it while it’s hot.