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I Believe In A Thing Called Love – Daniela Andrade

January 22, 2016

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Daniela Andrade
Free Download | I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Daniela Andrade

If you were a 90’s baby, you might remember this semi-famous punk pop band The Darkness and their 2003 single I Believe In A Thing Called Love. If not, that’s totally fine, because this sound nothing like the original. Daniela Andrade is a bedroom based indie acoustic singer who’s been sharing her sounds with us for about a year now, and her covers have made it onto our site every single time.

Her vocals are haunting, and the way she seemingly whispers these lyrics is as enticing as it is stirring. Her trembling voice describes her infatuation with an unnamed lover, the excitement of his touch, and attests to the reality of love. A simple keyboard progression is the only instrument backing her voice, aside from the occasional layer of harmonies that she adds behind herself. Despite recording all of her material from the comfort of her home, Daniela has accrued millions of plays on her covers, including hits like Hotline Bling, Telegraph Ave, and Latch. Believe me when I tell you this is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Cop the free download and don’t forget to throw her a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Halfway – Daniela Andrade

September 13, 2015

Free Download | Halfway - Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade was on our site once upon a time when she released her cover of Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave, but since then we haven’t heard much from her. She came up on my soundcloud feed today with this original song — which is the first single she’s ever put out that’s not a cover. ‘Halfway’ is a slow acoustic love ballad about running away from a failing relationship, the peaceful loneliness she finds by starting over in a new city, which is something I can totally empathize with. The resounding harmonies and crisp strumming are calming yet contemplative, and if you’re in the mood for thinking and getting in your feelings you should give this song a listen. Daniela Andrade is extremely gifted, and if you haven’t heard any of her covers yet you should go peep her soundcloud and follow her on twitter.

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Telegraph Ave/Sober – Daniela Andrade

January 27, 2015


Download Telegraph Ave/Sober - Daniela Andrade

God knows you’re familiar with Childish Gambino’s Telegraph Ave, but if you’re like me than Daniela Andrade is a new name to your ears. This Canadian singer is known for her acoustic covers of popular songs, but when I saw that she covered this single off of Gambino’s project Because The Internet I just had to see what her rendition sounded like. After slowing the pace and layering an acoustic guitar over some reverby synth-pad chimes, her soft vocals melt into the instrumental as she strums and sings the somber ‘Bino lyrics. She seamlessly transitions between Telegraph Ave and Sober (off Childish’s latest project STNMTN/Kauai), melding the two into a completely renovated indie-acoustic gem. Take a listen, check out Daniela on twitter and soundcloud, and if you really want to show some support go check out her online store.